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Hello friends and welcome to Gamey! Today we will talk about the new game in the ultra popular series of Nintendo and Gamefreak: Pokémon Scarlet and Violet Like the video, subscribe to the channel if you are new and let’s get started! Pokemon Scarlet Violet is the third Pokemon game released in the last 12 months, so with your permission I’ll skip the general explanations and direct you to the Nintendo Playlist on the channel where you can watch in-depth reviews of Pokemon Sword and Shield, Diamond Pearl and Legends of Archaeus. Naysuru! Now let’s jump straight to the point:

are Pokemon Scarlet and Violet the Pokemon games we’ve been waiting for? The answer is yes but with a big asterisk. The crazy achievement of 10 million sales in just 3 days speaks for itself. The Pokemon brand was and remains unbeatable , the new games are more addictive than ever and finally provide a true open world. But at the same time, Gamefreak proves for the umpteenth time that it is a lazy and problematic developer that does not deserve to own the brand it created and releases its most stuttering, crashing and unpolished game ever. It’s very defective

Let’s start with the good, in Scarlet and Violet we will travel around the new district of Palladia and for the first time in the series the whole

world is open to us. While the graphics and environments are far from impressive, the exploration of the huge world containing 400 different Pokemon roaming in droves in every nook and cranny is finally starting to feel like the true potential of the series we’ve been waiting for since it came to the Switch and even before. Scattered throughout the district are dozens of mobile Pokemon Center stations where we can heal

the group, buy Pokéballs and potions and equip our Pokemon with whatever moves we want, provided we have the relevant supplies. From the beginning of the game we will be presented with several new concepts that will mark the beginning of a different and complex adventure than before. First and foremost is the addition of the legendary Pokemon of the game on the beginning, which serves us as critical vehicles and mobility to fully explore the world. While the main character can’t do much except sneak and use Pokemon, our legendary can move quickly, jump and later get several more

moves that will allow us to reach high and far places that contain Pokemon and important objects that are not accessible in any other way. About an hour into the game we will arrive at the university located in the center of the district where we will be presented with 3 main goals that we can progress in any order we want: The required route: defeating the leaders of the various institutes which will lead to a battle against the four elites and the champion of the district as in every Pokemon game we have played, except for Legends. Another

track will send us on a secret mission to bring down the villainous organization the Guardian made up of college dropouts called Team Star. We will have to penetrate their various bases, conquer an army of rival Pokemon by activating the LET’S GO mode that will allow us to send Pokemon into battle without participating ourselves and defeat the leaders of the gangs in their armored vehicles. The third route will take us on a quest for the giant TITAN Pokemon alongside a mysterious trainer with a story Its own interesting background and a dying Pokemon that needs our help.

At the end of each such mission, we will receive a critical upgrade to the mobility abilities of our legendary Pokemon, so I recommend prioritizing progress on this track as early as possible. Similar to the Dynamax mode in Sword and Shield, in Scarlet and Violet we can strengthen our Pokemon during battles Using a new object called TERA ORB. The tera orb will cover the selected pokemon in a crystal and strengthen all attacks that match its main element. In many areas we can see glowing pokemon or crystals leading to raid battles against pokemon with unique tera power.

These rare pokemon have terra strengths in different elements Later, like for example Pikachu with a Spirit Terra Tape that we can get for free from the MYSTERY GIFT menu. After using a Terra Orb we will have to recharge it at the nearest Pokemon Center before we can use it again. The battles of the Terra can be done together with friends in the online mode of the game, which this time even allows us to go hunting together for Pokemon and Shinies around the world, and is not limited to RAID BATTLES. In addition to the new co-op

mode, we can once again exchange Pokemon or fight other players, provided that there is an active Nintendo Online subscription of course. The blessed option to catch Pokemon outside of battles that appeared in Legends Archaeus did not return this time, and I was really upset. What is nice is the LET’S GO tune that allows us to release our main pokemon from the ball and let it walk around and fight enemies around by pressing R and get items and experience for the whole group while we continue to explore. This useful feature is not very accurate and sometimes

