citizens of the reject Nation it’s me Teran this guy Andrew flash cord I got Halloween nails and a Halloween shirt on but we’re not watching a Halloween movie Are We nope sure not 21 Jump Street I wish that you would have jumped and then I could show a street we can’t do that here we can’t we can’t we just don’t have time listen you guys got to leave a like even though this intro it’s lacking you got to leave a comment you got say listen terara get with it be better I agree okay and you

also have to ring the bell ring the bell thanks to prepper for helping us edit down these highlights and if you haven’t joined patreon we call you super sexy over there so get over there now you can sneak up with your own copy and also don’t forget that Greg and John offer exclusive highlights and watch alongs over there on the patreon or we also call you again I’ll say it super sexy we’re in it now I think I’m ready are you ready to watch 21 Jump Street let’s do it may I have your pleas may

I have your ATT please I feel like this song was also released in 2005 and this is the Year 2005 probably like right I feel like

probably I don’t know music like I know films but you’re probably right I think it was around there oh the braces known each other for a really long time and uh live across the street from each other and stuff and uh me on every first date you’re not asking me to prom are youh no no I I I I don’t know how to put this nicely I that was nice

I thought just straight to the point yeah I’ve heard way worse to me right if you didn’t get your grades up you weren’t going to the prom but I’m I’m going to be prom King I’m glad you had a great time in school cuz you ain’t learned nothing at least you remembered at prom there’s a king I mean that he did learn something yeah and he learned how to kick a trash can I yeah he’s doing all right yeah is he going to pick it up oh ow you can’t teach that in acting how to

no how to kick a trash kick a trash can like awkwardly like that only Jonah Hill could pull that off oh we meet again Slim Shady what’s up holy how do you recognize him without his braces just cuz he still looks nerdy he just he just screams nerd such dang is he going to help him study and he’s going to help him do the physical stuff oh 100a yeah he’s got the brains and he’s got the the Hot Tots has I would love to be a person on one of those popups for the training academy

I just think it’d be fun maybe get my name out there a little bit more hey see Min is improved that’s it’s all about improvements I present to you the graduates of class 137 you’re ready for a lifetime of being badass mother yeah heck yeah that was a lot faster than I was expecting to be with the get right in there yeah they’re like that’s great set you up for that you guys really think there a police matter to get your frisbee back get your own frisbee oh yours isn’t loaded right huh no we’re supposed

to unload him first right you no that’s that’s no fun come on this guy like big time drug dealers if we could take them down as our first bus we’d be off Park Duty for sure you see what I see Cannabis sativa all right this is how you know was at least 10 15 years ago cuz right now this would not be a big deal at all in fact the cops be like can we can we take a few pups have we forgotten that the use of marijuana is illegal man you guys even real cops

you look like the kids on the Halloween is called M EA that is my dream to eat straight up peanut butter with a fork oh damn what I chase someone Chase someone are you leaving your bike here all right on the bike it’s classic I’m going shoot you if you don’t slow down man come on the editing this really helps to play with like the the bait and like the punch line it’s great it’s going to say dude you’re probably faster without the bike that’s it come here damn it’s going to charge you dude you

got to read a Miranda rights problem is if you don’t read Miranda rights you you can’t arrest them yeah these guys are not by the book oh boy as we can see stated right there the department was forced to drop the charges because you forgot to read him his Miranda right ah you called it I’m not even a cop I knew that yeah that’s the basic thing do you even know the Miranda recognize that actor oh yeah I mean Bill Last of Us oh yeah of course but also um so many other things oh yeah

yeah go ahead it’s four declamatory sentences followed by a question for a total of 57 words it it I think it sounds something like uh you are under arrest you have the right to remain silent you oh right you have the right to remain an attorney did you say that you have the right to be an attorney you do have the right to be an attorney if you want to where were you I was chasing my Pur honestly he did get away that my elbow yeah we’re Reviving a canceled under under cover police program from

the 80s and revamping it for modern times so all they do now is recycle from the past and expect us all not to notice these programs involves the use of young immature seing officers you’re going to send us into like a child sex slavery ring or something whoa that’s heavy and deep yeah that’s great uh where should we report to down on Jump Street 37 Jump Street 37 37 right oh it’s 21 I think it’s uh you under arrest you have the right for anything you say can will be used against you in a court

of law you have the right to an attorney you cannot afford an attorney one will be one will be given to you thank you RoboCop all the old Misfits in a church hey it the cube cool I didn’t know he’s in this get your mothering ass up when I’m talking you will be going undercover as high school students hey cool this is giving me a Never Been Kissed Vibe yeah cops edition Justus Beaver Molly Cyrus looking angry black Captain it ain’t nothing but a stupid stereotype I’m black and I work my ass off to be

the captain and sometimes I get angry so suck a embrace your stereotypes like this guy right here handsome and he’s probably a dummy he’s short and insecure and he’s probably good with money oh you are good with money do not have sexual relations with students or teachers sir you hear that that’s you don’t do it man I’d be more I’d be more worried about Jonah Hill doing it honestly cuz he’s the one who didn’t get the girls in high school right clearly I wasn’t talking to you big when I say shut the up I’m talking

to you cheers the new synthetic drug goes by the street name HFS is this a a drug Jessica will you go to prom with me but I already know the answer it’s yes this is great where can I where can I get this drug yeah exactly sign me up I want to do this man this kid rules ruled let me guess he passed away found in his room no okay I don’t want to do it anymore jeno I enrolled you in a bunch of courses like photography and drama since you were a virgin through High

