📦 Tecno MegaBook T1 "Unboxing and Review": 💪 Power and Performance up to Intel i7 and 16GB RAM! 💻

Friends, this is the Megabook T1 from Tecno which is the first laptop from Tecno and it comes with Intel i7 processor, 1TB PCIE 3.0 SSD and 16GB LPDDR4 RAM and it comes with a 15-inch display this is a very light laptop and it comes with a 70Wh battery, 65W charger, Windows 11 and all the necessary ports In this video, we will unboxing and review this laptop and will tell you if you should buy this laptop or not Friends, it comes with multiple color options and 3 processors i3, i5 and i7 The prices of i3 and

i5 will be mentioned in the description and on 13th of September, I don’t even know what’s the pricing but first of all, the pricing will be mentioned in the description and you will also get the links there is an arrow here, click on that and you will get the direct links to buy the laptop Seriously, it takes a lot of effort to make a video on a laptop and you have to follow a lot of rules so please like this video and subscribe to the channel for more videos like this You can also follow me

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you want any questions or suggestions Let’s start quickly We will do the unboxing first and then we will come to the design So, this is the laptop 2B MEGA 2B MEGA MEGABOOK T1 is the name of this laptop Red Dot Winner, QWERTY 3 MEGABOOK is written here We expect great design with this I have only seen the photos so far I have never seen this laptop So, I am expecting a surprise and a great design also

Let’s open it So, this is the laptop What I feel is that it is a 15-inch design So, it’s a little bit big and I like big laptops If you see below, we got a box in which there will be other things We will also remove it and show you One more thing we get is the user manual of the laptop which will help you if you are new to this laptop world but I don’t need this Apart from this, there is nothing else It’s an empty box The packaging is good Nothing is going to

be damaged on the laptop and all They have put a foam on the laptop Okay, it’s a very good design It’s a heavy built design It’s fun You can see here that it’s written TECHNO So, it’s a dual tone texture of the laptop If you see here It’s a texture It looks like a blue color It’s written TECHNO here You are going to get multiple options You get a vent hole on the back We will talk about this later Let’s open the laptop and see Oh my god, it’s so big Boot instructions Power on for

the first time You need to connect the power adapter Okay, we will connect the power adapter first Fingerprint sensor is given here which will help you to login to the laptop It’s written here MEGABOOK T1 Some features are given Ultra slim and feather weight Premium aluminum metal casing Obviously, it’s an aluminum design It’s written here Intel Iris Xe You will get the graphics It’s an Intel Core i5 model But it’s available in i7 You can get i7 or i3 if you need that It’s a sound of Z.WINNER 2023 DTS 100X RGB, 350 nits It has

TUV Eye Comfort Vivid Display Okay, there are many things 2MP 1080P Pirate Security Camera You can turn it off in the camera Enhanced Cooling System With Super Large VC Module 70Wh Battery TECNO VSE I will tell you more about it later It’s not a big deal Keyboard It’s a good thing in 15 inch laptops that the keyboard becomes very good I will show you the typing experience Let’s close it first Let’s see the rest of the things You will like the design Box is good You will get a Type C Charger That’s a great thing

I always wait for Type C Charger It should be a must now If you support Type C If you have a heavy gaming laptop Type C should be a must It’s a Type C It’s a Type C It’s a heavy Type C I like it because it has an adapter If you have an adapter You can charge the laptop faster I have seen this with security You will get a Type C Charger You won’t have any problem You will get a DC Cable You can connect it to the adapter And then you will charge your

laptop Let’s talk about the design I will let you know How this performs How is the gaming? How is the picture quality? How is the sound? Can it be upgraded? Let’s talk about the ports On the left side Kensington Lock LED Indicator Power On Charging HDMI USB 3.1 USB 3.1 USB 3.1 USB 3.1 USB 3.1 USB 3.1 Type C Type C Display Output Display Output Display Output Docking Station Docking Station SSD Micro SD Card Micro SD Card Micro SD Card Micro SD Card 2 UDB 3.0 Micro SD Card Micro SD Card then you get an

