🤝 THE EQUALITY SHIRT 🤝 Nike 2021-22 Inter Milan Third Jersey – Review + Unboxing

when i took a look at the pictures i was not sure 
because i thought that was a little bit too bright  
so smart look for camisole jazzy lovers it’s 
not always that i get the home away and third  
kids of a specific club with the exception of 
my santos of course it’s my favorite club so  
i do this to support the club and as well because 
i love the santos designs but inter milan made me  
do that this time last season they had amazing 
kits but i only got two of them or maybe three  
i don’t remember i did not get one of them that 
i like it but i need to save some money to get  
some other stuff i need to prioritize what i 
want i advise you guys to not spend all your  
money in jerseys it’s not because i’m buying the 
home away in third day you need to do the same  
but i like this season 2021 22 interview home 
which i’m wearing here create a video about  
this beauty the link is over here first watch this 
video the way then come back and watch this video  
if you missed the link is also in the description 
below i also

create a video of the 2021-20  
inter milan away it’s a beauty link in the 
description too and now we are going to be  
talking about the third kit but before that 
though if you are new here my name is marcelo  
and my passion is talking about football and 
football shirts i appreciate you watching  
the video thank you for the support now let’s 
talk about the 2021-22 intel mill and third key  
this is the 2021-22 intramural and third kit made 
by nike take a look at this colorful design i like  
it but i will tell you something in the beginning 
i was not sure if i liked it i thought that was a  
little bit too colorful but when i received and 
i already tried this is a beauty you guys will  
like it and i have a special accessory to match 
with this so make sure you watch the video the  
way when i try this bad boy over here so let’s 
talk about the design inspiration of this shirt  
this shirt was inspired by the values of inclusion 
and equality a beauty right you can totally see  
the translation of this in the colorful design 
and as well the message that we have internally  
here i don’t know if you guys can see brothers 
and sisters of the world nice right this is the  
founding principles of inter milan it’s in the 
colorful design as you guys can tell here let’s  
talk about some of the design inspiration of 
this jersey this design element over here was  
inspired by the 1989 91 intermediate jersey this 
one here the away jersey day war at that time  
i like it that one too but i’m okay not having 
i like the modern spin that nike did and the  
colorful design i really dig the crusts really 
colorful crusts i’m holding the stadium version  
of the jersey on size large my size so you guys 
will be able to see me wearing the jersey in the  
end of the video so make sure you watch the video 
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jose channel the main color is black with a very 
colorful design element over here which includes  
yellow blue orange and green i really like 
this and these colors are also present in  
some of these elements on the sush on the crust 
the crust is really colorful really like this  
is apollo color neck take a look at this 
if you like it the material is good i like  
this with two buttons over here and you can 
see the button is also very colorful yellow  
the sushi is orange the badge is stitched on
the sushi is also stitched on and the 
badge is blue green black and the star  
is yellow inside you see the message 
brothers and sisters of the world  
look at this here you see 
the nike authenticity tag
on the side of the jersey you see that 
it’s black but there’s a panel over here  
both sides it’s not a zigzag panel it’s 
just a straight in your cups are black too  
i really like everything on this jersey now watch 
me wearing this jersey just lovers i don’t know  
why i was not sure in the beginning because this 
one is a beautiful shirt look at this i’m a sucker  
for black kids when i took a look at the pictures 
i was not sure because i thought that was a little  
bit too bright but when i tried it i was in love 
take a look at that this is the stadium version  
of the jersey oh my size size large and is a 
beauty the fabric is very comfortable the fit  
is great it’s my size and look at this design nike 
did an amazing job translating the inclusion and  
quality values on this jersey really like it also 
takes me back to the 90s because of this design  
element and i like the fact that there’s a modern 
spin on this like the color like everything this  
polo color the detail on the button although 
the button could be all black but i feel like  
this detail is really nice really like it take a 
look at that look at the front look at the back  
we like the fact that i don’t have disposal here 
the sponsor do not like with this phone so i saw  
some pictures let me know what you think in 
the description below but i like the fact  
that there is no sponsor i don’t have the name or 
number on the back but i like it this way as well  
and take a look what i’m wearing i’m wearing this 
converse watch which brings the same colors look  
at that that was a coincidence i just had to wear 
to show you guys it’s a big watch but i feel like  
the combination is great talking about that take a 
look what i’m wearing this video these black jeans  
with the air jordan a black air jordan shoe i’m 
keeping simple because i feel like the highlight  
should be the jersey what do you think about this 
jersey in this video let me know in the comment  
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below and also make sure you watch the review of  
the 2021-22 home and away inter-million jerseys 
which we have here somewhere watch these videos

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