🔥 SANTOS TRAINING SHIRT COLLECTION 🐋 Umbro 2021-22 Santos Pre-Match Top – Review + Unboxing

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in this video i will talk about the 2021-22  
santos pre-match top and i will 
show you some of my best santos fc  
training and pre-match tops hopefully you guys 
will like it’s a long video so get your popcorn  
and make sure you watch the video all the way 
and share with everyone before i talk about these  
beauties though let me show another beauty this is 
the 2012 santos third kit an iconic jersey made by  
nike look

at this look at the front look at the 
back i have name our name on the back over here  
sweet right i’ve seen some people wearing like 
this which is the way i like it this you know a  
small polo collar i like to wear like this but you 
can also wear like this and sometimes i see people  
i have the microphone here so it’s gonna be a 
little noisy sorry i see people wearing like this  
which i don’t like it’s a little bit too loose i 
don’t like it but i don’t judge you if you like  
like this it’s okay i prefer and i would recommend 
to wear like this let me show you guys again  
i really like to pop the color as eric cantona 
actually i have this jersey i don’t know together  
scene but here we go i like to wear like this 
now let’s talk about my centos fc best training  
and pre-match tops and then we’re going to be 
talking about the 2021-22 santos pre-match top  
let me start with this 2002 santos training 
top this is a black one with white details the  
iconic bomb brew sponsorship the oversized umbra 
logo really like this one here like the color  
i could have read about this one here when i 
was fixing one of the sponsor make sure you  
watch i have the link over here and also in the 
description where you can find a bunch of other  
links that will be helpful for you so make sure 
you check the links in the description i fixed  
one of the sponsors on the sleeve the sponsor was 
you know peeling off and i can see there’s one  
here over here peeling off as well i don’t know 
if it’s the same spot or not but i have to fix  
look at this make sure you watch the video i have 
to fix this again i will not create another video  
about that because i have it and make sure 
you guys check out because it’s helpful for  
the most of the situations i don’t remember the 
year of this one here maybe it’s 2011 judge me  
in the comment section below if i’m not saying 
the correct dates i know some of the dates not  
all of them it’s missing some of the training 
tops as i’m looking here but that’s okay i have  
a good amount to show you guys i really like 
this one here is clean and i like these leaves  
brings a couple of colors actually three colors 
gray black and white i have a couple of these  
shirts here one is size extra large which is this 
one here and the other one is size large really  
like this one oh man this is one of my favorites 
nike training tops and i’m not sure if this is a  
training top or maybe a travel top i believe it’s 
a training one but i like it a lot gray black and  
white it’s a team plate that some other nike clubs 
had at the same time i’m not sure about the ear  
maybe again it’s 2011. i’m not completely sure 
but i really dig this on the back has the iconic  
nike you know training logo and it’s gray it’s 
gray or black i don’t know it’s gray i believe  
really like this one here i believe 
this is 2017 i’m not 100 sure again  
judge me in the comment section below i’m not sure 
if i’m saying the correct ear i really like this  
one here because it brings a bunch of sponsors and 
although it’s a lot it makes more legit i don’t  
know i like it i like the gray with yellow what a 
unique combination of colors i like the oversized  
umbrella and the sponsors on the back we dig 
this one here a lot now i have a bunch of kappa  
training and travel tops look at this they did a 
bunch of them in 2017 i believe the year this is  
a camo one blue black these leaves are solid black 
copper comes on their shoulder i really like this  
one here i have the gray version of the same one 
and you see comes with this um football kingdom  
it’s a badge made for santos i’m not sure if 
i like this badge the way it is right now but  
it’s okay this one does not bring that badge as 
you guys saw it’s a little bit different though  
this one here i believe it’s a travel one brings 
this big ass black ass on a gray body these  
leaves are raglan’s leaves black i really like 
this one here i have the same one but in white
and this one i believe they are traveled 
to you can see the santos badge as  
the pattern this is white with black follow 
color and i have the blue version of the same  
travel top i have the black one i just remember 
but it’s not here this one’s a very interesting  
one because these black stripes form the 
letter s you can see through the picture on  
my instagram make sure you follow me on instagram 
the link is in the description below look at this  
i like the details on these leaves too and 
the santos the football kingdom is over here  
this is one of my favorites this is 2018 i’m sure 
about the year i really like the color gray with  
this vote and the detail in white here with the 
umbra logo and i really like the santos and umbra  
pattern on half of this shirt really dig 
this like the santos and umbrella on the back  
the fabric is super light really like 
this trendy top i really like this one  
here 2019 20 or maybe just 19 i’m not sure 
we like the royal blue with this gray color  
and the red bright red detail especially 
with the name santos name and umbra logo  
on the back we like this detail on the side 
of the shirt as well look at this really nice  
this is a sick one look at this i really like this 
one here i even create a video about this shirt  
make sure you watch after watching this video here 
the link is over here and also in the description  
below you’re gonna also find a 2021 corinthians 
pre-match top this video deserves a lot of use but  
take a look at this beauty it’s v-neck light blue 
that fades and becomes darker blue towards the end  
and the bottle you can see the black stripe over 
here on the right side the pattern is beautiful  
umbra logo is everywhere take a look on the back 
it’s light blue with santos and umbro in black  
what a beautiful shirt now let’s talk about the 
2021-22 santos pre-match top this is the 2021-22  
santos pre-match top made by umbro take a look at 
this very bold design it’s very abstract look at  
this i’m not sure what was the inspiration but i 
like it a lot take a look at the details you guys  
will see that in a video in a moment so make sure 
you do the hat trick subscribe to the channel hit  
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the full video the entire video make sure you do  
look at this look at these details of this 
geometric shapes all over the jersey but not  
on the back which i like it i like the fact that 
this part is white and brings these elements the  
umbra logo and the santos name really like 
it this part this section over here brings  
the pattern the shoulder and these leaves 
really like it the main color is white with  
black yeah it’s basically black and white which 
is what we are santos fans look at this really  
like the umbra logo heat sealed the santos crust 
is heat sealed as well it’s around the neck it’s  
black really light material this is my size size 
large so i will wear this in the end of the video  
and you guys will like it make sure you watch 
the video all the way umbro has created these  
templates for all the clubs they sponsor in brazil 
like santos graeme fluminessi paranae i have seen  
the grammy one which is this one here it’s a 
beauty i really like it i prefer santos because  
i’m a santos fan but the grammy one is nice the 
fluminacio one i’m not sure if i like is this one  
here i’m not sure maybe in person i would like a 
little bit better but i like what umbra did it’s  
a template but i really dig this one now watch 
details of this shirt and make sure you watch  
the video all the way because i wear this jersey 
in the end of the video watch the video the way
jersey lovers take a look at this beautiful shirt 
look at this design really bold really stylish i  
really like this design and the fit is great this 
is my size size large fabric is super light i  
really dig this one here look at the front look at 
the back what a stylish jersey talking about that  
look at the combination of doing this video i’m 
wearing this black jogger this nike black jogger  
with this jordan shoe which reminds me a little 
bit bowling shoes but i like this one a lot  
judge me in the comment section below look at 
these guys i bet the grammy one is really nice  
are you a grammy fan do you have it let me know 
in the comment section below but this one looks  
so sharp i hope you guys like you know my 
training and travel center stops and if you do  
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santos third and if you have time you can do me  
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october which should be in the screen as well

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