Обзор Tarot V (Таро Вампиров) от Lo Scarabeo. Review & flip through

good afternoon dear viewers glad to welcome you
on my channel my name is Anna and in this video I
would like to review another novelty from
rabota.ru we gloss or a container of vampires from alejandro colucci of
the same author a container of zombies of an example of a deck took place
on October 4 she bought it in the local esoteric
store, since this store cooperates the result of
elson very often the decks arrive even before the official premiere,
or immediately after the deck is delivered in such a
vertical glossy box the gold elements
on which are displaced I don’t know kicked you the
box was made on the principle of opposition packaging now I will explain
why here we see two versions of one
organ lasso priestess
iran and the
defeated lid here attracts quite
tightly, you sometimes need to apply force to open it and
even more so close it, and so the first thing we start is
nbk, which is standard for decks that are supplied
in this format mbk consists of 128 pages
color coated paper
in 4 languages siyah English Italian and Spanish
Portuguese and so the first thing that we see the

introduction is
section in the shadow of vampires here it is more
about vampires about the culture that this deck will help to
look your fear in the eyes further shadow
work dancing in the dark here more talk about shadow
work what kind of such an example and how not to do
with the help of this deck the
section on understanding tarot, but here is general information
tarot in the section structure of the deck general information
about the deck itself further pedigree and mass by the way information
in some sections is poured with pedigree and suit, and
so pedigree of passion is a cup genealogy wealth
pentacles genealogy of vitality wands and bloodlines
wars swords and each lineage and suits here a brief description
further section on court arcana so later
we have vampire hunters knights these are vampires warriors
queen mistresses of the night and he kings patrons of the night
section about how make layouts how to ask questions
what about draws attention during interpretation
and so on further five-card layout night hunt and
information about
each would say about the structure of interpretation, that is, each
card description of each card consists of several sections
means from knowledge text wisdom that describes
what happens on the card predictive value
is the total energy what this card has when reading the
alignment this section will tell you what aspect of your life the
card is about and suggest what actions you could
take for your good shadow dance or
wall dance dance this section will try to help
you determine which archetypes cause your shadow inverted
meaning i + key words well, since there is
very little information on each organ, let’s
quickly run through the organ jester and so jester
thirst it’s all his even pulse beckons you encourages
you to look for your prey at night heed the call
let him
let him touch you to bring you out of doubts
its existence is a cat If something is worth you risk
anything just to try again this predictive
value a new journey begins answer the
call that you feel in your veins immediately
take action and do not seek satisfaction
and throw away caution in the wind dance of the shadow you
have permission to be unbridled this shadow will help make
this shadow can make us judge others for
being childish Set aside the hard
times and feel what it means to be free inverted
meaning beware of unnecessary risks and reckless
behavior keywords spontaneity adventure
destiny and in the end we have There is also a section on the
shadow work of the vampire side here, the
information and also the practice of working out the shadow aspect are written in great detail,
and then the same sections in other languages ​​and, as always
in other languages, the values ​​of the cards are truncated, you know, different
from the tank, I like that here a lot of information is
given to the shadow aspect, therefore everyone who is interested etsya
this topic MBC will be useful and interesting
Well with the instruction we probably finish and let’s move on
cards and so means we are sleek nothing
nowhere fray nikash got on the deck, I also we have
two additional cards advertising and most importantly
you can use at your own discretion, the
cards here are dense in quality, you know, no more
resembles tenders renting a pinter, the quality of color rendition
and printing, I know this picture is very clearly visible, but believe me, the
quality of the print color rendition is excellent in tactile
sensations, this is what I wanted to draw your attention to to the
shirts, I don’t know if you will see if look
at the structure of the t shirt is ideally glossy smooth but the
front side is also glossy but the gloss is moderate
and also has such an interesting roughness,
you know, as in the photographs on matte matte
photographs that are even more finished on film
in the nineties closer to the year 1000 and they were printed
in specialized stores or … here is exactly the same
feeling the front side of the card gives the shirt looks
