22 JUMP STREET (2014) MOVIE REACTION!! FIRST TIME WATCHING! Full Movie Review | End Post Credits

this video is sponsored by better help more on them after the reaction people citizens of the reject Nation it’s me Tera ericon alongside Andrew Flash Gordon what is going on I love how you said that look look at my t-shirt guys dead inside but Jolly AF I like it yeah we’re going to watch I almost said 22 Jump Street but that is the name you were on you were on track I think I was maybe going to say Jump Street 22 22 Jump straight we’re watching it you guys so listen we’re stoked I mean I

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sexy over there get with it are you excited are you stoked what do you got to tell the people Andrew how you

so excited I love the first movie and uh that line at the end of the first one y’all going to college so I’m stoked to go to college with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill let’s do it let’s do it getting hyped just from the music yeah right and those logos oh my God there’s a previous I love it oh you lucky you even graduated this huh you want to be friends that was my

favorite part of the first one those two yeah the chemistry all right all right do you remember the lobster I don’t remember that you two sons of are going to college woo College here we go watch that whole movie we just needed the recap and is associated with water and femininity While y by contract zoom out man this is BS I thought we’re going to actual College not online college dope car think of this one from the first one they got it I wonder how many times they improved that scene that’s the ghost Yost neelon

biggest Traer of illegal Goods in Metro City it’s good actor I teamed up with a Mexican cartel and they’re running all this through the port what the hell are we supposed to be buying I don’t know what are you doing I got a new identity it’s going to be killer I’m going need you to improvise okay okay I don’t want to improvise I’m going to need you to improvise improvise I don’t want to do it I need absolute silence on the character dude you’re in a movie of improvising can you give me like a head

start on I need AB I need absolute Sil do a little Zip Zap zop oh my goodness you had time to do makeup that’s great and I love the western music too yeah this walk serious right now oh I’m sold they sleepy what’s up homie Wolverine looks like Wolverine yeah that’s man you’re sleepy everyone saying the body sleepy he like the Mexican Wolverine and when he talking my name is Jeff what tell about man tell that crazy adventure you guys had I don’t know what you’re talking about a man who you telling the story last

night that’s me every time I try to do an accent it was D and Diego and Swiper who was that you choked out man B no man can’t believe the TKS I have to deal with these days makes me miss the ’90s good decade you want check out the goods and shut up right where’ you find his Gringo man mfor his son’s concert and and they’re both so white what is it guns drugs oh oh my God that legitimately scared me ah it’s my back oh almost gave me like it felt like alien oh my

God whoa take him off guys they’re cops oh oh in here oh my God no not the car damn bye-bye pretty girl I’m going to shoot you in the face what are you doing oh Dam oh all right man get up here I can’t do that climb around come on climb around yeah it’s really easy come all right you good yeah all you got to do is walk now okay okay get up here oh my God I have a panic attack oh my gosh guys just get here oh my goodness Terminator you under I said

pull truck over whoa you owe me a card better be a oh now I understand that Terminator reference oh oh my goodness they both holy ow that was a cool shot is that a hickey this uh this was actually uh an octopus related incident nobody gave a about the Jump Street reboot when you first came on this is meta I like it so now this department has invested a lot of money to make sure Jump Street keeps going well the commissioner convinced this debacle happened because you weren’t doing the same undercover student thing you did

the first time always worse the second time around one gets possessive the other runs away you begin a slow painful unraveling is this foreshadowing yeah what if we actually went into the Secret Service and like tried to protect the White House I think I’m saying we I’m GNA ask you to stop talking do the same thing as last time okay keep it simple I can’t believe the Koreans bought their church back I mean good thing there was an even bigger abandoned church directly across the street yeah that’s convenient 22 Cher be right back across the

street just next door 23 ourselves not very meta as you called it yeah way more expensive for no reason look at Dixon’s office oh you guys did really well last time you earned it yeah you like Jump Street now hey girl hey 22 Jump Street is the lick and I got a big ass raise to babysit you two again I love how met this is this is great 21 Jump Street and Korean Jesus come on Korean Jesus is right there that’s Vietnamese Jesus you racist Sac religious sack of look at that Vietnamese Jesus just dripping

swag good hey hey look alive boys yo jenko same assignment we’re going back to high school your ass look like you’re about 50 you going to MC State they look 50 somebody’s out there they cooking up a new drug it’s ader all mixed with ecstasy mixed with God knows whatever sounds great I want to try that wi wi no you dumb mother WiFi stands for work hard yes play hard yes they get laser focus for about 4 hours of studying and then they party like it’s goddamn 1999 who’s this that’s Cynthia Watts he was a

student at MC State took some Wi-Fi got locked out of her dorm ended up falling off the wo o yikes that’s her buying drugs on campus and that’s the dealer find him and we find a supplier it is so refreshing to have a case with a black victim we care so much more because she’s black H We Care equally it’s a tie really oh my God no we’re not if it was a white person I wouldn’t even care one less cracker ass cracker to worry about oh my God why every time you speak I want

to throw the up my goodness I love every time ice cube disses him it never gets old yeah yeah cuz most of the time it’s warranted anyways what’s up bro High School right school oh so tight oh this is never seen someone so excited to live in the dorm yeah right oh dooke that’s a that looks like okay oh yeah gross it’s really incredible how many so dorm rooms look so alike yeah just in all different schools I mean Bean back chair hilarious shirt that signals we drink alcohol M I love bear pong some bakon

machine that my mom got me you don’t understand how it works I love the titling in this Q-tips be back chair a comfort that I will not wash for the next 6 months they are clearly ready for college what up fellas we across the whole neighbors oh twins’s up man yangs man what going on man Yang what’s up did you say the yangs yeah Dad Chinese man my mom’s not Chinese she’s black we’re brothers too you like one of yall older you got crows feet into your eyes man I mean well even if you’re a

little older that’s cool girls here love old the D especially doing spring break oh my gosh I love that kind of want something that’s a little deeper reallys deep the same is amazing that’s crazy we have that brother connection too I wonder if they do that in real life on accident quing Bo that’s complete improv yep you took a bullet from me all right I didn’t it sucked I do it again no way it’s my turn I owe you life dead goe bathroom oh wow oh hello I’m not going to take a the entire time

