hello welcome it’s sid from techjunkiesit.com¬†
i hope you’re well today i’ll be giving you my¬†¬†
review of swiss bee which is being released 
on the 4th of september by vancatja at 11am  
est now what is swiss b well do you want to create 
profitable mobile apps ready to sell in 60 seconds  
flat now what it actually does it will help you 
create a mobile website app in 60 seconds flat so
here i am in the members area and we’ll go for all¬†
the training what’s available what you can do here¬†¬†
along with my bonus page so i’ll talk¬†
about what what i’m going to give you¬†¬†
offer wise we’ve got four¬†
offers along with a quick look  
at the sales page too all right so 
if you’re interested hang around
welcome back so here i’m on the sales page now¬†
this video doesn’t work right now but i’ve got¬†¬†
a video that i’ll be showing you so let’s have a¬†
quick look to see what it’s all about one click¬†¬†
software creates profitable mobile apps ready 
to sell in 60 seconds flat no tech skills no  
coding no developers you don’t need any of those¬†
skills to make these websites for mobile phones  

so tapping into 800 billion dollar industries is 
a massive massive industry and this will help you  
get in there and you could actually develop 
websites for other people and start selling  
them so let’s look down here so it’s normally¬†
97 a month but you’ll be at very special price¬†¬†
we’ll talk about the prices later and you have a¬†
30-day money-back guarantee all the reviews i do  
so do you want us do you want to share the 
gigantic 808 billion fortune next 12 months do  
you want to do your dream of earning great money 
work from anywhere in the world do you want to  
be your own boss and build financial freedom uh 
for your fam for yourself and your family then  
you need to harness the power of mobile apps 
as you know everybody’s got a mobile phone¬†¬†
and there’s mobile apps all over the place but¬†
some businesses actually need mobile apps so this  
software this training this app will show you 
how to make these mobile apps all right so i’m¬†¬†
not going to go through too much here it’s¬†
a three-step process you buy your you buy um  
you buy the software itself the training itself um 
and it’s dirty done for your templates in there so¬†¬†
with swissb then you customize it and then finally 
you publish it as simple as that so you basically  
speak customize it and publish it simple as that 
all right we’ve got some testimonials in some¬†¬†
other language for some reason um get unlimited 
ios and android apps so you can do it for ios  
and android apple uh apple phones and also android 
phones you’ll receive commercializers so you can¬†¬†
sell the apps you build which is awesome uh choose 
my over 30 beautiful beautiful templates um no app  
store or play store approval required even better 
uh convert any websites into fully fledged apps in  
under two minutes awesome so you get a website 
put in system and you’ll create an app design a¬†¬†
mobile app with ease with our drag and drop editor 
you don’t need any technical skills experience you¬†¬†
don’t need to pay or register for a developer a¬†
developer account you can monetize your apps with  
google ads so you can make potentially more money 
your your mobile apps works in any niche any niche  
whatsoever send unlimited notifications to user 
phones or out and lock screens uh your app will  
work in any mobile device your app will also have 
unlimited ssl encryption so that’s gonna be secure¬†¬†
connection right um your app will also your app 
will be fully seo optimized so you’ll have search¬†¬†
and optimization built in it and you’ll receive¬†
24 hours 24 7 expert support so if you’ve ever¬†¬†
stuck you can reach the support line 24 7. all 
right um let’s go down a bit more keep going¬†¬†
down is anybody else we want interesting 
here all right we talked about all this  
right so these are some of the bonuses you get so 
number one it’s not in english so i can’t really¬†¬†
say okay i don’t know why this has come up in a¬†
different language uh we’ll talk about this in¬†¬†
something wrong here all right so we’ll go into¬†
this there’s something wrong with this page¬†¬†
all right here you go so this is what you get as 
bonuses correct i’m gonna be mobile apps lifetime¬†¬†
that’s worth 999 990 as well turn your website¬†
link to the fully fledged mobile app in minutes  
that’s worth 1590 higher quality training included¬†
for making three figures a day there’s 490¬†¬†
free commercial rights worth 1990 done for you 
template to build apps instantly that’s 290¬†¬†
and to end sql encryption to save guard your 
data a 24 7 malware protection that’s worth 490¬†¬†
25 customer support priceless obviously there we 
have good support w money back guarantee all right  
double your money back guarantee awesome prices 
look we’re talking over 14 840 in bonuses the¬†¬†
regular price is 197 so and you’re gonna get¬†
it for 15 dollars now isn’t that amazing now¬†¬†
on top of that right on top of that so here’s the¬†
guys that developed it okay and catches said free  
and i can’t read this right now on top of that¬†
i’m going to give you my bonuses let’s have a¬†¬†
look my bonuses right so this these are my bonuses 
right so um they’re going to expire in the 7th of¬†¬†
september so interested you’ve got to click on the¬†
link here before the timer goes down so we know  
what this is all about already we discussed that 
um here’s someone upsells you can get so front end¬†¬†
twelve dollars you’re gonna give twelve dollars¬†
now if you buy up through this link here  
it’ll go up to seventeen dollars afterwards¬†
after that you’ve got a swissbee pro which is¬†¬†
seventeen dollars but then got 37 that’s unlimited¬†
mobile apps without any restrictions you have no  
restrictions whatsoever upsell 2 will give you 
the done-for-you setup um they do everything for  
you basically uh upstair 3 is automation you’ll¬†
be able to ultimate the whole process one click  
wow okay we’re using artificial intelligence¬†
click upsell for swiss be golden membership  
so that’s 70 dollars guys at 27 get our best¬†
money making products with commercial license  
and upsell number five just be unlimited buy 
traffic steal our buyer traffic yourself to make  
automated affiliate sales daily right so we’ve¬†
already talked about this i’m not gonna talk about¬†¬†
this again right so these are my bonuses right 
