💻Unbox Seagate Barracuda 2 Terabytes, install, review, and read/write speed test

Welcome katropa sa tropang
I.T. Community, here in
Kuya I.T. Channel. If this
is your first time in my channel
My name is Kuya I.T.
We will be doing three things
First is we will Unbox this HDD
Hard disk drive or Hard drive
This is the Seagate Barracuda 2TB
2nd, I will be showing you
on how to install HDD
in our system unit.
We will be using generic computer chassis
not Tempered glass casing
thirdly, katropa we will check
the health of our new HDD
so that, in case you buy a hard drive
you now have an idea of what to do.
Let’s open it now!
So far, the packaging is good.
It was delivered by Ninjavan on time

This is the physical appearance
I am not sure if you can see it
Seagate Barracuda
2TB (Terabytes) that’s it…
I bought it from Shopee
for P 2, 462
P 2, 462 with shipping
THe Hard drive price alone
P 2, 412
I bought this HDD before the pandemic
But now, the price
goes back to its regular price
P 4, 413
Although the price is changing
It depends on Shopee’s promo and discounts
The price may be lower
sometimes it’s P 4, 300 something more or less
Just check it on shopee’s website
Actually, katropa I am not really a fan
of Seagate
I am a WD user
or the Western Digital HDD brand
I have a not so good
experiences on Seagate HDD
as a computer technician
But, when I saw the price at Shopee website
2 TB for just P 2, 412
it’s a price for 1 TB
So, I guess it’s not a bad idea to give it a try
Now, it’s time to
Basic performance specification
of Seagate Barracuda HDD
First and foremost, this is an internal HDD
3.5 inches designed for desktop computers
if you are looking for laptop HDD
you should pick 2.5 inches HDD
The storage capacity is, I mentioned it a while ago
2 TB or 2,000 Gigabytes
The interface is
SATA 6.0 (6 gigabit/s)

also known as SATA III
But, it’s backward compatible
to SATA 3.0 at 1.5
or the SATA II and SATA I
The maximumum sustained transfer rate
210 Mbps
I doubt it katropa but let’s just try it later
We will test the read/write speed
by transferring videos from my old HDD to new HDD Seagate Barracuda 2 TB
The cache 64 MB
much better compared to my old HDD with just 32 MB
The RPM, rotation speed or revolutions per minute, 7200.
much faster and better compared to my old HDD iwth just 5400 RPM
By the way, katropa,
before touching any computer components or internal components of our computer/PC
Make sure to eliminate or avoid ESD
Electrostatic Discharge
that can harm your computer components
To some, they use an anti-static wrist strap.
but if you don’t have any
No problem, we will use the old school, the power of touch
By this time
make sure that your power supply is off or it is unplugged from the elctrical outlet
What we are going to do is
we will be touching the metal parts of our
computer chassis
to ground our self
or to neutralize the static charge in our body.
After doing it
you can now touch your computer components.
such as; HDD and RAM.
I will be making a video about this ESD
But as of now, since this video took so long already.
let’s continue in installing the new HDD Seagate Barracuda 2 TB.
Now the HDD is successfully installed.
But, upon checking in our “My computer” or “This PC”
we don’t see any newly installed HDD.
Where is the new HDD Seagate Barracuda 2 TB?
So, just right-click the “This PC”
select “manage”
disk management .
You will see a pop-up message “Initialize Disk”
As you can see our 2TB HDD is still unallocated.
We need to choose a partition style.
My recommendation
if you are using Window 8.1 and earlier
choose MBR
For MacOS and Windows 10 users
GPT is for you.
Int his tutorial I am gonna select GPT partition style.
After choosing the partition style
click “ok”
then follow the HDD installation wizard.
As you can see katropa
we can now see our HDD Seagate Barracuda 2 TB
It’s time to check your new HDD’s health
my recommendation is
to download Hard Disk Sentinel software
then, follow the installation wizard
after that
Run the Hard disk sentinel
You can now see your health? Ooops!
I mean your HDD’s health
The HDD is 100% healthy
As promised katropa
we will be testing the read/write speed
of Seagate Barracuda 2 TB
We will get 3 GB video files from the old HDD
and transfer it to Seagate Barracuda
So, let’s start.
So, that’s it katropa.
Actually, I amazed with the result.
Because the transfer rate goes as high as 218 (actually it’s 225) MBps
Although it’s fluctuating
I am expecting at 150 MBps transfer rate.
So far, the read/write speed of Seagate Barracuda exceeds my expectations
Base on my computation katropa
this is only my personal computation
If the 210 MBps speed was maximized
the 3 GB files will be transfered in 15 seconds.
But we completed the transfer in 18 seconds.
It means that the transfer speed is fluctuating.
Which is normal
So far, the transfer speed is really good.
That’s all katropa (friends)
We will end this video
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