Hello friends,
welcome back
Today I have for you a review
of a commercial lock pick set,
this one we have here,
is from the German
manufacturer WEND,
The manufacturer sends it
to me directly so that
I can give my opinion and show it
many thanks to WEND friends
As you can see, it is an
emergency set picks from
to carry in the purse, in the bag,
has very little thickness
dimensions of 9 cm x 6 cm
even in the wallet
and bring six picks
here you have them,
and a tension wrench
the trade name of this
set is Lockmaster
Credit Card Pick Set,
It has a price of…
I think I remember € 23
plus shipping costs
I think that for 6 picks
and a tensioner it is a
very tight price
there are two things that
have caught my attention on this set
and that is why I have
decided to review it
As you can see I have not
used it yet,
it is as it comes in the case,
I have not removed the lock picks,
I have not tried them,
I do not know how they will work
but objectively there are
already two things that
positively draw my attention
one of them is the size
of the lock picks, look
in others that I have
seen of this kind,
what they do is put
a normal size pick
this would be a normal size pick
I’m going to leave it so
you can see the proportion
look at the difference in size
the locks in this set
are much smaller
but what is usually done is
place the normal size pick
and a very very small
portion of the handle,
in this case the handle is larger,
because what they have made
has been a scale reproduction
of a normal pick
reducing the size of
all its parts
that’s something I really like,
I find it very very interesting
why? because by doing this they
have maintained the proportion
between all the parts of the pick
therefore maintain rigidity,
keep in touch,
increase the ability of the pick
to enter in restrictive keyways
they become very manageable
inside the keyway
Note that we normally use lock picks
that are much longer than
what would be necessary
this is a 6 pin european profile
there are usually no
more than 6 pins
and look, if we put the pick completely,
all that is left over the length of the pick
we passed the sixth pin by far,
to overcome the sixth bolt with approximately 60% of the length
of the pick would be enought
these heights are going to reach
the sixth pin already overcome
it without any problem
and what they get
is to reduce the height
of the neck of the pick,
make the tip of the pick finer,
therefore for me to do it
so much so much more interesting
even when keeping the
proportions there is no weak point,
still has the same stiffness
as the original
we have the same capacity
to push the pin
and we have the same feedback,
I find it very interesting not
only for this set of picks,
which is very limited by the
maximum dimensions of the set
but for the design
of conventional picks
these heights are not for
daily used
due to the length of their handle,
they will not be comfortable,
note that when we take a pick,
the back of the handle
rests in the hand
this gives us a lot of stability,
if we win in this sense too
you have the handle
much more short
we will not be able to support
it and that will make handling
them more difficult
but it’s an emergency set,
in any case, the proportions
it maintains are very very good
and the fact of having completely
reduced the size of all the parts
I think it is a great success
and I find it very interesting
I am looking forward
to trying them
The second thing that catches
my attention is the selection
of pick tips that we have here
as you see,
they are all hooks
I love the spp
I’m a fan of hooks
rarely performed raking
I think it’s a fantastic choice,
I love it,
I love the traditional design
of these hooks
look, let’s see if we can focus,
we have here one totally straight
this although it seems identical
has a slight curvature
they would be for me
the two most specialized
but the other four are very,
very common, very very successful
notice, a very short hook
a medium hook
here we have a medium hook
quite long
all very progressive,
and here we have a clearly long hook
I love it,
I love it
although what I like
the most are the hooks
I have to say that from the
point of view of the
objective of this set
I think it should contain
at least one raking pick
a Snake, a Bogotá or
something like that,
because they are
very effective picks,
very fast and this set is
designed for an emergency,
not for day-to-day use,
or for picking enjoyment,
but to be effective
if you look at the tensioner
in the middle here
I really like the tensioner design,
has two ends, and those two ends
are limiting the usable length
of these two picks
that’s why they have
made them so straight
I would propose an improvement
what would it consist of combining
the two ends of the tensioner
in one of them
this narrowest part… we can reduce,
eliminating material here,
by a third of the length
remove material to dispose
of this narrow tip here
in about 3mm 4mm length
with which we could eliminate
this part of the tensioner
and offer here
a Snake or a Bogotá,
some raking pick,
that I think I would complete
the set a lot in view of the
objective that it has
but I love the current
choice of lock picks,
i love it cause i’m addicted to spp
and these hooks
they are traditional hooks
very very well thought out,
very progressive
to face any normal lock,
notice this would be
totally straight
here is a slight curvature, though
it seems the same it is not
we have a slight curvature
there you can see how
the end bends
sorry for the ones I reflect
but it is very difficult
to place the lighting
the whole set is made of steel,
And that shows,
a very short hook,
I love it, perfect
a short hook
a fairly long medium width
and a long hook,
there you have it
very progressive, perfect,
I love the choice of picks,
I’m looking forward to trying them,
with what the only thing
we have left is going to
be disassemble it
and start testing them,
let’s get to it
well let’s drop them
I have never done it, I do not
know how easy or difficult it
will be to release the elements,
all lock picks are
held by three points
I say it in the face of what accidentally,
inside the wallet,
by one movement,
they are released and out
of the container
let’s see how easy or difficult
it is to remove them,
the tensioner is only attached
by 2 points, I think I’ll start with it,