so all right there’s a demo here we’ll go for¬†¬†
this in a minute i think if i show you the demo 
rather than magic well i’ll show you the actual¬†¬†
members area but the demo is pretty good so if 
you’re interested click on this link here you¬†¬†
better go to the sales page so let me tell you 
what i’m going to be giving you so the first part¬†¬†
i’m going to be doing is seo studio which will¬†
teach you how to do search engine optimization  
to rank your pages higher the next one i’ll¬†
be giving you syphon traffic other sites with  
our emails list so this will teach you how to 
get traffic from other email sites basically  
and you don’t need to worry about doing any emails¬†
all right next one is actually a full-length  
training course on how to build funnels and boost 
online sales focus on jvzoo so training will teach  
you exactly how to do that you’ll learn how to¬†
build funnels how to increase your sales and it’s¬†¬†
all using jvzoo affiliate links right and the next 
one after that is uh tick tock followers so it’s a¬†¬†
plugin that goes into chrome which will allow you 
to get additional ticktock followers and with this  
basically you could put your affiliate links 
and there’ll be more people on your tick tock¬†¬†
following you and hopefully they’ll click on¬†
your link and you’ll be getting more sales so¬†¬†
that’s the fourth one there and top that we talked¬†
about all of the vendor bonuses already you’ll be¬†¬†
getting all those vendor bonuses as well so um 
if you do click on the link you’ll get an email¬†¬†
from warrior plus click on the warrior plus link 
and you’ll get a blue little button here click¬†¬†
on this button it’ll take you to your bonuses¬†
and remember you’ve got a limited time to do¬†¬†
this now let’s have a quick look at the training¬†
itself right now here i’m in the training area¬†¬†
now i can’t give you too much a demo here but¬†
i’ll quickly show you what it’s all about here¬†¬†
and then we’ll go to the demo on the actual bonus¬†
page so uh the home page say you have all your  
analytics here you’ll have all your figures you¬†
know when you start launching stuff and making  
websites you know whoa your fingers over here 
next is generate apps now this is where you’ll¬†¬†
be generating your mobile apps basically what 
you do you get website put your website address  
in here correct the name of it put a description 
there if it’s gdpr so that’s um that’s the sort¬†¬†
of uk regulatory requirements right um click 
on that and that’s what privacy protection¬†¬†
that requirement so click on that and um choose 
an icon click confirm and that will basically  
build up build.generate that for you from the 
website it will create create tenant website
and create a mobile app with exactly the 
same website so pretty awesome makes it  
right size and everything that’s as simple¬†
as that and that would that’s it you would¬†¬†
be basically have a website then you 
do a little bit extra work after that  
which is what you have to do on your domain which 
we’ll show you in the demo and it’s as simple as¬†¬†
that really so you gotta save up all the apps that 
you’ve done will be here they load up so these are¬†¬†
ones that have been done you can download them you 
can delete them then you have send notifications
so you can see um you send notification messages 
that have been sent and then you’ve got a tutorial¬†¬†
so which is here which shows you all about talks 
all about two speeder tutorials how to use it uh  
tips and then all the rest of it okay now there’s¬†
also support here which 247 so click on here  
you’ll get all your support now i can’t really¬†
show you too much here because i haven’t got¬†¬†
everything set up properly but if you have a look 
here and we go to this video here i’ll quickly¬†¬†
talk you through this video now speed it up so 
it’s going to go through really quickly it’s a¬†¬†
four minute video but we’ll get through it quickly¬†
um so let me just have a look at this i’ve got a¬†¬†
sound off you shouldn’t hear the sound let’s have¬†
a look so here we are let me maximize the video so  
that’s the webpage you put webpage in your name¬†
puts name in description internal name and does  
gdpr finds an icon clicks an icon and clicks 
on create now that will create the website  
there you go websites already done you download 
it he downloads all the files to his computer now  
here he is on his file manager for his browser for 
his domain and what he’s doing is he’s taking that¬†¬†
zip file and he’s going to extract it and copy to¬†
the right location first which is what he’s done
there it is down here and now he’s going to¬†
extract that the contents that i said from  
to his uh public.html area the main place where 
his website is right so this instructions there  
you just follow you copy exactly what it says 
there simple twelve instructions um there’s¬†¬†
more training on this as well so here he is 
doing these echoes written in that little note
uh it’s not too complicated it’s copied and pasted¬†¬†
they see something from one 
location to another location
and he saved it so this is the page 
the public underscore html for demo  
right so there’s the web page
all right so we’re just doing¬†
a few little checks here
and this is all in the demo so the video will 
show you exactly what to do they’ll be training¬†¬†
when they explain to you how to so here’s the file¬†
now he’s copying that website link to his mobile¬†¬†
phone it’s an iphone by looks of things and there¬†
you go this is the website now on the mobile phone  
so basically he’s converted it to a mobile phone¬†
suitable app and there you go so simple as that
right so you can just say with android as 
well so there you go that was uh swiss b so  
it’s very quick demo um it’s very¬†
simple to do there’s not much to it¬†¬†
so if you’re interested click on the link here¬†
it’ll take you to the sales page you can purchase¬†¬†
it remember you’ve got money back guarantees¬†
so there you go i hope you like this demo  
swissby um everything stays very simple to 
use not complicated and remember you’ve got¬†¬†
a 30-day money-back guarantee um and i’ll¬†
see you on the next one take care bye-bye
so there you go that’s wispy it’s very simple¬†¬†
to use not complicated i hope you 
enjoyed this demo and quick review  
of swissby if you’re interested click on link¬†
and i’ll see you next one so take care bye

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