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Hey guys welcome back to Sgcarmart Reviews today we are going to be taking a look at the Volkswagen Arteon This is the successor to the Volkswagen Passat CC and I got to say, it looks like a world of difference away Let’s check it out Before we get into the review, if you are thinking about buying a car like this Volkswagen Arteon and trading in your car, try selling it with Quotz instead Quotz uses its network of dealers to get you the best price possible In fact, they’re so confident on getting you the best price that

if you sell your car for a higher price, they will give you $100 Don’t just take our word for it, look at the hundreds of raving reviews on their service To find out more visit quotz.com.sg Now let’s check out the Arteon The Arteon was first seen at a motor show but it hasn’t been seen in Singapore over the past few years so this is a welcomed return with its facelifted version You are going to get a redesigned from bumper, as well as a new front splitter In this Arteon R-Line, you are going to get this

light strip running across the front of the grille which is a really nice look, especially nowadays when it is the trend to have a single line brake light across

the rear, the Arteon does it in front You are also going to get a front camera inside the Volkswagen logo to give you that 360 camera that you see on the inside When you start up the car, you are also going to get that full LED treatment headlights and you are going to get a nice lightshow display to show you the capabilities of its LED projection and

automatic headlamps Let’s check out the sides Over by the sides you are going to see this R emblem, which is telling of its R-Line trim The Arteon in Singapore comes in two trims, the R-Line and Elegance In the R-Line you are going to get 20 inch rims in the elegance you are going to get smaller 19 inch rims but it is also a love-hate thing with this R-Line because it doesn’t even say R-Line, it just says “R” which makes you think it might be an Arteon R but there is no news of the Arteon R

or Shooting Brake coming to Singapore in the near future You are also going to get body coloured mirrors, and a two tone colour for the sunroof Keyless entry, and this chrome strip along the sides to speak to its elegance, now let’s check out the rear The thing to know about the Arteon is it is known for its ridiculously good looks Just check out these rear tail lights here, this cascading LEDs just looks really good This two-tone ducktail spoiler, and the rearview camera is housed in here as well as the access to the liftback rear giving

you 563 liters worth of boot space with a very usable, huge aperture This is going to fit the Auntie Trolley Length Test, no problem passing and of course the luggage and it is just a massive amount of space, however because of the length of the boot, while you can knock down the rear seats from here it is going to be quite a bit of a stretch because you can’t do it from here, you have to do it from the side but that is kind of a good problem to have Let’s check out the interior For

more details on the Volkswagen Arteon or any other car head onto sgcarmart.com to help you make the smart choice on your next car In the rear of the Arteon, you are going to get plenty of space lengthwise, just heck out this legroom it is quite ridiculous to be honest but the headroom, because of its fastback, very stylish shape you are not going to get too much of headroom, I am 1.75m and I am barely just touching the top of the rood lining anyone above 1.75m it might be a bit tougher but because of its massive

length and legroom I guess if you wanted to, you can just scooch down here and rest although you are going to get a little bit uncomfortable You are going to get a handle here, plenty of hooks here and at the side as well Magazine holders with extra compartments on the back of these front bucket seats You are going to get rear aircon with touch controls and although this is a front wheel drive car, you are going to get a high transmission tunnel Sitting in the middle is going to be rather awkward to kind of fit

both your feet in and still try not to eat into the side of your friends too much You are going to get ISOFIX here and here, so parents, this is going to be a family friendly car In the middle, you are going to get a pullout armrest with cup holders and a very Volkswagen ski hatch access to the boot Let’s check out the front Inside the Arteon in the cockpit, this is where you want to be You are greeted by this GTI style steering wheel However this time you are not getting physical buttons you are

getting touch sensitive haptic feedback buttons which takes some little bit of getting used to, but once you are used to it it really does make the Arteon looks so much cleaner which goes along nicely with its digital cockpit so there’s a million customisable menus whether it’s the speedometer, range, trip computer everything is there, in fact what I really like is that this is one of the rare few cars where I load up my Android Auto and I am finding my directions through Waze and the Waze directions actually show up on the heads-up display which is

very useful, because typically cars when the directions show up on the heads-up display it is the inbuilt navigation system and not Android Auto so this is a very nice touch The hazard lights are down here, sunglasses holder up here and very clean looking, touch sensitive aircon controls as well This might be a little bit if a bummer for people who like physical controls so when you are on the move driving, you don’t have to second guess whether or not the changes to the aircon control are made but it does look really elegant, you have to

see it to believe Down here you are going to get wireless charging which goes along with the wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay that comes with the infotainment system but it is a very awkward angle because of this DSG transmission that is used in the Mk.7 GTI The angle of ingress into the wireless charger is rather sharp, this is my phone, and you feel like you have to shift it down into drive, if not your gear shift is blocking access to the wireless charger You are also going to get the engine start-stop button, drive mode

