2023 Indy 500 Winner Josef Newgarden discusses the nail-biting finish

He will be the 110th face on the Borg Warner. Congratulations. Joseph Newgarden Forever on the Borg Warner brother. Congratulations. The fans go crazy down there. What do you think? This is unbelievable. Dave, you have no idea. I I appreciate being here so much. I appreciate it more than I ever have. I remember being here 12 years ago as a rookie, and I just didn’t understand the magnitude of this. You know, it’s a big race, but you just don’t appreciate it when you’re younger. And the more times you’ve been here, the more heartbreak you’ve had, the

more you realize how special it is to finally win it. And I said, look, if there was ever an opportunity where we were in a position again to win, I’m either fencing the car or I’m winning the race. I just didn’t want to finish second, third or fourth. It was, it was all on the line today. And, you know, my team stuck with me. And and I’m I’m just thankful to be here Dave you have no idea. Ohh I get it. I’ve been watching you grow up here you gonna in Newcastle you race go karts.

So this is kind of full circle to be here right now. It really is I Indiana to me is a second home I started racing carts here when

I was 13 with my dad and so my parents my family really supported me in this dream and we basically lived at Newcastle Indiana for a couple of years racing carts learning about what you know racing was and you know how to get involved in IndyCar and so to come here you know many years later and and see my parents see my dad and see. This beautiful Indiana

crowd. To me it’s a dream come true. There’s no doubt. We watch you make that pass coming out of two, one lap shootout during a red flag. We just sitting here kind of processing how was going to play out in your mind. That had to be tough. Yeah. Look, it was, it was going to be one or the other, you know, in that it’s right on the line, it’s white flag. You’re either going to need to get it done into turn one and then try and hold them off or maybe get them on the back

straight. And I actually think getting him on the back straight was the better outcome, you know, But he still had an amazing run through 3/4 and I could see that in my mirrors, I thought. If I clear him, I’m good to the line but he had a great run in three and was army and four. So I said I’ve got to be as aggressive as possible because I’m not letting this win. I’m not giving it up. I’m just not going to give him the win at the very end And so just getting positioned off of

off of two was was critical. Well congratulations your life is forever changed. Have you can you feel that now already a little bit. I’m in I’m kind of in a haze Dave I’m I’m emotionally drained but I’m just thankful thankful for this crowd this event. Roger Penske what he’s done to this place everybody you you that works here and. There’s everybody that puts something into this is is special and a part of it. So thanks to everybody that has enjoyed the Indy 500 victory celebration on Channel 13 with this guy tomorrow night. Thank you for

the time. Thank you, Dave.

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