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Isn’t it crazy that a $300,000 car doesn’t come with a wireless charger? Welcome back to Sgcarmart Reviews Today we are going to be looking at the king of kings of luxurious people transporters If you want to be driven around super comfortably there can only be one car and it is this the Toyota Alphard 2.5 liter Hybrid Now let’s take a look Did you know you could be losing up to $5,000 worth in value when trading in your car For example, if you are thinking about getting this brand new Toyota Alphard 2.5 liter Hybrid and trading

in your car, try selling it with Quotz instead Quotz uses its network of dealers to get you the best price possible In fact they are so confident in getting you the best price that if you sell your car for a higher price, they will give you $100 Don’t just take our word for it, look at the hundreds of raving reviews on their service To find out more visit quotz.com.sg Now let’s take a look at this beast Now starting off by the front, this is finally in her words Producer Mickie says finally a car that makes

me look small It measures at just under 5m x 2m x 2m Slightly under so it is slightly smaller than the Hyundai Staria If you haven’t seen it, click here

to see that By the front you get plenty of chrome strips Very huge road presence, very menacing to be driving in front of If you are on Lane 1, people are going to make way, and you also get full LED headlight treatment, you also get automatic LED projection if you are driving somewhere troublesome, you can just turn on the automatic headlamp button As an Alphard Hybrid,

you get this logo Like the Harrier Hybrid, you get that bird that is not a Toyota logo but this is Producer what is it? This is the first letter in the Greek alphabet, “α = Alpha” I Knew that Alpha = Alphard Very huge, very living room sized Yeah now let’s check out the side Over by the side of the Alphard you get Look at this size, it is pretty much a BTO living room You get keyless entry and automatic doors of course Hybrid badging really huge actually if you see by comparison because it is a

large car after all 17 inch rims that are not too bad The are not super modern I wouldn’t say it’s something like diamond cut but they don’t look too bad, now let’s check out the back For more details on the Toyota Alphard Hybrid or any other car head onto sgcarmart.com to help you make the smart choice on your next car Over by the rear of this Alphard Hybrid you get high mounted brake lights but what I really like is this hidden away windscreen wiper which you also can find on the Sorento but of course this

is the size of a BTO living room You get a large Toyota logo, large Alphard wording Large Hybrid E-Four which is its four wheel drive system and also a large host You get a large boot also Watch out The electric system opens kind of slowly, we’ll have a shot of that later and then you get boot space, it’s here You can see it fits the luggage well If you know someone who would want to sponsor us better luggage, please get in touch This is also very broken but it fits, you see you can go grocery

shopping You can just imagine that it’s like this is so depressing Just imaging that it looks okay and it fits you can stand if you do need more boot space very easily you can fold this down, up It’s actually my first time doing that because I have sat in an Alphard in my Grab rides, and I saw oh my god they can do that It looks so easy, really fun to do as well Now let’s check out the inside Over by the third row of the Alphard Hybrid you get very comfortable seats Even though they

are the kind that can fold up and hide away really easily It’s still really comfortable, I’m sitting really comfortable I can put my leg rest I can even pull this lever and select my angle of recline I get a little window here, I feel it’s even bigger than the one in the C-HR Privacy screen so you don’t have to look at the peasants There’s this trim here, this wood finish trim which I think it’s a bit aged, I think 10-15 years ago it would be really cool for all the luxury cars but by today’s standards

I rather not but it’s a sign of luxury right, but imagine if I wore a jade bangle You get cup holders, cubby spaces Plenty of cubby spaces, really comfortable I have to say, it feels slightly less spacious than inside the Staria but it is still a comfortable space with aircon Good job, now let’s check out the middle row Over by the second row of the Alphard this is like Business Class, I don’t know I am just saying things, do I look like I can afford Business Class? It feels like, I’m going to say, Business Class

We get these lounge seats with electronically controlled leg rest electronically adjusted, cup holders, phone holders which is very useful If you need more cup holders you can even pull up this table space To be honest I don’t really like the texture but it feels good This wood texture to me is a bit old So your second row passengers are going to be very comfortable Independent aircon controls, aircon vents, and this that you get a button here for that actually feels like a nozzle on the plane does it not? You also get an even bigger privacy

screen in the second row Wood paneling, electronically controlled door Grab bars, I feel is for old people but Producer Mickie says that she uses it so what does that mean? And then you also get a large sunroof Oh and I almost forgot, this is my headspace, this is my leg space Almost forgot because it doesn’t even occur to you because there is so much space that you don’t even think about it I can put another head here in my headspace My leg space I can put a Julian here and you also get ISOFIX points here

