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foreign I am literally crying I’m just so freaking funny oh boy I haven’t cried from laughter in a long time what is going on there citizen my God my hair is still so wet it is wet hair today what is going on there I could have just waited like another 15-20 minutes but we’ll go with the wet piece I was just in the mood for a comedy you know uh and I was just like like what’s on my list that is a comedy and this one stood out to me I remember the trailer sort of

and I remember being like ah it looks funny and I just never watched it so I was like all right yeah let’s let’s do this one I hear it’s kind of an underrated film 17 Again made sure to wear my French shirt because of Sir Matthew Perry yeah go ahead leave a like I would really appreciate that also subscribe click that notification Bell because we got other movie reactions that we’ve been doing it for the Chanel full-length Reaction watch alongs I’m acting like this is the first time I’ve ever said this information but you might

be damn full-length reaction watching long story sync up with your own copy of 17 again I’m gonna watch this on Netflix actually uh

available for our super sexy Rejects at our patreon page and over there we cover a bunch of shows exclusively with reaction highlights and watch along is included but you could also find the rest of the watch alongs over there let’s see what all the hype is about class of 84. Zac Efron’s so much more buff now when he was already in shape really good shape he looks so skinny compared to today I’m

just warming up coach just talked to the Scout again he’s coming at night he’s prepared to offer you a full scholarship Jim Gaffigan is so funny I’m glad you’re here scar this whole Scout thing is me wicked nervous oh my God is she pregnant oh no this is so much heavier already than I expected she is preggers wow Mike what are you doing Julie we’re in this together oh this is so sweet dang that’s your future and told me this is gonna be so touching it’s only like two minutes in hey I’m a sucker for

that kind of man that’s really sweet you know not that Matthew Perry is a bad looking guy because he’s not but to go from Zac Efron into Matthew Perry you’re looking at Scarlett kicking you out of the house and the kids want nothing to do with you as a negative when in fact I guess it’s mostly negative you’re getting that big promotion today right yes yes I am today everything turns around for me see knock them dead that Thor in the background I feel like this movie was a good choice the way corporate wants us

to spin it is that maybe in certain situations a four-hour erection isn’t such a terrible thing laughs so congratulations Mike yeah Mike if you could just slide to your left so I can congratulate our new RSM Wendy you just slide here Mike O’Donnell sooner or later you all come back to the old school stand there and look at the picture of the Glory Days wonder what might have been well of course I want to live in the past it was better there I’ll bet you wish you had it to do all over again is he

gonna Grant this wish basketball season’s coming up you ready yeah remember it’s not how big you are how big you play right up here is that the theme of the movie kid actors like Sterling something or another isn’t he destroying our yard it’s not our yard it’s my yard I’m gonna turn it into a showpiece for my clients clients of what landscape design the way I remember that is that you spent about an hour working on it and then you spent the next two days complaining about if you had gone to college then you could

have hired someone else to do it oh man look try to see things from my point of view I am extremely disappointed with my life yeah but I did you don’t have to do many more favors then oh she’s great at playing people in troubling relationships oh Mike you’re gonna learn to appreciate the present towards the end of the movie get off of there it is raining so hard hello hello whoa oh cool it’s such a nerd oh no he’ll be fine oh wow I feel great don’t use Excalibur you have an understanding testicleable this

is not a bad uh impromptu lightsaber fight they’re having oh my God we’re looking at your basic spirit guide Transformation Magic the hero uh is transformed by his spirit guide to set him on A New Path which is what what do I look like your spirit guide you know what to do abandon your family go back to high school I’m going back to high school man net this is my chance this is my chance to have my life over but to do it right it’s much bigger it’s about you oh yeah this is this is

cool this is hip to the picture of Kevin Federline wearing the exact same thing as little as possible hey watch where you’re going to a bag Stan he’s gonna be an important character I’m Jane Masterson principal here at Hayden High hi she looks very familiar she’s not from the office is she I think her hands just made a baby excuse my dad he’s not used to talking to attractive women well thank you for that uh flattering yet totally inappropriate comment it’s about to say I’m single and I’m very rich okay did you bring your transcripts

