31 Day Testosterone Plan Review – 31 day testosterone plan review

my name is Andrew hunt and one year ago
I nearly died and it wasn’t because I
had a car accident or got attacked in
the street it was nothing like that it
was because I had low testosterone yes
you heard that right low testosterone
and during the next three minutes you’ll
hear a very unusual story of how a 55
year old man
overweight with zero sex drive and
borderline erectile dysfunction
miraculously cheated death to transform
himself into a healthy strong alpha male
buck with a flat stomach firm muscles
and a roaring libido in just several
weeks based on research from a leading
scientist at Stanford University and
while this story is very embarrassing to
me he’ll literally be blown away
maybe furious when you discover the
shocking truth about why your
testosterone is being stolen from under
your nose why it’s putting you at risk
of life-threatening diseases why your
sex drive is disappearing and why your
sperm count has dried up to a trickle
listen if this sounds a little crazy to
you I’d understand but all I ask is that
you stick with me for the next five
minutes so you can see the science
behind this method because in doing so
you’re going to hear about some
scandalous leaked secrets previously
kept under lock and key by shady
individuals secrets that are putting
millions of lives at risk such as how
powerful conglomerates have secretly
conspired to hide and cover up the
deadly chemicals inside 93% of American
men’s bodies that is destroying
testosterone and slowly turning us into
women how continued exposure to the
silent timebomb toxin can result in
obesity diabetes erectile dysfunction
and even worse illness such as heart
disease in cancer how so called low
testosterone treatments such as hormone
therapy and gels are directly linked to
heart attacks blood clots strokes and
premature death and how 90% of
testosterone supplements are completely
fake and useless and in just a couple of
minutes you’ll see not only how to flush
out the dangerous testosterone
chemicals swimming around your body
right now you also discover the powerful
body hack I use to triple my
testosterone levels and sex drive
quadruple my sperm count and increase my
erection strength in just a few days
without using hormone replacement
therapy without using testosterone gels
heck without even using supplements this
previously unknown body hack based on
Stanford University research will enable
you to enjoy pulsating testosterone
levels and a powerful libido
hugely increase your confidence and
self-worth melt away belly fat and build
muscle instead just like it did for
eighty four thousand seven hundred and
seventy five men so far men such as
Scott who said I was on hormone
replacement for over four months and I
kept waiting for all the wonderful
things to happen that the commercials
tell you that everyone experiences for
they never did but instead my blood
pressure and heart rate were both
through the roof the entire time and I
really thought I was going to drop dead
of a heart attack not to mention that my
IDI got worse and when they added
another drug for that I’d had enough I
kept praying for another way and found
your website which I was skeptical about
but I figured what the hell
thank God I gave it a shot because this
last year has been phenomenal my wife
and I are having an awesome time in bed
now Scott or Andrew who said my
testosterone went from 320 to 990 thanks
I’ve been doing almost everything you’ve
shared on your site in your free
presentation it absolutely worked I’m in
great shape
I feel phenomenal I have tremendous
confidence and my passion for living is
back in a big way I owe this to you
thanks so much Andrew oh look just
before you see how this method works I
do have to warn you about what you’re
about to hear the sneaky low
testosterone treatment industry has been
making billions of dollars a year by
touting their expensive dangerous and
ineffective products two good honest men
everywhere using deception manipulation
and corruption that would make them
Afiya proud and what I’m about to reveal
will put their business in jeopardy
because the more people that see this
video the more chance that public
opinion will pressure the government to
do something about their dangerous drugs
and once that happens the river of money
these crooks have been sitting on it
your expense will dry up to a trickle
so make sure you watch this video
carefully take notes and do whatever it
says because I have no idea how long it
will stay up and because when you do you
rapidly see your alpha-male confidence
surge over the next days along with the
sharp spurts of natural testosterone in
your body no matter if you’re 24 or 64
years old no matter how low your sex
drive is how overweight you are or how
weak you feel you will swiftly ramp up
your natural testosterone production
burn off your belly and power up your
sex drive listen really quickly I know
you want to hear Who I am and how I came
to discover this like I said my name is
Andrew hunt I’m 55 years old and I’m
from a town called Athens near Atlanta
Georgia and even if these days I could
strut around with an alpha male swagger
and firm body that pleases women and
makes men envious just 18 months ago
that was far from being the case back
then my gut was nothing but hanging over
my belt my testosterone and libido were
in the gutter I was diagnosed
pre-diabetic and had a blood clot in my