School it says that I just assumed it here’s your new identities all right Brad and Doug McQuade Doug McQuade that’s so close to Total Recall Doug Quaid Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character find the supplier first we don’t have to worry about the dealer God damn trate the dealers find a supplier got it sounds simple straight forward I’m sure they’ll do it on day one and we won’t have an entire film out of it hey Korean Jesus I know we haven’t made our first arrest or maybe I’m not the best cop Ken Jesus I just really don’t want

to this up sorry for swearing so much the end I I don’t really know how to end a prayer the end that’s great you two are staying at Schmid’s parents house for the duration of this assignment oh no oh God guys can we can we get rid of this stuff I mean it looks like I died in the car crash and you guys haven’t moved on that’s so great I look like Fred Savage from The Wonder Years he he really really does he does am I even wearing underwear in this picture um why I remember

you know why told it to a therapist about 8,000 times oh my God oh my God he really does look like Fred Savage from the Wonder year yeah I love Fred Savage so much he probably got told that so many times as a kid yeah and probably just put that into an improv improv joke yeah you got to study this stuff forget those identities they’re you know back in the day you were super popular and I wasn’t one man three balls I think that’s awesome that’s great come on man we’re adults now we’re best bu

it’s definitely not going to happen again I’m predicting Jonah Hill going to get the beautiful woman for the prom I’m calling it although that’s kind of creepy cuz he’s much older now yeah you say can and will be used against you int of law you the right to an attorney you cannot afford attorney one will be appointed there you go you had it you guys should have known this going to say you should have known this way before don’t try hard at anything I do that every day if anyone steps you on the first day

of school you punch them directly in the face five drive a kickass car I really fail on all the other ones though oh they went to the police impound sick dope that’s a sweet Camaro my guess is that car was from the original TV show just going to take a guess I have no idea but awesome it’s probably an Easter egg I don’t know yeah just guessing I have no idea that is a cool ass car awesome dude could barely handle his elbow just getting a little nicked what dude everybody’s two straing just stay with

the one strap I can’t I can’t ride out what are you doing what are you doing don’t suum to the peer pressure what are you doing you’re supposed to use two straps strap is come to the pure pressure the two St I love that so much those are nerds Dungeons and Dragons I don’t know I love it nerds are too strapping the cool they look cool she’s a one strapper I’m so confused right now you find the girl here Bri LS oh my God she’s in this Captain Captain Marvel what oh my god um okay

hey Dave Franco love him whoa is that your car yeah what’s that thing at 10 miles to the gallon n try like s what about you biod diesel dog we try to ride bikes when we can Global crisis and what not Noble hey hey y’all shut the hell up trying to study he’s trying look at the nerd they’re like the cool call nerd man I’m sorry what oh what turn that gay ass music off you punch me because I’m gay what no I don’t think he’s adapted to the times nope you’re way off buddy happen

to turn out to be gay afterwards I was gay when you punched me it might have been homophobic not to punch you just because you were gay right you punched a little gay black kid in the face is that Jake Johnson girl guy you guys cross my line again and you walk into this office I’m GNA expel you which one of you is Doug do they not know they probably no dude I’m Brad okay good so that means your name is Doug son oh my God guys oh they really failed on their prep work funny

I wouldn’t have taken you for the brainy type I would but you as a drama geek far less surprising that’s the easiest oh my God they get the separate class you go to my classes and I’m going to go to yours okay now chemistry is the one with the shapes and right it doesn’t really matter if they fill out the they’re not there to stud they’re only there for like a minimum amount of time right what’s really sad about that kid he was talented if he wasn’t talented it would be less sad that’s not I

meant I was just pussing your balls good I remember one time doing cocaine with Willie Nelson’s horse you’re talking about this in a high school class this is awesome this is the coolest teacher a buddy of mine really wants it who who would he call it’s not so hard to find the oh oh my favorite molecule is water I’d marry it unless it was my daughter it solid form floats on its liquid form which makes it far outside the norm givey Schmid H2O this H2 H2O H2 I’m with you buddy H2 I’d say chlorophyll more

like borophyll what is your name Brad Brad wow look at you Brad hey you remember just name this time uh she’s really attracted to him what is it pop Quiznos it’s a quiz on the first person who finishes gets a $10 gift certificate to Quiznos Quiznos we don’t see those around anymore we don’t but they melt the cheese in there I know that was awesome good luck oh my god oh wow teacher get back in your corner it’s okay because he’s technically older but if he weren’t te she doesn’t know that what you doing yeah

because she doesn’t know that that’s creepy I’ve got aw I’m just the cleverest okay yeah maybe be a tree then me try one cooler and faster and louder and better and less in Secure H he’s a great director yeah okay those are great notes I’m just going to I’m going to run outside and I’m I’m going utilize those and I’m going to come back it’s such at least they’re multiple choice so he’s got a decent he’s got a chance I bet you now he’ll get n because he guessed every one of them it didn’t even

