$0.60 Per Minute Watching YouTube Videos? Videofunds.buzz Review (Untold Truth)

Ss Videofunds.buzz really a way to earn 60 cents per minute by watching YouTube videos or is it a scam to stay away from? My name is Mikael and many of my viewers have recently asked me about this platform because earning by watching YouTube videos is of course really cool if it really was possible. And Videofunds claims you can earn a lot by doing that. And I decided to test it and in this Videofunds review I will give you an inside look and I’ll show some very important details you definitely need to be aware of. So

Videofunds at first looks very appealing if you’re looking for an easy and fun way to earn. Because you can see on the website it says get 60 cents per minute of viewing and then there’s just a ton of different YouTube videos that are embedded here. And you see for example this one, if I were to just watch this full video, I could just let it run and then I could go for a walk do something else you know, see I could earn 63 dollars for that video. Or this one $21, this one four dollars and

it all depends on the length because you get paid per minute. So theoretically, all I would need to do is just to click a video here and I

just try to pause it because I don’t want the sound to run while I’m trying to record here, but you see I can’t actually pause it there, but there’s a counter down here when we just remove the the fake payment proof that they have popping up here. But below there there’s a counter that shows exactly how much you need to watch. You just need to let it run

and then the amount that you saw there will actually be added to your Videofunds account. And these are just YouTube videos. So there’s a lot of YouTube videos you can just keep watching this basically unlimited videos here. So it looks like a very fast way to earn. However, I have also tested hundreds of ways to earn online, so I know that something weird was going on here that you definitely need to know about. So the first thing is that Videofunds looks exactly the same as you know maybe 10, 15 other exactly same platforms that used

to exist that then close down. Then they’ll open up with new URL and Videofunds will do the same, let me just reveal that right away. Because it’s just a clone. It’s a copy of other websites and then once people find out that it doesn’t work they just open up with a new name and for some reason people think that oh that other one that looks exact same didn’t work but maybe this one will. No, because this is unrealistic, 60 cents per minute for watching a random YouTube video. Why would you get paid that they say

like oh we have advertisers? But they don’t. These are randomly embedded YouTube videos. None of these people have paid. Like this guy, he wouldn’t pay six dollars for you to watch this video, or this one also not six dollars here. They wouldn’t pay you $15 for one view of the video. Of course they wouldn’t. None of these know that probably that their videos are here they’re just randomly embedding videos, so they don’t actually have any money coming in here on Videofunds from any advertisers. And that in itself is of course very worrying. But there is

other aspects also. So let’s talk about the so-called payout options because this is when it becomes uh even more suspicious also. So when you earn something, you do see money going into your Videofunds account. And then you can just go to withdrawal and here it looks like you know that you can just withdraw. There’s no information about threshold anything like that. So let’s say you then want to join or get paid via PayPal, so then you would click this and still it it just looks like you can just take out your money. I had now

ten dollars in my account, so I think like okay I’ll just take it out. So of course blurred this but let me also reveal right away that even though I’ve blurred it, this is not my actual email address because I would never give my real information to Videofunds. Not when joining and not when trying to withdraw. Because look what then happens when I try to withdraw. sSddenly then, oh you don’t you haven’t earned enough. You need to earn $200 to withdraw. First of all, that’s a ridiculously high payout threshold for a platform where you can

earn by watching videos. That’s a huge red flag in itself. Secondly, see this restriction was introduced by advertisers to increase the return on advertising, so it cannot be changed. First of all, they don’t have advertisers. Secondly, even if they had, this doesn’t make sense because how does that increase the return on the advertising. It doesn’t really make sense. But now they have either your Bitcoin address, your PayPal information or whatever, together with your email that you join with. All this information they now have and I can’t find any privacy policy. I don’t know what they

will do with that but since they don’t have advertisers, you can only guess how they are then making money. And that is why I would definitely not share any private information with a platform like Videofunds. So to sum it all up, Videofunds.buzz is not a platform where you can earn. You will never get paid. It’s a clone of many other websites. It’s a matter of time before it will close down, it will open with a new name but look exactly the same. Again, you will not earn. It’s an unrealistic earning claim. You will not earn

this much by watching videos. And also the payout threshold, all these things there’s just huge red flags. And I’ve seen many exact same platforms and none of them ever pays. So if you want to earn by watching videos, this is not a method and you will never earn 60 cents per minute watching videos. That’s just not how it works. But I do have a video here on my channel where I show realistic ways to earn by watching videos. I’ll leave that below so then you can check that out. But just don’t waste your time on

Videofunds because you will not get paid. And I hope this video helped you realize why that is, so you don’t waste your time. And if it did help you, make sure to hit the like button, and also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel, and hit the notification bell, so you won’t miss out next time I release a video with tips and tricks about different ways to make money online.

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