2022 Year in Review | Talking Cars with Consumer Reports #392

foreign cards I’m Jennifer stockberger I’m Alex and Isaac and I’m Jake Fisher as we draw to the close of 2022 we like to do kind of a wrap-up episode of our favorite things of the year in review if you will so that’s what today is so just to kind of qualify I don’t know if you guys had trouble I don’t know what day it is forget what year it is I had trouble like closing in on what was 2022 and what was just this ongoing 21 yeah and what was last year yeah two years ago

last couple of years are kind of a blur they are there was the mask days and the non-mass days I’m pretty sure you’re not on when I’m not at a video conference I think right are you people real or just imagination but we’re gonna go through and do some of our best and least favorite items of 2022 and the rules are that I make the rules you know but the rules are it should be vehicle we tested in 2022 again also hard to narrow down for me anyway so let’s start with the big ones Alex

your favorite car that we tested in 2022 yeah super hard to to say um but I landed on the Civic SI actually that’s my favorite I mean I wanted to choose

the BRZ but I just because of how fun that is but I think the Civic SI is just a better car overall for everything right I mean it’s got great fuel economy first of all but it’s also fun those two things don’t always go together it’s got a fun engine that’s just kind of you know exciting to use the shifter like most Honda shifters are

is amazing it’s just like super satisfying to use um and then it’s just set up really well in my opinion for being a road car it’s not trying to be a track car it’s just a fun road car good suspension uh the limited slip differential is really fun to just use and um I also think it looks really good compared to the old Civic that was totally just like over styled this is like clean simple yeah love it and you notice it I notice it when I see it on the car either a regular Civic

or Si but I also think you touched on that at fun but livable like this is a car unlike I just said this in another episode it’s not the Evo where it was like oh my gosh this is punishing for everyone yeah right it’s livable right it’s also not that expensive and right fun expensive good fuel economy all those things don’t typically happen together so there you go jack of all trades Jake I was gonna go with the Lancer Evo yeah right it’s not allowed um kind of very similar to you the the GTI GTI

for many the same reasons but yeah and I totally I’m totally with you in the Civic SI but in terms of livability like the GTI is so much more quiet and so much less road noise so it’s like it’s yeah I mean One More Level still super sporty stole all the things and the shifter Works nice and all those things but it’s like you could also just take a nice long trip with it on a highway and still be super happy you know it’s not it’s not that you know noise that’s constantly with you and

it doesn’t really give up really anything it’s still super fun right it’s awesome that we still have stick shift vehicles that are available today you know that there’s room in today’s market for like really fun videos and how many came through our test Suite this year I mean quite a few yeah and more to come sure more coming over here and it’s funny I I just taught Griffin I think I told everybody to drive stick on the Mustang 1967 Mustang and I really want him to experience one of those and go it’s really not as

hard as the Mustang Magazine I mean but anyway yeah they have the the auto downshifting or the the Rev match rev matching thank you it’ll re if you stall it you just push the clutch back in it restarts yeah he’ll hold all these things to just make it yeah make it even easier yeah yeah so he’s been driving it and he’s got it so I said if you can drive that you can drive that oh yeah oh yeah that’s what I’ve told him but mine Genesis gb60 okay like yeah everything I would want from a

car not just an Eevee like it is such a nice vehicle from the way you get in and it’s got kind of that Greenhouse roominess to it even the funky sphere I know it’s gimmicky but it’s everything I want from an EV too it’s quiet it’s powerful I was already on board with the Hyundai ionic this just makes it a little bit nicer and I really like that all-wheel drive like this would be a car when I have an EV when Evie is right for me in terms of I have charging infrastructure around me in