oh yeah I think Hayden would be lucky to have you welcome thank you your hair is pretty thank you would the lady mind if I smelled it oh my God I don’t date my students parents okay well maybe I should tell you that I never don’t not date the principal of my child and the least I can do is make sure that my fake son doesn’t look look like a total douche look like a douche douche he’s hurt as good background say it I would not drive that kind of car to high school where the

hell are you do you take any of this seriously I’m a lot closer to them than you think let’s reschedule I hope she’s not attracted to him kid oh my God he’s still here we’re looking for a point guard oh yeah let’s come to tryouts okay all right I’m done talking yeah you’re still gonna turn into Matthew Perry in a few years I need you to get in trouble just enough trouble so that the principal needs to meet with your father yeah okay well we’ll see uh can I get a little help in here Alex

oh he’s bullied uh your uncle Ned’s kid I just started here just just yeah just go for it I guess they’re really bond with him no no she’s the uh she’s the head cheerleader I should never go out when I first met your mother I was so nervous I met my mother What You My Mother yeah you just said the first time I Met Your Mother yeah oh that’s weird is your mom hot dude yesterday shoved me in the washing machine in my own house what was that jerk doing at your house like it’s Maggie’s

boyfriend oh my goodness oh my goodness this just keeps getting worse and worse I’m very disappointed in your sister I wanted you in the cafeteria I would have taped you to a lunch lady you don’t talk to him that way what are you gonna do oh my God I’m so invested in this right now I’m gonna call your father heads up nicely done Sigourney Weaver Alien Resurrection too easy to say stand praise in the week simply because he’s a h see according to Leading psychiatrists stands a bully for one of three reasons one oh my

God he’s so cool with that ball Stan’s brain is underdeveloped therefore Stan is unable to use self-control and the third reason Stan has a small wiener oh that would hurt today in the 30s age group damn way to show him up what did you learn at school today that I’m a bad dad what are you talking about I thought it was going great it was going fantastic for me and then and and then what that is a really disgusting sandwich man but I think I was wrong about my spirit path it’s not about basketball it’s

about helping Alex and Maggie there we go what was that three-pointer oh my God he’s actually good at basketball what’s he doing a little pressure you’re your Father’s son I’m gonna get you on the team that’s it that’ll that’ll solve everything what really matters is that you’re there for your children Michael yeah exactly Mike I’ve never heard of the guy ow hey Mom this is Mark Uncle Ned’s bastard wow you look just like my husband weird did you see that I did I did you’re gonna go to jail lady I mean I know that you

need to grieve a relationship it’s only natural okay you wait here you need to hook up with someone new oh no you look turd mother who is still married by the way is planning on running around with every guy you can get our hands on If This Were Afghanistan she’d be dragged through the streets by goats with her hands cut off I’m just saying Naomi Naomi I don’t care uh huh they’re the same person be continuing our discussion on human sexuality and as we discuss the official school policy is abstinence now that is very sensible

I’m glad that someone here has their heads screwed on straight hair you for safe sex now so please take one and pass it down you serious did I do that it’s called making love isn’t it maybe I’m old-fashioned but I I think that means that you do it with someone you love and preferably when you’re married turn it into a baby because that’s what love is it’s the first moment when you hold your baby girl and you didn’t know that anything could be so small oh no is he gonna cry delicate and and you feel

that tiny heartbeat and you know that you couldn’t love anything more in the whole world is she attracted to him well I’m so worried about what’s gonna happen this is like a reverse situation of big and Back to the Future oh god dude I’m gonna go to jail again hey you can go to the principal’s office now talking you think that’s going to work I think it’s just mine it’s gonna work oh wow yeah obviously I still have a lot to do he’s doing a phenomenal job to put a pond in over here and a

