$500 Per Day Charging Your Phone? Lucky Charge App Review (REAL Results)

Is Lucky Charge app really a way to potentially earn $500 per day just by charging your phone as it looks like when you first join or is it a scam to stay away from? My name is Mikael and I love testing different ways to make money online and many viewers have asked me about this app so I decided to test it. And let me just reveal right away there’s some very important details you need to know. And in this Lucky Charge app review, I’ll give you an inside look and show all the important things you

need to know to find out if this is the right opportunity for you or not. So before logging in let’s go over who can join and Lucky Charge is an app that is only available for Android devices. But even if you have an Android device you really need to know what you’re getting into before downloading it. And when you just go to the app page you can see it looks like an interesting app you say it shows battery usage based on scientific measurements of battery usage and give you battery preservation status of health status. So

it’s supposedly something good that is supposed to help you with your phone and your battery and you can even earn good money at the same time

or at least that’s what it looks like when you are inside. So let’s then take a look and see what it actually really offers and if you really can get paid. So I am now logged into the Lucky Charge app and one thing you need to be aware of is that it’s hard to even get into the app because um I’ve seen on see now I was just sitting here

talking with the app open and then an ad came up. And that was my point there are so many spammy apps that just pop out up out of nowhere when I first opened the ad or app I I couldn’t even access it because I had to watch like 10 spammy ads or something like that before I could even get to the dashboard. So I’ve tested a lot of apps that shows a lot of spammy ads but this one it you know it shows so many even before I could see the dashboard that it was ridiculous

and I’ve never tried anything like that. But anyways if you can earn good money maybe we can live with that so I managed to now get to it. So let’s see you see there are different tasks and for example this optimize your battery. There’s some different time limited tasks. There’s charge acceleration phone calling uh you know all these things that supposedly has to do with your battery. But let’s see here so optimize let’s see what happens when I click that. So now it’s starting to check the battery status but then an ad pops up so

you know what does it actually do with my phone um you know it doesn’t say. It just shows me an ad so let’s see here now hopefully the ad will soon be over. Another ad that will be like another 20 seconds I can see up there. So I’ll just be back when this ad is over. So I now finally managed to get out of these ads there but you know see it’s it’s just like it didn’t even show what did it do. It optimized my battery what did it do right. There’s no information about it

all there is is just these like you click something because you think it will do something to your battery but it doesn’t show what it’s actually doing. And I do not feel safe about that especially not with this amount of spammy ads that just keep popping up all the time. And all of it is just about no matter what you do in here spammy ads will pop up. So in reality you don’t really optimize your phone let me just reveal that right away. It doesn’t do anything good for your phone battery probably on the contrary.

But maybe you could live with that if you could then earn good money. So let’s talk about that can you actually earn good money and can you get paid. So as you can see in the top corner there I supposedly have earned 133 dollars and that took me about 10 minutes. It was a lot of spammy ads that popped up but it was super fast. And see there’s another task I could get like 314 dollars at time limited task and all that. So it looks like I could very easily earn enough you see here it

says even income of the day 500 so it kind of looks like I could potentially earn 500 in a day just by charging my phone and potentially even more. You see if I scroll down they have other claims there even up to a thousand dollars there right that you’re supposed to can do just by doing these small tasks there and yes it was super fast there to earn this I must say so all that looks very promising. But let’s just talk a little bit more about this can you get paid. I’ll just close down the

app and then we’ll talk about that based on my experience and also the experience of a lot of other people. So the big question is then when is this fast to earn by using Lucky Charge can you get paid. Well I have tested hundreds of different apps and different other ways to earn online and I can tell you right away that any app that claims that you can earn for example 500 per day by just watching spammy ads because it doesn’t do anything with your phone. Like how would they make money with you like optimizing

your battery and it doesn’t even show what it does. I have no idea what it does to your phone and I will be deleting it right away after having tested it and recorded this video. I just wanted to share my findings because so many people have asked about it but it’s just not realistic earnings I know it would be amazing if you could earn $500. But what will happen is that you will then be forced to watch a number of extra ads or they will say like oh you can just pay a small fee and

then we will pay you to not pay anything. Do not watch any more ads. In general just do not use it because any app that promises that big earnings here will just not pay you. It will be a waste of time and I’m not the only one saying that if you go to Lucky Charge on the Google Play Store you can see there are other reviews to say one of the most useless apps I claim to give you money it doesn’t give out money. It just takes up space on your phone and see another one

it’s impossible to sign in again just apps ads all the time right. And then here it says as most other reviews when you get to cast out you have to complete so many extra tasks and now you know you you can’t even do the task you can’t even get paid and you see 780 people found this review helpful. Which means a lot of people are agreeing with that also 700 people agrees with this guy here that says that it doesn’t give you money. And you can just see more reviews if you want to you see

another one it was fun until you have to cash out. Then you have to perform extra tasks and then you know had to watch 30 ads and more videos and did the tasks twice and just failed to pull the videos. You can’t get your money and that’s just the reality of an app like this that claims to give you this much money once you reach to payout threshold, it will have all kind of extra tasks. In some cases apps like this even claims to pay you if you pay a fee it will just be a

waste of time it’s not a realistic way to earn. So to sum it all up, Lucky Charge is not a fast way to earn $500 per day. If you want to make that kind of money online it takes a lot of effort you need to build a real online business put in time and effort and eventually maybe get there. Using apps to earn can be a way to earn but it will earn you a bit of extra money on the side and I have information on my website here my YouTube channel about for example the

best survey apps and also the best ways to earn by watching videos and small tasks like that. I will leave links to that below so then you can go and check out more information about that to see what you can realistically earn. With free methods like this, it can be great but not something that can make you this much. Making that much money is just not realistic to do overnight without any effort and any app or website that claims that is just something to stay away from. And I hope this video helped you figure out

exactly what to expect so you won’t end up wasting your time. And if the video did help you make sure to hit the like button and also don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and hit the notification bell she won’t miss out next time there’s a video with tips and tricks about different ways to make money online.

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