⁠Lagi Cari Google TV? Tonton Dulu Video Ini | Review Xiaomi TV A2 32"

Hello everyone, how are you? Meet again with me, Rizki Abadi, your online neighbor. This time I don’t want to talk about the house, but I want to discuss it errors that occur when filling the house. Don’t choose the wrong item. Especially electronic goods which is expected to be

long-lasting, for example like TV. And here are 5 mistakes that usually occur when choosing a TV. One, don’t pay attention to the size of the TV. For example, a large TV but in a small room or vice versa. The experience we get when watching TV becomes less enjoyable.

It’s best to choose the appropriate one. Also adjust the distance from the TV screen to the area where we sit. Apart from the size of the room, what must also be considered is the viewing distance. So, for example, here I use a 32 inch TV. That’s the ideal

viewing distance only around 1.2 to 1.3 meters. So it can’t be too far, it can’t be too close. Ideally that’s about it, 1.2 to 1.3. For example, in my compact living room, I choose a TV that is also compact in size. This is a TV from Xiaomi, namely

Xiaomi TV-A 32 inch. With dimensions of 71 cm long. Then the height is about 42 cm. And what I like more is that it has

a width, aka thickness, of only 72 mm. If needed for larger rooms, there are also several other options of Xiaomi TV Namely sizes

43, 55 to 65 inches. Two Too focused on additional features Usually there’s a lot, right? Smart TVs offer various features but can be a bit complicated. Unlike most Smart TVs, this Xiaomi system is actually simpler. With Google TV, we don’t need to worry about finding our favorite streaming

application. Just download it from the Play Store. Not only that, we also get various direct content recommendations. So it’s simpler, if you’re confused about looking for a film. What’s the fun of watching this? It’s all installed. So, instead of being confused, look at the UI, It’s better to

just click or press here. There are several options such as Prime Video, Netflix, and YouTube. I want to try Netflix, can you do it or not? Three, pay less attention to sound quality. Picture quality is of course our concern when choosing a television. Like on this Xiaomi TV,

the screen is HD and has sharp colors with color depth reaching 16.7 million colors. Wow, that’s a lot. But apart from visual factors, there are also audio factors that we need to pay attention to. Moreover, the content that we enjoy is audio-visual content. If you watch it in

the cinema, there is Dolby audio description. Well, this technology is in Xiaomi TV plus DTS X Audio. So the audio we hear is more dramatic and cinematic. So, the sound is real, huh? Even though the TV is standard, that means it’s just a TV, there are no external

speakers. But the sound presented is quite satisfying. So, the viewing experience will be It would be better if, for example, the sound was more lively like this. Four, lack of research into the type of TV purchased. Before buying, make sure we research first. Adjust to your needs, viewing

and areas in your home. Then what I usually pay attention to is the appearance of the TV itself. If it’s too bulky or thick, it will actually make the room feel cramped. This is also important, choose a frame that is seamless. It’s different from a TV that looks

slim, Then the body seems to be unified, so it’s more seamless like this Xiaomi TV. Five: price, quality, and warranty. There are TVs that may be cheap, but the quality is not good. Or what we want but the price is really high. Even though there are also quality

TVs there’s no need to hesitate and the price is affordable. Namely the Xiaomi TV A 32 inch that I mentioned earlier. The price is around 1.9 million, but the specs are premium. There are also several size options. Very fitting For those who live in minimalist homes, or make

it in your room, to watch while exercising, even in the kitchen if you want while watching cooking tutorial videos. If you need something bigger, there are also sizes 43, 55, and 65 inches. Not only that, Xiaomi TVA 32 inch Also has a panel guarantee up to 3 years,

and spare parts guarantee up to 1 year. You can check more details directly at mi.co.id. That’s all for now, okay? Hopefully our video this time can help you so you don’t choose the wrong TV. Just choose Xiaomi straight away. Rizki Abadi, say goodbye, I hope it inspires you.


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