Vermont and all that that would be a car I would absolutely consider and I really really liked it okay pendulum swing least favorite car I’ll start with you Jake least favorite car or most discipline most disappointed GV 60 for sure no no uh she doesn’t know what she’s talking about yet this is hard because there are a lot of good cars um my lease I’m gonna say most disappointing yeah mine is you know and it’s not so much as a horrible car but it’s disappointing it’s the Integra yeah oh yeah okay you know it and

it’s crazy because it’s like I was a big fan of the Acura Integra back in the in the 90s and when I graduated and then you know the Integra GSR and the type R and and what I realized what made the Integra what it was was that engine and that transmission and that engine that rev to 8000 RPM it was silky smooth yeah and you know what the Integra was always kind of like stiff writing and kind of noisy but you forgave it right because it was almost like a super bike you know experience with

that now you take the new Integra you kind of take that away with kind of like you know the turbo and and and you know our test car was Auto and it’s a little bit less forgivable you know it’s kind of noisy and it grates on you and maybe it’s true to what it was it’s kind of like a spiffy dub Civic it always was but again I I miss I miss what it was right right you want the Civic SI baby I was disappointed in the Integris seats I was hoping that like very specific

I guess but you hope that it’s just a more luxurious Civic that’s going to be more comfortable but it really wasn’t like it looks good I think but it was kind of like it would just it’s just kind of like a Civic yeah yeah which I’d rather be in that right reliable and all of that but again disappointing how about you yeah also really hard harder than the favorite um because most cars are pretty darn good right um so yeah more disappointing than bad um I chose the Infiniti QX60 yeah it just is kind of

it’s luxurious but it’s also basically a Pathfinder and you can get a pretty luxurious Pathfinder for less money um yeah I just think if you’re going to spend that type of money on on that type of vehicle you might as well go for something that’s rear-wheel drive base has a little bit better driving dynamics that type of thing I just didn’t see the value in spending more um than the Pathfinder on essentially the same thing to get the QX60 so not bad by really any measure but just didn’t love it I think you you have

a point that there really isn’t bad cars I mean there’s so much safety so much performance so much you know they’re for somebody just not for you right well there are bad aspects of course don’t give me one is interesting I think we both have the same answer because it’s these luxury versions of The Pedestrian yeah total that’s a good point really any better but they charge you more so that’s a trend we certainly listen you’re reading ahead of my notes too all right anyway mine was for multiple reasons the ribbian r1t oh I had

a lot of and again not that it’s a bad card just a little bit disappointing I would it was so long and coming such hype around it it was going to be this you know first among that this new strain of EV pickups um it has so much innovation in it and I am really I love when startups bring amazing product you know and fighting against these massive or corporations that have existed for hundreds of years so I really had a lot of um desire for it to do well you know but to me the

issues with some of the early adopter type stuff and to me quite frankly it’s undrivable because of the region that is disappointing and the inability to change that if you have any passengers that are prone to motion sickness don’t buy a rivian it’s even almost intolerable for me as a driver so I was just a little disappointed that’s not to say the review won’t be great next year but for me what we tested this year I was just like ah and it looks so cool um but I think you should make sure you spell your

last name so like all the nasty comments opinions expressed on this program are not those of consumer reports but Jennifer stockberger so yeah but anyway it’s very much a pickup truck for Tesla yeah owners yeah and you know what’s funny is that the people who buy that are gonna really like it yeah but again if you’re getting into it from maybe a normal pickup truck you’re gonna be like oh really never thought about this yeah more luxury than utility yeah all right so we’re gonna go to a little more lightning round we’ve kind of captured

the big stuff okay and maybe it’s not lightning because we can certainly talk about this before lightning we didn’t talk about but we didn’t no we talked about a pickup what electric pickup that I do like but anyway all right biggest surprise or disappointment you can go either way okay 2022. uh okay uh biggest surprise is how easy and fun it is to drift the electric Hyundais and keys this is a very practical segment the ionic five the ev6 and your gb16. we’ll let you just get a crazy oversteer angle on the track and just