flagstone patio there with sod in between then to have twinkling lights above the whole thing so that every night is a starry one it’s gonna be amazing scar score don’t call her score I realized that whole lady Cougar Hunting the mothers I’d like to you know whatever it’s called MILF thinking more along the lines of business experience college application but if you want to go there that’s okay so I’ll just get you a shovel then yeah okay time to seduce make things a real real unclear area where we are the age appropriateness oh my God

he’s even rekindling his love wow that’s hyper aggressive but she is an unusually hot principal what happened at the tryout tryouts it was good Mark Mark had a great tryout he played great and so did I made the team so good I’m so proud Zac Efron is so funny it’s not fair again you look like him and you’re that funny it’s not fair what do you think it’s amazing when people see this when people see how talented you are you could be designing Gardens all over the city I have a date tonight I have to

go you have a date it’s ridiculous because I’m a terrible dancer so I’m an amazing dancer what stop talking you just look like you can move um foreign that was a very hot dance when you were one teach it to me I can’t try me no this is so bad this is so confusing what does it say about her if she hooks up with him you stand here okay like that I’ll stand here no you’re picking that up pretty quickly mention your husband do you think you guys are ever going to get back together um

no why are you so sure maybe there’s something he could do to fix things mom yeah she’s nervous it’s creepy right a little bit she’s so old it’s like mind him that he needs to be there on the 27th okay thank you no you gotta win her back or be 17 and sleep around High School which would then be creepy in context because you’re not actually a 17 year old I used to date the most beautiful girl in school and I let her slip through my fingers but I’m not gonna let that happen to you

you’re right you’re absolutely right I’m just gonna walk up to her and then respect yeah yeah tomorrow at school the mentality goes right Maggie’s not here but um I am and I’m really really glad you came it’s my birthday I didn’t get you a present I’m sorry I’ll just have to unwrap you hey hey I was kicked off the cheerleading squad for being too flexible okay okay sit down just sit down those don’t respect yourselves then how do you expect anyone else to respect you right don’t respect me no don’t respect me you don’t even

have to remember my name oh my God I’m just I just I just want to tell you that you look like my dog what did you just say she’s a sweetheart she died so I look like you’re a dead dog don’t worry about it really people care Alex yeah oh my God you know my name you’re on fire really literally how’d this happen literally on fire oh no okay I’m gonna get out of here don’t let anyone record you Stan got on the management track at Home Depot oh great and I’m going to Westward Community

College to be closer to him he’s my forever he’s gonna cheat on you in this movie You Think I’m Gonna Let You mortgage your future you’re gonna let you throw away all your hard work I forbid you to see him anymore oh okay who the hell do you think you are my father hey how’d it go fantastic you’re botching this what are you doing let’s oh no oh no he’s falling apart he’s getting too mad this is actually really well done man damn he’s so good oh so happy for him oh my God she’s hugging

him oh my God it’s working I’ll buy every student a laptop you would deny the children of laptops Miss Masterson the children okay oh my God that’s awful but this is not a date no in no way a day and if I do this you will stop the inappropriate behavior and gifts and we’re just going to drive to this restaurant we’re not going to fly there in the space shuttle I don’t want this movie to end get to another chance how how are you gonna do that Victory board in my house smart call Stand double

to be what did he do he took me behind the quad and we can’t hear this you didn’t why that’s why you dumped me when you’re young Everything feels like the end of the world it’s not okay beginning you’re gonna meet a boy who treats you the way that you deserve to be treated do not turn your attention to him I know so I don’t know what happened right now okay I was looking for you I wanted to invite you to my party I don’t know if you want to come tonight yeah I would love