look you’re fast not like that just let me check you out check check my god wow uh can I go take a dump we have this hurry back rule so you’re not back in 6 minutes I have to send you to the principal 6 minutes oh my gosh damn she is laying it on thick also too is 6 minutes enough time to take a dump I don’t know no that’s quite a rule ah Dave Franco is the one in charge of the drugs do you make this stuff or look like a scientist no just sell

it no I’m sorry I’m M just how many you guys want I feel like this is not going where we think it’s going like it’s too easy maybe you’re a narc you know who calls people NCS narcs narc narcs call people Nars and you call us Nars and that’s kind of call each other time for this you guys want to do this or not I’m not selling to two guys who just showed up with 30 days left in school if if he’s really a dealer too take an hour get the out drugs right here put

in your moue and uh there you go that’s it is it just a cookie you got to P the trigger you got to P the trigger oh God we got to throw up just think of something gross think of something gross you think of something okay your grandma’s and there’s going into it no let’s just finger each other’s mouths e yeah no you’re not fingering my mouth do you want to die okay fine let’s go come on come on you got to go deep and quick gross this is so dumb it’s so dumb just stick

it in I don’t know I’ve never done this before stick it in go oh my God gross come on guys you got to reach for the uula and then it goes out yeah it’s sometimes I have to do that when I’m nauseous but I don’t have another individual do it for me I don’t think I want another individual there to try to do it you guys are late now I’m going to have to take you to the principal’s office take come on Doug McQuade you got a lot of something special going on there young man

that’s a what the hell was that damn it son don’t ever raise your hand to me like that again all right I consider that a threat I’m Doug mcade you’re the new kid who’s All County and track the track star and his Brad are the drugs taking hit yeah right yeah okay oh damn here’s a deal my track team is full of physically incapable rejects I mean if I wasn’t the coach I’d be laughing my ass off at how they are oh God incapable rejects I need you I’ve never had tripped out before so it’s

crazy no I would not want to hallucinate 4×400 at today’s track meet you do that and I’ll sign this pass guys don’t make me take you to the principal’s office do we have a deal yes nice a put your tongue back in your mouth e your mouth and close it stop it actually that’s not bad e these teachers I was going to say these are some of the weirdest teachers yeah are you guys on drugs definitely not on drugs one particle of onum has a nuclear reaction with a flux capacitor carry the two chain did

he just get smart you know you got to take drugs to be smart yeah okay you science that’s great I’ve got a CR I’m just the cleverest F was ever my fortune damn he remember those lines really well i’ got a crow not bad not bad keep it going keep it going that was so tight no no no keep it going keep it going oh my God oh God what you going don’t throw the Baton you that’s literally me anytime it ask me to run the mile in high school that was brilliant yeah like how

has he not been thrown out yet both of them they’re clearly on drugs oh no stop come here give her don’t make dude that was awesome how you sabotaged that track me man organized Sports were so fasion makes me sick so you’re out right he’s getting cool you should have just taken drugs the first time in high school it would have been so much cooler I really should have been on drugs the entire time I was in high school probably would have been more fun lead dealer Eric Molson he’s getting into Berkeley early ad Mish

who put this together are you artistic it is Artistic sir because cut the I want to know who’s the supply we don’t know that’s why there’s a question mark on his face oh I think it’s the gym teacher oh cuz he wasn’t reacting to anything that they were doing I don’t know why I think it’s him you might be right you two standing around finger popping each other’s we’re not finger popping each other’s ass house well he’s like put your tongue back in your mouth and all that that’s why it just feel like he was

protecting his investment right I mean we also so when he raised his hand he got really defensive like okay I think you might be right and me thinking back on these teachers are very nefarious yes what are you doing in here I’m here to to study I know everything really what’s a coent bond you man I don’t need to tell you I I wasn’t trying to be rude sorry I love that kid he’s so nice yeah what are you doing with all those phones anyway crack and jail break kids phones uh try and save for

college I can’t install a spyware to remotely monitor calls wait you can’t do it no I can’t is he being sarcastic absolutely we just have to do something wildly irresponsible to earn their trust you saying we should throw a party and then Molly will invite Eric and that’ll be the quickest way for me to bro down with her you get in with the nerd kids and see what’s going on over there sure his parents will be totally cool with him having a party there I just call him cuz we’re co-staring this play together and hello

M get off the phone I love you honey douge Doug Douglas so serious right now that’s such a relatable thing actually I’m having a party this is so you and Eric and Warrior whatever posting on Facebook okay yeah yeah oh my God all right I’ll see you SCH here great person oh byebye bye bye what the you how are we going to buy alcohol dude I don’t have a fake idea huh they they couldn’t call mcloven got ice cream in there that’s awesome that’s cool I’ve never had a punch where they put ice cream in

it we need to do that some it tastes like we have to do it pound what is this movie pound of marijuana best party ever Bingo who invited you guys love it I did we love them heck yeah do we have enough chips is this playlist too like Dancy feels too D it’s pretty Dancy it’s so nerve-wracking having a party at your house cuz the biggest fear is like what’s getting destroyed yeah and and what are people going through oh he just jacked his phone yeah see aside the this thing that’s a great line yeah

this is my parents bedroom oh no are they going in oh there’s the nudity wow you never know if you might run into that at a party I guess not thank you for the hospitality but we got to get going you know how it is yeah is it ready or not read this please wait extracting data from off it’s a bust no you can just delay him come on turn on a better song who the hell is this yeah who’s this guy partying with some new stuff want to know you hook up some me my

boys to get in on it got other commitments on that front so take five take five let me get this I got this is he going to just punch him let’s do it man man come on what’s your real okay what do I do hit him oh damn oh no no use your words your my this all right oh yeah you did it that was a good distraction yeah oh perfect right in the pocket what when did I get stabbed that’s awesome yeah that’s great the adrenaline was running so deep he didn’t know hope when