selector so there is Drive, Eco, Sport, and Individual Auto start-stop, and automatic parking so if a car of this length is an issue for, especially for parallel parking they have automatic parking There is also a 360 camera view, so you can pull up this 3D view and just take a look all around your car In the middle you are going to get two cup holders large enough to fit a tumbler that you can close and also electronic parking brake, with brake auto hold Inside this cubby space, you are going to get two USB-C chargers and

a little bit of a storage space The sunroof cover is manual, which kind of feel out of place for a car in this segment but you are going to get nice R-Line bucket seats which is not too firm, they are still cushiony and in fact You are going to get electric, adjustable seats on both sides and on the driver’s side, there are massage functions but let’s go see how this drives on the road We are driving the Arteon, what does it feel like? Well first of all, let me put this out of there right away

This is, hands down, one of the most comfortable cars not even luxury sedans, one of the most comfortable cars I have ever driven, this is extremely comfort driven In normal mode, it kind of eases you out on the pedal response in a sense it makes you feel like you always want to put it into Sport mode for that more responsive pedal feel and this has Dynamic Chassis Control by the way It is tuned for maximum comfort, and I cannot emphasise this enough It soaks up all the bumps so smoothly, so seamlessly The DSG is almost

invisible, you might think that this is a CVT because the shifts, you don’t even feel it, it is that ridiculously smooth and the way it just glides over everything, I wouldn’t expect this of a Volkswagen I would think that it is something that hits a little bit harder but no, this is a very comfortable luxury sedan Let’s talk about the engine, 2.0-liter EA888 drivetrain turbocharged 188 bhp, 0 to 100km/ in under 8 seconds It is no slouch, it has a similar power band as some of tis competitors If you put it up against an Audi

A5 Sportback If you put it up against a BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe it is measurable, they are all around the same range The appeal of the Arteon, is before you get into the car you don’t know about the comfort right? It is chiefly stunning good looks, the way the front grille is designed the rear, the silhouette of the car, this is one fantastic looking car In terms of safety, you are going to get, not the entire suite You are going to get plenty of safety features you are going to get the Blind Spot Monitor

which is the little blip on the side of the mirrors I wish they added that it could be that nicer little cutout within the mirror, but it is not It is also not like your Seat where it is inside the ambient lighting which is one of the most well done Blind Sport Monitors and Blind Sport Alerts so this has ambient lighting as well, it is currently glowing a nice red at the night time but it doesn’t use it to reflect the signal lights, or the hazard lights The more I drive it the more I am

taken it to how sleek and just fantastically finished this whole car is everything is just so immersive that when you get inside it’s just this nice steering wheel The really clean buttons that I don’t like the touch haptic feedback kind of thing, I rather have regular buttons but you cannot deny that it looks so clean on the inside which goes along with the rest of the cabin As far as Volkswagens go, as far as cars on the MQB platform with the EA888 you feel like it should deliver quite a lot in terms of power, and

handling and while this is set up for maximum comfort I have to say it doesn’t sacrifice on handling because it is extremely responsive, even though it is a bit floaty if you are setting it in Comfort but it also feels very responsive, it is a head turner, has fantastic handling really out of this world level comfort and yet still pretty fun to drive throw around a few corners, you can have fun with it Is this Volkswagen Arteon a Will Buy, Won’t Buy, or Go Try? If you ask me, this has got to be a Go

Try Why? Because even despite the fact that it is so well designed It is so stunning to see When you walk into a carpark, this is one of those cars that I cannot emphasise enough, when you see those cars you are like “Oh my god, that’s a damn nice car” or “That is my car” and you feel so proud to own that car but yet because it goes up against some very strong competitors It’s a double edged sword as well because let’s say you are looking at the Audi A5 Sportback or the BMW 4 Series

Gran Coupe then this is a German make that is quite a bit cheaper and cheaper for delivering roughly the same kind of things but then there is also the Kia Stinger 2.0-liter The 2.0-liter from the Kia Stinger pumps out some 241 bhp which is about 50 bhp more than this, slightly more aggressive and yet quite a bit cheaper so it is in a quite an awkward position, that’s why I said that this car is a Go Try Go down to Volkswagen and say “I want to test drive the Volkswagen Arteon” because it looks just so

amazing This has been our review of the Volkswagen Arteon R-Line What did you think? Do you agree with us, do you disagree with us? Let us know in the comments below As well as any other car that you would like to see us try Let us know in the comments below as well and if you have made it this far, please consider Subscribing to us We can see that 79% of you guys aren’t subscribed that will help get our videos to you and also hit that bell notification so you don’t miss any of our future

uploads Lastly do follow us on TikTok, we are at @sgcarmart Thanks for watching I will see you on the next one, bye

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