I’m here I know stop just exhausted from inventing Facebook or whatever website people already use so go to all Cynthia’s classes and activities ask around about the drug and find out who the dealer is dude in human sexuality do you get to or do you just get to watch people neither probably just watch adult films I’ve got a first impression for you oh y’all like psychology Tracy Mor my God nobody wow you looking for some Wi-Fi yeah man be sick go to the police station walk in and ask your captain to see the evidence from

cuz you’re a AR I think you’re mistaken you’re literally wearing your badge I didn’t look down you guys play football no this is actually my laptop yeah I’m taking notes right now I’m kidding it’s a football what has been the result of the War on Drugs well it’s definitely harder to get drugs the average price of cocaine has dropped 70% in the last 30 years then your dealer is probably selling you some pretty steep on cheap okay college is a wonderful place this is where you get to decide who you actually are instead of the

person that you’re clearly pretending to be right now why are you saying this stuff that’s exactly the answer I wanted Mr McQuade I want you to question what I’m saying this is the basis of this whole course he did it even though he didn’t understand I can really say whatever I want George Washington was a black lesbian the Eiffel tow made a they can’t fire me I’m indestructible I’m sleeping with two of my students her and her actually am this is an awesome class sign me up the only way you can fail this class is

by not becoming who you truly are please respond to my text oh god oh man uh we just need you guys to fill in the blank in a sentence that we’re going to set up so it’ll go like this oh I’m so hungry I wish I had a tampon okay let’s try it one more time oh I’ve got to get home so I can feed my boner what would that girl’s in my side class go talk to her you come talk to her with me stop being go talk to her go like dude you scored

with Brie Larson last film you know how to talk to you know what’s up was a high school but you still I talked to we’re in the the same site class oh yeah pills pills pills a sign of the times that rhymes Amanda binds Cynthia that girl who died did you know her she lived across the hall from me so what why do you care so much I’m writing a um slam poem wouldn’t it be better to just to like plan the stuff out ahead of time and make sure it’s funny and then not say

it in front of that’s not the point of impr stand up comedy that’s probably what you should do cuz that stuff’s funny anybody have anything they want to share let’s see what you get do you really do poetry improvisor I do and I will you got somebody what oh No uhoh Slam poetry yelling angry waving my hands a lot specific point of view on things Cynthia Cy Julia Roberts Julia robs Rich herd gear Cynthia you’re dead you are dead oh my God that’s for Cynthia he’s dead Standing Ovation I don’t have a single lead I

do I hear you can get Wi-Fi on campus anywhere 24/7 product placement Doritos baby best flavor well we need help we need to consult an expert yo dud you got a minute got oh that was funny that makes sense cuz that’s that’s what they did to him in the first movie you are looking fit a you should get some tips from this guy he’s looking good oh Dave Franco I’m liberated totally you know they gave me a it’s awesome you guys want to see it take your word for it Eric’s seen it Eric’s been all

up in that A that right Eric you guys got to get me the out of here I’m Eric’s no you’re not yes I am I’m your it’s a lesson to y’all don’t get in trouble and go to jail I am such a when Aunt Flo shows up it bleeds so much it’s crazy oh my it’s like the elevator door is opening in The Shining I’ve never seen that movie but I understood that reference yes I know but we can’t see his face we don’t know who it is we don’t know who it is I’m Smith

my parants are full of Duty yeah that’s you you sort of sound like that that doesn’t sound anything it doesn’t sound anything like me did you even bother to look at the picture yeah huh there’s a reflection right here oh find the tattoo find the dealer good eye I don’t know I do a lot of stupid tattoos to drunk kids you remember that stupid tattoo I’ve never gotten a tattoo you guys wait did those twins did they say boom did they say that I can’t remember did they or I don’t know maybe they didn’t maybe

I’m wrong I don’t think they did I might have did it on a football player I think I know know exactly who he’s talking about you you little walk on can’t like move around oh it’s going to be so funny watching Jonah Hill to football dude I’m so sorry it’s all right man don’t worry about it man e ow I got it I got oh my goodness dude I’m sorry I got my Q-tip in your meat bro oh man I got my I got my meat in your Q-tip oh it’s w it’s Wyatt Russell Kurt

Russell son oh it’s like a meat cute it’s like a meat are they in love right now it seems like it it’s a meat cute sandwich me and this guy are having a meat cute he looks he looks a lot like Kurt Russell too Brad Brad wait uh yeah yeah Brad I’m z z nice to meet you nice to meet you too man oh yeah he he so looks like oh my gosh they’re in love yeah he has his eyes like 100% I did not know that that was his son who love walk on day

now tattoo if you see that safety lineup That D though hit me quicker oh yeah I didn’t know you had Wheels like that bro it’s funny cuz he’s my brother so he’s getting Jelly we have this Rush party I thought you know you could come by and meet the guys it’d be really fun you too you can come to see also I said a bunch of stuff earlier that you didn’t acknowledge so great and he didn’t even acknowledge he said that I love it enough to confirm that rooster has that bazooka tattoo is he wearing

a joker up dude same puka dude dude I knew we were going to be connected just like that guys tired together and get married that’s the best line right there nothing’s going to top that I’ve been to so many parties where that’s been me I’m just like sitting there awkwardly in the corner awkwardly in the corner I’m like nobody likes me so rooster oh yeah no uh we’ met before oh really I don’t remember that at all you must have a really plain face n it was so nice chatting nice to meet you what are