So family friendly, good car Inside the driver’s cabin of the Alphard it’s a very familiar space, the moment you get in it’s very easy to drive off Everything is right where you need, several touches of luxury like this wood trim which personally I don’t really like but you get plenty of cubby spaces, plenty of gloss metal, glossy plastic finish You also get a sunroof in front which is separate from the sunroof behind Sunglasses holder, all the controls for your doors – rear door, side doors Many cubby spaces Infotainment unit… honestly… you could do a lot

better and then down here aircon controls, I would prefer if they were analogue but they look really class I got to tell you that This gloss looks fantastic Rear aircon you can control from here, so it the kids are being noisy *kids being noisy* turn on the aircon Gear shift also along with this wood panel finish kind of looks like from the last decade but you get ventilated seats Interesting controls, I have never seen this before from any other ventilated seats car You push it to set it and then it comes up with a dial

More cubby spaces, cup holders, and then you might find it crazy that a $300,000 car doesn’t come with a wireless charger but it does, it’s here in this armrest and I like this design it looks so cool It’s hidden inside here and you can lift it up to access the deep cubby space There’s also a 12V socket inside here USB charging, USB to the infotainment system, and wireless charging here that is hidden inside your cubby space and check this out, it has that very Lexus kind of thing where you can open this from both sides

I’m 30 years old, I don’t know how this works it’s magic to me wonderful Other than that very simple buttons, not too many not too complicated like some of the luxury brands out there Let’s go test out this 2.5 liter power plant In terms of power, it has somewhere around 200 bhp 2.5 liter naturally aspirated power plant assisted by a hybrid system hybrid motors, four wheel drive so it has plenty of power even though it’s something you are going to ride around comfortably If you do wish to you can even go to Sport Mode with

the gear shifter There are no pedal shifters It’s made to be comfortable, it’s made to be a barge and it’s made to be a super cushy ride but if you want to, there is Sport Mode You do get a more direct power but it’s a 2.2 tonne literal living room, this is a BTO living room you are not going to be throwing it around corners but on the straights if you want to do a quick pull it does perfectly well What is it like driving the Alphard 2.5 liter Hybrid? Well I can tell you in

one word It is bliss this is just pure comfort at its max There is a reason why this is the ultimate luxury people transporter You are just driving this powerful barge with a Hybrid 2.5 liter power This is absolutely pleasant and I am not even a family man yet but I can imagine if you have this kind of disposable income you have family to ferry around This is what you want, it is not super fast it does the century sprint in somewhere just over 10 seconds but at lower speeds you get the Hybrid assistance so

there’s plenty of torque it’s super quiet, it’s the suspension they call it “VIP Tuned” that means that and that’s putting the foot down you hear a little bit of the roar from the 2.5 liter engine but other than that it’s not too crazy but anyway back to the comfort It is ridiculously comfortable It’s a Business Class on wheels and you are pretty much driving around in a living room, so this is the best of the best if you want something comfortable to transport people around the Alphard is the way to go In terms of safety

systems, what does this Alphard have? It is rather aged look to be honest, you get analogue dials you still get this wood grained leather wrapped steering wheel but in terms of safety systems it comes with everything that you need because it’s such a huge car, you do get you blind spot monitors your active cruise control, so it can sense the car in front and automatically slow down A car like this, maybe you want to bring it up north on a long road trip You are going to be super comfortable driving it your family is going

to be super comfortable and then you can just turn on Active Cruise Control by the stalk here, I can just flick it and there we go, we are on the expressway I am going 90km/h The car will automatically keep up with the car in front but at a safe distance and it also has sonar radar in front around so because there are so many blind spots if there is a small kid somewhere there and to be honest right now in my driving position I can’t even see the front of the car because it stretches so

far ahead because of that 2.5 liter engine it needs a lot of space right and it’s so high you have large blind spots but there’s no worries because of the radar that it comes with So is the Toyota Alphard Hybrid a Will Buy, Won’t Buy, or Go Try? This car, it’s tough but I have to say it is a Go Try Why? Because this is the ultimate luxury people transporter it’s so comfortable to be driving around in one but it is also suffering from that because of all the parts that is put inside, all these

leather everything, this wood grain steering wheel The price is really hard to swallow It’s $313,000 It is the best So if you want to go for the best, the most comfortable, you go for the Alphard Hybrid but you do cough up a premium for it, $313,000 It’s going up agains some of it’s, I would say, less well finished competitors Some competitors to name are the Hyundai Staria Nissan Serena e-POWER I can tell you no competition, this is premium, this is super luxurious, this is the most refined ride or drive that you are going to get

but it comes at a huge premium The Serene, the Staria they are quite a chunk of change cheaper than this and those I think are you real true competitors because you don’t really want to look at a Mercedes-Benz V-Class van right? There is the Palisade, there is the Carnival but those are more SUVs, there is nothing MPV sized MPV comfort, MPV shaped so for those reasons even though I really like the power the comfort, the safety features, the drive in this the absolute bliss that you do taking this out on the road, this would be

a Go Try If you are a very well established family man a lot of cash to spare like to take this out on the weekends for the kids and the kids’ kids, then the Alphard is for you This has been our review of the Toyota Alphard Hybrid 2.5 liters What did you think? Do you agree with us, disagree? Let us know down in the comments below as well as any other cars that you want to see us try let us know because we do read every single one of these comments and if you have made

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