to yes thank you that’s very exciting oh this is bad let’s reverse Back to the Future foreign just trying to impress you okay and the kind of guy who spends 10 grand on Gandalf degrees Quarter Staff from The Two Towers yes that does make you a dork especially since Gandalf the Gray was only in Fellowship he returns in two towers as Gandalf foreign I am literally crying I’m just so freaking funny oh boy I’ve haven’t cried from laughter in a long time Jesus Christ you can have the nun and put out anyway you know on

second thought because I know how to throw a punch oh my God is he gonna Wake Up Older I was 17. I was back in high school it’s all the way back to the future I know why you didn’t want me to be no no no no I’m hungry lioness and you’re a baby gazelle Maggie I’m not the person I’m not the person just say you’re gay man what are you saying are you confused I’m very confused yeah I’m not gay I’m in love Maggie I’m I’m in love you tell your girlfriend she put close

eye on you wow okay blast glass ES oh my God it’s happening hi we’re great she’s cute come on I’ll show you where just walk upstairs ah everybody this party is over oh he’s gonna have his kiss mom this has been a really tough time and and you really feel like part of the family oh no no don’t no no if you want to listen to me I am the father of your children Scott let me explain don’t don’t call me that you are a weirdo little man child can’t explain this you are a pervert

no no it’s all falling apart All Is Lost I’m sure now you can see why I don’t date my students parents oh oh Mike Mark you have done effed up I had no idea that it was gonna get so out of control okay now I’m sorry I guess I deserve that second one was on call for I’m sorry are you okay I’m really sorry man that looks painful no maybe they don’t need me anymore but I need them you’re not to be a buzz kill but um you’re due in court in 22 minutes I have

to stop this to the netmobile I’ve got a letter here from Mike O’Donnell he’s the husband in this case no I’m sorry Mike but we’re in the middle of Runner if it’s okay I’d like to hear the letter please it’s smart that they made her recognize him to look like her husband I want to remind you of September 7th 1988. you were wearing a Guns and Roses t-shirt I remember thinking that I had to have you or I’d Die then you whispered that you loved me at the homecoming dance and I blamed you for my

failures and I know that you think you have to do this today I don’t want you to damn heck everyone’s so good in this movie if I love you I should let you move on no kiss that 17 year old boy you know he was telling the truth you’d know it she knows that is so sweet oh boy it has an emotional thing to do that’s clever oh this movie he is really good at basketball got a little inside info for you Scout from Ohio State is back oh my God playing college ball next year

huh that’s the plan coach yeah the picture time this guy was in this exact position 20 years ago I understand but I am I am the prince of the principal and I cannot be seen with my students parents how can you be seen with me when I’m wearing a cloak of invisibility you can plunder my dungeon anytime I’ll bring my longbow this movie’s so touching I’ve really been trying not to cry this is soaked it’s a classic transformation story guy make the same Choice again it’s your turn now love it if you were to do

it all over again he would this is the best movie I’ve seen all year he’s Matthew Perry you didn’t have to come after me again yes I did because I love you you’re the best decision I ever made I just forgot look I I know that I’ve been in a bad mood for the last 20 years I thought I wanted a second chance at life but now I know I just want a second chance with you yeah yeah I missed you does he realize he’s turned back ah this is a touching ass film this was

a lot easier before checking me out I want Taco Bell pick up all my stuff and I wanted to give you a key back and say thanks it was hey whoa no no wasn’t expecting to see you there principal Masterson you look very pretty health is yours so I guess I’ll be seeing you at work boss oh yes coach O’Donnell and um we are very happy to oh I was thinking over the coach’s job yeah a little something for your first day at your new job don’t think about how much it cost it’s got me

a whistle don’t blow it YouTube love you I said it back best movie of the year or whatever that was came out 2009. ah I love the hell out of that film that was that was so good I was so good Jesus Christ so blown away right now I I I got moved to tears out of turning down the brightness of this TV I got moved to tears from just how touching and sweet it was then I got I I I don’t remember the last time I mean in real I remember the last time in

real life I don’t remember the last time on the camera pointed at me that I I cried out of laughter that that was so funny like it was just so good freaking Zac Efron you know I I don’t think I ever saw an actual Zac Efron movie until neighbors you know like I had that kind of I remember watching uh The Dark Knight when it came out and in the theater like here is my association with Zac Efron he was like he was that kid from High School Musical and I’ve never to this day seen