as follows as you see an inverted cross, by the
way, it somehow reminds me of an oracle’s shirt dark
mirrors from the same publishing house well, let’s take a closer
look at our dark deck on the eve of halloween
so let’s go fool
magician yes me I should have said at the very beginning of the video,
please, especially suspicious people, do not watch this
video at night, the
high priestess, yes, here too we see these
columns that are in the classic version of the tarot, but instead of a
scroll, she holds an urn
look at the wine chain
empress hierophant, I think this deck is all -so not suitable for
beginners at all, because at least due to the fact that the
name of the arcana is not spelled out here, lovers and you see a
statue of an angel such angels as in the cemetery,
you know the old historical ones, very often you can
see such statues somewhere out there more like a chariot
to the west but as a frame from such a dark film
about vampires, for some reason I have the first thing it came into my head a
movie van helsing
see a girl holding a garlic
wheel of fortune I really like this card and
look at me the impression that these girls are on the sides
they are pregnant although you know it might be that this is the
position that she is so arched I don’t know
write please in the comments what associations
this card has caused in you and it seems to me only that
these side girls are pregnant and
justice is on and the statue is
knocked down
here my justice
statue of themis the
hanged man
moderation also very much I like this card
you know sometimes I have the impression that the author drawing
some maps where the otoro night was inspired
and because some maps still know here
some maps there is the artist’s style until the
night taru aleksandr & boch tower and
look here this statue which has no head
on the tower
moon know and for the first time looked at this map
I didn’t seem to have an association with some kind of secrets,
did I have an assoc motions
or there are also such associations that she knows how when a
person is very, very already so exhausted by some events
in life, she starts just screaming into emptiness and
sometimes there is the impression that she is already so tired of
something just from the sun is
already beginning to scream its powerlessness,
but I do not remember this card a little
or with the oracle of mystical moments and only 2 mystical
moments were there too, you know, too, so the
hair was as if it was licked it was she who stood
in profile
that is the ace of cups here is so cool done
this card for some reason I had associations with the oracle of the
two of cups you recognize some of the cards are so perfectly drawn
so perfectly made
that it seems to me some cards were well thought out
and some were drawn from the bulldozer three of cups
also again on the second night there is also such a
map in this style made
four of cups
five of cups
eraser of cups
seven of cups
eight of cups not jean
nine cups ten cups
rolled on d’arc for hours a
page of cups yes we remember that later we have
vampire hunters a
knight of cups is
also very cool made
queen of cups
king of cups land dracula
ace of pentacles
in a hare then buying an ace of pentacles is more associated
with me fiery energy to me more reminds me of a lasso tower of
two cups,
but if we also look at the emblem of the mass, the inverted
pentagram of the
inscription and the
four of pentacles itself rides the
five of pentacles,
see how
greed is shown
we need to take while there may or may not be
ourselves, not only one not Toby, we ourselves are not only one
five of Pentacles
six of Pentacles
seven of Pentacles
eight of Pentacles
nine of Pentacles
not know it was there painted Caesar and Pope
but he, too, there are two
dozen of Pentacles knight
of Pentacles and
Schmidt from meters decoration knight of Pentacles
Queen of Pentacles
king pentacles are
also evil
two of wands
three of wands and the labyrinth goes further into the labyrinth and does not
what ie there waiting
Four of Wands
Five of Wands
Six of Wands
Seven of Wands
Eight of Wands
Nine of Wands
Ten of Wands
page wands very inappropriate like this card
come to life and the Knight of Wands
Queen of Wands
King of Wands
deuce swords
black and white
two opposites swords triple
Four of Swords
Five of Swords
Six of Swords
Seven Swords
eight of swords
nine of swords a
dozen of swords
later of swords
knight of swords
queen of swords
and king of swords
summing up I can say that the deck is dark I like
that the author gave a lot of information to the shadow aspect the
quality is excellent you know lately
everyone was indignant the thing felt the Oscar was disgusting
rather it was not decided a little fix the situation if
you want a shadow deck on which there would
be a more realistic coin in the visual range, such as a
black grimoire and by the way one of my favorite
decks and the lead of the deviant moon then with a clear conscience
I can recommend tarot decks of vampires for purchase
write how you like this deck if you have her older sister
tara zombies how to work with her and I thank you for watching
until we meet again bye bye

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