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do you know how to recognize if you or
someone you love is having a heart
attack there are many conditions that
mimic it do you know what step you can
take to improve your chances before the
ambulance arrives do you know what
medical supplies to have at home for
first aid care if help has not yet
arrived or if you are in an isolated
location do you know how to treat a burn
fungal infection insect bite trauma if
your answer is no then stay until the
end of this video to answer all your
questions about the home doctor book
hello everyone my name is daniel and
today i’ll tell you everything you need
to know about the home doctor book
before you actually buy the product i
also have two very important alerts so
pay close attention to what i have to
say the first thing you need to know
about the home doctor book is beware of
the website you will buy because the
home doctor book is only sold on the
official website to help you i left the
link to the official website below in

/> the description of this video does home
doctor book really work and the answer
is yes you can trust this product there
are many people having great results in
emergency situations and you can have
good results too this book really
provides plenty of information to help
with medical base and first care if
professional help is not available it is
a unique guide for you who is layman can
use to manage common illnesses that do
not require medical consultation now i
will talk to you about some of the
topics covered in the book that are
related to the diagnosis of the human
body covers burns and mockeries covers
fungal infections cardiovascular systems
bites of insects head and neck trauma
covers the gastrointestinal system
covers urogenital systems covers
muscular skeletal systems
nervous systems of the endocrine systems
the immune system in summary home doctor
book covers the entire human body within
this huge 304 page physical book you
will discover the diy medical procedures
and vital medical supplies you need to
have on hand to take care of common
health problems and home emergencies
while awaiting the arrival of an
ambulance or in the next crisis when
doctors and medicines may be difficult
to find it has large and high definition
images it includes some additional
information on preparation such as
storing medical supplies and medications
the home doctor is a solid manual for
people like you and me who want to live
a more resilient life
dr mabel one of the authors is known to
develop new and ingenious methods of
treating her patients after venezuela’s
economy collapsed and hospitals and
pharmacies ran out of medicine supplies
electricity and even running water the
methods that mabel and other doctors in
venezuela invented and pioneered are now
being studied and applied in conflict
zones around the world
many of these inexpensive procedures do
not require medical care as they are
specifically designed to be
self-appointed so they should also help
anyone to reduce medical costs while
things are still going well but they
become more valuable when you can’t
trust the medical system like during
long-term blackouts economic meltdowns
riots hurricanes and other disasters as
you discover these methods in the home
doctor you will probably begin to
understand why all families should keep
them close
if you want to see what happens when
things go wrong all you have to do is
look at venezuela no electricity no
running water no law no antibiotics no
painkillers no anesthetics no insulin or
other important things but if you want
to find out how you can still deal with
a situation like this you should also
look at venezuela and learn the
ingenious ways they’ve developed to deal
with it the events after hurricane
katrina are equivalent to what happens
in venezuela with lack of medicines and
basic supplies
words of dr mabel who works in venezuela
but this is not my greatest contribution
to the medical community due to the
severe shortage of staff after the onset
of the economic crisis i received more
and more emergency shifts inside the
emergency room working as a front line
doctor i dealt with a whole range of
conditions from gunshot wounds to heart
attacks or diabetic comas and everything
when we ran out of medicines medical
supplies electricity and even pipe water
in my hospital i had to invent new and
ingenious methods to help my patients
antibiotic alternatives homemade mulch
remedies for the eyes and skin made with
household utensils mixtures to combat
fungi and many others
these methods which i pioneered
alongside my colleagues were quickly
adopted across the country when many
other hospitals began to face severe
shortages to help home doctor book shows
websites and qr codes to access the
auxiliary help and the best is written
in a very simple way for any age read
and understand you will learn about the
only four antibiotics you should stock
at home having them at home for you and
your family is at least as important as
having food stores another thing you
will discover is the best natural
painkiller that probably grows in your
own backyard this is the analgesic plant
that many in venezuela have resorted to
after not finding relief in the pharmacy
and grows throughout north america
all this is just the tip of the iceberg
of what you will find within the home
doctor this book is absolutely huge with
over 304 pages full of practice tips
accurate diagrams and step-by-step
procedures that will allow you to stay
healthy and help others two bonuses are
offered to those who purchase the home
doctor book the first is called wild
edibles you can forage for or find
around your house
these are the life-saving herbs that
people in venezuela ate when they could
no longer buy food at the market these
plants grow all over north america and i
bet some are also growing around your
house with this bonus you will be able
to identify wild edibles and enjoy your
yard supermarket you will also receive a
second gift called natural healing
secrets of native americans and if you
will rediscover the powerful natural
medicines that natives relied on well
before the dawn of modern medicine one
day these plants will be worth their
weight in gold
with this you’ll never be short on
medicine no matter what happens and will
always have a way left to help yourself
or a loved one in need the plants they
used are still abundant in america and
all you need to know is how to properly
identify them and turn them into the
remedies that the natives used for
hundreds of years you will also have
unlimited access to the member area
where you can ask claude davis or doctor
may bill anything at any time the
medical self-sufficiency found in this
book will probably end up saving
hundreds if not thousands of dollars
there is something really important
about this product that you need to know
before buying it you will have 60 full
days to try home doctor practical
medicine for every household if at any
time during these 60 days you are not
fully satisfied they give you back the
so i wanted to record this video first
to tell you to be careful with the
website that you will buy home doctor
and also if you buy the product take it
seriously remember to keep in mind that
your results only depend on applying
what is in the book i really hope that
this video has helped you and i also
hope that home doctor really helps you a
lot to improve your life and your family
and many other benefits that this
product promotes
see you later

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