(#2)||Realme X7 pro Review & first look || 5G samrtphone !!! 🤙❤️

Today we review this so let’s begin hi namaskar 
namaste welcome to my channel
so this is first look and these three
variants so we start with processor mediatek dimensity hundred thousand plus sorry
lg future introducing the mediatek demensity 1000 
plus our flagship 5g integrated chip gives you  
immense cpu performance stunning graphics 
and incredible ai you can game flawlessly  
load apps faster and multitask smoother all on 
5g pick up your camera and shoot stunning hdr  
pictures and videos or go out 
at night with perfect results  
every time benefit from powerful ai and the 
latest mediatek hyper engine gaming technology  
this predictive networking enhances your 
smartphone experience and dramatically  
reduces latency provides rapid responsiveness 
that shaves milliseconds off touchscreen input  
and enhances power management that lets 
you game longer while ultra fast for gaming  
revision display technology brings cinema 
grade visuals into video streaming and playback  
use 5g connectivity that’s both fast  
and power efficient mediatek 5g ultra 
save is built in to ultra saving charging  
5g sim dual and make voice and video calls 
with the highest quality with mediatek dimensity
quad camera ram 8gb rom 120 expandable now factory 4500 
quick charging is 65 watt support display molded  
screen 6.55 fingerprint sensor

yes network 2g 
3g 4g 5g amoled display 120 hertz this is amazing features

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