UBAA~ (≧∀≦ゞ
みなの妹 ナギサ アルシニア です。
Minna no Imouto Nagisa Arcinia desu~(/ε\*)
Hello ~ I’m Nagisa Arcinia
nice to meet y’all ~ hennngg
*Let’s be a good friend!*
Nagisa wants to review a Fruuuit…..
*random giggle
Nagisa wants to talk about a fruity fruit..
to all of you~
It is… Ja~janngg (੭•̀ω•́)੭̸*✩⁺˚
Kangkala fruit
hmmmm d( ̄◇ ̄)b
The Kangkala fruit~
The fruit looks like this..This is kangkala
*random giggle 2
hmmmmh2.audio d( ̄◇ ̄)b
The Latin name of Kangkala is..
Litsea Garciae
This is a forest fruit..
*A rare fruit that you can only find around the tropical rain forest*
A Forest Fruit yeah!
*You can only find it in the Secondary Forest, along the bank of the river!*
This fruit..
The habitat is in Borneo Island or Kalimantan~
also in Sumatera island..
and in Java island…
New Guinea *Papua*
and disperse around the Malay Peninsula
uYAAAH.wav *random*
* random giggle 3
Nonetheless this fruit…
widely available in Borneo *the Island of Borneo*
so people often called it…
Avocados of Borneo
or Borneo Avocado
like that~! (⌐▨_▨)
ah! Did you know…

what is the other name of Kangkala Fruit??
*boo~did you know, didn’t ya? hehe*
What did you call it in your hometown?
*Please leave a comment below *
Someone told Nagisa…
that this fruit often called with another name…
It  can also be called Engkala fruit
Usually, people from West Borneo using that
or Malaysian
*from Bau City,Serawak and Kuching*
also called this fruit Engkala
*another* hmmmm d( ̄◇ ̄)b
hmm next~ as for..
People from Banjar or South Borneo..
they called this Kangkala fruit
Meanwhile in Java..
*contoh kalimat tidak efektif ((-ω-。)(。-ω-))
Javanese called it Wuru Lilin
Wuru Lilin
*more* hmmmm d( ̄◇ ̄)b
then~ in Bangka Island, it is called Kemilik
*Bangka island located at the east of Sumatera*
People from Sambas called it Malek
*Sambas is a city in West Borneo*
People from Tarakan called it Perengat
*City of Tarakan, North Borneo*
Also, People from Tanjung Redeb called it Perengat
*Tanjung Redeb, in East Borneo*
–Redeb using the lettler B–
Moreover, people from Sintang called it Lengkar
*Sintang is a City in West Borneo*
And~ People from Lampung called it Languk…ehee~
Yeah, it is what it is~
What are you called this fruit? Leave a comment below…
O Key~
The fruit.. Litsea Garciae…
This is…..akkk… garciae ???
*garcinia??? hmmmmm*
rings a bell???
remind you of something??
*Nagisa garcinia?(((・×・;)))*
aakk !!
This fruit is not Mangosteen’s family!
but this Litsea Garciae or Kangkala fruit…
is the family or familia of ..
*Family Lauraceae and the Genus is Litsea*
*Family Lauraceae and the Genus is Litsea*
Although, this fruit looks like tiny mangosteen…
This fruit is not Mangoteens’s family but just looks like one..
Because of that, it’s named Litsea GARCIAE
It because resembles the shape of Mangosteen !!
Still, this fruit is actually in the same family as avocado.
*Avocado’s family is Lauraceae, it is same as Kangkala but has different Genus, Persea*
yeah. The shape looks like this..
There is a greenie hat…
this is the plump round fruit.. OwO
Round ?!
Like Nagisa?  uwaaaakk hehehe…
*beware.. wait until Nagisa growing taller hmp*
yaah… and the color..the color is something like this..
red color
The indication of the ripe fruit, they’re soft and red pinkish in color
hmmm hmmm *tone of fruit master*
The color is green if it is unripe
What other fruit resembles this?
*yeah, it looks like you (≧m≦)
Ah yeah…. These also resembles water apples
*penampakan warnanya mirip jambu air *
If you open it up…🔪🔪🔪🔪
Ja~ Jaaanngg~
this is how you open it!
*This is the cross-section od Kangkala fruit*
This fruit is Avocado-like, right?
*there is one big seed inside *
Of course, it is, they’re one family after all! ヾ(▼ヘ▼;)
Here it is… this.. a big seed avocado-like a pit inside..
then, This is white-greenish fruit flesh…and then the skin
Here is the seed!