High School Musical and so when The Dark Knight was playing they played a trailer for The theatrically released High School Musical 3 and everyone in the theater like I didn’t boo because I didn’t I don’t know I had no investment into the hatred for it or whatever but everyone started booing and so that was my association with what to think of Zac Efron at like 18 years old that’s is that kid is that kid so I think that’s partly why I didn’t see this movie because I just kind of had that like it’s probably just

some like kids movie or some and so the first movie I ever saw of him was um uh neighbors and I thought he was hysterical in that film and it did have that feeling of man he’s one of those like athletic ass like a Chris Hemsworth like you’re you’re so charming and athletic and you’re all so funny like he’s just the whole package son of a it’s like leave some for the rest of us but he didn’t hear and watching him at uh uh even before then you know when he’s still playing like you know

real kids like high schoolers I thought he was excellent he he he hit just that right pitch perfect note and you know like I love that you you do get to see his display of like athleticism especially with a basketball that’s right in that High School Musical trailer that we’re playing it’s basketball a big part of that movie I’ve never seen any of it so I don’t know so he strikes me as the kind of guy who’d just be naturally great at basketball I mean shows in this movie but he it struck that right pitch

of being that he did everything like him and Matthew Perry actually complimented each other so well it felt like a full-on character like he wasn’t just playing the comedy if that makes sense he was actually being the character he was being the the older might keep like he had to play someone in the high school later I know he probably wasn’t in high school people usually play older to younger people are usually older than they play younger and he had to play like the actual adult version of Mike internally who wants to be young and

I thought it might have been one of those movies going in where it’s just about reliving The Glory Days and just recapturing that magic of what it was like to be popular in high school again and then eventually go down the predictable path of appreciating what you actually have but it took such a different direction than what I was expecting like it full on became you know reversed Back to the Future where instead of Marty McFly helping out you know his dad and then the mom falling in love with him like the opposite turn of

it’s like the daughter’s falling falling for him and and you know you’ve seen the movie so yeah as if it’s going I was so surprised by the different path it was taking and I love how they kept the fact that he was an adult like he wasn’t hooking up up with anyone he wasn’t he didn’t even seem tempted to and those fatherly qualities like the Mike O’Donnell adult father the Matthew Perry within him would would come out in conversation but it wasn’t like a Beat to Death kind of joke it wasn’t like a one note

joke they kept doing it felt very human he felt like a real person as opposed to Zac Efron just doing the comedy bits of there’s an older man inside of me like that’s what I’m really playing he he played like the confidence the dumbfounded part the fatherly quality like he did it it was so natural and unbelievable and felt lived in and that’s such a big part of what made the comedy sing so strongly like even his relationship with uh what’s his name Thomas Lennon should I pull up the IMDb in case I forgot her

name for a situation like this yeah Thomas Lennon yeah hilarious actor by the way Thomas Lennon uh like even that relationship between him and Thomas London like you see Matthew Perry and him in the beginning and like yeah the same age okay it makes sense and then it didn’t feel like a younger guy interacting with an older actor you could still feel that friendship and camaraderie like they even had great chemistry together in the Zac Efron form and Thomas London’s net gold like while I think Thomas London is a hilarious guy he’s he is a

hilarious guy has a lot of Versatility at first his character I thought was uh he might be a little bit annoying like he’s not that funny and this this nerd thing is is a little uh it’s it seems like sketch writing right but as even as that went along it became like that was my breaking point when the principle was speaking to happen to each other because it was already like so funny and then it just got so hiding in that moment and such a such a great way of doing the as opposed to just

