2023 Ford ranger raptor – New Ford ranger raptor Unofficial Rendering  | Car Review

the next generation ford ranger debuted to a 
global audience just before the thanksgiving  
holiday in the united states the new mid-sized 
truck will be sold in 180 countries but not all of  
them will get a hardcore off-road raptor version 
for those that do and that should include north  
america this time here’s a taste of what it might 
be like the optimal word here is taste as these  
are unofficial renderings we often turn to desnag 
at benz.net for a look at potential future models  
and these three ranger renderings are very well 
done with all the details we’d expect in a raptor  
model the obvious difference is the prominent 
ford branding in the grill a raptor trademark  
since the first generation f-150 model appeared 
in 2010 the front bumper is also considerably  
more aggressive with vents not to mention 
the tip of the visible skid plate underneath  
there’s more familiar raptor treatment at the 
rear namely with the blackout strip on the  
tailgate it gains even larger ford branding 
along with a small raptor badge on the right side  
curiously the wheels and tires aren’t 
significantly different in these renderings  
and the ride height looks nearly identical that’s 
actually consistent with previous raptors as the  
trucks were

never high rollers in that regard a 
slightly wider stance could be an order however  
we already know a new ranger raptor is coming in 
fact we know it will debut rather soon february  
2022 to be exact which should make it a 2023 
model a sneaky teaser video from ford mentions  
the date with an audio track of a gasoline 
engine revving and it’s sure sounds like a v6  
with a hint of turbo whistle that’s significant 
as the previous ranger raptor used a boosted  
four-cylinder diesel that at 210 horsepower 157 
kilowatts didn’t set the performance world on fire  
it seems likely the new version will pack 
an ecoboost v6 possibly the 400 horsepower  
298 kilowatt mil used in the ford explorer 
saying february will be here in the blink of  
an eye so while these renderings are unofficial we 
don’t have long before the real deal is revealed

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