there it is, they come off well,
they loosen well,
but I don’t think they
accidentally drop,
no, definitely hard to get them out
they are very light
the size is small,
very good,
it is not difficult to release them,
here we have the hooks, let’s go
now to see more carefully
they are well attached,
it is difficult for them to
accidentally come loose
that’s fine because they
will fulfill their function
even the frame can be usable,
it should be seen…
to make two dimple tensioners
no I will not discard the steel
it looks very good
thickness is 0.6mm
they are obviously
directly cut picks
as you can see they have
the remains of the anchor
and the cut has not been
able to polish it,
bringing the edges,
at least on one side,
let’s take a closer look
the cuts are alive,
Yeah they’re sharp
if they were picks for normal use,
these cutting edges would
have to be removed and a sandpaper
but a lock pick for emergency use, punctual,
at least the first time
I would not rule out later making
a handle for them and using them
because I love the hook design
look, let’s catch…
these would be the middle
hook and the long hook,
now we can see them better
very pretty,
very closed this hook,
I like them a lot, and the height
here is very contained
as you have been able to see,
on one side is written Lockmaster,
the trademark,
As I tell you, I will not file them,
I will try them as they are,
what is how they should be used
and here we have this short hook,
very nice too,
what remains to be determined
is how comfortable
they will be to use
once released…
let’s see how much they occupy
once used for the first time
and separated from the frame
the truth is that they
occupy very little
look, I think they can continue
to be carried in the wallet or anywhere
they occupy less than a jackknife
would occupy, that’s fine,
the tensioner, of course,
at 0.6mm, is quite flexible
but it works for an emergency,
without doubt
I like it
let’s try these picks
to see how comfortable it is
to hold them, their possibilities
let’s see it
Well, I’ve been testing
the picks for a while now,
I have tried them with padlocks,
with cylinders,
I haven’t beat around the bush,
I went straight for tough locks,
for example this padlock,
it’s an Ifam with security bolts
it is not easy to pick,
has several very quarrelsome spools
and the result has been very good,
it has surprised me,
I did not expect it, the 0.6 mm tensioner
is much more elastic than
what I am used to using
It’s what you have done
for me the most,
it took me getting used to
but the lock picks are perfect,
having so many different hooks
so progressive in curvature
gives very very good chances
what would I miss?
polish the edges
they are obviously very very
sharp edges but
is that it is impossible for these
picks to arrive in another way
since they come pre-cut within the frame
and there was no possibility
of polishing them
I love the profiles,
I love the size,
I invite the manufacturer
to transfer this
lock pick size with full handle,
the handle, obviously with a
conventional handle is much
more comfortable to handle,
but it has not been as
uncomfortable as I thought
they are picks for an emergency,
and in my opinion,
for that emergency, there is plenty,
the arsenal of hooks we have
available is fantastic
let’s try to graduate it
It’s not easy,
as I tell you
but let’s try
I’m going to use this
short hook first,
second one click
let’s see if we can open it
let’s see…
I had put the tensioner wrong,
there it is
I perfectly reach the
fifth pin with it
we start again first
and second a click
fifth nothing,
I walk away so you can
see how I’m holding the pick
second a click, third
what is most difficult for me
is that I have to be more
aware of the tensioner
there it is, we fall into a
false set with that second
that of the handling of the pick,
I forget the lock that
I have in my hand
fourth gives counterotation,
it’s a spool,
we’ve lost the fake one,
second a click,
I forget about the lock pick,
it is not what most catches my attention,
what I miss the most
is the tensioner
what I have to pay more attention to
but it’s very good as an
emergency set, very very good
there, second a click,
fourth a click and the
false set returns,
fifth is binding,
let´s see,
gives counterotation,
we set it, it’s a spool
first gives counterotation,
let´s see,
we set it
and there we have the opening
It’s open
let’s try this now
Master Safety Lockout
6 bolts, secuty pins,
Those of you who have tried it
know that no they are not easy
Let’s see,
we put the tensioner on top
from the bottom of everything,
second a click, third,
let´s see,
one click on the sixth,
one click on the second
gives rotation in the third
there a click
we have lost the false set
sixth seems set
let’s see,
that sixth seems set,
first it seems set
second again a click
third it seems set
fourth, fifth,
something escapes us
there, the first one has rotated
to do this you need tact on the pick
and these hooks
with the wide variety of
hooks we have, I love it
they provide it to me…
let’s see
fourth, I will pass to
a longer hook
the longest of all,
let’s see if we can get hold of it
first nothing, second,
seems set
fourth is binding,
gives counterotation,
we set it, let’s see
is set, second
gives counterotation,
these pickings are not easy at all
there you have it, it’s open,
there you have the open padlock,
well, conclusions,
I really like the set
as an emergency set,
what it’s made for,
it works perfect
In my opinion, perfect,
if you like spp you will not
have any difficulty
the only one but that could be put
would be to add rake
for its effectiveness
and for being the orientation
of this emergency set
the choice of hooks
the availability of these hooks
their progressiveness and
their size, I love it
I love it, in fact I urge you to try
transfer this size of picks, hooks,
to commercial picks with
the complete handle
because I find them
very very useful
23€ for this set seems perfect,
very tight
I recommend it, without any doubt
Thank you so much WEND
for giving me the opportunity
to try this set
I appreciate it a lot
and for all of you,
this has been the review
of this Lockmaster Credit Card
Lock Pick Set
I hope you liked it,
that it is useful to you
and thank you very much
for your time, bye ;o)

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