I get stabbed I’m like that’s awesome yeah blow it out blow oh go all right all right at least it’s an antiseptic okay oh my God these kids are like this nerd is getting getting some action this is the coolest part oh no they’re passing around the drugs oh everybody’s getting going to get wild it’s not good though that mean some kid could something could happen at the party die uhoh get my I said out the part over she have a stick in her hand I love it that’s great all how you feel about making

a little extra money whatever it is I’m in yes now we’re in I can’t sell all this on my own but I only bring in people I like I introduce you to my hookup how’s that sound let’s do it no you hey thank you again for the party man you you oh he’s jealous yep dude this is part the tables have turned it’s part of the plan but like he thought he’d be like there was no way he could get cool what kind of a sick animal draws an ejaculating into an 8-year-old’s mouth like an

airplane throwing up you think I don’t know that balls I know all about balls I Robert Dy Jr before he got sober when he was really up I took Eric’s phone and I had Zach put his monitoring device in it I don’t know if that was a good idea this is like the smartest move I’ve ever pulled so I’m sorry what are you getting mad at me for is he getting too deep he’s getting emotionally compromised I feel like he wants to stay in high school longer and not figure it out because he finally now

knows how it is to be cool yeah that’s a that’s a good point right he’s like is getting emotionally compromised at the situation totally password kneel before Zod you may enter kneel before Zod that’s amazing do you understand the reference to Superman 2 oh cool KN before zard I don’t know I don’t believe in possession ja feel ja feel definitely feel yeah Smitty oh no I’ll be right don’t blow your cover she’s gonna oh no go to her and send her out and be like that’s my crazy grandma I have got to call Annie she

is going to die sh shut shut your mouth shut your mouth I will straight up punch you in the face if you not your oh who she’s TR to grab my J she was like oh my God I have arthritis hurts my hand I need to grab a handful of that I was like get the off wow I have arthritis what a possessively sick woman and I need to grab a handful of why would she try doing that with a teenage young man and also she has arthritis it’s going to be really hard to hold

on to that dick that’s disgusting that you would do that at least he sticks to his environmentalism yeah sings it in a song Ready notore oh he’s going to listen into his phone and Jonah Hill’s going to say something bad about his partner a long time what are you doing I heard something I just just want to make sure that you and Eric are going to be careful with it would just suck if something bad happened cuz I already lost my dad to act together see Neil before thought that’s Terren stamp okay we going to

take the prom there’s no one to go prom with us pull up in a white stallion of a limo you got fine ass Honeys with you you’re dressed to the nines with your best buds dubs fly out behind you slow motion he never got to go to prom and he’s going to get to go with his best buddies or he could take that teacher that really likes him right oh God I hope not isn’t aren’t you and Eric wouldn’t you and Eric go together not that I know of ask her oh he’s got PTSD but

this is a different situation I know but it’s come on maybe oh my God are you okay I am that is the actual sound of joking I was wondering if you uh say it come on maybe you want to go with me to prom you want to go to Me Maybe with me to prom Yes W we made it good for you Doug oh are they going to kiss somebody’s going to interrupt of course it’s the movie trible there man just put it what what putting it there maybe because he’s a rule follower and is

like you’re not allowed to right sleep with or like students and your brother aren’t related right cuz you look totally different he’s adopted we all suspect from a very lame family yeah I know it you called that yeah tools he hangs out you know how Tom Cruz is always pissed off at Rainman that’s like my life oh boy do you understand that reference yeah it’s it’s an old school one and it’s calling him yeah that’s not that’s not cool yeah you either find a supplier or I’m going jump your asses off Street I heard Eric

talking on the phone yesterday about meeting up with a stuffed Piñata is that a call for sex that was an email he was about to click before Brie Larson walked in on him yeah it said pinata yeah how do I look ravishing is it too sexy of an outfit yeah yeah definitely definitely I’m so happy that I met you you’re like the only guy that I can really trust yeah boy that’s going to suck for her when she finds out known as Sal Peter God oh the pinata oh that’s where the drugs are coming in

