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Welcome back to Sgcarmart Reviews, I am Julian and today we have an extraordinary Mercedes-Benz and that is the Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 If you are thinking of trading in your car for the CLS 53 here try selling it with Quotz Did you know that you could be losing up to $5,000 in value when you trade in your car Quotz uses its network of dealers to get you the best price possible In fact they are so confident in getting you the best price if you sell your car for a higher price they will give you $100 Don’t

just take our word for it look at the hundreds of raving reviews on their website To find out more visit quotz.com.sg Now that’s done back to the review This car is the sort of car that I call a “sleeper car” If you know, you know, if you don’t know people will just think it’s a regular CLS 350 or 450 right but here’s a thing that I really like about the car This is really big, I mean it’s like letting people know that you are driving a Mercedes-Benz We have vertical slats right here and high performance

LED lights and of course power domes on the bonnet I just don’t really like the colour, I don’t like it I think a grey would be fantastic, more antagonising At

the side you get 20 inch multi spoke wheels Cleaning is going to be a bit of a problem but it’s nice, at least in my eyes and of course you get Turbo 4MATIC+ just to tell you that, or tell other people that it’s a little bit more of a special car, not just a regular CLS You get chrome door handles as well, and it being a

CLS means that it’s a 4-door coupe so you can expect that nice sloping roof-line by the side so it sort of looks really pretty Admittedly the back is my favourite part of the car because it looks menacing and very eye-catching You still get an AMG as well as the CLS 53 moniker right here you also get elongated tail lights but my favourite part has got to be the quad tailpipes because it adds on all that aggression to the car, it’s real by the way Of course if you open this up you are faced with 490

liters of hauling capacity a very decent size, and because it’s deep and long It can easily pass the check-in luggage and Auntie Trolley Length Test Best part of all, you can knock the seats down The latch right here and it’s done For more details on the Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 or any other car head onto sgcarmart.com to help you make the smart choice on your next car At the back I’m still getting a lot of legroom and very decent headroom despite its sloping roof line the seat has also been adjusted to someone much taller than I

am and still enjoying this, I can even put my legs underneath and slouch a little bit if I want to so that’s really good The only thing is the center seat right here is a bit narrower than usual but it is still very soft and supple It might just fit someone about my size anyone bigger might have a bit of a problem and might start eating into your friends at the side You can put your feet on top of the tunnel, it’s a bit big but it is still bearable, you can still squeeze three without

much fuss If you are a family man, ISOFIX points here and here so no issues at all If it’s just the two of you which is more ideal pull this down you can put your things inside here and you got a very sleek and cool-looking cup holders for your cup of coffee or your water bottle Best part of all is it comes with rear aircon vents which is really good, unfortunately it doesn’t come with climate control I think it is still highly acceptable Push this down and you get two USB-C ports and an ashtray here

I don’t know what that’s used for not like I am going to smoke at the back Maybe to put coins, I don’t know Another one of my favourites is this, check this out see this This is a proper magazine holder, this is how carmakers should do it Very sleek very minimalistic, not some mesh thing This is just nice, very nicely done, I like this very much Elsewhere it’s all leather carbon fiber bits, Burmester speakers and of course the ceiling is all black, the entire thing is black so it is very sporty At the helm there

is a lot of things going on, like really a lot but it is decidedly sporty, premium, and luxurious I am going to tell you why there is so much going on For starters, this multi-functional sports steering has a lot of buttons, it just feels like there is a lot of buttons A total of 4 layers here In all honesty I usually ignore them the only thing I meddle with is the driving modes here which can be controlled via this rotary knob that is really cool very convenient Very Porsche-like I kind of like it You can

also adjust your dampering here AMG, Dynamic, Comfort, or you want to switch it off It’s all here very straightforward very to the point beyond that is this larger than life infotainment screen half of which is your infotainment and the other one is your tachometer, your speedometer, and your driving information Everything here, adjusts here, your radio, aircon your phone, navigation, it’s all here Just below it you have wireless charging and two cup holders This pad right here controls the infotainment system again I know like I said there is a lot of things going on I usually

ignore this portion when I drive a Mercedes I also ignore this portion, I just go straight to the driving You have two USB-C ports here for your charging needs of your smartphones and why I say it’s premium and luxurious is because This is just a sight to behold, this carbon fiber looking thing right here the leather wrapped dashboard, and of course the super tight bucket seats that is really sporty that comes with the a nice AMG badging right here so it all adds up to be all of these just adds up to be really premium

really sporty Lives up to the name Mercedes-Benz, the only question is can this CLS 53 live up to its AMG moniker? One way to find out The CLS 53 that we have here today has a 3-liter 6-cylinder power plant up front Let’s get the figures out of the way first pumps out some 429 bhp and 520 Nm of torque These figures are sent to all four wheels of the car from the word go so as a result it just finishes the century sprint in some 4.5 seconds What they don’t tell you in the brochure is

that this car feels a whole lot quicker in real world driving than the figures would suggest, feels like a sub-3-second car than a 4.5 seconds one, it’s mighty quick I haven’t driven such a fast car in a long time to be honest and it’s really exciting, and what they also don’t tell you in the brochure is the fact that this has got to be the stiffest car in its class, I am in Comfort mode right now and it’s really stiff, I can’t imagine how it’s really like in Sports and Sports+ We have obviously tried that

before, it’s a lot more pronounced, everything is more fired up but it is really stiff Those aren’t exactly my favourite settings in all honesty Comfort mode best suits my style I don’t know if it’s because of my back or my legs, or my age but whatever the case is I can tell you it sounds maniacal it sounds wonderful Overtaking maneuvers are done with absolute ease there is a lot of communication from the steering wheel It is one talkative steering that is one thing for sure There is a lot of grip from the CLS 53 right

here it gets a little bit iffy around some of the bends, I am not too sure why but one thing is for sure Maybe the roads are slippery that’s why, because it’s been raining I can tell you that this car has ample grip when it calls for it but here’s the problem, this CLS 53 is not a small car It’s a relatively big car and you feel it because it’s hard to place on the road, it is relatively wide but it’s the sort of car where the faster you drive around the twisties the more the

car just shrinks around you so it is quite easy to play with the car around bends The question is, is the CLS 53 a Will Buy, Won’t Buy, or Go Try? For me it’s a Won’t Buy, I won’t buy this car for several reasons Chief of it being the fact that it is more than half a million dollars Now at this price I have other options to choose from in the used car market not a new car because obviously the CLS 53 is expensive not because of what it is but really it’s because of the

fact COE is madness now so in other words all new cars are expensive, secondly this car is really stiff, it is a bit too stiff for my liking I like my cars hard yes but this is a little bit too hard for my liking and while the steering wheel is communicative and all going around all the bends and turns, it gets a little bit terrifying for me at least I like my cars unpredictable but this just takes unpredictable to a whole new level So yeah it’s a Won’t Buy There you have it that’s the review

of the Mercedes-AMG CLS 53 Hope you enjoyed the review as much as I have driven the car Do share this video with your friends and family and do not forget to Like and Subscribe to our YouTube channel because apparently 80% of you aren’t subscribe but if you are we can easily communicate with one another and hear what you guys want to watch and listen to your feedback more carefully So yes please Subscribe and also do leave your comments down below and let us know about the CLS 53 is it a Will Buy, Won’t Buy, or

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