hold it there and almost like it was designed to do it are they attractive amazing no way but they’re incredible yeah I see well I mean as long as you know it’s not a long race yeah good point no 24 Hours of Le Mans long pit stops yeah um actually very much along the same lines I mean just just wear electric cars have gone like I mean look we we’ve been tested electric cars for a long time and they used to be kind of like all these little dinky cars you know and they’re economical they’ve

all become a crazy performance vehicles and and you’re exactly right you look at those those Hyundai the the Hyundai Genesis and Kia like on that same platform like wow these are crazy high performance vehicles and not just really really fast but incredible on the track where you could sit there and like you know drive it like a maybe even more so like that on Porsche right it’s like playful on the track so so where did this happen you know I mean maybe Tesla set the agenda that their performance vehicles and aspirational but it’s like everything

is a race car when it comes to EVS right um to the point where if you’re looking for a car for a teen don’t get an electric car because they’re way too fast and and you know but yeah I think where the market has gone has been kind of crazy not like hybrids hybrids are like practical cars today but wow the EV Market has taken a turn yeah that’s for sure but I’m not a Drifter and I love it’s also drifting it’s really good at being just a great car right again I have to be

the voice of reason for me this was this is more an industry thing it’s all of the recalls and stuff around vehicle fires so vehicle fires are actually kind of at a low you know if you look back in history there was tons more fires but you know it’s funny when I worked for a fuel system supplier we called them Thermal instances and we were a fuel system so we were always talking about thermal incident risk but the fact that it’s not a crash it’s not a fuel leak it’s not that type of thing that

we would have encountered it’s really kind of some design flaws you know things like push rod bearings or electrical shorts right and the fact that it’s not happening while the vehicle is moving so it’s not an engine seizing or a hot manifold getting fluid on it or breaks catching on fire it’s you better put this car outside in your driveway yeah because even when it’s immobile and not on even though there’s some electrical stuff still happening there’s a risk and it just surprised me how much um we talked about that and how many recalls not

that they’re happening but they have to capture it in this massive recalls it was kind of surprising to me I don’t know if it was 2022 or not but the I just remember our Chevy bolt sitting out like Way by itself out on the track just far away because there was the whole recall with the you know the battery fires on those um and so I think at this point it’s been you know fixed but yeah that car just kind of sat for months because we couldn’t drive it we still have a Chrysler Pacifica hybrid

that we use for child seat testing and each day he brings it in puts his child seats in and puts it back outside because it’s still under right there’s a risk for that but it seemed okay best dressed oh I mean best looking best looking car it’s like our supply lives for myself right right best dressed ah okay this is maybe Underdog choice but I’m gonna go with the Mazda cx-50 because it just it’s hard to make a crossover a compact crossover look good and I think Moz is always kind of had or for a

while now had a pretty nice design language they look kind of premium and then you just get the cx50 where it’s got the wider fenders and kind of that tucked in Greenhouse look to it and I just I was behind you know somebody maybe it was you driving in one day to work and it was kind of you know you see the car in motion and behind it was just like kind of struck by how good it looked so yep you know that’s my choice okay again Mazda you never I agree with you unsung hero

Jake yeah I I like that choice but I also say Mazda has one of the best Reds yeah right it just looks awesome even yeah so um I was gonna go with the Bronco yeah I mean it just it stands out like it’s almost like kind of exciting like in this day and age you could build a car that looks so different doing every other SUV is almost like you know there’s a cookie cutter and like they’re almost indistinguishable and 650 you know not understanding but I mean but most of them just look the same

and it’s that obviously makes some compromises you know for the design but wow it’s just such a standout and and turns you know whether or not you’re into that kind of car or not you know you got to appreciate it’s kind of true to what it’s trying to accomplish and all the versatility of configuring it like you would a g you know taking that not that it was an easy process but creating all the panels on yeah right and the fact that it was bright yellow oh yeah but it but it’s like you know you

think back like okay fine these cars talking back to like cars in the 60s and 70s today to build a car with all of the safety now that that’s built in and efficiencies and emissions and all that they’re still able to pull it off yeah that’s amazing remove all the doors remove the roof still have airbags and appropriate you know solar strength and all these things but right yeah it’s certainly and add off-road ability and all these features that allow off-road ability yeah all right so so mine again a little bit of an unsung but