I need to borrow you now it’s not a good time it’s a really good time cuz my pinata is killing me is that good for a thing I have a feeling there’s nothing in it but we’ll see feel like it’s got to be right there’s got to okay oh they’re going to go in and Chase oh no oh God you’re going to miss the play you shouldn’t have taken that part when he’s under cover what no oh cuz they have so many violations because they keep parking in handicap why are they doing that driver’s car

school bus I’m driving no you’re not I never get to drive oh are they taking the Ed car oh I wanted them to take the school bus go guys hey wait guys you’re not on the list hey guys wait who cares like it’s a crap car and a crap job anyways I don’t give a shnit shnit it’s a new word Andrew Flash Gordon just made up are these the biker they wanted to arest him for the marijuana before those are the guys in the park that’s just too crazy we think in that thing oh it

has to be in there or maybe they just want to play with a pinata they’re taking to a kid’s barbecue over the weekend you sure wor I see guys we definitely got to follow him and find out though there is no way he’s making it back to the play no no just pretend like you’re sucking my why am I automatically you that’s a very inconspicuous vehicle a student driver take your foot off the brake no take your foot off The Brak no guys you’re okay now we’ve done it you not driving mother get I mean

at least then you could just be like sorry student driver easy easy easy my God whoa oh I know but the whole point was to follow them oh god well now they’re going to get chased after yeah but they need to follow them to their place it’s two people back there sh oh no traffic oh God oh what’s wrong with you run I can’t I’m wearing tights I got skinny chees on the same get out the car douche to call here jackass oh my God yeah all right sorry buddy hope somebody picks you up later

there’s golf balls in this what am I supposed to do with this no that’s awesome oh that’s great nice hit woow uhoh okay oh damn big boom coming what happened I don’t know it just didn’t explode who do you guys think you’re in a movie mhm right there no testing yes you are you’re texed no I’m not fair I’ll be there fairly I’m driving why you always drip over the like that did you say fairly like a fairy fairy like well like Tinker Bell right you are fine and don’t worry oh my God that was

a very attractive woman not going to lie I’m loving all these vehicles they’re getting oh they’re in a a Volkswagen I love that good old bug bug 1963 bug and bright orange was my first vehicle you’re welcome oh no that’s got to oh ow that’s got to hurt dude he just got ran over by an 18wheeler oh my God Windows what is it not going to explode again no there’s fire right next to it cuz the bike right it’s going against action movie tropes I love it I love it the hell oh my God she

had a gun okay hey girl oh oh boyi sounded like the willhelm screen oh no not the chickens not the chickens why did that one have to blow up seriously come on movie I don’t know how long this case is going to last and Eric’s going to get into Berkeley and honestly I can get in too who knows I could ride this thing out I could be a doctor or something have you lost your mind this is not real buddy I could be a doctor boys squads come quickly hey wor I’m here uh I know

I missed uh first few scenes I want to thank give it up to uh oh my goodness we just R right into this thing huh this is my twin together it’s okay I’ll make it up to you and uh let’s fly I guess I should do something I should probably not just stand here watching I should take action best friend ever this is definitely more entertaining than not you don’t yeah I’m sorry I don’t want to talk to you ever again she’s definitely not going to prom now you stupid idiot come come damn he’s strong

to withstand a rock stop stop it you’re expelled both of you are expelled and that’s the end of act two Bravo that was amazing I want to know how long they rehears that yeah beautifully choreographed is that it you’re not going to you’re not going to scream at us nope I’m going just fire you oh I mean the fact that these guys got through three cases and they haven’t even finished one kind of says something you know what’s crazy to me is that I think that I actually thought that we were brothers I would have

taken a bullet for you a get in now both of you is this the reveal of the dealer yeah is he going to be like are these the two guys you saw or something the messed up went down yesterday yeah after we made the exchange our potential business partners got followed by some cops okay a lot of things have made me wonder about you the taste of Music fact that you look like a 40-year-old man I realized there’s no way you guys could be cops no way no way I got this deal going down the

supplier is going to be there I need people I can trust hey come on okay right over here we’re going to shoot these bottles we’re going to practice okay oh God don’t be good definitely not cops that was actually really awesome beginner’s luck we played a lot of Area 51 in Time Crisis we’re good any predictions on the dealer I’m still going to stick with my original I do like your guess I’m just going to stick with the gym the gym teacher I mean cuz I got to assume it’s someone we’ve seen before they’re not

just going to give us someone random and I don’t know who else it could be besides him doing our time chores right now if you stay in this house you have time for chores yes what if it’s like the Nerds I don’t think it is cuz they don’t but what if they’re just like we sell it but we don’t do them the nerd the Nerds that he’s gotten to be friend I don’t think it is I don’t know man that definitely be a Twist if it was the Nerds I will say I would not have

seen that coming in anyway there a there’s actually an emotional core to this film I mean it’s not like deep or anything but there’s an emotional core yeah their chemistry is great oh they’re they’re really good together you can really feel will you go to prom with me that’s sweet go oh they both missed their prom their first prom are we really going to take down a whole drug operation by ourselves I got some contacts that’ll help us the Nerds yeah if it’s the Nerds I don’t know if they would let them help them get

into prom right no I think it was a bad that’s like all bad what I guessed I think it’s totally wrong um that is great that’s great I love that nice oh my God that’s the lady from that’s awwesome that’s the worker lady that was in that’s friends with them as cops she was constantly being questioned cuz she’s a you need to leave need to leave need to get out of here right now making a lot of hand gestures okay my name is not Doug it’s Schmidt and I’m a cop what this is not the