you doing dude serious right now you you’re being weird you’ve been weird I’m wondering if it’s it’s actually meat cute guy that might be selling the drugs you think it’s him you think it’s him with the tattoo yeah that it might be a little reversal we didn’t see coming yeah probably I mean just cuz it seems like it’s so obvious that it’s the other one my gosh I miss so much come on let’s go all right yeah we saw on the truck scene he’s clearly not capable of doing that yeah there’s no way I’m just

going to go home I don’t know parkour so yeah this is me um I’m an art major okay not a model major yeah I love to be alone just love when you’re sitting there in a room and you’re just there with your thoughts and you’re like oh my gosh I’m alone anyone ever love me or whatever and like he’s so good he’s so good at improv if you don’t want to be alone tonight we are going to go hang out at the art building if you want to come okay okay that’s me when someone’s like

want to go see some art okay okay okay I expect tonight would go in a way that you wouldn’t expect but what I didn’t expect was tonight do I see a two peeking through on his oh I I didn’t so you guys hang out here a lot I wasn’t being a we’ll look again oh my God he’s in this why is that actor remember the show um love or on Netflix see how he has a line on his yeah that I did see whoa uh get out of town I guess Channing T’s making up for

the the fact he didn’t go to college so he’s kind of living vicariously through his undercover job right now totally feel like they both are oh it’s only two I thought it was late do you want to come in it’s only two I thought it was late are you kidding I mean Tara and I are old so like yeah so 10:00 is late very late go post bro you guys might want to hold on cuz this is coming down oh oh what is this is that the one what’s that right there oh it’s my old

high school it’s not a boom okay so it is it’s it’s Wyatt Russell he has it you called that all you got to do is join the team yeah yes yeah dude uhoh uhoh look that’s me is it the one no that’s the one oh it is boom boom shs well now you really got to play on the team so you can get closer to uh oh you hey good call now he’s got to F out of out of love with his with his bro his dude bro and now you shall be accused of seeing

the film yeah what’s up with it how you doing hi he got to sleep with that model and her underwear well it’s still early that was this for you fun for me it’s a good time yeah right I enjoyed it yeah this is why I don’t drink huh you’re like the loudest climaxer I’ve ever heard look I I just want you to know I’m not like a hit it and quit it type fella H is she a hited in I mean you’re cool with just hooking up yeah I mean no I mean I’m glad you

said something cuz I don’t even know if I like you when I’m sober no I know was great good you’re good at it and I’ll text you 3 to 5 minutes or something all right 3 to five minutes oh boy one of us got laid last night sh don’t wake up my bluing on the red eye hasn’t gotten a wink of sleep talking missionary we’re talking when I’m on top and she’s on her back a she’s smart she’s an art major I will give you some DB SM are you crazy are we going to talk

about how weird you were today with Dixon look I don’t think the tattoo means what you think it means I I mean for all we know a lot of people could have that tattoo this tattoo this absurdly specific tattoo yeah in that specific area too zuk has a tattoo we’ve been looking for this tattoo for days do you understand this means zuk is the dealer I really want you guys to hang out he’s in denial Tera yeah cuz he loves him guys Ken you just give us some space we’re really trying to figure something out

we need to focus okay not going to have a trouble focusing man yeah man those crispy trees got mad wifi in them oh no I’ve eaten six of these oh God who showed you Wi-Fi yeah man Cynthia gave us a buttload and in the exchange we wrote hologic paper for oh damn you feel anything no do you feel anything no but I have a super high tolerance oh I’m so focused I so Focus to I love that they’re on this Mission like this it’s great this is awesome like performing The Sober got to be so

difficult too yeah maybe they just slam like seven Red Bulls Maybe yeah not B going Mission Impossible you know it’s not Lan safety awesome I like that epic music to slow down going up nothing’s happening is making the glass cutting sound that’s no fun at all it’s okay you’re on drugs we’ll forgive you let’s do this should have done the laser cutter yeah don’t to Dr some I don’t time to prove zuk’s a dealer qu obviously right I mean the guy is the guy is all time the guy let’s be honest I mean like he

was open up beer cans with his eyeballs you got he’s got to make it for that he’s got to m r poor Doug I got a bad feeling about this guy dude I was talking to him for a second he’s got a big mouth I feel like whole thing you know it’s interesting in that class where the teacher said you can be anything you want there it said Star Wars in the back and then he just said I have a bad feeling about this which is a line in all the Star Wars so little had

a Trope there love that sh I’m trying to hear them be nice about me I think somebody up there above the Star Wars it said Coca-Cola and at the party they were all drinking Coca-Cola sponsors oh no that last one was not really covered very well the other ones were but that last one was not he just throws his backpack into a tree why do you think he saw us no you’re just paranoid because we’re about to trip balls no I’m paranoid because he could be dangerous we’re fine look we made here oh oh waa

dud that scared the crap out of me that me whoa oh this must be them getting hazed because they decided to accept them yeah exact exactly yeah for sure they’re going to kill us J where you going oh they are tripping such balls that would be terrible having a back trip I think we are tripping my side’s so much scarier than yours and they really did up the budget in this film yeah I finally got my Lambo I love that song don’t go oh my God no stay here stop it you’re dragging me down why

would you drag me down it’s okay just stay in the buddy system get out of the car get out of the car under knes you already know don’t you what oh it’s definitely hazing yeah open your mouth it’s going to be like tequila yeah yeah exactly a vodka to vodka welcome to the Frat Boys if you don’t make it through tonight you’re dead to all of us rooster light the torch I want to know how anyone’s liver is still intact if you were in a frat or a sority yeah oh God I I would literally

