✅ How to Use NordVPN With Netflix in 2021 Review + Live Test

what’s going on everybody welcome back
and today i’ll be showing you guys how
to use
nordvpn with netflix now all links to
special deals and discounts will be
linked in the description below
if you’re interested in getting a
nordvpn subscription now
let’s get right into it it’s pretty
simple i’m gonna show you guys how you
unblock libraries using nordvpn now
uh i’m not in uh japan nor am i
in the united states so how am i going
to find out that
i’m actually unlocking the libraries let
me start
by for example there is a
uh us exclusive show or movie
called funan uh i’m gonna look it up
and i can tell that it is not available
now let’s take a look let’s take a look
at the
japanese um exclusive which is
hori miya okay poori
mia oh i’m not typing okay great
ho ri mia
and it is clearly not available either
so how are we going to make these
available well first of all
we’re going to close netflix and
let’s start with the united states
here we are new york

we’re going to
using nordvpn very simple i’m using the
nord links
uh protocol you don’t have you you don’t
need to use any special servers or
anything all servers are
already prepared for such tasks now
let’s check out if funan is available
right now
if it’s not available right away you
could just uh
you might have to give netflix a little
bit of time to adjust to the new
ip address just give it a minute or two
until it’s available
and it is available right here there it
so now let’s check out uh the japanese
how to unlock for example a japanese
library so let’s disconnect
from the united states and go
straight to japan this is something i
really like about
nordvpn’s ui you could just you know
look at the map and locate them
physically that’s pretty cool
oh i disconnected by stick so let’s
connect to japan
and the show is called again hori miya
so let’s let’s check it out again that
is a japanese
uh show a japanese exclusive you can’t
find it anywhere else
unless you connect to a japanese server
if you’re located in japan and you’re uh
you know using the japanese netflix now
let’s check it out so again it’s called
me yeah
i’m just gonna copy that for next time
if it doesn’t work right now
and uh netflix is still
yeah there it is there it is
so there you have it that is exactly how
uh unblock netflix libraries using
super simple task nothing to worry about
and it’s very
very reliable uh so if you’re interested
in getting nordvpn you will find links
special deals and discounts in the
description down below i hope you guys
enjoyed the video
i like and subscribe would help us out a
lot and
thank you again for watching i’ll see
you in the next one

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