discovering that they’re both nerds the reveal of that was hilariously done it I admire the cleverness of how they captured it and and uh and even his character I was so endeared and so connected to his character and their friendship and then even by the end when he says love you and then Matthew Perry finally actually says it back you’re like ah yeah this is great this is hilarious this is so it’s so sweet and they the the connections all around because it’s a family it’s it is kind of like Back to the Future it’s

weirdly a family movie at the end of the day you know like the friendship that he forms with his son Alex and helping him out through the basketball I do like that Alex did get a chance like by the time he actually made the battle it’s like oh my God I’m cheering for this guy I’m really rooted for Alex too I think they did all the Beats they landed at I think that’s what what impressed me the most about this comedy they landed at all the Beats you’d expect them to land at but you know

you’ve always heard that phrase right of it’s not about the ending it’s about the destinations about the journey and I think that’s what this movie excelled at was yeah the destination of all these things is where you like from the beginning of this movie where you’d sort of expected to land but the way they got there was done in ways that were unexpected to me and ways that kind of you know had moments Rose kind of on edge because when they are doing the the daughters uh you know when uh oh my God hold on

there’s a reason I got IMDb up here I’m so bad remembering it uh teen Scarlet no no no no Scarlet teen is younger Scarlet what the hell is that Maggie uh when you have Maggie and and and uh mark and the sexual tension happening on her and man that was just putting me over the edge and even like I liked how they had fun like sometimes they the the the phrase that comes to mind is like it feels like sometimes we’re playing with fire because even when Leslie Mann is you know clearly drawn to Zac

Efron in this film it creates that interesting play with the audience of okay we know what’s going on but from from the observational standpoint they’re like this could be like a really icky situation because she doesn’t know that he’s really like maybe something inside but she doesn’t really know and and she doesn’t know that that’s really her husband she thinks it’s a 17 year old kid so she starts hooking up with it like that could be a really like icky thing and but you also like kind of want them to have that chemistry because you

know the reality of the situation and you know what what Mark is aiming for in this moment or or Mike is aiming for uh to win her back man Zac and fern is so good in this film he is so goddamn good you know what you you know what they’re aiming for so playing with that fire I thought made for a really fun Dynamic like Leslie man’s always great you know Judd Apatow’s wife she’s more than just shut up she’s a wonderful comedic actress wonderful actors and uh I I thought like her and Zac Efron’s

chemistry everyone’s chemistry in this film was it was just High Praise I gotta confirm the principle because wasn’t she the uh like the the one who was like the boss of Michael Scott in the office Jan was her name Jan not Jane Jan Jan yes that was her took me it took me a second to recognize uh she was hilarious she she didn’t really make me laugh and like she was a good thing for Michael Scott to play off of but I didn’t really consider her funny in that show but she was really funny here

she had some really funny stuff and I like the acknowledgment of like because you know I kept wondering like how far of the line would they push some of some of the things they’re gonna do in this film you know would it go like super edgy uncomfortable because they always Teeter right on the on the right line they knew to Teeter on the right line but never cross it never have like Zac Efron hooking up with anyone and they use that to their advantage like at the bowling alley when they all are uh coming on

a Zac Efron so strong and he sits them down and talk to them about respecting themselves I thought was so good good they registering like surprising tension out of moments you wouldn’t expect it was more than just because you know I I expected a laugh I I think what I was sort of my my cynical mind before going was just expecting you know certain hijinks I guess like every scene is gonna be what’s the next comedy setup of this scene and we’re gonna go do that scene obviously setting up like not necessarily A Sketch but

a certain kind of bit we’re gonna do and they did so much more than that they actually did real scene work and they did real character development for all the characters all around you know you did have Maggie grown to her own and and to have the the path for her at the end be like yeah we’ll see what the future holds and then obviously Alex’s growth for allowing him to be a basketball player and you know that momentary hands off the ball to him and now it’s your time so good it’s so great foreign