just be puking I’d be puking vomit I wouldn’t be P I would be projectile vomiting you’d be it’d be like the Exorcist yes exactly like it we watch that together right sure did yeah and they’re doing this while drugged up yeah I’m I’m happy for Chaine Tatum he’s living out his dream right now he finally got to go to college well if you think about it the first movie like Jonah Hill got to go to the prom and be popular and now this movie it’s for him but I mean I guess for Jonah Hill he

got to sleep with the really hot walk yeah nice I can’t this is disgusting I can’t do this anymore and now for my favorite event I’m not doing I’m not doing this is what we have to do to win their trust is supposed to be fun it’s fun for you it’s not fun for me I don’t know maybe we should just go our separate ways maybe we should just just investigate different people split up did you really just say that yeah remember the foreshadowing in the beginning of the movie they called it Nick Offerman called

it don’t like the idea of doing stuff separately we can still investigate together now it’ll be an open thing you want an open investigation this is great this is great the subtext yep you want an open investigation okay so I guess I’ll catch you later then you okay let’s hug it out you can’t hug me right now money for cab no I don’t need money for a cab this is really emotional right now yeah I I really like this scene a lot City well I guess he rejected it right yeah I guess you’re right drops

back nice we’ve got time for one last place damn solid looks like MC st’s got a new power couple Z and McQuay what get around you man I can’t jump got broken oh my goodness bro time he’s just sitting around watching them oh is that is that the girl he hooked up with I think so or oh no he’s testing the music CU well they said one of you is going to get him don’t come in I’m having with a human woman human woman hey oh his parents I love them it’s parents weekend wonderful you’re

dating someone yeah they’re definitely dating Doug Maya these are my parents so this is the girl hi I’m Annie I’m your new mother-in-law my goodness well my parents are here too mine H Ice Cube oh no yikes Dad this is Doug a guy that I’m dating how’s your classes going Doug you’re in the neighborhood and to be fair he did not know he didn’t know nor did Ice Cube say to him hey my daughter goes here do not sleep yeah he did not specify that yeah he should have to be fair I’m sorry that’s not

Jonah Hill’s but Que laas in this oh was that I didn’t even I was just looking at Ice Cube’s reaction how did you two meet we met at a poetry slam and then he stalked me back to my dorm room stalked her uh oh and then we hung out and we watched a movie actually we watched it a couple times yeah kind of black man do to get us some water around here give the give the guy some water he’s black he’s been through a lot where are you from originally I’m straight out of compon

but my husband’s from Northridge oh we’re not too far from either those three give godamn string beans I like fruit but this pork he’s under a lot of press at work what’s up play want go to the movies break your M break your oh my God I wonder if he had to nail this the first time yeah I had to cuz they’re like we can’t how many turkeys or chicken can they go through uhoh sorry dude is that it he sells drugs WiFi you know you can always tell me something if you want to get

it off your chest you know I’m always here for you right what are you trying to say no nothing everything that happened with Cynthia and Wi-Fi this is not the time to do when he’s spotting you but it’s good for the movie I have a friend who knows a guy ATC and they want me to make a tape and I want you to be on it with me that was quite a reveal it’s going to be our shot we’re like the dynamic duo bro we’re like Batman and Robin not Captain America and the Winter Soldier

do you understand that reference I do cuz I watched that show and he was on that show yeah the whole time I didn’t know he’s Kurt Russell’s son yeah you really think I can make it at UMC you could make it into the Hall of Fame oh well that’s you you’re going to be in like the anals of football history dude you could make it into the anals of football history too I just don’t understand what his problem is with you specifically I don’t Jesus that makes no Doug why does my dad have your phone

number I don’t I don’t know maybe the school directory or something let’s do something that would distract us so we don’t have to think about him oh my God his is it okay if we just talk okay you’re a genius dude are you sure it’s not too much though no Sho best video ever they should post that on YouTube get a lot of hits yeah another star wi Jin buy me a beer oh my God they’re like brothers I can’t believe we’ve been talking all night oh my God it’s 8:00 got class you can help

yourself to whatever you need and um yeah I’m so sorry I don’t know how people go to class at 8:00 p.m. at night ridiculous you guys High School I started class at 7:40 p.m oh a am I thought she said am oh she did say am okay I thought oh it’s the morning now stuff wasn’t meant for you was meant to be private so am I supposed to just sit here and act like I hear every one of your problems you’re more messed up than Cynthia was and she went to the school shrink three times

a week why but he gave her a ton of pills and maybe he could give you something oh she would be a good psychiatrist or therapist this that character is it going to be a character we’ve already seen what do you think you’ve been predicting correctly I’m like the psychiatrist is it is it pat oh is it that Psych is it that psychologist class remember the psych psychiatric teacher that they the one who was talking like Tracy Pat yeah the one who’s talking like Tracy Murphy oh yep you’re right totally called it now now I

shall be accused of seeing the movie you think you’re the first Partners to come in here looking for help only to try to run when you’re first faced with talking with me you know we were Partners a relationship is something that requires constant work which is what I thought we learned in high school so you are high school sweethearts I mean they technically are yeah I just feel like sometimes he’s not even trying anymore sometimes I like to have the participants make physical contact why don’t you hold hands okay I’m not doing that okay reach

out your hand he’s literally reach ing out for you you won’t hold my hand I’m not doing that I kind of needed to do it you got to interlock it though if you don’t interlock it this is like the hand move you got to what I want to be able to have is this is is this I want to be able to have that that same thing in a are you embarrassed of your partner no not at all okay and why the are you guys ganging up on me gang up on him that’s such a

thing that happens in therapy with with relationships I teach you about a principal called embedding look at the facts matter fact zuk has the tattoo he knew Cynthia he’s still talking with yeah what did you say embedding was embedding is our tendency to latch onto the first bit of information that we’re offered and over looking or even ignoring contradictory information recomend you can leave the room just get the out the first time we saw the photo of Cynthia buying Wi-Fi Dixon said this guy’s the dealer everything we’ve done in thought has been based on that