just not works and the Pokemon will stand in place like a statue but usually it will work out and the Let’s Go mechanism will help us a lot with obtaining many crafting objects in a short time with which we can produce Tms in the Pokemon centers or when we try to go through crowded places with dozens of Pokemon and we want to avoid entering into unnecessary battles with each and every one. Another improvement that saves Time is the ability to heal our team members by selecting a Pokemon in the menu and pressing minus. And if

you’re tired of the trainers who drag us into battle as soon as we pass in their field of vision, this time we only enter the battle if we talk to them so that they can be completely avoided. What’s more, defeating a number of trainers in each area will earn you an equal gift at the nearest Pokemon Center. Some of these gifts are items that the Pokemon can hold and will give them important bonuses in battles, so for those who want a strong team it’s worth investing the time. If you want a bit of relaxation, this

time the picnic is back where we can play with the group members, cook together and even give them a much needed shower. The Pokemon, by the way, look better than ever with subtle textures that improve the familiar models and in general the new generation provides some of the more successful Pokemon designs I’ve seen in the series in recent years. The human characters also look pretty good compared to the past. It’s just a shame that our player character is screwed and you can accessorize only one of four particularly ugly school suits, but other items such as

hats, gloves and socks can be purchased in shops in the various cities and changed at any given moment by pressing the left arrow on the DPAD keys . You can ignore the severe performance issues that accompany us from the beginning to the end of the new game. I’m not one of those who expect 60 frames per second from every game and I ‘m not excited by frame drops here and there. But Scarlet and Violet are a special case. There is not a moment when the game runs smoothly. Although the environments are almost not detailed, the

textures are blurry and the popups are numerous, the games still stutter like crazy. In urban environments or during the main missions in the open world, the FRAMERATE is so bad that it feels like the game is moving in slow motion. Opening any menu causes lag, certain commands don’t always work, and in the thousands of hours I’ve played on my Switch, I’ve had fewer crashes than I’ve had with this game. It’s like Gamefreak watched the worst performance of SONIC FRONTIERS and wanted to make a game that would make it look perfect by comparison. In terms of

gameplay, the sick evil that is the endless text boxes during battles returns despite the advances we saw in Archaus. And while the open world is interesting enough thanks to the amount of Pokemon that populate it, there aren’t really any interesting landmarks on the map beyond the towns where the various institutes and the main university are. The towns themselves are nice, but in practice we won’t be able to enter houses or buildings except for the institutes so they are mostly used as a setting for far too many menus for buying clothes or food. What I really

miss is dungeons like in the previous games closed locations like caves or temples with their own puzzles, treasures and bosses that are cut off from the general world. I can give you countless examples of how GAMEFREAK messed up this game. And it’s hard to wholeheartedly recommend it given the multiple issues that may or may not be resolved in future updates. But honestly and it hurts me a little to say this: the game is fun enough to absorb the knocks. If you’re sensitive to poor performance, stay away from Scarlet Violet like the burning bug dump that

it is. But if you’re a Pokemon fan or just love the games, you have no choice but to grind your teeth during the crashes and explosions, because Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are probably the funnest Pokemon games ever released. Finally we can explore a huge and connected world flooded with intriguing creatures, leap from place to place on the back of our useful legendary and lose hours and hours catching Pokemon that pop up in huge quantities in every corner and change according to the environment, time and weather. The plot in the game, to my surprise, is several

levels more successful than any Pokemon game I’ve played and includes a number of relatively interesting side characters. The soundtrack of the game is not crazy but does the job and the Pokemon themselves often surprise with cute and original designs. Pokemon Scarlet Violet is another magical but flawed GAMEFREAK game that takes a step back for every two steps forward and as the innovations begin to scratch the true potential of the series , the hardware limitations of the Switch and Gamefreak’s development capabilities also stand out. I really hope that Gamefreak listens to the reviews and works diligently

on future improvements and updates, and above all that you take the time until the next game. So the 10th generation of Pokemon games will continue this successful direction and reach the true potential of the series on more advanced hardware and in more skilled hands. This was my review of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet for the Nintendo Switch. I would love to hear what you think about the game or the review in the comments and share your groups as well and get ready, because soon we will reach 15,000 subs and when that happens there will be a

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