2022 Mercedes Sprinter 1500 Cargo Van Review and Specs MB of Arrowhead

Hi folks, Bryant Perkins Mercedes-Benz of 
Arrowhead and look what I have here today. A 2022  
Jupiter Red 144 standard roof gas cargo van.
This is special I ordered this one and I 
figured hey why not mix it up get a Jupiter  
Red order with the black wheels. The contrasting 
black down the side, the black front grille,  
also I think it gives it a great look. 
What’s nice about this van it being gas  
your maintenance intervals are once a year or 
every 15,000 miles or you might say well Bryant  
it’s a gas engine you know does it have enough 
power to to to move this vehicle with a payload.  
So payload on this is 3,900 pounds all right and 
with the gas engine with 258 pound-feet of torque  
more than enough because you have a nine-speed 
automatic transmission. So, there is no lag this  
thing gets up and goes you have a 22-gallon gas 
tank. Believe me, I’ve sold quite a few of these  
over the years and people keep on coming back and 
asking when they trade in for another gas because  
this being a 1500, a half ton, it seems like 
that’s a good sweet a sweet spot for being a half  
ton and a gas engine.

So what we’re going to do 
I’m going to show you the engine compartment the  
engine bay just a quick brief overview and then 
we’ll go on the interior and show you some things  
that I think are great about this van. Okay here 
goes the engine bay to the four-cylinder gas 144  
cargo van 1500. So like I said 258 pound-feet 
of torque 188 horsepower. It’s an inline-four.  
You change your oil up to one year or every 
15,000 miles synthetic oil is used which is a  
great thing. So everything’s very accessible 
to get to to check your fluids of course  
everything in blue is for your windshield wiper 
fluid, your brake fluid is in the yellow with  
the black. We have a top here that that shows 
oil where the oil goes dipstick for oil okay  
as you can see is yellow. We have points for 
you to jump we have a red connection here also  
where you know to jump for positive and 
negative. Air intake and radiator cooling fluid  
so very easy and accessible to get to and another 
thing about this when you lift this hood up,  
there’s a latch here and you go like this and then 
just let it drop. Another important feature I want  
to show we have this big windshield people 
go well how do you clean that thing you know  
there’s a step here where you can step on 
this and then you can clean the windshield  
because obviously you know we’re out in the 
desert sometime you get bugs at night but  
that’s the front end of the vehicle we’re going 
to go on the interior and show you some things.  
Okay now folks you’re saying I told 
you it was a cargo van, that it is, but  
I ordered this van with a side window okay it’s an 
option to just to show you know you have over 200  
configurations for the van so I like to mix it 
up a little bit you know show what can be done.  
So I’m going to open this up this is 61 
inches okay in length 59 inches width.  
So we’re gonna open this up I 
want to show you something we have  
this option where there’s a two stage 
opening okay that’s the first stage.  
So you say Bryant well what’s the benefit is 
the benefit to that is if you’re on an incline  
or decline all right you know some doors will 
just automatically close all right so this is  
a good thing so you don’t have to open the door 
all the way just partial and then you can go ahead  
and it’ll lock and full open. So it has a plastic 
floor I’m going to jump on in and we’ll talk about  
some things. Okay we’re inside the 144 cargo van 
so what you notice here you’re going to see a  
couple of things this is a plastic floor okay 
that’s an option. We have sidewall paneling,  
full sidewall paneling and then also there’s 
some mounting points for tie down hooks that  
you’ll you’re going to see on the side 
here there’s there’s 10 of them we have  
2 4 6 8 10 going all the way back and 
that’s good for tying down your load  
if you have a pallet you can put a store two full 
pallets in here so that’s the benefit of that.  
Another thing you know I’m 6’3 you know and so you 
have five feet six inches of height which is nice.  
Also you have about 11 feet of length going in 
here. You’re going to see these mounting points  
going all the way across you know you have over 
5,000 wells in this van which is just incredible.  
Tt takes 51 hours to build built to last you know 
they’ve been building vans Mercedes for over 120  
years people don’t realize that I mean that that’s 
incredible. So great history, great van and what  
we’ll do is we’ll go around the back and I just 
want to show you the rear of the vehicle okay.  
Okay folks, you know I love this three-pointed 
star symbol Mercedes-Benz 1500 Jupiter Red  
Cargo Van 144 standard roof. So this has 
the optional step this vehicle does not have  
the tow package but the vehicle can you can put 
that on. Also it is pre-wired which is every van  
comes pre-wired and you could tow up to five 
thousand pounds. Another thing that’s nice  
about this you have a high definition camera and 
you can actually see probably on the perimeter  
maybe good four feet out when you’re backing up 
into when you’re backing into a whatever you’re  
going into. So I’m gonna open this up 270 rear 
doors okay so we’re gonna show you that which is  
and this is an option also standard would be 
180 which would come here but I try to order the  
vans with all the doors that are 270. As you can 
see you have plenty of room to get in all right,  
almost 59 inches in height 61 inches going across 
all right. uh, like I said, you still have your  
four lock securing systems back here you have grab 
handles on the sides to help you get in which is  
nice and step out nice little safety option. Your 
spare tire is underneath access for the spare tire  
is just this little lip here and in the 
front there’s that’s where the spare tire  
iron is and the jack and then you’re just gonna 
put the wrench in here and just turn it and the  
spare tire will load go down maybe we’ll do a 
video about that later on in another video but  
very cool. So we’ll go into inside in the front 
show you the dash and we’ll wrap it up. Okay we’re  
inside the 144 cargo van so there’s a couple of 
things I want to show you briefly. This van I  
equipped with the with the fabric seats okay and 
also what’s great about this here in Arizona you  
know it’s pretty hot you know today is probably 
right now it’s probably 9,500 degrees while we’re  
filming this but the seat comes with a thigh 
extension lumbar support. The rotary dial for the  
for the rear will let you recline you 
also have arm rest also for the seating  
also you have height adjustment for the seat. 
So infinite possibilities to adjust the seats  
especially for a tall guy like me or someone 
that’s shorter. Another thing that we’re going  
to go over here is this infotainment system. 
This has a seven inch screen with a backup camera  
which is nice. It’s also equipped with Apple 
Carplay / Android Auto which is nice. Another  
thing is we have our climate control settings here 
which is digital display and then we also have  
USB-C at the bottom and we have 12 volt outlets 
at the base here and also at the base of the seat.  
Your Apple Carplay connect port is up on top 
here. Tons of cup holders two four there’s another  
two up on top on the right side two on the left 
side so you know what I’m talking about there’s  
plenty of options to store cup holders. Plenty of 
storage space on the bottom and also up at the top  
above the visors and then up here at your lighting 
we have our emergency roadside SOS button. We have  
our Mercedes Me Connect which will we’ll show you 
a little video that will be coming on that also  
which can monitor tire pressure also maintenance 
history, driver history etc. So excellent  
and then at your steering wheel of course you have 
everything that can control at your nine o’clock  
position here you control through voice through, 
the seven inch screen, through touch or you can  
do it here on the right side of the steering 
wheel. So awesome vehicle awesome interior.

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