*Kalangka has a big avocado-like seed *
Nagisa told you that…
in Java, these called WURU LILIN
SO..Why this called candle (lilin)? 🕯️🕯️🕯️
It is because of the seed ..
Apparently, this seed can be made into candles and soaps
*The seed contains essential oil which can be used as the main ingredient of candles and soap*
yea…candles, and soaps can be made of this seed. made from Kalangka’s seed
*The seed contains essential oil which can be used as the main ingredient of candles and soap*
hmmmmh moare d( ̄◇ ̄)b
These have a shape like this..and that the greenie hat
gitchuu ヾ(▼ヘ▼;)
Comparing the size of kalangka with normal apple…
*Don’t have banana-scale rn*
the size is..just …e…
two-tenth (of the apple size) ehehehe
ヾ(▼ヘ▼;) gitchuu  !
And… If you want to know how the smell of this fruit..?
hmmmm… Let’s sniffing these!
*wangi? wangy? wangi? WHAT IS DAT REALLY*
The smelly is nothing. These smell like nothing ehehe..
*realizing the sentence is not effective*
ga ada bau khas tertentu kok..
*tidak memiliki ciri khas bau tertentu*
ahhh *brain processing sounds*
The fruit’s shape…..check
the color…. check
The smelly smell…check
So this is the time…
O’RAIT, This Kalangka fruit is often…
you can eat raw like this if it’s already ripped…
or you can add a pinch of salt..
*yeshh saltyy*
or you can steam it or boil it
you can boil it first too..
or cooked it with chili
so it becomes more like a snack..
*yummy snack*
or a served dish…?!
gitchu *no more translate gitchu* awwwkeyy
Nagisa will try itNDESUUU~
*panic sounds*
Nagisa will eat some Kang~kala fruit
*moar panic sounds*
wait a sec Nagisa will pick it up …
turu chu chu ~
Here we go
The fruit flesh is creamy like this..
*henng? * 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪
not quite get the fruit flesh… *Nagisa RIP Motoric skill*
(Finally, Nagisa can use a spoon to eat this fruit!)
oke Nagisa will taste it…
*ASMR smacks*
what is this ..Mouthfull..the taste is so full in the mouth
Nyam nyam…
Yes, the taste is like (unsalted) butter (or buttermilk)
and the taste is kinda have flavored of young coconut and avocados
young coconut and avocados
hmmm… the taste….
what is this…hmm lil bit sour *not sour like citrus*
sweet …there is a hint of sweetness in here.. YAH taste like young coconut and avocados (blends)
*containing a good amount of unsaturated fats*
People also eat it with salt, right..
Nagisa will eat this with sea salt…yes salt
*another RIP Motoric skill*
sprinkles a pinch of salt
ah no, I put it too much…
*another RIP Motoric skill*
o’rait well-mixed…
okey Nagisa will eat kalangka with salt…
hm hm hm
UUUYEAHH… woow…this much better!
when you added salt into it
*wet local rain*
but the taste has a bit of tangy flavor ..just a bit..
not too sharp tangy-flavor tho ..yup
*satisfied sound*
Apparently, kalangka taste like a combination of young coconuts and avocados woow
If you stumble upon this fruit you have to try it!
Nagisa wanst to tell you….
*a story*
Nagisa has a really hard time to find this fruit~
because this fruit..
is rare
This plant is one of the conservative plants because rare now
*on the list of a conservative plant at ex taman keanekaragaman hayati*
ya ..and also….
because these plants hard to find in the wild…rn
So, Always remember not to illegal logging!
*Right now, there is a lot of converted commercial land from open forest*
Let’s concern about the diversity of local-endemic-plant in INDONESIA
and also the other reason why this fruit is hard to find in the market…
*rarely found*
it because the shelflife of the fruit is really short
so, it is tricky and hard to make this fruit commercial
Nagisa found this fruit yesterday…
*thanks uncle, owner of the tree*
see, look at this fruit is already a bit smashed brownie rotten
oiya, If you want to easily find it in Sarawak because the fruit is commercialized in there..
Sarawak Mayalsia..yeah.. the fruit is commercialized in there
In Here
*If you want to find it*
You could find it seasonal…yeah seasonal
(late fall to early winter)
at the traditional market or right to the owner of the tree
TODAY… Review of Kalangka fruit~
Congrats Nagisa….chuchcuchuchuchu(⌐■_■)
okey the review is done…so see you again in the next weird local fruit review!
Today fruit score is……….duduududududummm
Noice Delicious…
Nagisa Approved! ヾ(●ε●)ノ
See you in the next episode of….
Review Fruits…
seBUAH Review
BUAHBYE~ ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

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