🎼 THE SOUND WAVE SHIRT🎵 Puma 2020-21 PSV Eindhoven Away Jersey – Review + Unboxing

but i would prefer with no 
sponsor or maybe another sponsor  
jesse v can you please work on that in 
this video i’ll talk about the 2021 psb  
eid hoven away shirt coming 
up let’s talk about jerseys
lovers welcome back to mr jersey channel if you 
are new here my name is marcelo and my passion  
is talking about football and football shirts in 
this channel i do football shots review like this  
video here i give you guys tips and tricks about 
how to maintain your football shirt collection  
i show you how to properly wash your jersey 
how to remove a yellow spot from your jerseys  
how to remove you know pull tracks from your 
jerseys i hope you guys like another theme is  
football shirt hunting i do sometimes this and 
created already three videos and the last one  
we’re gonna have the link over here and also in 
the description below where you can find a bunch  
of other links make sure you watch all the videos 
and clicking all the links below i found some  
great jerseys that i just had to create videos for 
you guys and the result is this video over here  
boom it’s a great video i hope you guys

like i’m 
gonna be talking about the 2021 psv i’d hoven away  
shirt but before that though let me show you the 
jersey i’m wearing this video look at this look at  
this beautiful 2008 psb eindhoven home jersey 
look at this i think i show you this jersey  
in some other videos already but it’s 
a beautiful jersey the only bummer  
is that this is size medium it’s a little bit 
tight but it’s not that bad look at this nice  
right you wanna see on the back i don’t have 
the number on the back but this jersey is nice  
are you guys ready to see the 20 20 21 psv eid 
hovering away shirt let’s do this right now  
this is the 2021 psdi hove and away shirt made by 
puma take a look at this pretty jersey guys let’s  
talk about some details of this design this 
jersey was inspired by the strong connection  
of psv with music and local musicians and you 
can see the translation of this inspiration  
all over the jersey in this subtle sound wave 
graphic you guys will see better enough in a  
moment so make sure you watch the video all 
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here mr jersey channel let’s talk about some of 
the details of this jersey i’m holding the size  
medium yes guys this is size medium you guys 
saw in the football shirt hunting number three  
i found this one only on size medium not my 
size i’m size large although this one here is  
size meter is not looking bad right but this one 
here is not my size i should be buying only size  
large so in the end of the video when i wear this 
go easy with me in the comment section below i  
already did a couple of other videos that you 
know were not my size you guys were nice thank  
you so much so if you guys keep being nice with me 
i appreciate but let me know what you think in the  
comment section below anyway this one here is size 
medium and you can see the color is a v-neck color  
it’s white on the back and you can see the main 
color is light blue with white details and gold  
the gold you see on the puma logo which 
is on the front on the side of the jersey  
and as well yeah and the stars too the crust is 
embroidered inside you see it’s my logo the same  
thing i like the construction of these jars you 
can see some panels over here this section really  
like that but it’s all the same color what else 
we have we have on the side is phillips and the  
founder of right this patch is really nice 
on the back we have eijhoven and it’s gold  
this poser though i don’t like this sponsor 
i really don’t like this poster it’s too big  
but it’s white so it’s not terrible but i would 
prefer with no sponsor or maybe another sponsor  
jesse v can you please work on that look at this 
like it on the back you don’t have anything on  
the front actually we have the authenticity tag we 
have the dry cell branding it’s a beautiful jersey  
now watch the video all the way because in the end 
i will wear this jersey watch the video the way
just robbers go easy with me in the comment 
section below because this is not my size as  
i said this is size medium i’m size large maybe 
some of you guys will say that does not look bad  
thank you for you know for that but i feel it’s 
tight especially in this section over here i don’t  
like it i should be buying only size large but 
take a look guys take a look i really like the  
design this shirt is awesome don’t pay attention 
on the feet forget the feet look at the design  
really great look at the front look at the back 
i really like the overall design you guys cannot  
see this little graphic so i hope you guys saw the 
details of the jersey if you have not go back and  
watch again the graphic is nice and i feel the 
whole piece together is nice you know with the  
exception of this this box so the sponsor is too 
much it’s not terrible though because it’s white  
but you know could be better i like the white 
section over here the gold details the amazing  
psv badge nice right look at this the patch is 
nice too look at the combination i’m doing for  
this video with these jeans and this nike shoe i’m 
a nike guy so i need to you know where my nikes  
this is beautiful did you like this jersey 
let me know in the comment section below  
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i would suggest you look for this video over 
here of this jersey make sure you watch mr josh

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