time to display this information pay no attention to the couple kissing in the background it is him you’re all right beautiful bread I just didn’t know who else it would be no yeah it’s a great yeah of course he loves his Doritos I do agree with the finger and the well yeah he was just trying to hide that’s what told me he was trying to make like it was obvious to him they were on drugs and he even said it and he’s like Noe put put your tongue back that back in there so nobody knows

oh no oh they’re going to know who they are y damn it oh boy here in trouble now of all the guys yeah what you having a party now who these two mother oh crap hey kid come here you you look familiar I was in a a french fry commercial when I was a kid do I look like I eat french fries I don’t know you look like you’re in great shape but maybe you have like one cheet like a carb car blow out you look like you’re a yeah theme song’s like come to Andrew’s

fren I love it that’s my song who wants a piece dog or whatever your name is you lied to me oh phase five is where you get overly honest right I know these too your boys are cops you are outgunned we party together man you brought us Taco Bell you made me this friendship bracelet well he’s not really your friend he was pretending the whole time Taco Bell bring somebody Taco Bell is like giving a blood sacrifice yo don’t hit de Franco I know these guys were C there you are drop your guns or I’ll

spray your brains all over the room drop the guns or she’s dead she looks dead already what shoot yeah I can hear her breathing she just passed out from the drugs we’re good dude it’s just like the image with the guy and the woman and the woman like boom boom boom between this is his character Arc to hit the the moving Target let’s let’s just relax and we can all leave here as friends yeah let’s do that you all boys are stup we’re going to die God damn it he’s undercover to on your knees Johnny

Depp Johnny Jeff Johnny de oh my goodness little dweebs just r a 5-year investigation we had no idea hey the original crew you play saxophone in my sister’s wedding man T too hey that’s the best twist ever Metro Police Jump Street division that’s funny because we were actually Jump Street what what what oh whoa oh no not the original crew here take the money all right we’re getting out of here you could him just behind his head not aiming anywhere best cop ever sometimes I was a jerk we were undercover I just I didn’t feel

good about myself that’s it’s like basically what they would say to each other the tight pants was just so that people would think I’m cool he called him Doug they have the same names as their undercover names that I ever needed was my best friend let’s do this let’s make a baby what are you talking I don’t know try close sorry yes get your slow-mo action shot yeah you oh yeah whoa cool he’s gonna throw it oh God so that would actually really hurt nice shot that was crazy you killed a guy hey they threw

up finally right it’s the song at every graduation right yeah I just remember this song from Scary Movie too hey h that’s like perfect look who I did that was that was beautifully perfect that was great perfect slide Perfect Landing come hang out with me back give me my money oh damn I’m living my dream of standing in a LMO oh my God what what K you kill you no oh my God oh my gosh girl you got to relax how drunk is she how how do you not see the gunshots hear the gunshots I’m

to oh my god oh you had to go you you wouldn’t lay off it that well that’s probably the safer thing too you are too aggressive you still got those shotgun shells yeah pop Quiznos now they’ll finally have he going to do what he learned from chemistry yeah that would be a coent Bond brother that’s coent Bond see I knew that was going to come back to play that makes them stick together are you saying we’re coent bonds yes and that you did call that one too but it’s going to be delayed what’s this tequila

I don’t know it’s it was supposed to explode using that big old brain love it where’ you learn how to do that man chemistry chemistry it’s a good thing they actually switched yes and thank goodness for your nerd friends who actually taught you a lot about that don’t you pull that armor nope oh come on let’s go this is your test he no no no I said no oh my gosh I didn’t mean to shoot you I meant to shoot him are you Al buddy okay took a pull for me man do you have a

vest on yeah but he still got in the shoulder the vest doesn’t cover the shoulder that’s skin head shot right in the eye right between the eyes we want I know but in the in the poster he got him in both the eyes you peaked in high school mother Ah that’s a good line oh oh yeah oh yikes that reminds me of Robocop oh boy yikes you are under arrest anything you said can and will be us that’s a great call back yes yes Miranda writes B that’s a great great call back look I’m sorry

I called you Rainman I know I didn’t say you were but you’re smart that’s a compliment he’s smart and he won an Oscar yeah hey that was a jump and it was on the street they just got to do it 20 more times yeah that’s not funny is that it what it’s on the ground no oh my God no no no no no I hated it gross I’m really sorry I know you wanted a guy to trust and I wanted to be that person so badly you deserve a guy who who Who’s good and who

doesn’t lie to you thanks for saving my life a put her there partner feel like she’s going to kiss him yeah okay good call felt that coming again if she wasn’t 18 I’d be creeped out yeah on I had a feeling they were going to end up together since you two Cowboys love to drink booze smoke weed with kids and anything with a big ass in jeans I’mma send you to a place where all that is allowed oh I love Disneyland you two sons of are going to college oh no is it going to be

