5 Things You Didn't Know About Golden Richards


Golden Richards the unsung hero of the Dallas Cowboys was actually named after his father’s favorite beverage Gold Label beer Richards had a unique pregame ritual where he would always wear mismatched socks for good luck not just an athlete Golden Richards was also a talented magician often performing tricks for teammates during downtime in college Richards didn’t initially play for the football team he was discovered by a coach while playing a game of intramural flag football rich s once saved a family from a burning building during an offseason vacation showcasing his bravery off the field he was

an avid collector of rare stamps with a collection that was rumored to be worth thousands of dollars Golden Richards had a secret talent for yodeling and even considered recording an album before fully committing to his football career during his time with the Cowboys Richards developed a special handshake with quarterback Roger stabach that they believed brought them luck during games

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