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Arturia has just published a completely free instrument for a limited time
so you immediately go to the description and download it. Shut up and take my money. We are going to do a
little review of this great instrument and then I am going to show you a small piece that
I composed with it and to which I added a battery simply so that it had
a little more movement. So let’s see what
arturia’s augmented strings sound like. The interface is very nice. Up here you have
some pre-sets predefined, worth the redundancy, here they all appear completely or if not they are
divided into categories: bass, which is the one that is currently selected, keys, such as
pad keys, sequencer, sound effects and strings purely. As you will see when I play it moves
as if there is a wave going through it, it’s great, it’s a dynamic interface.
if you want from here from, this little wheel, you can turn it off in case it consumes a lot of computer resources
, where it says “enable animation”, you choose off and it will stay like this, like petrified but, they
will not move and it will consume a little less of course computer resources. It is an

/> interface very similar to that of the bbc-symphony orchestra of spitfire that we have already reviewed in
this channel and that you will be able to consult below in the description or if not in the card that will appear
above. It only has these knobs, a general and larger one, which is the
Morphing knob, and then it has the color knob, motion time, which is the movement it will have
when it moves, two effects, a delay and a reverb. It is quite sober
but very effective because you notice I play this first one which is called deepning which is
of the basses and when as you modify notice how this makes the color more opaque,
the effects and it is like a medium aquatic background noise and of course
the reverb makes it bigger and the delay repeats longer.
it’s wonderful, so you can play with many elements, let’s see for example the one
called keys, notice that it actually changes the panorama: before on the left side
as if it were the tailpiece of the piano when you change it here the
roles are reversed and now notice how the left one moves, the right one also
this makes it stretch a bit more the duration
modifies the decay basically
look at the number of particular instruments you can do

Very good
tremendous, pads (we like this a lot on this channel)
I didn’t touch anything and the tuning or pitch was automatically modified.
Once again, I play without modifying anything and it is typical of this effect that it
is wonderful for musicalizing videos or audiovisual projects in general, I think
it is very effective and remember that it is free for a limited time until April 30, that is,
you have some days yet if you saw this video within April 2022. Let’s see other pads. Note that
there are a lot. We are going to gossip a couple simply so that you can investigate them later, you
have to give life to these instruments, you have to let
them flow a little so that they can effectively develop and obviously later…
“of the sea” it is called, so it is a medium aquatic. Let’s see one last
How a drone can this be, if you make it more serious
Very nice. When you move it to the right, the morph seems more synthetic,
this is like the morphing pattern as we had seen in the review we did
of sound paint, which I leave below in the description or here above the
little card, which is another virtual instrument that for now it is still free, it is for an
unlimited time and you can download two instruments in particular within that sampler but
they have many applications, so it is also highly recommended. We are now going to see
the sequencers, which are also very good. You press and it sounds.
and it’s similar to an arpeggiator, it’s not the same because it doesn’t necessarily do arpeggios,
but in any case you can draw them yourself
, let’s see another one of these
Good. Sound effects dark raises should be something dark and grows
If you have headphones you will hear it much better because it is a drone mixed with a riser
with something that grows, that’s why the name of the instrument is well named.
I increased the reverb and clearly the decay tail is much longer and
finally the strings that would be pure because this
vst instrument is originally based on the recording of strings: violins, cellos,
violas, double basses, which were synthetically processed to achieve this hybrid
As you will see, it is not a pure string, at least the one called “arrival” – like the aliens movie.
This yes, the rubbing of the bow against the string was heard a little more
, therefore it is important that you bear in mind that if you are looking for a library of
pure strings or more real, less synthetic, this is not the library that suits you, but if
if you are looking for a more hybrid sound or to do some type of musical production that requires
sounds that are not immediately identifiable within a group or a family of instruments,
this can be useful for you, and the interface it has is super colorful, it is very good

now we are going to listen to the small piece that I composed for this occasion using
only these arturia instruments, plus a battery that is completely
free as well and I leave it below in the description in case you want to download it.

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