Berkeley though is that the sequel I want to see that whoa that was an awesome mening credit Miller yes that was dope oh my God that was so fun that was a lot of fun oh I didn’t know Jonah Hill did the story that’s awesome that’s like oh and these ending like these what this these ending credits are awesome yeah uh that was a blast I had from the past I had a lot of fun the the chemistry between the two of them like casting 10 Stars off the charts because if it wasn’t them two

it wouldn’t have been as good with their chemistry um so good and I love the heartfelt moments like when he when he hears Jonah Hill speaking about like he’s like a Rainman he annoys me he’s like not smart whatever and you see like Channing Tatum right before that being like like good job man like you made the move you asked her to prom like he was always really supportive of him and then that must have been really heartbreaking right and then the way that they come back together I mean Bravo I always complain I would

complain if this is like a funny funny movie with lots of action if it didn’t have the heart I’d be like I’m not sold on it it does have the heart and I thank you oh he did do the teacher oh boy I can’t imagine why was she giving him signed she wanted him like at all oh Mark mothers Boro the the composer that was the composer of Thor uh Ragnarok which I I love his score in th ref one of my favorite scores I I I agree with everything you just said like yeah the

the comedy and the action were all there but it was the heart and the the chemistry between the two of them that was you know that sold me and made me love this movie so much and it was just so much fun uh I’m sure there was 10 obviously we did not watch the 21 Jump Street TV show with uh Johnny Depp and Richard Grio though that was such a cool thing to I don’t again I don’t know I mean maybe we’ll see here in the creds in a second I obviously we know that was

Johnny Depp I don’t know if that was Richard GCO at the end or who who that actor was but um that was such a cool little uh Easter egg if you will at the end there um because I did not see that coming um and then also too with I assume the car and I’m sure there were plenty other Easter eggs that they did for people who had seen the show um but yeah no I mean I thought it was interesting too like cuz obviously Jonah Hill’s character Schmid I believe his name was he was

you know more on the nerdy side when he was in high school and you know awkward and just uh wasn’t cool and obviously uh Chan Tatum excuse me uh was uh cool but not smart and you know they had their character arcs kind of like got infused with okay you know J Jonah Hill got to learn how to you know well he got to be cool when he went back to high school all never been kiss style you know Drew Barrymore if you will um but then he felt like what it felt uh you know

when he made fun of him it’s like oh this is what it feels like yeah like yeah it’s cool but it’s more important like friendship and Brotherhood is more important and then also two on the flip side um I think chaining Tatum also realized like yeah it’s not like being cool isn’t like what it’s all about and like using your brain and other things like Brotherhood again same same kind of thing like they just met in the middle uh there’s more important things out in the world but I love that uh he got to use

his brain in such a unique way like from the chemistry class learning and turning that into like an explo or a bomb whatever he uh the convenient Bond or thank you yes clearly she’s much smarter than me um but yes um that was I I really love that touch of the film but yeah there was just a lot more layers than I was expecting it wasn’t super not was trying to be or anything but it’s also like when what you were just saying of like him getting smart was like let alone from the kids that

he never would have spoken to back in the day right that was also in his flip absolutely but also too it was about like adapting to the times because I mean Jonah Hill even said yeah damn if I would have just went to high school 10 years later I missed it by a decade like it’s like because I mean we saw on the first scene when they went back when they got back to high school like he hit the kid he’s like yeah he’s listening to this game music it’s like dude you’re you’re in a

different time you’re you’re in the wrong time like maybe 10 15 years ago wrong time zone yeah that would have been okay but like that doesn’t that doesn’t work now but it was funie wouldn’t necessarily work in 2023 no way there’s there’s a lot of stuff that they wouldn’t wouldn’t pass if they made this film today but um yeah I mean it it was a lot of fun I do I do like the the flip of like you know him getting cool and him getting smart and learning because before it was like Channing Tatum’s character

was all about like I have to act like I don’t care and if you don’t care then you’re cool and all he had to do was like care a little bit and then he realized like he could tap into everything that he had been put in kind of in the in the back burner which is his brains um and I I really like the Nerds I’m like I want oh they were great as friends they were great no I mean I I wouldn’t have expected Channing Tatum to go with that crew but again adapting and

changing to the times it actually was perfect it Mak sense for him to be with those crew CU he had so much fun together yeah no they were great I I loved that crew and then uh just again they were unique to him and he was unique to them so I think oh Superman 2 that was so good the Neo before Zod has the greatest P besides have you seen Ace Ventura Pet Detective yes but it’s been ages so I will add this to my second uh favorite password cuz my first one is from Ace

Pet Detective when he says what’s the password New England clam chout now it’s going to be Neil before Zod so I’ve got two passwords now but look at him I know yes yes your phone show yeah exactly New England wow this is long clam uh sh my nerdy side showing my referencing nerdy side but really really are no but um there were just so many different great uh aspects of this film um also to the the whole uh thing with um with the uh with theand oh no no oh they had the Miranda Right call

back was that call back I loved yeah I love to the idea just I mean the way they play with fun action adventure Oh I thought they were showing in after credit scene the idea too of just playing with fun action adventure tropes they did it in a couple different ways like when they were on one of the when they were on the one of those chases when he was in the Peter pant tights and so they’re like waiting for explosions like oh here comes an explosion oh here comes an expion no explosion then they’re

jumping over the uh what is it the the limo like to make it look cool when you jump over the hood of the car to get to the front how did that look perfectly cuz that that’s that’s an action adventure thing and then jumping over the couch and Jonah Hill couldn’t land it it’s just I love the way they were playing with action adventure tropes it was just it was hysterical like it made sense for the story but it was hysterical at the same point uh but yeah and then there was obviously the the story