I said the Ford Maverick looks alone really books alone best dressed and the reason I say it is to me small pickup we’ve already said does everybody need a big big pickup it’s the best balance of a little bit of burliness while still being a small pickup and I think the canyon in Colorado do it too but you look at something like the Maverick next to like the Santa Cruz yeah yeah very different one got it right one didn’t one didn’t one my young you know my 18 year old son who thinks he’s the coolest

things that I would never drive that and I would probably drive that sure you know so I think Ford struck a really good balance with the Maverick in making it a truck that a truck person would pit that truck because it looks good you know it’s funny um motorcycles Honda went into the market there was a motorcycle Market way back now we’re going historical but yeah Honda came with Mark and said oh let’s come up with a motorcycle that like the Kinder gentler of motorcycle is that women would actually ride you know in mopeds and

all that stuff and just changed it from like you know all these like biker gangs something like that’s kind of what the Maverick is doing it’s kind of like you know you’re hardly versus your Gold Wing yeah right quiet looks right now I’m sure yeah I don’t know what you’re saying yeah but yeah right yeah um I’m gonna cheat a little too just to give a little but the BMW I4 that we just got that’s cheating right yeah that’s next year the color combo on that the dark green with like the tan interior yeah I

wrote it down San Remo green metallic of course oh it looks so good all right ready most likely to succeed car that you think has the greatest promise to succeed clearly we’re looking at my notes because Maverick Maverick for the reasons you said but this is I see it as a game changer yep absolutely again for the reasons you said it’s like they nailed it absolutely you know the fact that you could have a Maverick hybrid against 37 miles per gallon it’s sold out but it but it’s like you know pickup trucks are really useful

but you don’t have to buy something you can’t park at the grocery store or fit in your garage or needs to like tackle the boulder course right exactly it’s such a smart functional vehicle and I think they are just just scraping the surface right now because the opportunities not just for Ford but any other manufacturer to get into this look you look at something like let’s throw mozz into the mix right I mean Mazda’s not coming out with a full-size rear wheel drive pickup truck any day but you know what they could make a cx-50

pickup back in the days when the mouse that used to have like small pickup trucks you look at Toyota they could build something like that like you know it goes 80s pickup trucks like you know Marty McFly was driving but build that out of like a hybrid you know RAV4 um like it’s a huge opportunity and then go along with like you know the Raptor version of the map now the low rider version of it you know I mean there’s so many opportunities and they can can you imagine a raptor Santa Cruz it’s not going

to work but a wrap I don’t think so right Maverick Works game on yeah game on I like that I like that most likely to succeed yeah I’m gonna choose one because it changes no game uh the CRV because uh-oh yeah that’s good though because it it just is a nicer version of the CRV that already sold super well so yes a incredibly practical and predictable answer but that’s I will sell so many oh yeah that was exactly what I had that was exactly what I had um I used a term that Ryan uses all

the time for all season tires but it’s the Swiss army knife it doesn’t have to be the best at anything but it’s good enough at everything and it’s really good accessing what were you gonna say well as I say the crazy idea of building more of what people really like and I looked at sales volume it only so other than pickups other than the big three pickups it sold more than any other car except the RAV4 and pickups and this was 361. this is like 2021 and it’s last year of production before they get redesigned

correct yes I had a good choice and I already said people aren’t going to be offended by it people that have a CRV and now are going to be like just as great maybe even better yeah it is I do think it’s the most likely to succeed okay best or worst interior go best uh Mercedes C300 that’s a good one and not only is it really nice but it’s also almost exactly as nice as the twice as expensive eqs I mean it feels just as nice just as premium looks just as good C-Class is the

