7-Eleven of Japan FOOD REVIEW | Plus Price Breakdown

Hello and welcome. Today we are in beautiful sunny Osaka, Japan to visit the world famous 711 of Japan actually, how world famous it is. I don’t know, you tell me if you know about it. I heard about it in a video where they said the food was way

better than in America. And you can eat inside, so let’s go check it out. You have to be quiet because no talking is allowed. in 711 international rules. Vitamin jelly. Chicken tube I don’t know what this is. A classic tuna salad sandwich. So many options. Okay, now, before

we leave, you have to mix your own smoothie, which, depending on who you ask, is either really fun or not. So I think it’s just dandy they’re hurting them. No. Oh. Muy bien Okay. And I’m almost done with this smoothie. As you can tell, it was pretty good.

It’s a smoothie with frozen fruit and soy milk. I Google translated the back of it, so I guess they used soy milk in the machine pretty good. It also says please do not give to children. I think it just means when it’s still frozen. Otherwise I don’t know

why I would say that. Anyway, now I’m going to go try the rest. Hurray Okay, so I just kind of got things at random, things that I thought look tasty

and things that I thought looked interesting. First, I’m going to start with the main course. I actually don’t

know what this is. This is this is what it looks like. Looks like it might be fish. I’ll be honest, I won’t be terribly thrilled if it is fish, but it’s what I got myself into. I’m using Google Translate, where you take a picture and then translate. Translates

Plenty of Okaka mentori bento. Okay. And this cost ¥470. So that’s what it’s looking like. And, Yeah. Oh, wow. Okay, so here we go. This. Oh, wow. It’s not really focusing, but it looks like it’s probably fish in there. It’s like teeny tiny separate container for whatever these

little noodly things are. Everybody’s Japanese favorite spaghetti. And, of course. The mystery tube. Hmhm. It’s definitely some sort of seafood. Maybe. Octopus. I don’t know how I’m supposed to eat this. The seaweed is like creating. Get out of the way. Seaweed is like creating a bit of a

barrier. Oh, my gosh. Whatever this this topping is. Tastes like burnt. Tastes like burnt. But it’s the seasoning. It’s like burnt flavor. Looks like real fish in there. Like, you can tell it’s. It was once a real fish in there. Nice. There’s, like, the teeniest, tiniest amount of

barbecue sauce on here. Looks like it wasn’t even supposed to be in there. But it’s in there. I’m gonna try some of the sparkling 140th anniversary Mitsubishi drink sparkling everything flavor. That’s why I got it. Because I would love a little sparkling carrot beverage. Are you kidding me?

Who would not? Sparkling tomato flavored vegetable juice, fruit. Vegetables, sparkling. Yes. not like my favorite flavor in the world, but I think I’ve said that about quite a, actually, like a couple of drinks that I’ve had here. Then they grow on you, like, you’re like, you’re not totally

sure. And then you’re like, yeah, ¥160. That’s what I had of that. I’m not gonna have any more of the rice right now, because I don’t really like it very much. Let’s mix it up. Something a little sweet. We got this here. Coffee jelly with whipped cream topping

¥240. It’s literally coffee in jello form with, like, cold foam on top. So good. and this, I’m pretty sure is like milk snow with whipped cream and strawberries. I don’t know the actual word for milk snow, but I just know it as milk snow. Like, I’ve had it

before. And it’s probably like one of my favorite desserts, ¥368. I will say it’s a lot better fresh, but I still like this. Hey, now alternate back to a sandwich. This is a tuna salad, ham sandwich, egg and sauce. For ¥280. So you got to go with a

tuna sandwich at the convenience store because it’s just like a classic, dangerous item. Comment below if you’re the type of person who has dessert first or after a meal, I’m the type of person that wants it all at the same time so that I can alternate back and

forth. I guess it’s three separate little sandwiches. This is the egg one. I guess you could eat it like as one giant sandwich if you want to. Oh, it’s so small. I noticed a lot of their sandwiches over here. Have eggs. Really? Into eggs in sandwiches. The ham,

I guess. I usually don’t eat pork, but I don’t know, I just got that one. And now the piece of resistance The tuna salad yeah, the tuna salad. also, no crust sandwiches no crust and very fluffy bread. Not toasted. Really feels like you’re having a delicacy. Not the

butt of the loaf. Like your mom always used to make you have That was good. I like that I’m freezing Next. Edamame flavored chips. This cost ¥118. Tostitos? Whatever that brand is of chips that are, like, perfectly round. It doesn’t taste like, overtly like edamame to me. It

tastes like a soy product, which makes sense. It’s not my favorite flavor in the world, but the texture is very addicting. Next. This. Mille crepe. I’m pretty sure they don’t not pronounce the double L’s, but it’s M I L L E crepe. However, you pronounce that for ¥278.

I don’t know if I would have gotten it if I realized it was a crepe. Well, the double wrapper. No way. Oh. you can see the layering A million layer crepe. Nice. That’s good. It tastes like a cream puff. It tastes way better than I was expecting. Oh.

