☁️ cloudy diffuser unboxing (slight asmr + review)

hi everyone
this is my first review and video in yt so I hope you enjoy this short unboxing and review
i am waving with my small hands T^T (people who have big hands are surely lucky cause they can grab many things but small hands are cute so don’t worry)
asmr wannabe yikes haha
it’s my first time *insert emoji with sweat*
i got this from the post office yesterday with the help of my parents and im so thankful to them
don’t worry y’all
i sanitized it before placing it on my precious set-up
as you can see, i am having a hard time opening it because I did not think that it will be hard to open (plus I’m excited to open it)
yay i finally got a scissor to open the package
this might be random but i hope you are doing well today 🙂
so this is what it looks inside
and not gonna lie but i was expecting to get a box one but its still okay since I got the product
so inside the package, i got this description (im not sure what it’s called)
then the two personal diffusers that i bought
it took 1 month for it to arrive here at my country

ordered around the last week of november and it came around the first week of january
now it’s time to open (my most fave part)
let me tell you my experience about while these things are happening
the outcome was actually good
personally, i really had a great sleep last night with the use of this product
i was quite dizzy after 5 puffs lol
it made me tired so yesterday i slept around 11:30 PM (which is really early to me since I sleep around 1-3 am due to school work)
so if you’re considering buying this product or waiting for this product to arrive at your house
then it’s worth the wait plus $$$ (and no I am not sponsored by them)
not to mention, this is self-reviewed and i have done my own research about this product
so please do your own research about this product before purchasing it
as it is not meant for women who are pregnant or a person with allergies
i wasnt expecting something inside
little did i know it had another card inside the box of the diffuser
my camera did not focus T^T but the card was just all about how to use it and their website info
y’all it is the size of my index along with my thumb finger while making an L >.<
i plan to use this ocassionally
specially tomorrow (sunday) cause i will be adjusting my sleep since I will transfer schools
and my school hours are from 2 AM to 11 AM T^T (my school is in another country and i am currently not there)
that is all. thanks for watching <3

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