? EKSA GT1 Low-latency Wireless Gaming Earphones | Unboxing and Review

what’s up and welcome back it’s your TECHY DOOD 
here today we’re going to unbox and reviews  
EKSA gt1 gaming earphones thank you excel for 
sending me this product for review simulator  
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based on my experience going back as always we’re  
going to start off with the unboxing of this bad 
boy then we’re going to talk about the design  

specifications and then provide my final verdict 
at the end let’s start now with the unboxing
and hopefully look this time around 
at the unboxing gt1 earphones
charging case no earphones of course  
yeah i guess this is the charging connector 
the type c connector for the charging cable
and of course some manual
the aesthetic looks of EKSA gt1 is inspired by 
a cobra not this kind of cobra but this kind of  
cobra the charging case itself is shaped like the 
head of a cobra with the lights on both sides as  
you can see here whenever you open and remove 
the earphones itself it would light itself up  
the lights indicates the battery charge level of 
the case as you can see here it’s currently full  
charge hence you are able to see that all of the 
lights are currently lit up the EKSA gt1 earphone  
is also ergonomically designed but a comfortable 
shot while being used the right way putting their  
phone is to have the earphones pointing downwards 
as you can see right here just to exactly fit the  
shape and molding of our ear naturally so 
it should be pointing downwards like that  
also the earphones also have led lights which 
indicates whether the earphones are currently  
turned on or off or currently pairing so 
as you can see if you remove it from the  
case itself it would start blinking and as 
soon as it gets connected onto my device  
it would stop blinking another important 
thing to note is that the charging ports of  
the case are also magnetic so your earphone 
should stick to the case when placed in proximity  
one of the most highlighted features of 
this earphone is the ultra low latency audio  
with only 38 ms of latency or milliseconds for 
those who don’t know the importance of latency  
basically if the communication between the 
earphones and your device such as a smartphone  
takes around one second latency then what will 
happen is that you’ll most likely see the action  
first before hearing it like this part of this 
video we’re in the audio is delayed by one second  
alright siguro that’s somewhat weird to watch 
hopefully that shows you how useful it is to  
have the lowest latency possible when using gaming 
earphones also if you’re looking for touch based  
controlled earphones and new mulan buttons then 
EKSA gt1 is for you the EKSA gt1 has a touch  
sensitive control to switch between game mode 
and music mode the game mode will activate the  
38 millisecond latency chip and tweak the audio 
for crisper detail to fit gaming experience  
while the music mode will enhance more of the 
bass and trebles so that you get to enjoy the  
music experience especially since also i’m a bass 
lover so to maximize the bass on the earphones you  
need to turn on the music mode the EKSA gt1 has 
a multi-function touch controls where you can  
press once when connected to pause or play music 
whenever you are playing music tap twice to switch  
between music and game mode then you should be 
able to hear a voice whether it’s currently on  
game mode or currently on a music mode and also 
if you want to enable the voice assistant feature  
simply tap tries on the earphones but accepting 
custom one you can tap once to accept the call  
and tap twice to reject the incoming call if ever 
you don’t want to accept the call however if you  
are already in a call if you want to simply end 
the call just simply tap once again don’t you  
worry about memorizing all these particular 
touch features or touch controls since these  
features are well documented demand in the manual 
when listening to the earphones you also get to  
have noise free audio especially when inserted 
and fitted properly onto your ears based on my  
experience when using the two earphones you can 
barely hear anything going on in the background  
when using the earphones so you get to have a full 
experience when listening to music or even while  
playing games okay it seems like we’ve talked 
about everything about the earphone specifications  
are we missing something i think we do how about 
the battery life of EKSA gt1 gaming earphones well  
as for the battery of EKSA gt1 it has a 30 hours 
of ultra long life battery lifespan the earphones  
have a 50mah battery and the charging case battery 
has a 500mah battery the charging case of the  
earphones can charge five to ten times of each 
individual earphones that should be more than  
enough for your entire day or if you’re using it 
only for a few hours a day basically it will take  
you weeks before you’ll be needing to recharge 
the case as for my final verdict i believe the  
EKSA gt-1 has some interesting features back 
into it but before we talk what i like about  
these earphones let’s talk about first what needs 
to be improved i believe no earphones is one size  
fits all hence i believe for the price of EKSA gt1 
some things can still be improved one of which is  
that there’s no mention for its water resistance 
or durability on the manual upon searching further  
it was mentioned that it was only sweat proof 
but not waterproof nor water resistant but i  
guess that should be included in the manual 
or even in the specifications in the box  
next the touch controls of EKSA gt1 like any other 
touch based control earphones is quite sensitive  
there are a number of times where i would slightly 
get to touch the earphones and the music would get  
paused and i’d have to tap once again to play the 
music again this issue is not only present on EKSA  
gt1 but almost on all touch based control wireless 
earphones out there although once you get used to  
it you most likely won’t be seeing this as a big 
deal alright now let’s talk about what i liked  
about the EKSA gt1 gaming earphones of course 
the touch controls and also the ultra low latency  
makes it really fit for gaming it’s fairly easy 
to control the earphones once you get accustomed  
to it and also with the ultra low latency you get 
to maximize the action and play more strategically  
knowing that there’s very little delay between 
your gadget and the earphones if you’re playing  
fps games like i do then you’d know how important 
it is to listen to footsteps of the enemies and  
how a small amount of milliseconds could make 
a significant difference the long battery life  
of EKSA gt1 is another plus knowing that you 
don’t have to worry about going back and forth  
to charge the case additionally i like that 
the charging port itself is already usb type-c  
since some older wireless earphones are still 
stuck with the older micro usb ports the audio  
quality of x and gt1 is actually excellent and the 
build for the earphones itself feels quite sturdy  
the base of EKSA gt1 is well tuned as well as the 
trebles when listening to music in the music mode  
of the earphones however if you are on the game 
mode you’ll most likely notice that the bass would  
certainly reduce and not be as much powerful as 
it is on music mode thanks for watching hopefully  
i managed to give you insights about this xs gt1 
gaming earphones also you could use the discount  
code EKSAVIP as a discount code for your purchases 
on EKSA with a minimum purchase of 25 feel free  
to leave your comments and feedbacks down below 
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your attack ended here see you in my next videos

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