I feel like this is some sort of variation of whatever those Chinese mukbangers are always eating, if you know what I’m talking about. They’re always even like this huge Actually, I don’t know if they’re Chinese, but I think they are anyway. Besides the point, they’re usually eating like

these humongous fluffy cakes like they’re fluffy and they don’t look real. They look like they’re like 99% whipped cream. And that was like sped up videos, at least that I was, you know, oh, whoa. like taking the biggest bite ever. That probably was an insane description, but if

you know what I’m talking about, then I feel like I described it pretty well. Next, before I fill up on all these sweets, let’s try the chicken tube chicken salad bar. this cost ¥148. They also usually have, like a regular chicken breast in the same kind of packaging

I think cost a little bit more. But this. Has an extremely interesting, suspicious look. Oh, it smells like a sausage. Let’s get a little rebound action. This would be so clutch to have. Just like in the US. Like 60 calories I don’t know, I just feel like this

doesn’t equate to 60 calories. I feel like that has to be more. Is it like double here or something like, is it 120 that would make more sense. Please, if someone could comment that below. Actually, I definitely will not be in Japan by the time that you’re watching

this video. Like I won’t be here any more, so it won’t matter. But I would like to know for future reference and I guess for reference of everyone else, I’ve been looking at a lot of nutrition labels and being like, wow, that’s like pretty low in calories. But

it might not be. Honestly, it wouldn’t make the biggest difference to me one way or the other because I’d still eat it probably on vacation. I’m not that worried about tracking anything. I haven’t been eating the best. I have been eating quite a bit of sugar and not

a bit of protein, so that’s okay. I’m not worried about it. I’m just gonna get back to business when I get back to the States. Holy freaking smokearoos. My mic died like halfway through hell. which is a bummer because now my stomach hurts from eating these things. But

I got three that didn’t Get documented that I will try again for the sake of science and this YouTube video. Hopefully it’s all worth it. Tiramisu. Chocolate bar. Wow, look at all this intense packaging that I’ve never seen before. I saw it twice already. Oh wow. Lovely on

the eyes, terrible on the environment. Let’s go. I feel like other countries. Just like tiramisu more than America does, because we have tiramisu there. But I don’t see it that many places outside of like restaurants, but never anything that’s tiramisu flavored and just don’t see it everywhere. Anyway.

If you don’t know what tiramisu tastes like, it tastes kind of like coffee. It’s it’s espresso flavored cake. So. i.e. the beans. The beans next these never before seen mandarin orange flavored gummies. Now I am going to react like this. Like how I reacted the first time. Because

it’s pungent. This is. It’s smelly. Not in a bad way, but like it really hits in the face with the orange flavor and not at all the color that I was expecting. Lovely, delicate yellow color For some reason I thought it was going to be like a gummy

candy with juicy gel coming out of the middle, but it’s not. It’s still still good. Still it’s own thing happening. Last but not least, luckily we got this ultra healthy one vitamin jelly. There are many jelly variations of nutrients multivitamins, different vitamins, vitamin C, energy, protein in jelly

form and I have seen people actually drinking them. So I think that it’s a relatively popular product, which is kind of cool in the United States, at least where I live. Product like this is not popular amongst the masses. Something similar is popular with long distance runners, athletes,

those kind of people I don’t know. not the regular folk, as far as I’m aware. And I’m thinking this is just like for convenience so that they don’t have to, I don’t know, take it a different way. This is the texture, kind of watery, with chunks of jelly.

And this one probably isn’t my favorite flavor. I’ve had two of them so far. I also had multivitamin. I kind of like the flavor of the multivitamin one better. I wasn’t paying attention to what vitamins were in that one. So maybe you’re getting more, maybe you’re getting less.

I don’t know. Everything that we had here today cost a whopping ¥3,176, which comes out to currently at market value $20.41 in USD. So that really good in my opinion. food wise, I would imagine all of this in the United States. What could you get for $20? And

we’ll be generous $0.50. I would say this and this might even take you over $20. I feel like this would be at least minimum $12, probably more like $15, probably like $4, 6 to $7, 5 to $7. This one. I ate all of it because it’s super good.

$7 ranging 5 to $7, $6, $5. No, 4 to $5. Probably. You’re only going to find this in like a fancy sports store or sports related store. So probably like $8, 4 to $6, 4 to $5, $3. That’s just guesstimate on what I would expect from the area

that I live in. Also, I don’t know if I have anything directly comparable to these things, but also I don’t buy these sort of things that frequently. But if I had to use the knowledge that I have, that’s what I would say. Comment below what you think it

would be. That’s going to be the end of our video. Thank you for watching. I would super appreciate if you could like this video because it really helps me out a lot. also, if you’re not already subscribed to the YouTube channel, please hit the subscribe button so that

I’m able to see you in the next video and leave a silly comment below. Let me know your thoughts. Let me know what you think this would have cost in your area, and let me know something you’d like to see in the future. Maybe other types of food.

you’d want to see me try and I’ll see what I can put together. But yeah, thanks for watching and I hope to see you in the next video. Adios.

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