🐘 THE ELEPHANT SHIRT🐘 Puma 2020-21 Ivory Coast Home Jersey – Review + Unboxing

look at this i’m going to be holding my breath  
in this video i’ll talk about the 2021 ivory coast 
home shirt let’s do this let’s talk about jerseys
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before i talk 
about this amazing 2021 ivory coast home jersey  
which is not my size though again like the senegal 
video this is gonna be one size down go easy with  
me in the comment section below but i just had to 
buy to show you guys how beautiful is this design  
the feet go don’t judge me a lot it’s gonna be a 
little bit tight i’m gonna try to not breathe a  
lot so you know it’s not gonna be that bad but 
go ease with me in the comment section below  
before i do that though let me talk about the 
jersey i’m wearing this video take a look at  
this beautiful shirt this is the 2018 ivory coast 
away jersey look at this it looks simple but it’s  
not you can see some i don’t know if you guys 
can see really well but there is a pattern here  
a graphic kind of like some stripes not stripes 
it’s really hard to show you guys right now but  
make sure you go to my instagram and look for this 
jersey although i think that picture you cannot  
see this is so subtle the graphic let me try again 
let me try again can you see you can see some you  
know it’s almost the stripes maybe it’s the same 
inspiration of the dress i will be talking here  
let’s see let’s see i really like this one here 
the color is nice it’s very stretchy in this part  
very stretch here the ivory coast colors i 
like the puma logos everywhere and this is a  
nice jersey look at this look at the front look 
at the back and now let’s talk about the 2021  
ivory coast home jersey this is the 2021 
ivory coast home jersey made by puma look  
at this beautiful jersey and let’s talk about some 
details of this jersey the inspiration is coming  
from the ivory coast nicknamed the elephants you 
can tell by these stripes which they don’t follow  
the same direction they have different sizes 
i would say and they have the elephant pattern  
on each stripe in the stripes they symbolize 
the tusk the elephant’s tusks nice right what do  
you think i like it i really like it let me show 
you some other details i’m holding here the size  
median of the jersey not my size very similar as i 
said to the senegal which was not my size this one  
is size medium not large but it’s beautiful i just 
had to show you guys and you see it’s rounded neck  
it’s a henley color as you guys can 
tell taste this single button placket  
open here button the button is orange really 
like that i hate when the button follows  
another color because you can actually see in 
this way it becomes invisible really like this  
look at this there is the ivory coast on the 
back of the collar i really like that all the  
stripes they bring the elephant print on these 
leaves on the front both sleeves on the back you  
don’t see actually the graphic and is orange with 
green there is some a little bit darker orange  
on the stripes the puma is green this area 
on the shoulder is green as well does not  
get all these leaves but partially these leaves 
which is really nice i really like this detail  
what else we have here the crust is embroidered 
see stitch it on the poma logo as well all  
the puma logos and as we have we have the 
authenticity label over here we have the dry cell  
branding over here now watch the video all 
the way and in the end of the video i will  
be wearing the size video so you don’t 
want to miss that watch the video the way
jesse lovers go easy with me in the comment 
section below i know you guys were really  
you know nice in the senegal video when i was 
wearing a size medium i’m size large this one  
is size medium again so don’t consider a lot 
of defeat when you guys decide to buy this one  
here if you guys can still find this one here 
of course but it’s nice it’s a beautiful design  
look at this i’m gonna be holding my breath so 
you guys don’t you know think this is too terrible  
look at this look at the front look at the 
back this is a great design take a look how  
much i pay for this take a look you guys need 
to watch the football shirt hunting number three  
number two number one we’re gonna have the link of 
the number three in the description below and also  
over here make sure you watch but look at these 
guys i really like the design the idea of having  
you know the elephant prince over here and as i 
said the other jersey day 2018 it is super hard  
to find to see actually the pattern you guys 
cannot see can you and i believe the idea is  
the same maybe these stripes horizontal stripes 
which don’t follow the same direction to uh  
i guess i don’t think you guys can see 
it maybe follow the idea of the tusks too  
nice i like this white one a lot but take a look 
at this i really like this color you know with  
the button like the color combination green and 
orange this is beautiful look at the back look  
at the combination i’m doing for this video i’m 
wearing these nike paints almost like a jogger  
with this sweet nike training which has a 
little bit of the orange i was trying you know  
you know honest try you guys know right i try 
if you guys like this jersey let me know in the  
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