earphone and mic combo which will be useful to plug in earphones so the port selection is very good you get all the fast, slow ports the best thing about this is that both the type C ports support charging but the type C port on the left side only supports charging in this port you won’t be able to connect your devices you will be able to charge both but in this port you will only be able to charge you won’t be able to connect anything else so you sufficient ports, you won’t face any issues with ample

ports ok let’s talk about design a bit this laptop comes with a thickness of 14.8mm which weighs 1.56kg for a laptop that comes with a 15 inch display the weight is very good the design of the keyboard is very sturdy when you use this laptop the keyboard is very good, the travel distance is also good I use normal keyboards, which have a speed of 40-50W which is exactly around my speed of 70 this keyboard has a speed of 40W so I will give it a huge thumbs up because a 14 inch or smaller laptop has

a slower speed but yes, the travel distance was good because of the numpad, the tapping speed increases and you get extra buttons, which are useful in gaming this is a backlit keyboard, so you won’t face any issues let’s talk about the mouse pad this is a very big mouse pad, which supports all it has a 3 finger gesture you can do file transfer, screen mirroring you also get a fingerprint sensor it’s new for this price segment but the fingerprint sensor is working fine the setup was easy and it has never missed a beat and I

just love windows hello whether it’s a webcam or a fingerprint sensor it is important to any laptop techno has made a very good laptop and according to 15 inch, it is killing let’s talk about the display it has a brightness of 350 fps it’s a very good display the levels are good the picture quality is good the brightness is good I didn’t face any issues while gaming if you are watching a movie or a show you can watch it in a hostel it’s a big display it’s a good display it’s a good display it’s a

good display it’s a good display it’s a good display it has a good performance it has a 16 gb ram I have played 2 games and I didn’t face any issues it has a vc cooling it has 2 big fans it’s good for editing it has 16 gb ram it has 16 gb ram it has 8 gb ram it has a 512 gb 1 terabyte storage It has a 512 gb 1 terabyte storage it has a 512 gb 1 terabyte storage PCIe 3.0 SSD and I think you can update it I haven’t opened it yet

I will open it in the review and I will tell you what is upgradeable and what is not Obviously there are software features and hardware features like ENC technology and the mic provided with the weapon so when you call you can put the audio according to unidirectional, superdirectional, bidirectional and it will work on 8 emission interiors and it will deliver your voice in a very good way We are going to test this in the review Right now I have tested the webcam I will show you When the video footage is played directly you get a

direct idea of how it is being recorded There is nothing in the room, all the lights are off Only one light is on which is the key light and apart from this, the mic is also working I agree that the room is very echo-y It is the room’s fault It is not its fault but I think the audio will be good and for the webcam for meetings or for classes this webcam is going to be perfect for sure It is 1080p and the quality is very good I really like the webcam I just love the

webcam and with that the ANC technology is going to be even better I just love the webcam and with that the ANC technology is Right now I have not used the ANC technology so the normal audio is the same DTS-X immersive sound Obviously the audio quality is going to be very good If you keep the laptop and watch movies it will be a good experience It is not useless I will show you a demo by playing a song The battery life of this laptop is 70Wh and the techno says that it will last for 17.5

hours If you are a heavy user and you are gaming then expect 12-13 hours in full charge it will last for a long time If you charge it in the morning and play games till night and watch videos then the battery will last for a long time and maybe even for a day But the battery will last for 17.5 hours It will be ideal for gaming and gaming will be possible It has everything you need There will be no problems If you buy the i5 in 40-45K then you expect the i5 16GB RAM is not

expected but it has extra Fingerprint sensor is not expected It has good cooling good design good processor Everything is good For further testing I have to use it for 7-10 days I have used it for 2-3 days Initial impression is that you will not regret buying it You can just go buy it Link is given in the description I just love it It’s a huge thumbs up for this device You will not have any problem with this device You get 1 year warranty I love the texture and you will not have any problem Go buy

it Thank you for watching If you like the video

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