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Very good guys welcome to the retro ship I am paper djs arcade machines
arcade neon music retro wave themed 80 90 I have taken all this and put it
here for our play station classic you want to see it with me
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Well for now I’m going to get out of the way because I want you to see fully
what is the theme that I have prepared for this play station classic mini there you have it the
Edition as you see here you have different options
You know it is the usual
We access the menu is that here prepared another background for the menu
and here would be the theme that you should select in a case that you download in a while when the mode is available
I would have to select 90 near neon in the case of my pack, I will implement it
everything in such a way that when you or you copy everything comes out prepared without doing anything
and what happens now when we are going to project and then look closely
Very well because this is the new carousel of project air and according to my way it is worth and as you see
I have prepared this, I have organized it because, in the end, the problem that the
project carousel and it is as it comes is it
it’s a mess it’s all over the place there’s no order in the games
and the ports are mixed with the playstation games etc. so here these three folders you know I put them
I wanted to list them as all memory because here we are selecting to see everything
here you select only what is in the usb
and here only the ports and emulators
it is best to leave it as it comes so that everything is displayed then here since the backup replay is to change the internal games
restore the good this forget you I have left it but really as soon as version 1.0 is available you can do everything from the visual interface
So there’s no problem
here we would return some menu
this is the folder manager
Game manager and here you can see I have put in order the standalone emulators
it would be to me to see the friend games well the drastic open work with a selection of games that got very cool the
pps spp this has a tremendous heart because I’ve also got a selection of games that I’ve been
customizing each setting
in retro art and here you can see is that this is the first thing that comes out on the carousel we don’t have to go back to the boat
means to enter emulation station I have prepared these folders with these arts also to enter new station lessons in
a version that I have prepared of ms-dos with a lot of ms-dos games of course
you have to connect a friends keyboard and mouse it is worth to be able to use at least one keyboard for ms 2
and in the case of the windows that I have prepared
keyboard and mouse yes or yes well then here would be the ports
Notice that it seems to me that this is much better
ordered and followed by the ports because if we would start with the games that we have got from playstation
and now the coolest thing that I have also worked a little to a small modification to include background music in the emulation station
there are 13 songs if I’m not mistaken tucked in this time
They will not be the same that I will put in my pack that we will share in
telegram since there I am going to put songs much more retro wave but the ones that are now in this mode are a selection
but that I will not have any problem when playing these songs on youtube
so look we are going to enter evolution station to show you the rest of the mod
the rest of the topic
well as you are going to see in this pack called 3.0 which has happened with 2.0 well no no
I started to add and add things and in the end I have reached these 128 GB fix 44 systems
at the moment of truth there will be 42
surely because I have to discard some things that are not totally worth it but it is practically ready
and of course it starts with the music that I have put in the background
I’m going to go through I’m going to shut up and I’m going to go through the systems for you to see
Well, look at that behind me right now if I’m going to remove you again, you see this this
is the keyboard and mouse cursor connected because i’m going to show
what I have done with a ms 2 with windows even with a friend since well although all the games are mapped
because you can also use a keyboard and a mouse of course
I am going to put the main monitor because I am looking here on the right which is the grabber goes with a terrible
you don’t see it but I
much easier if I look at the central monitor now ok
Well look, we are going to enter for example the ports tab
and here he is in that two windows 3 11 am and barry drastik open word
and the ports are worth more than 2 those of windows
I have put everything in my opinion the best or the most organized that I could and we are going back
we enter here in cody you already know here they are because the old videos some to enjoy them
For example we will enter
Look at playstation when you are already seeing what this theme looks like, which I have also prepared, I really like the truth
looks fantastic
Do not panic because I have not removed the main theme of the previous pack you can
select it look if we enter
start we give it we settings and
here I include
three times that all three have to do with the same and an improved version of the previous comic book with the rest of the systems
added but to me what interests me is to show you the new topics look at this one you are seeing is the neon ring
which is the main one because we are going to switch to the neon arcade I want to show you all three as they look
because I have worked hard enough
let’s go back
same background different type of carousel and also of course it is different presentation here it is all much more neon truth
I’m going to remove it from the middle
And as you can see, the music changes dynamically also when we enter a game and leave and change the system as well.
