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Rahul Gandhi is like an emerging player and a game changer. About four months ago, I had shared a video with you about who will be the king of 2024, Narendra Modi ji or Rahul Gandhi, but I had also said Reading their Date of birth chart, the path will

not be easy. Hello friends, welcome once again to your own channel “Aank Bolte hai” And I am Arviend Sud Numerology and Vaastu coach and your friend. Today friends, through this video I have not come to prove anything, yes I have not come to prove anything today, I have

come to improve myself and I want to give you a strong message that what is the power in numerology. How you can transform your life by learning numerology and applying it in your life. If you remember, exactly about four months ago from today I had shared the video

with you ” 2024 ka King Kaun” Narendra Modi ji or Rahul Gandhi. If you have not seen that video, then definitely go and watch the video. The purpose of making this video today is only one. In that video, I had a discussion with you and I had predicted

that Narendra Modi will win the elections of 2024 without any doubt. I had no doubt about it, but I had also said

while reading the chart of his date of birth that the path will not be easy, it will be difficult for him. Perhaps he will not be

able to achieve victory with that much margin, with that much thumping success, and I had also given you the statement there that in this election, Rahul Gandhi will prove to be like an emerging player and a game changer. Why did I say that? If you look carefully at

that video, I had taken the date of birth of Rahul Gandhi and also the date of birth of Narendra Modi ji. Let me tell you once again, the date of birth of Narendra Modi ji is 17th of September 1950. Driver 8, Conductor 5 Rahul Gandhi’s date of birth

is 19th June 1970 Driver One and Conductor Six On what basis did I tell you that this time the path will not be easy for Narendra Modi ji, the main reason for it was this that Narendra Modi ji’s personal year is going on at this time is number

7. The number seven, whose Ketu’s. It’s Disappointment and Rahul Gandhi has a very good driver conductor, no doubt 1 and 6. Narendra Modi ji’s driver conductor combination is very beautiful in itself but the reversal that happened here happened because the personal year that Rahul Gandhi is going on

is number six and his driver is one. The number six is of Venus. When he comes with his friend Driver One, many times he gives unexpected gains, so I had predicted on this basis that the victory of Narendra Modi ji in this election will not be that easy

and As seen in the results yesterday, we won but the path has not proved to be that easy. Before this, I remember many years ago, when Nano car was about to be launched, at that time my live program used to come on TV channels and I told to

my anchor that this Nano Car it will not be a hit at any cost, then everyone was very surprised that sir, Nano car have such a hype. if this car will not be a hit then which car will be a hit, on this basis I had said that

The total of ‘Nano’ comes to number 18, whose total is nine, however, there is no problem to nine. The driver of Ratan Tata ji is number one. The mail comes but but my prediction in that for Nano car was on the basis that the total of Nano is

coming from 18, 18 is coming from 1, It is coming from 18. 1 is the number of Sun and 8 is the number of Saturn. if both meet then they bring struggle somewhere in life. Today I am remembering that day when my prediction proved to be absolutely correct.

I have not come today to prove something. I just want to tell you that whatever understanding you have about Numerology marks, apply this in your life then you can transform your life very nicely. Friends, I have a small request to you with folded hands, the political understanding that

I have is only a trace of politics, I will say that I have little to no understanding. So this statement of mine should not be seen combined in favor or disfavour of any party, please my friend, I sincerely request you, because I have no understanding of politics, friend,

so this should not be linked with that. In this video, we try to show you some clippings of that video which I shared 4 months ago “2024 ka King Kaun” You must definitely see that clipping of the video. How will be the election of 2024 Narendra Modi ji’s

driver is eight and conductor is five and on the other hand, his birth chart which is his most winning point, game changer. Now I am going to talk about that the spelling of his name. Yes that is the game changer my dear friends that is the game changer.

If you total 25 plus 16 it comes to 41, the current total of 41 comes to number five. So this is the turning point and this is the victory point I will say about his overall success. A very favorable period is about to come of Rahul Gandhi I

don’t know what will happen but yes, there is a possibility of some sudden game change by Rahul Gandhi here. Maybe the year 2024 will be good, not bad for Narendra Modi ji and certainly according to my prediction he will emerge as a winner once again but things will

not be easy. Yes my prediction says that things will not be easy, to manage the things in 2024 for Shri Narendra Modi ji, the task will not be easy. And full video, if you want to watch “2024 ka King Kaun”, then go to the description and we have

given the link, definitely watch that video. In the same way, keep showering your blessings, love and affection on this brother, stay cool, stay healthy, take care of yourself and may you always be happy in life. So thank you very much for listening to me patiently. Do take very

good care of yourself and lead your life nothing less then King size.

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