just kind of dazzled by this movie I’m really uh I’m taking it back by how good it is and of course you know obviously Mike’s Mike’s obvious Arc of learning to appreciate today and and you know themes of gratitude or something that can really tug at my heart but she like the the unexpected Romance of certain moments like in the courtroom when he’s all I’m doing is recapping scenes I’m not even really reviewing this we’re just recapping stuff when he’s reviewing uh when he’s when he’s uh in the courtroom and he’s acting like he’s reading

off this letter which is recanting a memory and and then you find it’s just like this uh directions or something that was that’s what I mean by how cleverly written this is I thought it was going to be you know like oh she recognizes that that looks like her husband’s writing I thought it was gonna be something something simple like that and they did so much more with it to allow for a good visual storytelling and I think this movie is so much more clever than I was anticipating what is it on Rotten Tomatoes I

just gotta find out the end-all be-all Rotten Tomatoes that’s the one this is the god of the opinion you should have 56 Croc of this film is hilarious and much more clever than you’d expect I don’t care that it’s a formula Lake the execution of the formula makes it an unexpected surprise I heavily disagree as a matter of fact the top audience com right now says this predictable but inventive that cannot move will dally and super reviewer I could not like I I could not agree more that is the best way to describe it predictable

but inventive and it hits all the predictable notes you had to want it to hit by the end of the journey but the way they get there I think makes for a really touching endearing experience uh and it was it was like I thought it might be cheesy and dumb and it got better as it went and I’m not exactly sure when the stride really hit because it was always like entertaining and amusing to watch there was a certain point where it was just like consistently really engaging and really funny and once it found out

about really strong flow because I feel like nowadays if you did a movie like this it would just be set up for a comedy scene let’s look at our uh you could you could just imagine like four riders in a room and they they all have their index cards and be like oh for this this sketch we could do this scene you know something like Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman in the change up something that just feels very bit heavy but they let EV I think that’s the the key to this film is that they

let every comedy every comedy scene every really funny scene you know was still somehow imbued in the characters and and sort of advancing the the story and the plot of the characters that they did such a good job at that as opposed to just set up sketch and then insert characters there and another thing I thought they did well was they they took the right time to let certain scenes be serious instead of having a serious scene undercutting it with a joke they allowed like not a lot but there were certain scenes that they really

let the drama kind of hit you in the fields and that makes it when it does go all comedy work even stronger because yeah this film I thought had a great heart and a lot of wonder and I loved it personally I would say this is one of my most favorite things I’ve ever been that ever done a reaction to this was awesome I love the hell out of it what do you guys think about this film leave your thoughts down below because damn that was uh I feel you know what it is you know

what okay this movie came out in 2009 I’m gonna I’m just gonna do I’m gonna give a guess here because maybe I’m just be like okay High School Musical 3 was the year before this came out and I remember there was a time where hating on Zac Efron was like the thing you just did because he was part of High School Musical and unless you’re one of those people that grew up with High School Musical at the age I was at everyone at my age and older and maybe a little bit younger than me was

all about like kind of hating on High School Musical like I said I went to see the freaking dark night and everyone booed in the theater and I feel like that kind of played in to why this film probably has a bit of a lower rating because this movie’s better than a lot of comedies that come out I I personally think so I think it’s a really well I think it’s a clever it’s it’s cleverly done and I feel like I’m like a passionate defender of this film now uh it is it is so much

better than a lot of comedies that do come out and I think that because of the fact that Zac Efron uh you know was just in High School Musical through the year before that it was the natural thing to kind of like shine a negative Spotlight or like watch it through that kind of lens instead of allowing yourself to be sort of Charmed by the film that’s what I’m gonna blame it on I’m not gonna I’m not gonna let anyone have their own subjective opinion I’m gonna say you’re always being a bunch of because he

was in high school musical three dumb critics anyway we’re uh we’re done now thank you thank you for being here this was this was uh this is one of the best things I need I I I I loved it I really loved it thank you guys for being here

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