1 MONTH LATER – Apple Vision Pro Review by a VR Enthusiast

I’ve been using VR for 7even years but the Apple Vision Pro is the only headset that could get me to use it for six to even 12 hours a day and time goes by so quickly but does that actually mean it is worth the price well it is

very hard to find its value at this price except I might have found a few reasons I’ve been using the headset for over a month now I have finally feel ready to share my full review and answer these questions from the perspective of a fervent VR user or

VR addict I bought the headset myself which has only cost me five kidneys but since then I’ve been on a Non-Stop Expedition into the unknown territories of Apple’s first XR headset so I’ll be sharing the usual techy stuff visual quality overall performance however I’ll primarily be focusing on

the overall experience the stuff that you can do what has surprised me both good and bad because I think that’s the most interesting part of a VR headset review if you stick around until the end I’ll let you know if I’m keeping my headset I don’t think any

other headset got as much buzz when it launched on February 2nd as the Apple Vision Pro the biggest shock it’s super expensive at $3,500 especially when it looks like

it has fewer features than a $500 headset like The Meta Quest 3 it seems the quest 3 can do

everything The Vision Pro does and then some but it’s not that simple I’ll tell you why soon The Vision Pro Design stands out from other VR headsets with its highend look and view it’s crafted from materials like glass aluminium and stainless steel giving it a premium touch that

definitely feel expensive so much so that it makes me way too scared to break the headset as it feels very fragile like it could break if dropped just once I’ve have seen these pictures and made me extremely careful with it treating it like a delicate little baby also

the external battery which is easily accidentally dropped because it’s easy to tuck the cable when you move a little bit my Now Sports a dent and a scratch which is a real bummer so I wish this whole thing was built to off especially since it’s something you carry

around a lot the headset comes with audio straps a light seew a face cushion and two different bands a solo knit band and a dual Loop band this battery with its power cable a USBC charging cable an adapter a cover for the headset and a polishing cloth the

glass front is a real eye catcher making it look stunning although it’s easy to get smudes on it and if that happens the mixed reality can become blurry so I have to use the cloth pretty often on top you’ll find two buttons for quick action the crown on

the right not only lets you switch between reality and VR but also controls the volume behind the glass front there’s a display for a feature called eyesight it shows people around you if you’re looking at them or if you’re totally absorbed in what you’re doing I’ll dive deeper

into this soon The Vision Pro works by itself just like the quest meaning you don’t need any other gadgets to use it but the Vision Pro is more like an iPad that gives you superpowers now you can use your eyes and fingers to navigate speak to open apps

or type and transform your cozy couch into a spot for work or play it really feels like stepping into the future uh like a s-i movie think Minority Report or maybe Iron Man’s Jarvis how the tech progresses is mindblowing sure it’s not perfect and I’ll explain that by

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showing you what it lets you do but before we move on I’ve got something exciting from new to unbox they sent us their latest VR Tech so let’s crack it open wow this packaging is no Yol let’s see what’s inside what in the Shell I was expecting cutting

Ed VR but this might be just the most organic Tech on the market zero buyers infinite battery life and a a natural air cooling system but don’t let the Yol get you down the real deal is new’s April Fool’s Day Sale find Excellent Tech deals like The Meta

Quest 2 PlayStation Po’s explore this MSI RTX 4090 video card and more using the links below happy April fools from newc and me and now let’s continue so the Vision Pro doesn’t use traditional controllers instead it has cameras and sensors to track your eyes and hands during setup

you calibrate these for accurate tracking it operates on Vision OS an apple system where you navigate by looking at what you want to select and then pinching your index and thumb fingers together to click you can also use gestures for scrolling and zooming it tracks even if your

hands are comfortably resting on your lab but impressively it even tracks gestures when you’re looking away from your hands a cool feature is occlusion where your own hands appear in front of virtual screens I love that this way you can use screens like a floating iPad by using

iPad and iPhone gestures like so now the ey and hand tracking is quick and precise making interactions feel almost telekinetic like I’m making things happen just with my thoughts which was definitely a wow moment to me but it’s not flawless sometimes what you’re looking at doesn’t match what

you want to control leading to Accidental clicks and sometimes the ey tracking gets off track making it not work right especially if I move the headset around on my head for comfort so I often have to go through the eye setup again which can get a little bit

annoying typing with just your eyes is not too bad but it’s quite slow and can strain your eyes touching the virtual keyboard is even slower because you can use your index fingers thankfully Siri Apple’s voice assistant is included and it helps by letting you launch apps and type

