7 Most Watched NETFLIX Shows in 2024 {Part 3}

From best to worst, Netflix is dubbing all the web series in Hindi. Now the confusion is that, from all these Hindi dubs which are of your type? Today’s review we will do Top quality 7 Hindi dub web series of Netflix in 2024. In the beautiful valleys of Switzerland

they all commit suicide at the same time. And while investigating this, a father reporter has gone missing. Now her daughter will find her father. But in this beautiful village in Switzerland there is a hidden dark and disgusting secret. Crime, mystery, drama recently dubbed in Hindi on Netflix. It

has an average rating of 6.1 on IMDB. The series is 10 on 10 in investigating and building up the mystery. On top of that, there is a mini-series, so no season 2 will come. We will get an ending. But in the middle of the series, the investigation part

and the flashback of the past slows the series down a bit. And then coming to the ending, it becomes super fast. A lot of twists and turns are put together at once. Just the good thing about the series it has only 6 episodes. A droplet falls from the

sky and enters the body as a parasite. Now one of the humans takes on the form of a parasite, its head will explode and different hands will come out, completely

pointed and finished. Humans who become bloody brutal monsters. And a war is waged between these parasite humans and

the Grey organization. “As soon as tomorrow morning,” “we will start the operation to finish them.” Around 10,000 people have given an average rating of 7.2 on IMDB. Anime adaptation The series should be watched for 2 reasons. First of all, if you have not seen the Parasite anime, so

I have not watched it, so I liked it a lot. Now the reason for liking it is that its action scenes were very good. The brutal and body horror has been shown a lot. And the series builds up that horror. And the action is very good because by

panning and zooming out, those long take action scenes they are running and chasing each other. But the problem that I felt such high-octane action scene is going on. Parasites are killing each other, their heads are exploding from among it. And in its opposite, so cold and boring, Slow

and loose investigating team has been built called the Grey. I mean, the villain is super strong and the human is dumb. Which will bore you a little, but the best thing is that only 6 episodes, 45-50 minutes each. The makers of Train to Busan have made it, so

it also connects you well emotionally. In the next series, is May month’s Netflix’s most-watched series all over the world. Three strangers have been missing in a small town in Ireland. Now a group of podcasters go out to investigate. They will also extract content from it and also investigate.

But as the story progresses, this small-looking missing case gradually takes over the entire city and grows bigger and bigger. “We are being bullied.” “Which means there must be a story.” “And that is good news for us.” 6,000 people have given an average rating of 7 on IMDB. The

series has 2 positive and 1 negative These three podcasters, whenever they do an achievement or solve a small investigation, which leads to going to the next level, then we feel a kick. That, “No, I have achieved something.” In the first two episodes, you will get less suspense, thrill

and more comedy. So you will feel a little strange, but the series gradually builds up. In the third episode, such a thing is revealed, that the series goes into a very dark mode. The series is a perfect example of that how good writing has been done on it,

which engages us so much. There is no nudity on purpose, you will find a little bit, but the way the series slowly ends, you will feel so angry, if I tell you that, it will be a spoiler. But for murder mystery fans, it is 100% a must-watch. Two

boys have died. Now after death, they will not choose freedom, they will stay on earth and catch the ghosts. If you like such fantasy dramas like Sandman, Lockwood and Co, then this is for you. And on top of that, the action is also great. 11,000 people have given

an average rating of 7.6 on IMDB. Sandman Universe’s continuation, “That girl can never be a part of our agency.” “You know I can hear what you’re saying.” In Supernatural fantasy, Netflix always gives good quality and top class. I liked in this series, the way the ghost investigation is

going on, it is going on like an anthology. We are getting different varieties of ghosts. Now against every ghost, these two detectives, the method they follow, then gradually make their team. We will talk about that team in the negative, but the action scenes, the fantasy, the magic they

show happening with the ghosts, that was a very top class VFX. Just when they forcefully, at the time of team formation, too much LGBTQ then have inserted, a few are okay, but how can every other character be gay? Then we feel that an LGBT community together must have

made this series. So we will make it on us, that’s what they decided. Now if you like it, then watch it, if you don’t like it, then leave it. And some small negatives like the comedy feels a little Gen Z and forceful. And a government that controls their

superpower and their actions, that seemed very childish to me. But besides all that the ghosts that they have shown, the way they fight with them, all that was awesome. If you like such quality web series, then let’s aim for 8000 likes for the next part. I was a

big fan of the Castlevania anime on Netflix. When I found out that a series has come like that, which is on Greek mythology, Average IMDB rating of 7.5, with 2 seasons, on top of that, this anime is available in Hindi. “An army from the east has attacked us.”

“But we are facing such an enemy for the first time.” Now before your high expectations, let me give you a warning. The story of the series, I found it to be very mythological, and I don’t understand Greek mythology at all. I find it very boring. But the action

of the series surprised me. The bright colors red, orange, vibrant blue, and it feels so awesome. The way the gods and monsters comes after our hero, his adventure journey and twist and turns how the monsters come in the form of humans, and how he fights with them, everything

is shown in an awesome way. It is the perfect cocktail of action scenes and brutality in an anime. The next Japan series blew up on Netflix. Most watched series of this year. A ninja family, whose past has such an event, because of this, they live in hiding between

common people, and they want to use their super highly trained ninja techniques, but they don’t want to tell anyone or show anyone. But the government of Japan comes to ask for their help. A big danger has come, so save us. The story is a bit repeatable, we will

talk about it in the negative, but presentation “You have to come back to your true form.” “I am not putting my family in danger again.” Average rating of 7.2 on IMDB. The best thing I found in the series, no use of guns. Bro, fight with swords, fight with

hands, it will be fun. Cinematography, one after another great location action choreography, it is so smooth in the series. And background music to make you feel these moments even more, awesome. But, but, it is such a predictable story, you know what will happen next, but the series takes

a lot of time to reach there. How are the modern times Japanese and their lifestyle, it all looks very attractive to watch. only at the end, it has that season 2, I get very irritated when they put season 2 at the end. At number 1, Oh My God!

Squid Game season 2 will come in December, But for me, after Baby Reindeer, this was the most addictive series. 8 different people are invited, to play such a game, stay together for 24 hours. And there is only one rule of this game, time is money. In the beginning,

it looks like a friendly game, but gradually it gets brutal. And every character feels so relevant, you feel that this character is this character in my life, this character was like me, this character is like mine… I mean, completely relevant. It is a game of 24 hours, as

time passes, money will also increase, but if you want 24 hours more, you want more time, then there is also a break for that. For that, you have to watch this series. IMDb’s rating is 7.3, it is very low. According to me, it is a number 1 series.

With very good Hindi dubbing, Netflix’s For movies full of suspense and thrill, the video on the right, and for the previous video, click on the left one. Thank you so much. Love you, take care. Bye bye.

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