fact oh oh and we’ve ignored all the other Clues oh and it’s what if Cynthia was the dealer wa wow we have something really really to tell you about oh god oh he’s ready to shoot him what the is going on this is what the is going on the plot thickens oh oh oh my God that delayed the response is so great Channing Tatum has the best reactions ever I’m sorry so good literally yo this is the best thing ever okay Jonah Hill owns The Improv but he owns the reactions yeah you actually high five

sh for your daughter holy oh my God this is it’s really not that funny I just want to say that it was bizarre not to share the fact that your daughter went to MC State that’s what we said yep what if captain gets to punch you in the face one time I got something way better than that oh oh man we have to stop treating this like it’s exactly the same as last time and we got a bigger problem no more money in the budget what I thought we had klette KL you mean car blanch

we did have car blanch not no more you got that expensive Chase in the beginning oh my God it’s so met up uhhuh shit’s expensive I got them $800 shoes and you can’t even see them up and you had a couple SE scenes with my daughter look I apologize about the zuk thing what if he’s like hey got all this wi-fi let’s sell it okay great you apologize what’s that worth man now we have no lead what are we supposed to do now police work yeah kids don’t check out books anymore right I don’t think

they know how to read oh book place library book place a book I don’t think I’ve ever heard that a book place you wa up dud hey dude where are you oh this like reminds me of when he was late to the Peter Pan thing like where are you exactly you can do this alone I’ll be back in two hours you got this just go to the book place I guess he made it whereas Jonah Hill didn’t make it to the heang to the in like two minutes well we’ll suspend disbelief Place think if somebody

wants to show us their operation at least be on time what do you think the psychology teacher or oh it’s this guy oh I do miss today is what he doing when people did normal drugs what is this is he going to dress up Mexican style again yeah I wonder well he can’t because the guy would recognize him right away know right away oh now getting it getting it getting it getting it and he hangs off with a touchdown these two are and a he’s playing in a game he told you that can you shut

it what’s wrong with those classic drugs from the oh oh oh oh here you have a sh goes right there okay he’s about to meet up with the supplier hey sh check that out uh oh God go tackle him you’re interrupting a a really Stellar what the hell is going on it’s okay it’s just a couple of yo what the did you just say you said you were sucking his di it’s 2014 you can’t use yeah exactly homosexual maybe and if you know the person you might be able to call them a queer if they

have a great humor but I don’t I’m sorry he took one human sexuality class he thinks he’s Harvey Milk I understood that reference Sean Penn why can’t you just use your head for once oh you want me to use my head fine oh you are all under arrest where’s your gun what do you have guns what no I don’t we have guns uh they didn’t think that plan through very well this way it’s fast oh damn hurry up okay whoa that was awesome come I can’t jump down I’m not a Spider-Man yeah buddy do look

like Spider-Man that looks awesome that’s the car back amazing almost as cool as the Camaro well they did say the budget is gone so yeah makes sense please do something about how slow this thing’s going oh watch out watch out oh we can’t destroy any more stuff we can’t waste any more of the Department’s money we don’t have a budget o amazing that’s how you get money out of an ATM you just run it over I’m just going to run it over next now I’m going to start doing that dope I got to offer the

scholarship to play football here next year you can’t be a cop and stay here and play football with Zoo just when I’m on the football field and I’m diving for a pass I feel like I can C when I’m with you it just feels like you hold me down oh damn dang he’s never going to be able to fly with you on the football field sadly dude the brid are out oh cuz he pull pulled the cord you got to jump you got to jump jump jump jump oh boy I did say earlier it’s going

to go down yeah woo there it goes that’s a weird thing to celebrate yeah is that a college thing that I don’t get Maybe underr hey I’m an officer right just take me and I’ll explain later I don’t know hey who’s this doent didn’t doing wait wait wait what are you doing what are you doing I decided for you stick with football this is actually sad I didn’t think I was actually going to be moved like this I was just expecting comedy yeah they do a good job of delivering it well and setting it up

really nicely to be like oh that’s sad hey Maya Angelou thanks for lying to me wait did she find out he’s a c uh I don’t know we could we got there quickly yeah this is going to be great cuz he’s going to realize we’re too much alike and he’s going to miss his friend just wondering we have identified and arrested one Dr Carl Murphy Oh Wi-Fi residue throughout his office and had a close personal relationship with the deceased feel like it wouldn’t be him that was a setup you’re not supposed to thow rocks what

you’re not supposed to throw rocks he is mad inside the lobster for one person that that sounds good sounds delicious love Lobster I would get down on some lobster right now hey you want to do anything else other than about today this is what we do man dude come on no don’t be afraid why don’t I love that I don’t remember the lobster scene from the top but I love that he’s trying to do all the things that they did yes to try to recreate the same Bond it’s perfect why don’t I remember the lobster

was it a delete uh I don’t it might have been I mean I remember a lot of the first movie I just don’t remember that maybe it was a deleted scene maybe people let us know in the comments like you just guys you just forgot we blanked it o are they going to meet in the yard right now I believe they are oh that was cool that’s a great turn transition just came to see how you are I’m the happiest I’ve ever been so I’m just having a great time with myself glad you’re having a

good time with yourself I’m a solo artist now like Beyonce I used to have the other Destiny’s children but now I’m just a a lone Superstar like Justin Timberlake no more in sync no more how are you I’m pretty great I just chill and you know how chill zuk zuk’s such a chill guy just say you miss each other and make out already I just wanted to say that like I was thinking about the case I was worried they got the wrong guy for it that’s what we were saying yeah I looked into the ghost

