☕ ORBIT COFFEE in San Jose & Oakland | Vietnamese Food Vlogger Honest Review

i’m a vietnamese food vlogger here’s my honest 
review of the super trendy viet coffee shop  
orbit coffee located in san jose and oakland 
starting with the house made donuts these  
babies are made fresh and served straight out 
of the fryer with just a bit of sugar mixed in  
it also comes with chocolate sauce and sprinkles 
baby these donuts are served soft and velvety if  
you like crispier donuts ask the staff if they 
can fry them for longer for their drinks we’re  
going to start with their flagship via coffee 
keep in mind this is not the traditional coffee  
their recipe is made for a broader audience 
their coffee is creamy and not as intense  
as traditional viet coffee i might prefer the 
traditional viet coffee but orbitz coffee is  
quite good on its own or with a bit of ice 
and here is one of their specialty drinks  
this is ube paste mixed in with their viet coffee 
so good highly recommend this one lastly gonna try  
the strawberry latte which does not contain coffee 
this drink is very concentrated with strawberry  
puree which i do like though i decided to add a 
bit of orbit coffee to the drink and the result  
turned out really well

check out orbit coffee 
in san jose or oakland for a sweet pick-me-up

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