I would change the music
What happens if I go directly to a nintendo ds game because the game enters us, nothing is necessary to enter the emulator
We are going to back off I am going to show you the other topic
With the same theme 80s supreme retro arcade
It is loaded and as you can see this is a carousel because where the consoles are shown here
directly to me the theme that I like the most is the main one that is loaded but hey
they all have their charm I think you come in here and look here it appears then in a central column
the sources well everything everything at the disposal of the elements because I have prepared everything to my liking
and it doesn’t have to be liked by everyone of course
and in these topics also
They have a trick and that is that it can be put into automatic mode and then a double provision has been prepared
to see if it comes out correctly
Look at this case because it changes the previews for the will
and for the cover of each game, of course, the means must be available, not everything goes like this
In this case, since there is no such average, it comes out as before very
well let’s go back to the main topic and I will continue teaching you the benefits of the pac
Also back
Well, as I said before, if we enter the ports tab, let’s go directly to ms-dos, it seems
I click of course
As I have already told you, I have this wireless keyboard, eye it is a combo, that is, I have
just the dongle
I have this combo of logitech connected to the second port and without problems keyboard and mouse and wireless is more comfortable impossible
good here good there is a small script so that it goes directly to the games folder we are going to type it
well but let’s see what it’s called
Games 2
very well and here then there will be many more games than you see now because I have modified this
but to give you an example we are going to go into the excel it is worth excel
I remember Primal as he composes the excel it will also be
Let’s put it external
Ok it’s already running
and I no longer tell you that it is not amazing to also be able to play these old pc games with keyboard and mouse
Well as you can see it works perfectly
It is worth some of these games go exclusively with keyboard others it is necessary to use what is the mouse also but good
Alright let’s get out of here how to get out of these games well really yes or yes you have to get out correctly to return to ms-dos
kit and of course he wants to go out in some games it is worth counting the inter but look at this no he did yes and
then we are again
in ms-dos to leave ms-dos, what to do, then give the same exit as if we are in wing 311 no
we are going to go out and I am going to show you look back
to the carousel sorry to what is the emule vision station and now I’m going to
the version of windows 3 11 that I have prepared 311 in Spanish eye
important because if not the distribution does not correspond because everything you are going to see shared out there is always in america no
son bart is very difficult then type certain things
we will enter
Well it took me a while to make the sound work and put the sound on
Don’t kill me, I know it’s Windows 95, but it’s cooler
that the one that had by default well to notice that sometimes the mouse stays nailed in the middle I already explained it to you previously
this is a failure that I at the moment
The montalt classics team has not been able to correct it either because it is at the Linux drivers level and you have to give it a whole turn
to the mouse all over the screen and that’s it already it’s working correctly
Well, as you can see, I have already prepared here a lot of Windows 3 11 games, the typical classics, the sound works, I repeat
and then well here by default
notice that I have already prepared it to enter this folder also include those of ms-dos but I repeat these I have passed them all
directly to the ms-dos application because as many of you already know
if you start ms-dos games from windows 3 11 many times there is not enough memory
this is so and they don’t run properly so this is for windows games and the other for ms-dos games
let’s get out of here well look how funny because this many people do not know if we enter a game
and it doesn’t work properly let’s zoom in
this will probably work without problems because little resource was used
Although there is still a new audio conflict so it is interesting to use it in another way it works well
Well look if you do not know what to do, you have been stuck here or it is not going well, look where you have gone, see
you see you have to run it from ms 2
Well, the 2 box if you give alt control and if I’m not mistaken, start
with this the auto exe of the 2 box is executed therefore windows will start again in this case
or would restart ms 2
so you know when something hangs on you that usually happens because in the end these things
alt control and
start and start again and so today we are going to get you out of here correctly file get out of windows
Your session will end I know
of course here we have to be successful because it returns us to the 2 box
and we are here again
what else do you notice this is very very interesting to me barry
I have left it configured so that you do not have to do anything and everything works
with the gamepad is that you don’t even need to connect keyboard and mouse so I’m going to go directly in and you’ll see
and we are already here
I repeat there is the keyboard and
sorry and mouse connected but you can do everything with this like
base a touch to the right and choose my profile that I put it there the very first
which already loads the appropriate configuration and also
I have made a small script to load a virtual hard disk without you having to
select it go to the route load it nothing you now give the x
Magic you will see
Here is this wonderful menu from where you are going to be able to select the friend games you want you give to game
I repeat only using the remote