best Mercedes in my opinion anyway but yeah go exactly I really like the uh ignoring that part I really like the Hyundai ionic ionic 5. okay I just feel like you get into that it just feels different oh yeah like any other car you’ve been in like it just feels like you’re in a living room that’s like everything’s like light color or open Super open and just like refreshing you get in there and you like you know when you’re something really different and and you like simple too at the same time yeah I think you’re

on to something too with so many cards with that dark interior sometimes when you get in something that’s lighter and brighter it feels better and I think I was there with the dv62 um I also think that sometimes it’s not about the whole package it’s about one element that’s surprising and delightful so I think and I said the same thing I I said the rivian even though because of your favorite car they’re saying not my favorite car but things like that lineny type of looking fabric well yeah matte wood yeah you know all of those

things yeah some element honestly I even like interior ambient lighting that you can sometimes change in some of the luxury I mean that C300 is loaded with that yes oh I’m gonna put red on because it’s the holiday time but those little surprise and Delight things that make you happy you block the car so anyway all right easy one probably for both of you infotainment we’ll start with you I’ve already limited I like infotainment best and worse I think the bet I mean there’s several of them that are pretty good I think I think Ford

is pretty straightforward you know it’s it’s you’re not spending a whole lot of time with the manual trying to figure stuff out and even their newest system that you see like you know in the in the the the Ford Mustang Machi you know it’s got more real estate there’s like knob on there right I think it’s some good ideas there some good ideas the worst I gotta say Mercedes-Benz just in general the capacitive switches everywhere the menus upon menus and just and like they even have these things where you could change the colors of the

lights you know like well they should have like you know red and green you know that’s probably the easiest thing to do you can’t you can’t change your mirrors but you can sure well that’s the yeah you know and sometimes all that stuff is accessible but the stuff you need is like right which menu was that again yeah all right so best I have Hyundai yeah that would be my answer it’s just simple simple it doesn’t seem to matter which car you’re in they’ve build enough processing power in there where it’s not freezing on you

and it just works really well which gets very frustrating in certain cars um so yeah I think it’s really easy to use I did have a runner-up Honda believe it or not I think older Hondas like no way but in the new like in the Civic in the CRV it’s just right you already said it not because it’s the best in terms of the features but it’s so simple that it just yeah there’s no opportunity for distraction almost because of how simple it is um and worst I gotta I gotta say GTI id4 with uh

Volkswagens that’s so disappointing and they were so good the last generation was so good completely yeah it’s I mean they’ve already in the news lately just talked about trying to revert some of that stuff and like bring back hard buttons and they totally realized that that didn’t go as planned so yeah yeah it did not work I said we had a ratings meeting yesterday you guys have heard it but not the audience and I said maybe the Germans have better eyes than I do because there’s some Trend Mercedes is one where everything’s so tiny yeah

the screen’s this big we got all this white space but these tiny tiny selections so I agree and it’s leading to the my favorite Trend so I cheated because I can cheat because I make the rules but that model S just sets the worst and I know that’s not 2022 that’s why I’m cheating but anyway it’s leading to my favorite Trends so I’m going to go first which is personalization oh okay the ability be it the ambient lighting of the things that you use most and we don’t get to take advantage of that personalization as

much because we’re swapping cars all the time but the ability to set your screen now that the screen’s there like you would your phone yeah of the things you use most often and most often and Taylor that’s my favorite Trend yeah the tailoring of be it performance the way it drives do I want Comfort do I want sport do I want Eco or where do I want my CT or I want it right there and making it super accessible and where I know where it is all the time again we don’t get that Advantage but

people own these vehicles get that advantage Trends yeah my favorite Trend and I alluded to it with the Civic a little bit but is kind of the return to more simple exterior styling yeah of course I feel like angular is that yeah just there’s so much over styling going on with cuts and lines and vents that don’t go anywhere or do anything and you look at something like the Civic or even the CRV um and some other vehicles outside of Honda as well but it’s just cleaner surfaces just it looks a little more you know

