4.6 magnitude earthquake hits Malibu

week. But with an earthquake it could strike at any moment. And that is what makes it so scary, because as human beings, we like to be in control. Yep you never know when it’s going to hit and you’re seeing registering at 2.0 or a little above that after the initial 4.6, many people probably didn’t even feel those aftershocks. Birx probably unaware of what’s going on. If you didn’t really feel the initial quake at 4.6, that hit around 147 this afternoon. Again, this is ten kilometers west northwest of Malibu is the epicenter. And, you know, we’ll

wait for the experts to really weigh in on the exact pinpoint the Earth, and where exactly we can call the epicenter. But certainly a big wake up call because of the duration of this and because of the fact that it was so close to all the metropolitan areas around this, uh, southern California coastline, that so many people in and sending in their reports of feeling it where they were, some people in parked cars or cars shaking, some people even driving and feeling it as well. saying that they felt it when they were inside their homes

and that felt much stronger than any earthquake they’ve felt wake up call to be ready to be prepared and what you’re seeing right now is a beautiful shot there. It looks shaky. So

this so this was the video Sandra of the moment it hit. So this was our Santa Monica camera. You see the bright blue skies and some clouds there. Uh, finally some sunshine after all that rain and you see the shaking there for, you know, disclosure, we’re we’re located here at Fox 11 in West LA. Not all that far away from Santa Monica. And

that was pretty similar to our experience here. Several quick jolts, but strong enough to know at first you have that moment was is this an earthquake? Are we about to experience an earthquake? And definitely an earthquake. And it feels like a big one. And it did for us here. Feel bigger than a 4.6 initially. We thankfully though, we did not have any of the damage here. We wouldn’t expect to see any major damage, but they still will go into, you know, the mode of making sure everybody is okay. Our chopper is up. We believe probably

rescue crews. Chopper is up as well, and we’re looking at the Malibu coast now. Our colleague Gina, what was your experience once like, and what part of town were you in when this happened? Hey, Alex. So I’m in the San Fernando Valley, and, uh, right by the 118 freeway. And I was sitting at my desk just looking at the computer when all of a sudden, it just felt like the house was swaying. Side to side. and they just kind of looked at me, and then they started barking, and I’m like, uh oh, we’re having an

earthquake. So I ran over to the other room to fine. And she was like, we had one, right? And I said, yep, we certainly did. So So yeah, we felt it. It felt strong. Did did the dogs know know in advance. Which sometimes happens. Did they did they give you a warning that this was happening or they they didn’t know my dogs had a large meal before it happened. then so they were kind of like they felt it though, because they I saw I looked at them. They were looking at me. And then then they

started barking, but they didn’t give me any napping. Isn’t it amazing? Sometimes we see those videos of the dogs that seem to know before us, at least by a few seconds. They get that early warning. I’m seeing some some of the folks on our social media who have been typing in their comments that they did get some of the early warnings from the systems that we have in place that are set to warn you a few seconds early. So that would be a good thing that those systems are working. It depends on not everybody’s signed

up for the same magnitude in terms of warnings, but it’s good to hear that. That seems to be the case as we continue to fly over our beautiful Malibu. We don’t expect to see any major cracks or anything like that, but it is always nice to look into one of the most beautiful cities, as they say, what, 27 miles of coastline along Pacific Coast Highway show casing Malibu? Um Gina, I mean, you’ve been living here a long time and have covered so many earthquakes to. This is all just a reminder of the fact that we

need to be prepared all the time, right? Absolutely And, you know, we keep reminding everyone to always be prepared, have everything ready. But honestly, do we ever have everything ready ? Are we prepared? And I can honestly say I’m not prepared if something major were to happen. and get the stuff you need because, you know, if you were to get something like the north north ridge earthquake, that such a tremendous quake that hit Southern California and so much damage. And I know a lot of a lot has changed since then. I mean, the buildings are

different, but still, it is just a scary thought. Yeah. Very scary. Hi Gina, it’s Marla Tellez. I’m here. I’ve relieved early in the morning. I was full dilosure. Alex says, you know that we are here in West L.A. I live very close to the station. home at 147. Uh, just had finished getting ready for work. And in the kitchen, and my husband was right there with me. And next thing you know, and moment right away. I’m going, oh my goodness, earthquake! And I mean, we felt it. My heart was racing. My heart hasn’t started to

race in an earthquake in a long time, because it just felt that that, uh, big and significant. And when you feel that intense shaking, you ask yourself, is this the big one? Is it going to get worse? Yeah, I’m glad that you’re okay. And the pups are okay. And they’ve been well fed today on this Friday. Yeah Yeah. They were not , uh, they should have alerted me. They didn’t. Yeah. Right. Right. Those watch dogs. Yes. But but I was going to bring up the point that. Well, first of all, I was looking back at

an interview I did with Lucy Jones on January 1st because we had an earthquake. Then along the Rancho Palos Verdes area. And that was a 4.1. And we always talked to her about, you know, being prepared for the big one. And the both of you remarking that you’re not necessarily prepared in terms of having your go bags and all of that. But doctor Lucy Jones, Mrs. Earthquake herself says more important than that is to get to know your neighbors and those around you, because if there is that big one, sure you need the water, but

you need to have a support system of people around you because you will not have access to the basic necessities that we have each and every day. Yeah. And that’s true. I remember being a kid and waking up on that morning in 1994, when the Northridge earthquake hit 6.7 magnitude quake, and living in Agoura Hills at the time and going out into the middle of the street in the middle of the night. And all my neighbors are you see them in their pajamas at night and it was a cold night in January, I remember, and

everybody sort of checking on each other and the grocery store was was closed and everything was it was a really scary time. And I know this quake, especially hard hit today’s quake in that area. We say hits Malibu. It’s it looks like from from what we’re seeing on the map. It essentially was between like Malibu and thousand Oaks. So a lot of folks in the Conejo Valley feeling this especially hard. We’re thinking areas like Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Calabasas, they would all feel this quake, especially hard in terms of a jolt because it

was very close to their neighborhood as well. This is a shot from our Santa Monica cam, which this was the moment when the shaking happened. There And you get a sense that that was a strong jolt. There But I’m hearing from folks that live in Thousand Oaks about how how strong the shaking was. And people were really, you

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