with voice commands I think this mix of I hand and voice control despite needing improvements is incredible honestly I wish all my devices worked like this but the lack of physical controllers does limit certain interactions and it would have been nice to have that option for better typing

and clicking hooking up a Bluetooth keyboard and Apple’s magic Trackpad or even a Macbook is a great option it’s a bummer though that regular Bluetooth mice do not work with it it’s disappointing and kind of weird but the setup that does work works very smoothly and it works

across devices but I’ll get into that after exploring Vision proos mode the two main modes are shared space and full space each mode has its unique uses first up is shared space when you wear the headset you will enter this mode immediately seeing the real world through its

cameras what’s awesome here is that you can mix real and digital objects in your surroundings a cool blend known as mixed reality or pass through mode the first thing that will show up is this manual with familiar Apple apps most apps look like floating screens but unlike physical

screens you can resize and move these anywhere you would like allowing you to create a workspace or entertainment area right around you at any place what’s cool is that these screens stay perfectly in place even if you walk to another room or down several floors it doesn’t drift

which is something that happens on other headsets and I love Apple’s cool little details like fake Shadows on their screens to make them look even more real the vision Pros Michael OLED screens are super sharp at a 3,660 * 3,200 pixels per eye with support for common refresh

rates making the virtual screens look almost as good as they do on a 4k monitor with great colors and contrast which is amazing for watching films I think it surpasses everything I’ve tried so far you can also stream flat games from your PS5 or steim to the headset

using apps like mirror playay or steamlink although these apps don’t usually support 4K streaming so it is lower quality but it’s a little trade-off if you want to play games in a new spot like comfortably in bed or maybe in your garden besides Comfort one downside is the

slight glare or shine you see on the lenses in scenes with high contrast making the environment brighter can help a bit with this also you can only rotate the screens around you but you can’t angle them just how you like which would have been nice for watching something

while lying s on your side for example that said watching movies in bed with the headset didn’t work at first because turning off the lights made it lose track of where it was but there’s a fix for that by getting an IR Eliminator for just $20 the headset

can now see in the dark I was able to use the Vision Pro for 2 hours straight with all the lights off by the way this fix should also work for other Standalone headsets one benefit of using VR headsets to watch movies is that they have a 3D

mode integrate the Vision Pro as well so you can easily turn on a 3D movie and you’ll instantly see 3D effects that make everything pop out beautifully The Vision Pro does this very well I was amazed at its 3D quality it’s clear bright and way better than old

movie theer 3D and combined with this visual Clarity it’s just stunning Vision Pro mixes 2D and 3D well too a cool demo that showcases this is called encounter dinosaurs which starts on a 2d screen and then makes a T-Rex seem to jump out into your room feeling incredibly

real thanks to the headset’s great 3d effect but it’s not just about seeing floating screens you can also interact with 3D objects and games that seem to pop out into your space for example inside heart lets you examine a heart from every angle and a cozy Luna challenges

you with spatial puzzles and new apps with interesting use cases seem to be added regularly WOW quest 3 also offers mixed reality experiences like these the difference is that the Vision Pro shines literally with a superior visual quality the colors are vibrant and the graphics are crystal clear

but there’s one thing I love here and that is how it’s handles the dynamic Shadows and Light for instance if you bring up a 3D object the lighting and shadows adjust to fit your environment making it look incredibly lifelike as you can see with this tropy this attention

to detail makes everything feel more real bringing us closer to what feels like true augmented reality or ar however we’re not quite there yet because of the p through the feature that lets you see the real world through the headsets cameras while it is among the best I’ve

seen I expected it to be a lot better than the quest tree for the price but the Improvement is minor however the Vision Pro and Quest Tre use different methods each with its own pros and cons I appreciate the Vision Pro low past through latency like I can

pass a ball easily but you can tell it’s slightly delayed when moving your hands quickly it’s good enough for everyday tasks like grabbing a drink making coffee or going the image stays clear without warping or much Distortion reading text from my phone works incredibly also thanks to Apple’s

flicker sensor that stops screen flickering a surprise and a big plus like other headsets the pass through looks its best in bright light but it’s still a bit grainy and gets a lot grainier when it gets darker then the colors and brightness aren’t quite right it is darker

and less vibrant than life and there is one issue the display’s persistence is higher than most headsets causing motion blur during head movement it is very sharp when your head is still but when you’re moving things seem fuzzy possibly causing discomfort for some while it doesn’t bother me

much it makes me not want to walk around using the headset too much this suggests the Vision Pro is made for sitting still rather than moving around making it less ideal for active games for example it’s not a deal breaker though the pass through is still sharper than