arm a condition that ruined my health
and ultimately nearly killed me a couple
of years before that was when this low
testosterone thing started I started to
feel tired and down and they couldn’t
always perform in the bedroom if you get
me and I noticed I got a soft round
belly that wouldn’t go away no matter
what I did along with love handles and a
fat on my chest when my energy levels
dropped even lower my doctor told me to
use this testosterone gel that you see
on TV now I can’t say the name of this
jail because the makers have threatened
to sue me if I do but you probably know
it so I’d rub gel on my chest every
morning before work and while I did seem
to boost my energy and sex drive for a
while I noticed that it worked less and
less as the months went by and a weird
side effect was that I couldn’t pee
properly when I used it
another effect that it had was that I
had headaches and these aggressive mood
swings one minute I was fined and the
next I was irritable and ready to snap
at my wife for the slightest thing and
said read more and more about the weird
side effects of testosterone gels I
found out that they can cause prostate
cancer liver problems and destroy your
sperm this is even stated on their
website you can check it out and when
you stop using the gel your testosterone
can actually go down lower than it was
before you started not only did these
effects make me very worried but I was
paying almost 500 bucks a month for the
treatment that was nearly six thousand a
year out of my pocket leaving me
dangerously close to losing my home so I
started to look for alternatives stuff
like supplements and advice online but
unfortunately the supplements I found
promised the world and delivered sweet
nothing I mean sure they worked for a
few days maybe a couple of weeks but
after four months of taking them every
single day and hundreds more dollars out
of my bank account I was back to square
one tired and confused and you may have
heard the exercising helps your
testosterone so I tried that too well
apart from being embarrassed about my
gut and intimidated by the vain stupid
gym rats around I found it impossible to
lose any more than a few pounds and even
harder to build muscle or even finish my
workouts without feeling exhausted I
thought about hiring a personal trainer
at $500 a month on top of my yearly
membership and with what had already
blown on dangerous gels and useless
supplements enough is enough I said to
myself and after two years of trying
different techniques I started to get
really frustrated that all the so-called
solutions out there would leave you
worse off than before empty your bank
account or even worse kill you and all
the while my gut was getting bigger my
blood sugar was all over the meter my
libido was non-existent I was irritable
and constantly tired
my wife had had enough of me was even
talking about taking a break from each
in fact she later told me that the only
reason she didn’t move out was because
she was worried I was becoming very sick
and listen I believe I would have ended
up on my deathbed if it hadn’t been for
weird and very embarrassing thing that
happened that you need to hear about you
see around that time I’d started to get
dry and itchy skin and rashes around my
body possibly also as a result of the
ridiculous treatments I’d been taking
and the part where it itched the most
was you guessed it my testicles
my wife told me to see the doctor and
get him to prescribe me some cream for
the itching so that’s what I did but
when the doc had a look at my itchy rash
I saw the reaction on his face he was
worried shocked even he told me he
wanted to do a quick check down there
instead to see if all was okay when
instead of a quick testicle check like
Doc’s normally do he started shifting my
sack around feeling and prodding
everywhere it started to get pretty
uncomfortable after a minute of this I
couldn’t handle it anymore what the hell
did he think he was doing hey Doc is
something up
I asked very tense yes something is up
he replied you’ve got serious severe
testicular atrophy and your testes have
shrunk to the size of raisins I don’t
even need to test your fertility I can
tell you’re producing close to zero
sperm and you’re in grave danger your
testicles are actually close to
disappearing why doc I whispered almost
shaking look your testosterone levels
are extremely low he said as well as
your testicles weight and fertility
problems you risk a whole bunch of
serious health issues further down the
line such as permanent infertility
direct I’ll dysfunction depression heart
disease premature death he went on to
mention a whole bunch of other nasty
sounding sicknesses that I’d never heard
of but what scared the hell out of me
was this he told me about a study that
showed that men over 40 with low
testosterone had an 88% increased chance
of dying I mean actually dying because
of low T and as a husband father and
proud new grandfather the thought of
never seeing my wonderful cute grandkids
faces again really got me panicked and I
mean really scared the living daylights
out of me
what the hell can I do about it doc I
asked him my heart pounding with panic
he then told me I needed to pay for
expensive monthly injections which would
load me up with something he called
synthetic testosterone these might
restore some of my male
moans he said but nothing was guaranteed

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