🎥 Jason McCartney MP welcomes the fan-led review of football

Thank you, Madam
Deputy Speaker
I am a very happy Huddersfield Town
season ticket holder as we get ready
for the Championship play-offs.
I am also delighted as well as a
Golcar United non-league season
ticket holder, the village got promotion
from the North West Counties League
Division One this season.
However, I am aware of the misery that
fans of other clubs, like Derby, Bury and
Oldham Athletic, as we saw at the
weekend, have suffered.
But I do welcome this clear commitment
to fairer funding between the leagues
and to introducing an independent
regulator, but can the Minister quickly tell me,
how this review and these proposals will
make sure that fans of their local clubs
don’t have to suffer once again poor
governance of their clubs that has put
them under threat or even seen
their clubs go out of existence?
My hon. Friend again is
making really valid points.
That’s really at the heart of what
we are doing here.
The role of the regulator is not to be
there in and of itself but for a purpose,
and the purpose is to make sure that
football is sustainable in the long run.
With many many elements, covering
financial regulation, governance,
engagement with fans, the treatment

/> of heritage assets and so on.
All of those will be fundamental as part
of the licensing condition, plus of course,
a new owners and directors test.
All of that together should make sure
there is much less chance of clubs getting
into difficulty, whether financial or in terms
of their treatment
of the fanbase.
So as a package, it should achieve the
very things he’s is looking for.

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