background and I saw that he pays tuition for a student at MC State you think the ghost could be the supplier’s dad maybe I think it’s zuk or H I don’t know maybe the other guy the The Jerk guy yeah the other football player red hair spiky oh yeah I I don’t know who else cuz we haven’t really met any other their characters maybe the twins I don’t know someone’s bringing a ton of that stuff down to PTO Mexico for spring break we could go down there what about school and football and I have time

offerto Mexico nice going to his homeland from the character at the beginning that he was yeah one of these babies a grenade why are you going to put that is not the place you want to put that Mr spot the music cues in this are so great one finger H yeah get it did you not see that I was going first damn that is awesome wild oh wow mad WiFi jeez I wish I had that backpack I wish I had that backpack that backpack full of money would really help me out oh the roommate ah

that makes that makes sense ah that makes sense so much sense I’m sure rewatching it too like looking at we would have like all these kids hooked on Wi-Fi then you’re going to bring it back to your Turf and you’re going to sell the out of it sell out of it why don’t you sell those old classic drugs from the ’90s Like Cocaine from the ’90s okay so yangs you’ll take my dead roommate spot oh the twins are you kidding me Yang are you high of course yeah put’s your guns down guns down Doug my

name’s not Doug it’s Schmid and guess what cops oh my God yeah everybody knows you guys look like the stars of a cop show called Hawaiian dads these actors are so good with their reactions I love it we have way more guns than you drop your that’s a good point this really your entire plan or maybe we had a far more elaborate plan maybe my partner has a tracking device in his pocket right now may what you have track Dev I don’t have it’s the one thing you were supposed to remember the dumbest possible thing

is letting two cops blah blah blah while other cops are getting in position to bust their in oh so you mean I brought the tracking yeah what’s up now huh such a real argument that’s in yeah spring break yourself we shoot in Jump Street oh ah his BR the nerd alerts we love him don’t do it leather face oh protect that backpack at all cost save it for Terra please I need it you know what happens in a shootout they always kidnap the girl not always Mercedes you’re coming with me please I ain’t going nowhere

with you oh oh that hurts shot me in my foot move move faster now my time you shot me in myam foot Mercedes just took my dad that way okay we’re on it going go by the way you look really attractive that would have been great Lamborghini yeah baby dream car police police here huh ow what do we do uh we just spit up you okay with that yes he’s strong enough now and I need to drive your faster on foot what I don’t get to drive the lambo no go come on let’s go about

the lambo just go I can’t let him go you’re going to have to take him take care of her okay how do you drive this thing you got to let her drive you bro it’s true I’m sure chaning Tatum was actually really sad about that in real life like dude can we just switch this please bit it does make sense to have Jonah Hill save Ice Cube yeah just got to accept him that’s one of best let me you get crazy bmobile that is a good analogy see people I’m not the only one who makes

comic book references he’s the only one on this channel just kidding is enough you need cool awesome well done smooth get over here I’m handcuffed hole a nice parking job I’ll be right back I got to go he should probably be taken to the hospital he got shot in the foot whoa nice tackle get your fre hands off how the hell well I guess you would find him cuz he’s got the pink backpack yeah then you better fight like two men hey hey oh damn uhoh yeah but is zuk going to come in and help

him he’s his brother yeah I’m not going to fight a girl so just stop shouldn’t matter have you thought of me as a person instead of a woman you would hit me and not feel bad about it oh wa girl was this guy just randomly sitting there watching he looks drugged out too he’s so high oh waa is there blood in my eye blood in my eye oh that’s a little better that’s a little better is this their meat cute no what no what were you doing what am I doing why did you try to

kiss me I try to kiss you yes you did oh you’re so weird yeah OHA you haven’t wented to kiss me the whole time I never once wanted to kiss you never no oh my God you gave me kiss me eyes no I didn’t the eyes were eyes I just got punched in the face eyes they weren’t kiss me eyes this guy is just sitting here like what’s I love it I’m going to give you an out by punching you in the face okay and then we’re going to go back to fighting and we’ll Pretend

This Never Happened cuz I feel so awkward oh it’s so great zuk help him yeah blow up doll help him out help him out oh maybe he doesn’t need zuk’s help whoa cool nice oh wow it’s like I’m on channy Tatum oh oh nice cool that girl’s probably so drunk she’s not even feeling anything oh W she’s a dancer that School whoa awesome oh my God oh my God and then they make out is that a plastic imagine how about this you want a little fun is that yes oh vient I’m I’m impressed you caught

up to me you probably haven’t run that fast you played stick ball in the field behind old pop wiggle be’s sweet shop I have a clean shot Schmid and don’t take the shot maybe I want to take a dirty shot kind of like the dirty shot you took on my daughter you didn’t know didn’t take a dirty shot with your daughter we talked a lot and we care about each other all the good qualities you have I could feel inside of my don’t take the shot taking the shot I’ll take the nobody take the shot

is that Maya behind him I thought I saw Maya behind him yeah now Maya what oh you go handle the ghost he’s on the roof I’m on it I got it oh good job on the cups baby girl oh he’s running out of steam it’s me it’s me I love when they do these transitions from the sidebars yeah dude you were right that Lambo was just can’t hear that right now it’s a shitty made car it’s not good it does ride too low to the asphalt for my tastes got go we have to wait for

