#2 VLOG | Food Review in SARAWAK Language

We’ll try to speak in Sarawak language in
today’s video
But, since I am a Melanau girl, pardon me for my awkwardness.
I’ll try my best speaking Sarawak!
Today’s plan is having breakfast at one of
the cafes in City
So, today we’re going to Bonsai Botanika
Come in!
Let’s go upstairs!
We’re at Bonsai Botanika
One of the cafes in Brisbane City
We’ll be trying the foods here and in case
you’ll be coming to Brisbane, you can come here and try
Our guest for today’s video is Tasha! My housemate.
So, Tasha is Johorean, she doesn’t know how
to speak Sarawak language.
But, we’ll try to teach her a little bit of Sarawak.
If the food is delicious, you can say “Nyaman”.
The food is good, “Nyaman!”
If the food is not nice, you can say “Cam
besa jak”
Yes! Or else you can say “Nyaman!”
The food is great ” Nyaman”. Wait! Or if you
think the food is really great, you can say,
“Nang Nyaman”!
Alright, so we have two, “Nang Nyaman”,
“Nyaman”, and “Besa-besa jak”
Or “Sik ku mok gi sitok gik eh”, but that’s
too long!
That means, I am not coming back!
Okay, I’ll try my best!
We are waiting

for our food
So, today we have white chocolate
And then salmon croissant, mushroom toast, salmon bagel
And this is pistachio cheesecake, I think.
And the last one here is decaf affogato.
So, we’ll be trying the foods and give our
honest review and feedback.
Yummy! So good!
Alright, we’re done eating! Seems like we
cleared all the plates!
How was it?
Delicious! Super yummy!
How about this white chocolate drink?
How much rating will you give?
I’ll give a five.
How about the bagel?
Bagel, I’ll give it a three.
Even though you finish it, you only give it a three? Okay.
How about the mushroom toast?
This mushroom toast, I’ll give it a six.
So, mushroom toast is not bad I guess.
So, mine, I had salmon croissant.
It’s actually not bad. It taste good but the only thing is the pastry. It’s not that buttery.
And this is pistachio cheesecake, it’s super good!
It’s flourless.
But, it’s so good that it melted in your mouth.
Overall, the best is this decaf affogato.
It’s so so good!
You guys should try!
Okay! That’s the end of today’s video.
So, next time we’ll try other interesting cafes and restaurants here in Brisbane and share it with you guys!
So, this Bonsai Botanika.
I think in general the foods are good, they’re worth trying if you ever come here.
The price is affordable, not bad.
And then, in term of location and ambience, it’s great!
It’s totally a good place to chill out and
relax here with friends.
It’s definitely worth trying guys!
We’re just going to stop over at Starbuck
before going back.
Tasha is buying her coffee.
But I’ll pass since I am super full!
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Don’t forget to subscribe!

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