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hi and welcome back to my channel or welcome 
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consider subscribing so today i’m going to  
be testing out a palette that i bought off an 
app that i’ve never heard of before for 1p 1p  
it could be absolutely rubbish which if i’m 
being honest i’m kind of expecting it to be  
or it could be really good you just never know do 
you um yeah so this is by a company called uh cali  
glam and it’s called the color collection so it’s 
quite a big palette as you can see it’s a big box  
the design’s really nice it the pattern’s a 
bit cheap but the design’s really nice i like  
this kind of pastely tie-dye look yeah 
it looks nice enough from the packaging  
um it was an app and now what was the app called 
i’ll try and remember it and i’ll stick it here  
if i can i don’t there was i think it was 
because it was new right and they my husband  
got a phone charger as well one of those magnetic 
charges for 1p and that’s absolutely brilliant  
my son ended up getting one as

well um 
but they were basically doing it when it  
was the first time you ordered you got your 
item for 1p with free postage and packaging  
i mean they must have been making a lot surely 
but i thought right okay i’ll have a look and  
see what they’ve got and i found some makeup 
on there and they did have other makeup like  
they had foundations um and all cream products 
and that sort of thing but i was a bit iffy  
you know with it being one p i didn’t want to go 
too too crazy with it and i thought with a powder  
normally you can’t really go wrong so right 
so this is the palette itself so it’s the same  
packaging and then this is the color story inside 
the palette there’s a lot of colors here there  
really is it does remind me of you know the be 
perfect like the love tahiti one um but but yeah  
and actually some of the xx revolution ones as 
well but you know as i say you never know you have  
got all sorts of colors here you’ve got a wide 
range of neutrals blues greens brights whatever  
you want and these colors through the center as 
well which i would say these two and possibly the  
one on the end for darker skin tones could double 
up as a highlighter how good can this be for 1p
honestly 1p right then so yeah let’s try it 
out so i want to give this product a fair  
chance so i’m gonna go in with my 
normal uh primer my eye primer which  
is the be perfect perfect prime which 
i absolutely love i use this all the
time i’m just going to blend that in first
right so that’s that done so then i’m going to 
dip into the palette um i know you’re going to  
say oh god clay that’s so boring but i know there 
is loads and loads of bright colors in here but i  
think i’m going to stick to the neutral tones down 
here so i’m going to go in to set my crease first  
with this shade right here at the top which 
is kind of just like a kind of nudeish tone
really this is just a big fluffy brush that i’m 
using just here it looks dirty but it is clean
it’s stained
okay not really much you can tell from 
that you know it’s it’s kind of like uh  
pretty close to my skin tone but 
yeah that’s gone on all right  
so then i’m gonna take the one actually just below 
that which is kind of like a really nice tan color  
and i’m gonna apply that in right into my crease 
just here doesn’t look too bad on the brush
not a lot of product on my eyeball though i did 
tap some off though there you go it’s better  
when you don’t tap it so not massive pigment 
really but what do you expect for one pee
so we’re looking at that you know what 
i’m not being funny but that’s not too bad  
it really isn’t um it’s blended reasonably well 
it’s not the best blend that i’ve ever had but you  
know it’s it’s okay um and you can see the color 
there’s not masses of pigment but you can see it  
um yeah so far it’s all right right so then on 
the outer part here and i’m gonna bring it in  
slightly there into my crease i’m gonna 
go in with the darkest shade in the brown  
section which is this one right 
at the bottom in the corner
do you know what that’s all right as 
well i mean they’ve actually blended in  
to each other really quite nicely yeah 
it does feel it does feel like a cheaper  
palette but it’s i’ve had a lot worse believe 
me that i’ve paid a lot more money for um
i’ll just wait till i get to the shimmers 
and then i’ll make a decision but  
that’s that’s all right so then i’m gonna go 
in with a shimmer and i think i’m going to go  
for this kind of a rose goldy shade just here 
at the top looks alright on the brush right
might be a finger  
jobby this one i’ll just get most of it on with 
the brush and then i’ll use my finger afterwards
definitely better with the finger that’s actually 
a really pretty color it’s um it’s not quite as a  
contrast as i thought it would be from the other 
shades but it’s actually a nice a nice color
quite a kind of everyday look 
really everyday glam look  
right i’m just going to blend the uh the darker 
shade back into that shimmer on that edge
okay so like that it’s not 
bad is it it really isn’t
right the only thing i will say is the shimmer 
compared to the others i don’t know if it’s  
because you know they’re quite cheaply made or 
whatever and they’re not quite compressed in  
the machine as much but it has gone like i don’t 
know if you can see that it’s really quite crumbly  
like the shimmer well obviously i’ve used the 
brush in it it’s gone like quite like a loose  
powder in there so yeah which is obviously 
where i’ve got quite a lot of fall out here  
um but yeah there we go right so i’ll just show 
you i used the uh just my finger on this side a  
minimal um you know of the shimmer on the on the 
brush and i have the tiniest bit of fallout just  
here on this side i obviously you saw what 
i did and i’ve got quite a lot of fallout  
so if you do get this palette i would 
definitely suggest using your finger for  
the shimmers right so that’s that’s sorted out 
so then i’m gonna go underneath and i’m gonna  
take the darker shade which was kind of ready 
brown one just down here in the corner again
okay and then inner corners and brow bone i 
think i’m gonna go for that highlightery shade  
and i think i’m gonna go for this kind 
of icy one just on the end just here
oh well that’s a lot more intense than i expected
wow okay fair enough right so i’m gonna 
pop some mascara on and then i will be back  
right okay so here’s the finished look with 
mascara and lips lipstone as well i’m honestly  
really really shocked with this really shocked um 
i expected this to be one of those like almost a  
comedy video just a bit funny i bought it just to 
have a bit of fun with because i expected it to be  
naf to be quite honest with you and i actually 
quite like how it’s gone on i think i think this  
eye look is is really nice i like the colors yeah 
all right like i said not masses of pigment but it  
was it it was there you know there was pigment 
it just wasn’t like the most pigmented palette  
that i’ve got um but yeah they’ve blended 
reasonably well the shimmer was a bit meh  
well the one that i used on my inner corners and 
brow bone was really intense but this kind of  
rose gold one was yeah it was okay but it wasn’t 
like you know mega shimmery or anything like that  
but yeah i think it’s quite a nice natural look 
wumpy so here is a quick close-up of the eyes  
for you i i’m really pleased with it i actually 
quite like how it’s blended around the edges  
yeah the mattes i quite like it i think it’s nice
i’m quite shocked so yeah what i’ll do is 
i’ll try and find the name of the app that  
i use i can’t remember i’ve still got it on 
my phone or not but what i’ll do is i will  
pop the i don’t know if i don’t i can’t link 
apps can i but i’ll pop the name of the app  
in the description below so you can check that out 
for yourself so i hope you enjoyed watching and if  
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i’m thinking you want me for me it’s not my  
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