most headsets out there outperforming the quest three but given the high price I just hoped for even better quality on the headset there’s a knob called digital Crown twisting it fades you into a virtual environment though Apple doesn’t officially say it’s for virtual reality using the crown does

just that the headset comes with some cool virtual environments right away including sounds that make you feel like you’re really there and those scenes change from day to night my topic is the halia Kaa volcano in Hawaii I’m not sure if I’m saying it correctly but it’s so

beautiful but it’s so hard to show how life like these 3D places are in a flat video you kind of need to see it yourself to get how realistic they are but they are just so wellmade and peaceful that I bet they spent a lot of money creating

if you prefer not to be completely cut off from the outside and like the idea of using Vision Pro as an AR headset Vision Pro actually has some special environments that only put a filter over your real world for example there’s one that makes it looks like uh

sunlight is filling your room this feature is great for me especially during the gloomy days in the Netherlands because it somehow makes me feel happier the headset has a travel mode you need to switch on when you’re in a moving vehicle but it’s not perfect it’s all right

when you’re driving straight like on a highway but if the car turns or hits a bumpy road the tracking often gets lost and the screens can shake a lot making them hard to use however I think it might work better on an airplane because you don’t really feel

turns as much though I haven’t tried it yet in any case the travel mode definitely needs work for work I’ve started using Mac virtual display which lets your headset display a virtual screen from your MacBook or iMac it’s super easy to set up just look at your MacBook

while wearing the headset and it will ask you to connect and then it will do it automatically the virtual screen is like having a bigger 4K version of my MacBook screen it’s bigger and finally has such great readability that I prefer it to my actual 14in MacBook screen

it’s a bit of a l s that you can only have one Mac virtual screen at a time but Vision Pro has some powerful multitasking features like you can open other Vision Pro apps next to it making it still feel like you have multiple monitors I still hope

that they will let us add more Mega virtual screens soon though but there is an app called split screen that helps in the meantime then the most shared space isn’t called that for nothing because the cool part is how you can mix different types of app apps you

might have your MacBook screen up plus Vision Pro apps like Safari and Discord and even play a 3D game all while whatsapping with friends and listening to music this is why Apple calls it a spatial Computing device I was amazed to find out I could use my connected

keyboard and trackpad from my MacBook with the native Vision Pro apps without any hassle so it works seamlessly and you can still combine this with I and hand tracking so you can look at a screen far away uh that you need and then your mouse cursor appears over

there straight away it’s actually quicker than dragging your mouse cursor through a screen and by combining pinching and everything it can be even quicker than using a regular computer in some cases and I love that you can even copy and paste between your MacBook and the headset instantly

this connectivity is very powerful and feels like another superpower making this setup quickly become my go-to for working because it can be as efficient as my desktop but more flexible the only reasons I would not use it are that my gaming PC is more powerful for gaming and

editing and that the headset messes up my hair and face which isn’t great if I have plans later yes I’m seriously sad about that while the quest three can technically do similar things it just doesn’t match the Vision Pro multitasking ease or display quality quest’s software is just

way behind compared to Vision OS so I really hope that they will be able to catch up eventually because this is amazing of course Quest has its own advantages in VR Gaming for example so talking about that the second mode in fishion Pro is full space which is

basically VR when you launch an app that is built for this mode it’s like being totally surrounded by the app you know you got a VR app in your hands if you get a warning to stay aware of your surroundings for instance space Vision lets you explore space

and the stars in a very cool way but what’s really cool is seeing your actual hands and arms in VR not just 3D models like in other headsets The Vision Pro even Blends the view of your real arms and shoulders into VR and this really enhances the feeling

of being there incredibly but there are minor issues like delays and the lighting mismatches that can remind you that this isn’t real and the disadvantages in full space that you can’t use multiple apps at once and there aren’t many VR apps yet especially games you can stream games

like VR chat from your computer using aovr and use your hands to move around but hand gestures only work for simple actions and getting the stream to run without lag can be tricky I was able to make it work a little bit though it’s possible to set up

physical controller using aovr like steam VR controllers or even the Nintendo switch joycons but this is complicated and potentially costly so Vision Pro isn’t a great choice for VR Gaming but I think this shows potential for improvement oh keep you updated so make sure to subscribe and like

this video while you’re at it here a video of Milky Way as a thank you then we have the social features the Persona is a digital version of you made from a face ID scan with the headsets front camera it’s not perfect yet especially with hairstyles like long