story line that they were doing with the the drugs and all that at first I thought that they were going to um the first scene they had where Dave Franco was selling them drugs I thought it was just going to be like um he was just going to sell it was just going to be like a normal cooking and like oh wow this was a waste of time but that’s what I thought they were going with that I mean obviously we knew there were drugs involved but I thought that’s where they were going at first

and then it was going to at oh he had to earn their trust or something but I’m like all right you’re just selling this to two guys who 30 days left in school who just showed up in your school like you’re very trustworthy sir right but uh I mean I guess on the flip side like for his argument is like he’s just making them eat it right now he’s not letting them take it anywhere but still I was like this is very trustworth yeah and I I like the setup how it’s is it Tarantino or

an Edgar right thing where it’s like the titles pop up so I feel like we needed them to do the drug so we could get through the phases and see them again so that when we would see others we’re like oh yeah they’re at they’re at Phase phase four or phase five um I liked how those came up the phase one phase two phase three it was really really fun to see them go through that um and man just like take me back to that party yo so I can like actually uh be in a

real high school party except like we don’t break anything it just seemed fun and I won’t do any drugs but I will drink yeah but when he gets stabed and doesn’t really because the adrenaline stabbed yeah but the adrenaline was pumping so much for him because he was he’s never been a cool kid he’s I mean he’s never been in a f well I mean he’s I know he’s been in police train but he’s never actually a real one yeah not a he got he got pum pummeled over by that one guy in the biker

but he’s never actually been in a fight and just like again had his adrenaline rushing so much well I guess you could say he had his adrenaline rushing once when he tried asking that one woman to prom in the first scene of the film um but clearly you could tell she was uh very disinterested uh but again he didn’t have a knife in the back of his uh or in his back or whatever that yeah so um but I just I love everyone’s reaction to it and then they just poured alcohol on the wound it’s

like go back to partying and like oh my God yeah it’s a party I would love to attend so good and I loved when they finally when he asked him to go to prom I was like yes this movie The Writing I love the story and the writing I thought it was just like it was really really good uh I five five out of five man for the writing cuz it made me laugh Oh I thought you about to say five out of 10 I was like I love the writing five out of 10 five

out of five 10 out of 10 for the writing cuz I I really loved it I thought it was really really funny I thought the the pacing the tone was great and also just like the the pacing of the editing even though they didn’t use um like any crazy techniques of shots I mean most of it was just basic setup of like a master and a and a mid shot and a closeup right for a lot of times when he’s there with a cop and whatnot they got more creative when when they’re in the action

but a lot of that even was just like slow-mo like it’s not like you were doing anything crazy cinematically and this movie it didn’t even like cross my mind that I was like oh this is just like basic setups it it is that with some other playful stuff because the script in the story and also the chemistry with the actors you don’t need it like this is just it’s great and even though the the film was paced really like I it was kind of a fanatic pce but it was still paced really well but I

still like that they took their time progressing the two of them with their Brotherhood it never felt rushed it always felt organic to me like by the time that they there was a mutual like understanding and Brotherhood yeah it felt earned it didn’t feel like wow that was really quick I mean I’m still glad that they ended up to like you know having a mutual understanding and their brothers and all that or their great friends Partners whatever you want to say but like yeah but that happened so quickly like I don’t buy no they really

took their time in this film and like it was close to the end of the film but again it was it was really well earned and I bought it and like everything they had been through throughout the film everything they had done for each other I really did buy that he would jump even though he he did have a bulletproof vest on him it didn’t matter like there’s still parts of your body that are still exposed you still got your face too that could get hit I really do buy that he would jump in front

of a bullet for him you know that was that was hard and I loved how the how the climax of their fight was actually during the Peter Pan play and The Way They Carried that out of course it has to come out of like I heard what you called me and like you know he was just calling him your sish your whatever they were saying it was like that big fight happened on a stage in front of a bunch of people I liked how that all came out and I do agree the ending was totally

earin because they took their time it’s great I I love I really like this movie I thought it was a blaster Ro so I don’t know I’m going to go like eight eight and a half out of 10 cuz I’m just like what a what a blast this was okay we got to be like Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum on this I’m going to go eight and a half out of 10 this look at us we did it any last words before we get out of here just uh I really enjoy this I think you

said it best uh the the action was great it was fun uh the comedy it was hysterical but it had the heart and the chemistry between the two of them was fantastic I uh I can’t think of a better Duo for this um I’m always going to be curious even though it’s never it probably never going to happen um cuz they had talked about for a long time with Sony uh they wanted to do a team up of Men In Black and 21 drum Street yeah oh what why didn’t they do that I don’t know

that would have worked um I mean I still would have seen me after this movie I mean like if they yeah I I’m interested to see the sequels of this specifically I want to see 22 Jump Street but I mean I’m just cuz I remember when they were talking about 21 Jump Street black but I’m curious how that would have worked yeah I mean if you have a good story it’s a good story but that’s an interesting pairing of dumla that I never would have thought of well I guess we’ll see interest well it’s not

it’s most likely I it was talked about years and years and years ago but uh I don’t know if that’s ever going to happen whatever I think the bigger UPS y all should make it that’s all for us we love you so much don’t forget to leave a like leave a comment tell us how cool we are because we love so much not and we will see you very very soon on the next one bye

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