subtle I don’t need all the flashy stuff so do you like the honeycomb accents on the inside of this yeah oh yeah oh yeah actually Honeycombs the cereal yes just kidding favorite Trend feature um book similar to your your your point about personalization it’s it’s actually kind of like it’s it’s the apps and the integration into your life so like you know just about every new car comes with an app and some are okay yeah kind of pick the place of your key but some actually are pretty pretty integrated you know when I think about

that it’s like you know this is the integration like you hop in your car and you’re sitting your nav system or setting anyone in this multitude of features why not allow me to go and do it when I’m on my couch before I get into my car yeah let me set my navigation system let me let me go let it know the places I’m gonna go today because the problem is is that all this customization all the stuff is a crazy distraction to do while you’re driving right yeah so I can now make these modifications

you know I I said over my phone and I could go and you know customize the background on my phone at my leisure right or the car now you’re customizing these things while you’re driving so I think there’s a huge almost untapped opportunity to off-board that stuff oh that’s an interesting point love it on that too for people who aren’t as savvy so if say I buy my 85 year old mother who I talk about all the time the newest car I can go in yeah like I take her phone and put all her most

used items on that front screen I can say Mom here’s where you do your climate here’s where you make a phone call here’s where if she’s going somewhere you could set her now absolutely or her so it’s all set yep yeah yep okay car you wish would come back in 2023 go the evolution the Lancer Evolution no well partially true um I’m not gonna I’m gonna cheat not gonna say car but it’s just VTEC yo I mean yeah I mean they’re worse any time when we had cars without turbochargers that revved 9000 RPM or silky

smooth and you they didn’t have a lot of torque but what you wanted it you revved it up and you had to work and it’s fun to drive yep those are gone yeah yeah those things are really gone and I missed I missed that I don’t think there’s really any car I can think of off the top of my head that you know has that type of characteristic yeah yeah I hope that the MR2 comes back yeah well yeah you figure it yeah okay so maybe it’ll be electric or something which would be cool that’d

be you know an electric small light maybe light yeah be cool sports car but um yeah just a Toyota sports car that is developed through and through by a Toyota so not the gr not the Supra those are great but you know let’s see what Toyota can do they used to do it and they made some really really good cars in the past and actually they talking about you know trying to put a stick shift in an electric car that can be done really really well yeah right now we’re always dealing with all this like

different modes and power modes and regen you actually could simulate a lot of stuff and control it really well from a lever between the seats something yeah I’m excited for that crazy talk yeah craziness mine easy Ford Flex I love that car love that car the Kearney Carnival the carnival comes close it is close yeah Ford Flex I think it’s so utilitarian I told so many friends to buy it and I want to buy it one day and it’s gonna be long it’s like driving a shed it’s like a square shed so we’re having a

box yes but it works so well talk about a luxurious room anyway I’ve said it many times before comments below yes yes okay card that you wish would go away 2023. me yeah well I mean I’m I’m thinking about just leaving the new vehicles like the Wagoneer yeah why on Earth in 2022 are we launching a car that gets 15 miles per gallon yeah what’s going on and it’s not like I’m not saying there’s not a need for large vehicles for people who need them but there’s other foreign but I mean there’s other vehicles available

of that size they get much better fuel economy I don’t get it like yeah we should not be in today’s age people demand more and you know when a when a BMW X7 can get you know 22 23 miles per gallon yeah why there’s a lot or where Suburban is getting more more fuel economy it just seems like and large families need the car but not necessarily that level yeah it’s not just that it’s big if you got that big family you can’t afford to pay for all that gas no exactly you know exactly yeah

various uh similar actually I kind of want the Hummer EV to go away because I just don’t think that that’s at all the point yeah that we’re trying to do here yeah you’re right even if it wasn’t an EV it’s still 10 000 pounds for or nine thousand pounds for no reason I just don’t think that’s the right direction right direction yeah as cool as it may be so here’s mine and then this was where I said you were cheating on my notes is the jaguar you pace and I’m saying the Jaguar e-pace not just