P I missed it did they say oh oh he’s going to take a bullet for him maybe y oh well that’s what that’s that’s what happened last remember completely miss the other shoulder yeah in the exact spot in the other shoulder he completely mistimed it nice call back I tried to take a bullet for you man but you didn’t not the thought counts it’s taking the bullet cover me I’m going to go long okay oh this is where he they get to I wish you could ride fly with me and I feel like they’re doing

that now whoa later Wolverine nice Bye by terminate ha whoa nice how’s he able to hold on he’s got a gunshot amazing is he going to make it I think he will after all those fails he’s got to have a success they’re going to fly together yeah well earned nice I did it you do I couldn’t leave you hanging man what are you talking about I was fine I had it oh oh no oh my God I got you oh damn and they said they don’t have the budget clearly not for stunts that for stunts

they do they do I guess you could drop them in the water you don’t hold me down man you lift me up literally and figura Hey listen there’s a grenade in my shorts can you reach it oh yeah that’s right I forgot about that is it oh that’s great Oh no I got it in my mouth say something cool when you throw it something cool hey nice no not the money not the money we need the money oh feel so alive feel so alive for the very first time let’s party Like It’s 1999 dude I

miss you so much man I miss you too you’re like a tiny little flower seed I was I was clenching you in my fist but a flower and K growing in a fist fire I’m in thank God this is what I’ve always wanted just me and you buddy yay dude we’re even about to arm thing okay right what what do you want to do all right just just get it over with oh my god really raise my arm I don’t want you to hit the bone two three oh no oh my goodness no for your

next mission you two sons of are going to medical school what what yeah nice I can’t wait time foreign exchange students awesome in Russia in Russia hey 24 jumpster I love it next assignment a semester at C This is So Meta I love it ready art school I actually want to see all these movies me too veterinary school she may look any different to you no set oh hey I got new glasses yeah may just got some new glasses man God damn definitely looks the same do this oh my goodness I mean sometimes there are

different castings for the same character really glad you’re back what are you talking about what contract dispute I’ve been here the whole time how about a Flight Academy don’t be afraid to yeah give me some Top Gun you’re Jump Street right Richard greo he was in the original 21 Jump Street oh video game video G I want to play this game we should react to the game yeah at least the cool car works in the game I would buy that lunchbox no you would buy the the pink backpack as long as it comes with the

money in it don’t sh my dick sign 6 hours of makeup we’re getting too old for this nice oh God whoa they’re pulling out all the stops love it Three Amigos or the Two Amigos I guess do Amigos 21 going into space those credits are fire yeah it was all worth it just for the credits oh my gosh that was so good all righty time to get a little bit serious so around the holiday season we often focus on getting gifts for others but it’s also important to consider the gifts that we give to ourselves

personally I found that maintaining mental health balance is a continuous Journey cuz like I mentioned before I’ve been diagnosed with type 2 bipolar ADHD and PTSD and in a lot of ways I’ve also grown up in the last few years on camera with you guys and therapy has been a crucial part of my life before the channel even and like many any of you my anxiety and depression seems to magnify this time of year still don’t quite understand the winter Blues but it does however therapy does help me navigate the ups and downs and stay

grounded for the most part and while I have my own approach to therapy I understand everyone’s path is unique and that’s why we are proud to be sponsored by better help this week it’s an online platform that makes therapy accessible and tailor to your needs and I know a few people have discovered therapy via better help and it has been transformative you start with a questionnaire that helps match you with the licensed therapist and the best part and an important part you can switch therapist anytime uring the right fit for you better help is all

about convenience and flexibility it fits into your schedule and it’s all online so whether you’re looking to start therapy for the first time or continue your journey better help can be a great option so in the season of giving remember to give yourself what you need too with better help take that step towards your better self so you can visit betterhelp.com rejects for 10% off your first month that’s better hp.com rejects take care and stay healthy reject Nation happy holidays and so much fun Andrew you say your thoughts first first before I say my thoughts

if you could only get one of those credited films which one for me for me it’s the Top Gun one but I mean I’m obsessed yeah but there’s so many different I mean also too I’m rooster so I got to go with Top Gun but I don’t know they all look so much fun is there a specific one I was going to say the Top Gun one Andrew get out of town um the other one I think it’ be fun if they went to Beauty School Beauty School Dropout veterinarian one I mean I’m an animal

lover so I could that one would be fun uh I I I love this movie um I know probably everyone’s like well did you like it more in the FR I I mean I love them both um but you know I also love too um I know I said the word probably like 50,000 times during the reaction but I really I know the first one was kind of meta too but I really appreciated just so much how meta was it just like literally grabbed it by the balls how meta was but I just appreciate like

oh but also too I love how they called out a lot of the forh especially with Nick at the very beginning literally said what the whole movie was going to be about and what was going to happen um except we didn’t call out the girl the drug dealer when we were I wonder if we would have gone back and listened to it if there was any mention of like probably a new person coming through if we would have gotten that I don’t know I really I like that twist I I did too and I really

like that character that that might be one of my favorite one-on-one like with uh you know the main uh the protagonist and antagonist fighting their dialogue alone like obviously like fight scene not the greatest fight scene but the dialogue going on like you kiss you give me the kiss me eyes and like the dial I got I don’t even like you yeah I got to say that the Imp I mean the Improv again in the first film phenomenal but the Improv here in this one again um the thing I loved again the the strength of

the film though for me though besides the comedy and and the action of course was the chemistry once again between Channing Tatum and Jonah they are just so good together what did you think of the film keep I loved it I just think it’s so fun to see them like we already knew that they were going to go to college and it was nice to see that Channing Tatum’s character finally got to be at college and have a lot of fun but it’s actually I mean it’s it’s I feel like that’s true in real life

when you go to college with a good friend or like a girlfriend or a boyfriend or something that college like breaks you up and you need to go and live your life for a little while and then come back together with what you know if you yeah and they really obviously love each other and belong together but I really liked the side plot with Kurt Russell’s son how he found um a new BFF and it’s so like all or nothing in the beginning you like find this person you’re like man because you’re so used to

he was so used to Jonah Hill’s character and then he with Kurt Russell son I obviously don’t know any of the characters names leave me out of it um that it’s so fast and so Furious and then he realizes like oh is this wait is this it u meaning the twps a pot can get a bit of Snooze festy and I like that plot a lot and especially with Kurt Russell’s son at the end going he belongs with him like he was so supportive which I thought was great well I mentioned their chemistry is so

good I mean you got Jonah Hill with the Improv and then obviously chain Tatum with the reactions they just work so in tandem but in terms of characterizations I I also like you just mentioned I love that in the first film like in high school obviously Jonah Hill was not very popular he didn’t he asked the girl to or wanted to ask the girl to prom but was uh she kind of gave him a sign like uh do not ask me I’m not going to say yes kind of thing and so it was more tailored

towards hey this is kind of you know it’s it’s more for him like he he’s like living his dream here and then this film is now more for chain tamam I do like the whole plot line though in terms of characterization for you know they kind of got a break a little bit apart so they can also have an understanding of like okay it’s good to get a little time apart so they can see that they do need each other as well but I mean you did make a good point though that college can like