good and here already because you are going to be able to load if you give the right it goes through letters of the alphabet
and for below we select the one we want we are going to enter double dragon 3 come ago
Well yes it is true that to leave the games look at it actually puts it on the screen you have to give efe 10
well nothing happens if you give it from the command I have also mapped it to the select
you will return directly
to the emulator and from there you will be able to exit correctly
now to be able to select another game quickly because yes the ideal is to give effe 10
and then well then you would return to the menu
to the game selection menu
do not use the start
the truth is that most of these games work very very well is
surprising and yes there are many friend fans who will be delighted with this implementation
for our playstation classic
well well I’m not going to go out because I don’t want to do too long look f10
I’m already here again but if I click select
then we go back here to the emulator and now to leave, well we would have to go down
and give it here
tatxan we are again at emule vision station
all this can be done from the carousel because I have also put all these shortcuts on the carousel
original for those who do not like the emulation station here we have the drastik directly the open board
this is a wonder I love to look let’s go
could well have created a folder
a system inside muley sion station to enter these games directly but it is not worth it, it is better to enter the emulator
select them
look to play this final fight for example which is wonderful
You have to read the square below on the screen, be careful, because it puts all the keys down if we click on the square
we enter
Well you know what open door is but for those of you who don’t know wow this is
for beat em up type games a wonder because
there are all kinds of game implementations cross characters from all kinds of sagas
to give an example the one I just loaded right now because you can play with characters from both the final fight and street fighter
well it’s amazing and also when we could play this final fire on a widescreen
Well it is true that it takes a while to load
Well you see, we already have it loaded and also with the mega cd music
Hello, as you can see characters from the final fight, but many many more if it is amazing
Come on let’s start now
Best of all, the buttons are already mapped properly, everything works fine the first time.
and notice the background music of the mega cd version
and you can play if I’m not mistaken up to four people at a time until you enjoy it four at a time it has to be amazing
Well let’s get out of here
you have to give the start the game and step by step you have to always leave giving the start
We are already here and then we give here always giving the start in this case the x and we will come back here again
Well of this I am not going to explain anything to you and you know what games are accessible from here easily and simply
if we go back and go
directly good look
we have come out of a game we change the system change the song
If you don’t follow me follow the world
I’m tired
and the fire
with motifs that do not strain
Well note that we can directly enter the games here
without having to go to pp ssp-f it will load the game directly into the emulator and we will give it
I’m going to remove this from the middle
as is a small intermediate script that launches the rom directly passing the rom parameter to the emulator
It is a little more complex than simply changing the systems file, you have to do an intermediate step
and as you can see it works wonderfully
this metal flag
eye anniversary is very interesting since here it is included to get the six that as many of you know in the system
what would be naomi because we are doing very well and from here we are going to be able to play it
perfectly without any lag ok let’s go directly into
metal slack 6 which is the most demanded of all by far
and that from here we will be able to play
perfectly not so from naomi that especially the first screen at the first level that as you know come out
a lot of bugs makes the screen smaller
It is not going well this way we will be able to play wonderfully
Well this is what I’m teaching
so you can see that what I am saying is indeed playable
metal slug 6 on our playstation classic with absolutely no sides
gps s pp and launching it directly from the vision station
but that I have already achieved the most, it does not seem
What I want is to try to get to the part where it is playable from the naomi emulator
This one that comes now
look at the screen is getting bigger there are many more sprites on the screen
it works perfectly
As you are seeing it
I don’t take the tank because then I can’t burst all these things
Now we are going to arrange
Well you have already seen it works wonderfully we give the right rear trigger the r2
and we are going to give success to a clear menu we first go to the menu of pepe esp then we give exit
and we are here again
to be able to select any other game that we want
identify or if I go out and change system the music will change
I thought no yes
Well I have done another pretty cool thing with mommy games and that is that I am a fan of
games with music in high quality and therefore to enable a section
hq music in which I have put the roms that go with the special music samples in
2003 plus
we go in and we have this don patxi double dragon I have to finish polishing the titles as you see the final fight
This title that is quite curious michael jackson
moonwalker is a delight to play it with real high quality music just like this deadly kombat
ltda and the out run with music is amazing I’ll put it for you to see
Well, as you have seen, it takes a little while to load is normal and another thing that he had told us
I have implemented the project vettel for all arcade games, so when you load a game it rotates with its respective time.
