7 Most Watched NETFLIX Shows in 2023-24 {Part 2}

Exams are over, now we need quality content which is really fun to watch. Netflix has dubbed almost every website in Hindi in 2024. Today’s review we will do Top 7 Netflix Hindi Dub in 2024, part 2 In the Maya River, there is a snake king treasure, that have

to be found. And our hero gets a map which has been tattooed on a human body. Mystery and action-adventure filled released on Netflix, “Can find anything anywhere.” Now let me give you a warning, it’s not like you will get that kick from the start. There is a lot

of build-up, the series builds a lot of mystery. But if you like treasure hunt, how to solve one puzzle after another through map, If you like all this, then go, don’t listen to my review, go you will enjoy it. This whole series felt like a cocktail to me.

National Treasure mixed with Narcos and mix Narcos with Money Heist. Perfect combination. There are a lot of sex scenes, violence, drugs, etc in the series. So it’s adult. Now see, Blue Eyed Samurai web series was released on Netflix, of top class. After watching that, I was already addicted

that I want something Samurai brutal action. And then I got this action adventure Anime. A highly skilled warrior who after wearing a gauntlet like Thanos, something demon-like comes inside him. And

then he kills bad souls one by one and their powers come inside this gauntlet. Only 8 episodes,

25 minutes, full of adult action, For two reasons, you should watch the series. First is its brutal action. In the first episode itself, there is a devil with a long tongue, he cut off his tongue. Cut the body in four, five pieces and everything is shown. And the

second is its dark fantasy world and the different monsters that come one by one. It is fun to watch the brutal fights with them. Now I will give you a warning and a tip. The conversations in the series are a lot and long. So I watched it on

1.5x, I didn’t feel that it was fast-forward at all. It felt like they talk like this. You also try 1.5x, if not, then you will leave it in the middle and miss a lot of good action scenes. Around 3000 people gave it an average rating of 6.8 on

IMDb. You must have seen a documentary or series inspired by the true story of female porn star. But a male porn star. Rokko a boy from a village how he became the biggest porn star in the world. And what was the journey of him becoming a porn star

it has shown everything. It is completely naked. Up and down, everything is open. 7 episodes, 40-50 minutes each. Around 2000 people gave it an average rating of 6.2 But don’t go on IMDb rating. I genuinely liked the series. Sex It is ranking top 10 in India since the

last month “As I was becoming Freddy from Rokko,” “I came to know how much I have to pay for it.” By showing nudity and sex scenes at the starting Netflix has ruined them many times. But this series fills up for that. Rokko character becomes a sex addict from

a village boy. And in Paris, he is doing one game after another Bro, the sex scenes are continuously going on. The problem I found in the series is that some things are shown so open-minded. after one point, I stopped digesting them. Then at one point, it seems that

the character of the porn star it should have assassinated now they are slowly showing him as a god. Whatever it is, you have to watch it alone. One time must watch. 19-year-old Stella, who is accused of murder, says that I have been raped. I am a victim. Is

this girl lying? Playing woman card? A lot of confusion. 6.9 average IMDB rating this Crime drama thriller is very addictive. Only 6 episodes, 40-50 minutes each The best thing about the series is that every family character has their own back-story and which is very dark and serious. Because

of this you doubt everyone that they must have murdered. And on the other hand, you also feel pity for the girl. At the same time, we are also doubting her that is she very smart? Is she playing the woman card? Now if I tell you the negative of

the series, then it will be a big spoiler for you. That’s why you should experience it yourself. It’s a must watch. I saw One Piece in 2023. And since then, my faith in Netflix has increased that these people make perfect animation adaptation. Since the time it has been

released, it has been dominating the top 10 ranking since then. “Always remember who you are.” Now see, the IMDB rating of the series is 7.3 57,000 people gave it. But the series is not for everyone. Especially those who followed the entire anime series Avatar The Last Airbender. I

did not follow anything. So it was a new experience for me. So I had fun. Before the villain comes with all his strength and destroys everything. Our small hero has to fight him, but before that, he has to master the 4 elements of power to save the world.

There is no flaw in the fantasy world of the series. It is top class. The problem that I felt its action scenes were not as long as One Piece. And then they show such magical powers which ended the fight scenes quickly. So it would not be that much

fun but thanks to its VFX. Which did not let me bore at all. If you are very mature, then the comedy can irritate a little. But it is perfect for children. 100% must watch with family. Everyone says Netflix and chill. But some good content that you can watch

with your girlfriend or boyfriend. That romance is slowly built. Tell me something like that. Emma and Dexter meet on a night of graduation in the 1980s. It is almost going to be a romantic night. But as soon as morning comes, both of them are on their own ways.

But this is not a one night stand. It is going to connect hearts. 14 episodes are long, but only 25 minutes every episode “I had a crush on you at the time of graduation.” “To what happened to it?” “To that crush.” I will tell you honestly. There is

a problem with British series. They stretch it very long. They show everything with full time. And it is there in this series too. But I was not bored at all. Because the series is very down to earth. It is completely grounded. There is no scoundrelness or lewdness in

their love. Because of this you will definitely see your love in Emma or Dexter. And there is a very unique twist in the series. There is a different style of the series. I will not tell you that. Watch the series. If you want to chill Netflix and chill

with your partner then it is perfect. An average rating of 8.2 has been given on IMDB by 33,000 people. And the most special thing about this Netflix series it was trending at number 1 with 9.9 million views. The number 1 series, My God! What have I watched? A

very rich old man. Who, while dying, gives his billions of dollars on his only son and nothing for the others. But he doesn’t know where this money came from. Now every big problems of that family are on his head. Now how does he handle them one by one?

His one useless brother, who in the end of the first episode… Bro, what an epic moment it was. At one moment, I was literally shaking. He opened his mouth. Now he will die. Shut up. In short, the action in the series is equal to nothing. There are big

people, drugs, gangsters and if they give one order they will end everyone. But still, he keeps his mind calm and deals with everyone. The series has given me ultimate pleasure. I have literally got the nostalgia of Breaking Bad. Now what can I praise more than this. Almost 35,000

people have given an average rating of 8.3 The series is very brutal. It is adult. 8 episodes, 40 to 50 minutes each. Which is your favorite? Do tell me in the comments. For the best underrated hidden gem web series in the world the video on the right and

click the left one for the previous video. Thank you so much. Love you, take care. Bye-bye.

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