I mean it’s that is a time where like you know you can you know you lose friendships or you just go your own separate ways you need the time apart because there’s so many new people and new things to do and you’ll find new people that you can make connections with which is why they end up in an open relationship for a while open investigation yeah I’m like I feel like it’s everyone’s story if you go from high school to college they’re like let’s have it be open for a minute um which is uh a

great uh metaphor which I think is very funny but I also liked that even in the emotional moments like when they’re breaking up when they’re like do you should it be open and he goes in to hug them he’s like don’t hug me right now it was as we both said we like we were kind of sad we I really believed that I thought they did a great job of making it believable and not laying it on to thi with it being like uh extra corny it was more realistic cuz both of them were really

grounded and great actors um so the moments when they did get emotional even though it’s supposed to play into the comedy slightly it was still very grounded and realistic which I really really liked yeah um they did a great job with that for sure and then also to just uh going to your point about playing into to twist too with that the the roommate being you know the did they by the oh oh Eric are you awake no I’m late he’s pregnant oh no sorry Eric that’s a nice call back uh what I was going

to say is uh you know playing into twist as well I didn’t p i mean obviously I didn’t see that twist coming but also I didn’t see uh Ice Cube’s daughter and the whole uh him hooking up with Ice Cube’s daughter uh I thought that was hysterical and also too like you know we talked about like I love when Ice Cube just rips into Jonah Hill’s so I thought that wasi and then also you talk about the ending when you know Jonah Hill has to get into the Lamborghini has to save you know Ice Cube’s

character obviously has to get a little Redemption from him because he’s having a little bit of an affair with his daughter but also too he’s got to stop uh not only the bad guy but the one who’s been insulting him you know the the uh I guess his girlfriend’s roommate who’s been insulting him so it was actually a perfect uh mix there but then um it also sense too from that perspective but I just I I loved I love that twist into uh in there but I thought you know the film did a good job

being pretty unpredictable in certain aspects yeah and I thought that it was a perfect ending for me because what he said to him is I just that wish that we could fly together and that’s legitimately what they do at the end when he jumps on the helicopter finally does it they are actually flying together and I liked that they didn’t actually do an exposition and say it out loud like hey man look we’re flying together cuz like you could just I mean maybe not everybody caught that but they were flying together and I thought that

was great um so I would give this my rating for this would be like seven and a half I I was going to go I was going to say 8.5 or eight eight or 8.5 I mean Super Fun movie seven and a half eight around there and again it it it’s funny uh there’s some unexpected twists and uh again there’s an emotional pull and the chemistry between the two main stars is just they it’s they’re so good together and a lot you could tell there’s so much improv which is again it’s not an easy thing

to do I’ve tried so much improv in my life it’s it’s a very difficult thing to do so I can only imagine how many takes for certain different scenes that they had to do or I know I know watching certain things I’m like I can only imagine how many times they had to do that or like is that the first thing that came to either Jonah Hill’s mind or or even the again the the character who ended up being uh the main uh bad guy or bad character antagonist like she had some really good improv

skills as well yeah she’s great she’s from uh the show where it’s mostly all the three guys they all do improv um she looks so what what have I seen her in you know you guys you know I’m terrible at all things names movies have I seen it I don’t know my brain doesn’t remember but it’s they’re the three of them they’re in the house it’s like uh whatever they’re all Two and a Half Men no no no it’s a TV show um it’ll come to me she’s in it she’s a star with along with

the three um guys who all do a bunch of improv there’s obviously a lot of people from UCB in this uh there was a UCB poster in the background the Obey poster um and all of these most of these actors at least the side ones uh are UCB people that you could actually catch at the UCB stage because they still do improv um and uh it will come to me work a I think is the name of the show in my brain I never saw you guys know what I’m talking about Adam Lavine and then

the other Adam Lavine is that his name guys help me out just leave it in the comments I know it’s Workaholics but I’m not I’m not good with all the names obviously you guys know me by now um so okay he’s at eight I’m at like seven and a half eight we loved it you got any last words to say no just I really uh enjoyed it I would love if they made another one I don’t know if they’re I mean this is 2014 so I don’t know if they’re going to make another one I

know they had an idea a while back of doing uh the 21 Jump Street franchise and I think we talked about this in the last video 21 Jump Street meets Men In Black I don’t know oh I would die if they did that I mean yeah I mean with how meta it got in in especially in this film I I mean I’d be open to the idea especially with these two coming back but I would love if they just did another one but uh well I mean I don’t I don’t know at this point I

but again you can never say never because with how many sequels we’ve seen come out uh especially nowadays like it doesn’t matter how long you know and I mean this is 2014 it came out so we do have it has been a while but you never know they could be like let’s do it we miss it I would I would love to see another one but if this if this is how it ends with just these two I I I love both these films they’re so good their chemistry is unbelievable we support it and we

love it don’t forget to guys to leave a like leave a comment ring the bell tell us how cool we are uh buy t-shirt you guys know all the best juice join patreon we call you super sexy we love you and we will see you on the next one goodbye

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