eye I have had to rename thousands of files in order for the path to match correctly since the project sees the
obviously it does not work for our classic playstation but I have customized everything
so that these also come out or see these specific on-screen frames with each game and notice how enjoyed the music I am going to shut up
well remember that this author and i ‘that has a button that is running
ok because if you are not going to be slow all the time
there is one more thing if we enter the retro art menu and wait a bit
and I have implemented musiquilla also worth
not only that but directly if we go for example to the options of
where is that and where is that here at sadler’s
well look at default
I do not want them to be activated because I know that there are many people who may not like them but nevertheless and integrated
worth several salts that work wonderfully
but I understand that not everyone likes to notice I have loaded it and
and me now
Well this is one of those to me
well I like it but of course everything
It will depend on how it looks depending on the TV or where you have connected to the console and how close you play also go
we are going to change for another
look, I repeat, I did not want to default, because I know that there are many people who do not like it
this other one is pretty cool I have put them in order of preference they are all good sader is that I have checked
I have manipulated some of them and have changed them etc. everything works correctly
look at this one it already has the slightly curved shape of the old cetes
for stars the same a little for the geeks but hey it’s also cool no
look what it really looks like i’m looking at a cereté ball from before
Well we like to have a filter of these posts forever because it is as simple as entering sad it lets you know
choose the one you really want to always have active
which could be because this is very good I like it
first you try it obviously
and then if you want to leave it predefined it is as simple as re-entering who knows how to save
and save global preset in this way always by default
this sader will appear to us well also notice that once we are in a game
to quit the games I wanted to implement a solution this time
Many of you said to me young but if you can’t get out of retro art with your remote
it is worth because it is the trigger from the back to the left the most select 2 l2
and we already went to the menu of the classic playstation because I have put it like this and not the select below is more start
well because if not in some emulators the select button interferes and does not put a credit and
weird things happen so easy second select trigger you are not going to give any game to these two combos either
by mistake so
the 2 select and we left the games directly easy simple to enter the retro art menu
select more to be both at the same time
the truth
and in the same way if we enter the michael jackson moonwalker because you are going to have the original soundtrack
in the end fight the soundtrack of mega cd double dragon is an experience that I recommend to you is very gratifying we go back
and we already have the selection
usual voice in many systems in others is my section
personal selection
but you know there is great support
by voice as for the selection of roms
very good guys because this has been all for today I hope you liked it
all these novelties for our playstation classic really took literally
weeks digging into every detail every little thing to get to this point
If you liked the video, give it to me and let me know that you really like my work and that you want it to continue.
because it costs
quite a lot of personal time of course all this is done because we like to mess around
so I remind you that all these resources will be available on the super nes mini roms channel of telegram
Soon once I have finished polishing all this that you are seeing, the 128 gb pack will be available
right now the mod will be available so that it looks like this
retro arcade neon and probably soon also officially from the page of monay classics
well guys this has been all for today i am paper dj
you are in the retro ship see you in the next video
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