🔥👕 2 x CAMISETAS de Fútbol de la LIGA MEXICANA | UNBOXING + Review | Club America y Pumas UNAM

Hello guys welcome to the channel, I am Alex from Trikots Jerseys,
the community where we share the passion for soccer jerseys.
Today I want to share with you a very special Unboxing,
which includes two jerseys from the Mexican soccer league.
And the fact is that the Mexican soccer team has some of the best designs in
the history of soccer, such as this shirt, manufactured by ABASPORTS.
But the local league is not far behind. Who does not remember designs in the 90s
like those of Club América, Pumas, Tigres, Toluca, Cruz Azul, in short,
a number of teams that have had beautiful shirts.
And just over a month ago I had the opportunity to get two pieces at
a price that I consider quite correct, especially considering that I am on this
side of the pond. For many of you who are in Latin America these will be shirts
that you can probably get hold of quite easily. But on this side it is not so simple.
And it is that a store in the United Kingdom (Cult Kits) of soccer jerseys that I
particularly like. He announced that he was bringing a significant batch of jerseys from these

two teams.
As a fan of shirts and to a certain extent impartial since I do not follow or am a
fan of any specific club in the Mexican league. I allow myself to enjoy both pieces.
Remember to subscribe to the channel, since it motivates me a lot to see how
the number of shirts who join the family continues to grow day by day . Without further ado, we started.
And if by chance you thought that the shirts that
came in this package belong to Club América and Pumas, you were right.
The first thing that stands out is that the Club
América bag comes in its original bag and the Pumas bag comes in a generic bag.
We’ll start with the Pumas, their 17/18 season home jersey uses a
two-tone crew neck template with an elastic back and a fixed front.
It stands out for its beautiful color combination in a deep blue and gold. On the front
we have the characteristic logo of the puma of a large size and when I say big it is GIANT.
Sublimated in the center of the chest. Right above we will have the Nike Swoosh, it is embroidered on
the fabric and the main sponsor DHL in white to match the sleeves and
back sponsors. The seven sponsors are sublimated and yes, you heard that right, it
has seven sponsors distributed throughout the jersey, a real pass.
He lowered his arms we have the stripes that Nike used during those seasons,
but in this case it is three quarters, that is, it does not go all the way down. That run from the side,
through the armpit to the end of the arms and the fabric in blue and white.
Inside the neck we will find a small vinyl detail with the initials “UM” that
refers to the Pumas as well as the size of the shirt. Its fabric is dry fit.
The removable label is attached to the
arm as always, there we can verify the codes that must
coincide with the inner label as well as its size. It is a shirt made in Mexico.
The Eagles for their part opted for a similar template but with a V-neck
and the most characteristic thing is the pattern of their design that reminds us of the peaks of the 90s.
The shield is sewn to the chest and the Swoosh is embroidered to the fabric. The colors are subdued,
both blue and yellow that tend to be creamy, I like it.
Inside the neck we will find the detail of an eagle as well as the size.
We will also find the three-quarter elastic band. Drifit fabric. In the
lower front part we will find the serial label that is attached,
not sewn. Remember that the serial number of this label is unique and that they will NOT help us
to verify if a shirt is original or not. For that you can go to the
cards and watch the videos where I explain how to identify an original shirt from a fake one.
It is curious that we have sublimated sponsors and others in vinyl patches such as
“Home Depot” and “Total” that feel really annoying, heavy and that will
surely end up cracking. Especially that of the sleeve, due to its location and material.
The pattern continues on the back.
The sponsors match the entire design. As this if you brought the
original bag we can verify that the serial of the removable label and the
inner label match. All Right Cult Kits sells a 100% original product.
Well guys, this is how this beautiful UNAM pumas t-shirt looks,
if you ask this is a size s and I am around 175 cm
weigh about 69-70 kilos, so you can have an idea of ​​what it looks like.
In particular I love the designs of the Pumas, the color combinations they
use and especially the shield. Who can not love this type of shirts, they
are fantastic. My score for this particular design is: 9 out of 10. Maybe I could
ask for a little less sponsor but beyond that, I think it is very correct.
Let’s go with America. Any resemblance to this shirt is no accident.
I believe that the designers of this shirt were inspired by designs similar to those from
the 90s to design this very beautiful shirt. And I think it is a very well done shirt,
which has the modern in the fabrics and in the shape of the design and is inspired by the retro. With which,
it fascinates me. However, I will give this shirt one point less than the cougars only
because I don’t like the amount of invasive sponsors it has inside the shirt. But
beyond that, Club América jerseys always have something to tell. I would give it an 8 out of 10.
What do you think of these shirts? which one did you like the
most? would you buy some of them? let me know in the comments.
Well, surely many of you are wondering:
how much do I pay for these shirts? the two shirts with everything and shipping costs
cost me a whopping ninety euros. Although they are not the t-shirts that are priceless.
But if you take into account that normally a fan shirt costs between 80 and 90,
you might think that the two shirts that came out at the price of one.
And it is normal I always tell you,
if you have a little patience and wait until the end of the season,
one or two years you can get recent models at really good prices.
Remember that you should never spend more than you can afford to add new
pieces to your collection. And it is that in this beautiful hobby we all fit,
there are always possibilities of getting t-shirts at excellent prices if you know where to look for them,
I leave the cards with some options that I use.
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