hair but before a beta version it’s really impressive it’s able to generate your micro Expressions just by capturing your eyes and mouth data which can feel a bit uncanny at times but is still a remarkable TCH feed I had a fun FaceTime call with Na and disco VR

where we could share everything we were doing from showing 3D designs to watching each other play PS5 games and even seeing what the other person sees in first person at some point it’s felt like hanging out in real life there are also features for when you’re physically with

others if you’re in VR the headset can detect people either when you’re looking at them or when they walk to you they will fade in like little clouds so you don’t bump into them the same happens if you walk out of your virtual environment because this is part

of Apple safety feature it also works the other way around with eyesight which is another surprising feature here it’s a display on the front of the headset that can show things like the Apple logo or progress bars when updating the software when you’re in VR it shows animations

to let others know you might not see them if you’re in mixed reality so when you can see other people inside the headset it can show your actual eyes on the headset on the front making other people feel less like her just talking to a device this is

even personalized to your own eyes if you’ve captured your person Cherry said it made her feel like she was seeing my real eyes and she felt like I was more present than with other headsets which was positively surprising it’s funny that it can even recognize my reflection when

taking a selfie or looking at the mirror eyesight also signals when you’re taking photos or videos so people know what you’re doing it’s smart enough to only show up when needed though it does struggle recognizing people when it gets darker yes the headset is also a camera which

takes spatial photos and videos this is footage in 3D so it lets you capture memories in a way that they pop out when you view them back in the headset it’s a cool feature that makes for living memories more nostalgic however I haven’t found myself using it much

yet I guess because you can’t view them on all devices a big downside is that sharing the headset isn’t easy because it’s set up just for you you get a specific light SE size based on a skin made when you buy it which might not fit everyone else

comfortably and there are 28 different light Sho sizes although this number hasn’t really been confirmed yet but there’s a lot of course you can get a lights that fits better at the Apple Store but the eye and hand tracking are still calibrated to you fortunately there is a

guas mode that lets someone else calibrate the headsets for themselves but it takes about 5 minutes so it’s not as quick as just trying it on you also can not create multiple user profiles with their own settings and Persona which is so disappointing and I think they really

should have because it’s so hard to explain what a VR headset is like without having people try it Quest does this so much better the headset also uses something called optic ID so it scans your eyes to make sure only you can use your profile and your persona

so nobody else can pretend to be you so yeah overall these social featur Fe make the Vision Pro more social and safe to use around others though there is still a lot of room for improvement those are some of the most common uses there are other ways to

use the Vision Pro but that’s limited to what apps are available the App Store is divided into two categories Apple vision apps and iPad apps vision apps might have extra features compared to iPad apps that are mostly shown as 2D screens including the games it is nice though

having over 600 iPad apps available already I noticed this because many apps I already use like Discord Trello and even my password manager bit Warden work great out of the box I love that I can use bit Warden as it can scan my eyes to unlock and autofill

my passwords which is super handy in VR where typing passwords is usually a big annoyance however some iPad apps might run into issues Buck since they’re not specifically designed for the Vision Pro and some really popular apps like Netflix or YouTube are missing although they might be added

later but with such a new device I’m pretty sure that you will bump into a missing app if you’re already in the Apple ecosystem like if you have a Macbook or an iMac already then that problem is solved but if not you will be limited so it’s really

good to check if the apps you need are available but let’s talk about the more techy specs that I haven’t touched upon yet the feud of view ipd and performance wearing the Vision Pro is a bit like putting on ski goggles except everything you see is a that’s

grainier than real life and there’s a little bit of light leak that sneaks in at the bottom but it’s not a big deal The futter View isn’t great you see the ski goggles like borders and you can see the the fov is pretty wide horizontally similar to The

Quest 2 but it’s more more narrow from top to bottom this doesn’t matter much when doing any of the 2D content but it might feel a bit closed in for VR apps or when you’re moving about in pass through the lenses mostly give you a clear Shar picture

with a white Sweet Spot except near the very edges where things can get blurry with lots of color fringing this means sometimes you have to turn your whole head to see something clearly in a corner of a screen instead of just glancing over with just your eyeballs which

is a clear disadvantage over a physical monitor this is one of the things that makes me think that we’re not entirely there yet to replace an ultra white monitor but a cool thing about the Vision Pro is how it automatically adjusts the lenses to your eyes to keep

everything sharp it uses automatic ipd adjustments which isn’t new but they take it a step further by making it possible to move each lens separately ensuring everything lines up for more people the ipd range is 51 to 75 mm which is wider than most headsets as well that