because of the Jaguar earpiece but the whole segment and you already alluded to it oh yeah right right yes entry level compact SUV category so you got a 48 000 car that scores really low so nobody the people who bought it don’t like it the owner’s satisfaction is low the reliability is low because you spend a lot of money for a car that doesn’t give you a lot of room doesn’t give you um great performance all it did was say jaguar yeah yeah and that whole segment you look at it the highest rated vehicle in

that segment is rated lower than just move to the next level where you got x3s and pecans and you know you know uh GV 70s great cards it’s the next segment up right probably a lot of price overlap where you can get a much better vehicle still get your luxury experience and be really happy the owner’s satisfaction in that next group is so much better it’s just you know you want a luxury brand right on an SUV you wind up with these really cramped not very good SUVs or a lot of money and it’s like

it’s not a real smart place to be there’s lots of better options yeah so the Jaguar e-pace is just a representative sure of that segment only the Mini Cooper Countryman has even owner satisfaction that’s above average only and that’s the highest rate and we’ve said this before but like if you’re if you’re interested in that type of thing and you kind of you forego the badge but just get a really nice version of a lower level well you already said that yes right that’s your Pathfinder yeah just get the loaded Pathfinder and save a little

bit um rather than going for like a lower level uh QX60 yep or something similar yeah or if you are you know even if you want that like go slightly higher I mean yes yeah exactly or or even like a like a Lexus you know yeah you know don’t get the ux get the RX right exactly right or the RDA yeah yeah yeah Acura RDX or whatever service or the NX the NX Lexus is not a whole lot more right okay so this next segment’s a little bit of a quiz I had to go to

John ibbison our shop supervisor who manages where the cars go all the time as well as what gets repaired what car do you think was the most coveted which one did we fight over and go to John and say I want I want I want what can’t go quick Corvette yes that’s fine but there was two and he said for very different reasons anything with a bed any pickup truck yeah yeah and that’s exactly the answer it was the Corvette and the Ford F-150s we had multiple but yeah very similar very similarious right rear-wheel drive

V8 engine it’s the same thing but it just shows you the utility versus the fun yeah yeah those were the two and the most problem prone what car in our Fleet in 22 spent the most time back and forth to the dealer and I will say he included in his answer recall switch it’s not what we ask in reliability don’t tell me it was the same two cars right and it was and it was recalls you know some of the time but also issues it was the F-150 well because we put too many miles Santa

Cruz in like six months so I don’t know where that one’s yeah that’s the next second that was running second so yeah so yeah cars with a bed they had some issues yeah anyway so yeah a lot of new trends new technologies still great Vehicles still some not so great vehicles but to your point I think in general when you think of what we drove at when we were younger and now you know it’s it’s like a we take it for granted how great they are so as we close 22 anything you’re really really looking

forward to in 2023 yeah I’m really hoping the Cyber truck comes out that’s what I’m looking for it might and that’ll be cool so that’ll be cool well I heard I heard that there’s an MR2 coming all right we’re throwing some rumors around um I’m I’m waiting for the Maverick siblings I want to see a whole family of Mavericks that’s what I want to say see so I wasn’t so off The Mark with no Maverick and I think there’s other you know one thing Jake you and I certainly talk about outside of talking cars is

um fuel cell vehicles are there going to be there’s certainly talk of some more yeah um yeah more recently and and will we see some more um more re less so in California and more more across the country infrastructure and infrastructure fuel cell you know long-haul trucks yeah I mean there’s huge opportunities yeah so I I think we may see that so as we close not only this segment but 2022 thank you all for listening for watching all of our episodes hopefully you had a happy healthy holiday um wishing you all the best in 2023

we will be here soon um and happy New Year this uh keep your questions oh I’m almost forgetting all of your question videos please ask them and critique my Ford Flex at talkingcars icloud.com this episode as always is filmed and edited by David Abrams Andrew Balise and Anatoly shumsky and we’ll see you next year

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