is one of the things how Apple really nailed the visual quality on this headset it also uses the eye tracking to automatically fix and adjust the image as you look around not only does it do real time Distortion correction but it also makes whatever you’re focusing on really

clear and blurs out the rest this smart trick known as shakes which can cause motion sickness The Vision Pro keeps everything nicely smooth for multitasking it handles up to six to eight screens at once depending on what you do pretty well I’ve had a crash when pushing it

too far on purpose but usually I don’t need that many screens maybe five at Max and that works without any issues The Vision Pro really does some magic here but hey I guess you also paid many organs for that the battery la lasts as promised about 2 hours

for General use and up to 2 and 1/2 hours for watching videos since I mostly stay in one spot with the Vision Pro I keep it plugged in for continuous power and I’ve been using it for 6 to 8 hours daily even 12 like mentioned before without any

trouble what holds this headset back though is the Comfort the headset weighs about 600 G around 21 to 22 o making it heavy on the front oh though the whiteness of the solo knit band helps balance it out surprisingly well to put it on you just turn the

knob on the strap to loosen it and then you slip it over your head and then tighten it up it feels well thought out however for me this only works for 1 hour max to make it more comfortable I tried different solutions but I opted for an affordable

Velo strap Simple Solution from Studio form with this setup doesn’t look great but I can wear it for hours without any discomfort a disadvantage is is that it does cover the speaker so the audio sounds more muffled using other headphones can solve that and remember Comfort is subjective

I’ve talked to people who told me they are perfectly fine with the Dual Loop band the headset can get warm too but it’s not too uncomfortable thanks to the air fence that release heat from Top it does that very well and since you don’t move around much while

wearing it it’s manageable but it is still warm enough to notice so for me mention it I’m not a fan of the battery and cable setup it’s annoying to figure out how to comfortably position them every time I put on the headset I don’t like taking it off

just for quick breaks because adjusting it back too comfortable takes time plus the cable gets in the way and it’s just inconvenient since you need a pocket to hold the battery if you need to do something quick glasses don’t really fit inside the headset unless you have a

small frame but it’s a bit risky since you might SC stretch the lenses for those who wear prescription glasses apple offers special lens adapters for the headsets which sounds like a safer option I don’t wear glasses so I haven’t needed to try this as for audio I love

the buil-in speakers because of the high quality realistic spacal audio I love how it plays sound from the direction where you’ve placed things so if you put your YouTube music screen to your right the music sounds like it’s coming from the right side although I would have liked

the option to make it surround me me at times plus something that surprised me again was that your audio changes with your surroundings so if you turn on a virtual environment it sounds different whether you’re listening to music or on a call making it surprisingly immersive I’m not

an audio fou but I think the audio sounds good overall it’s still not as good as topnotch headphones but it often does the job well and this is what the microphone sounds like this is unfiltered and unedited let me know what you think Down Below in summary the

Apple Vision Pro isn’t without its flaws like the motion blur Comfort limited VR support and you need to be pretty deep into using Apple devices to get the most out of it yet it is the first headset that truly makes productivity related task practical with its unmatched visual

Clarity it truly excels as a portable giant screen with powerful multitasking ability which explains why Apple focused so much on these features in her advertising and calls it a spatial Computing device the absolute GameChanger is Apple software how it works so smoothly on the headset and having apps

you already used all the time easily accessible makes a huge difference it makes time go by so quickly because you can do so many things on here plus it helps that the experience is so intuitive making you feel like you have superpowers compared to meta Quest Apple software

feels light years ahead however Quest could catch up because when it comes to Hardware The Vision Pro is not a huge sleep over what’s already out there especially not for the price I think the Vision Pro is best for people who really need to use lots of apps

and screens at the same time just keep in mind that the Vision Pro won’t drastically boost your productivity to justify this high cost cost I would not recommend this headset for most people mainly because of the price if price isn’t an issue it could be a great fit

for those who travel a lot who are already deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem and needing a multi monitor setup on the go if that’s not you waiting for future updates more apps and a potential lighter cheaper version might be wise but you know this headset could really

push the whole industry to do better which is already exciting even if it’s expensive now it might be surprising to you that I’ve decided to keep M mainly because reviewing XR headsets is my job and this is a big moment for apple and VR plus I’m really curious

if I’ll keep using it months later so I will keep you posted on that so what do you think have you tried the headset or are you waiting for a more affordable option or are you skipping Apple all together let me know down below so this review took

a lot of time and thought it took me way longer than any other review out there for some reason so I really appreciate your patience on this and if you found it helpful the best way to support us is to like And subscribe

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