7 WONDERS DUEL REVIEW / Our Thoughts On This Game

cax and i have now played a 
few games of seven wonders  
duel and we’d like to share our thoughts on 
it with you today here on legendary tactics
so seven wonders duel and we’d played a bit of 
seven wonders before yeah we’ve been back in the  
day we played in fact that’s one maybe to dust 
off eh i think so now that i’ve we’ve gotten to  
duel a little bit here yeah i always liked uh 
seven wonders i thought it was a a nice yeah a  
nice design it’s it’s well implemented yeah it’s 
a well put together game and find a review on that  
in the in the coming months yeah yeah we’ll 
have to bring that back to the the table and  
well the channel is a good excuse to play lots of 
different games exactly but at uh at the forefront  
today is seven wonders duel which i think was 
it’s a hit for me yes i i think it is uh sort  
of uh you know after the just the first few 
games we’re still figuring out the strategy but  
um but overall i think it’s a it’s a fun game it 
plays quite quickly yeah i could see it actually  
going pretty fast especially if once you

the hang of the ebb and the flow in the game  
yeah um yeah and it delivers the the seven wonders 
feel like it feels like 7 wonders 100 um but uh  
but is obviously it’s a two-player version of 
uh seven wonders yeah and that might be a bit of  
a detraction in some ways because you don’t have 
the kind of the chaos of three or four players but  
yeah but i mean you can’t play seven wonders 
with just two players otherwise right so i  
think it solves that and the whole pyramid 
and the unknown cards behind certain cards  
that get revealed as the game goes is kind of 
a good um kind of catch-up mechanism for that  
idea yes yes so so what did you now you have 
the analog game so what do you think of the  
components we’ve played yeah so we played i found 
the cards really nice it’s a nice cardboard feel  
there’s some pretty actually oversized cards in it 
uh i like that yeah i thought uh no i thought it’s  
a very well uh constructed well-built game with 
quality components yeah yeah i thought that at  
least they’re adequate they’re they may not stand 
out as being particularly amazing but they’re  
very they’re they’re serviceable yeah they’re 
sufficient um there’s there’s no kind of like  
crazy uh miniatures or anything to worry about 
just you know tokens i guess just the one token  
that you uh you know you move your military piece 
with but that’s about it yeah it’s a it’s a very  
low uh you know it’s like it takes no time to 
set up there’s no you know stress and kind of  
keeping track of components and setting 
things up that way not at all not really  
it’s a five minute setup yeah and then the rules 
what do you think yeah the rules you know what  
i was actually a little bit surprised at the 
difficulty level of the rules expecting it to be  
pretty light fair i noticed that uh you know you 
being the rules guy it did take a little bit of  
pouring over just to kind of get your head around 
it well i think if you already play seven wonders  
it’s actually very straightforward but i hadn’t 
played in a little while and i remembered uh a  
lot of how seven wonders worked but uh to be 
honest i i wasn’t a big fan of how the rules  
were laid out there was a lot of kind of i felt 
like there was almost like assumptions that were  
made as far as the um like card text or like what 
credibility is those kinds of symbology and all  
that it was it was a i think it’s fine once you’ve 
played a few games i don’t think it’s it’s a  
problem at all and and no no no not at all and pl 
don’t let that be a deterrent to uh to not getting  
it because it really is a great game yeah like i 
would watch i would much rather watch a video on  
how to play than read the rules on it it’s just uh 
it just wasn’t as as friendly as it was like just  
yeah but it wasn’t that it was hard it was 
just that it i felt like it almost made  
assumptions that you already knew what was 
kind of going on and when you may not have  
yeah yeah in terms of paying costs and all 
that you know i could see there being a lot  
of room for um misinterpretation but but again 
once you start playing it and if you have some  
background with seven wonders especially i i think 
you’ll pick up the rules pretty quickly so um now  
gameplay what are your thoughts on uh oh gameplay 
i i think uh first off i really really love the  
idea of the way they they you build the card deck 
i think that is so clever so that that’s one uh  
that’s one thing that really really um impressed 
me i also do like how you start off with the  
the four different um uh wonders at the very 
beginning of the game i think that’s a good  
a good way to sort of start you kind of kind of 
start steering your ship in a certain direction  
yeah exactly and you can you can build your 
civilization around getting those wonders  
completed uh you know as well um because i imagine 
uh you know if you if you’re the first one to  
build four um then uh you’ve got a bit of an edge 
and you know as in terms of uh um you know final  
scoring or whatever so it’s it’s good um yeah so 
the gameplay for me i thought it’s very smooth  
the turns are quick um and uh there’s enough uh 
just you know sort of decision making there’s  
decision points uh but it’s not necessarily 
something where you need to you know it’s  
not a brain burner in in that sense but there’s 
enough that you need to take into consideration  
that the the decision points are interesting yeah 
i would definitely call this one like light fare  
yeah but uh that being said i think there’s 
still enough on the bone here to really  
sink your teeth into something and and sort of 
puzzle out different strategy uh you know uh  
approaches to the game which kind of makes it uh 
you know it makes it really fun i think yeah yeah  
like there are some moves that felt obvious and 
other ones that did not feel obvious at all and  
um and that’s fine you know i think yeah overall 
it’s a lighter game um which is which is great  
because it’s going to get to the table more often 
and with more varied uh players uh so i think they  
they succeeded in that front but if you’re if you 
love strategy games and deeper strategy games i i  
think that there’s enough as you said meet on the 
bone here to keep you uh to keep you satisfied  
that way well it’s funny you see getting to the 
table because that for me is a sign of a game of  
a good game is when i want to play it immediately 
following and that’s exactly what i said to you uh  
when we played the other night after we were done 
i wanted to play again so it wasn’t because you  
lost it’s because you just wanted to play again 
right no because i wanted to figure well i did  
lose yes yes but i also i i it was also figuring 
out the uh sort of figuring out the unlocking  
some some doors what what you know where did i go 
wrong and how can i correct it so it was kind of  
solving the solving the puzzle yes absolutely and 
it does it does feel a bit puzzly as a game it’s  
you know if you like that kind of feeling of you 
know trying to optimize and uh your setup and  
puzzle through something i think it’s it’s got 
some some good stuff there and then as far as  
the theme goes yeah i mean i i’m a history 
buff so seven wonders uh you know even the  
original all of that any anything in the ancient 
ancient civ genre for me is is a home run so that  
that’s never a problem and i i i love a lot of 
the stuff they worked into it here too with the uh  
uh well we had the the call colossus and uh you 
know all those different uh yeah the sphinx and so  
forth yeah so that was me it was it was right up 
my alley how about yourself yeah well i mean the  
theme is fairly generic because like for example 
you can build the sphinx and the colossus in the  
same civilization that is true yeah hanging 
gardens and um it’s it’s fine i don’t i don’t  
feel the theme is pasted on uh like you know some 
games especially in the euro genre where it’s like  
you know the the engine is designed first and 
then they just add the theme in second okay but  
i didn’t feel the theme was super strong either i 
didn’t feel like i was making decisions based on  
um managing my civilization i felt it was 
based on you know what gave me the the the  
the the best um tactical advantage yeah best 
tactical advantage so it wasn’t it’s not a a  
world builder where you you can say wow i built 
this amazing civilization oh no no no no you know  
but uh but the theme is integrated reasonably 
well and it does uh work you know i it’s  
it’s it’s right in that middle ground between you 
know uh something where it’s so it’s dripping in  
themes so much that it almost impedes the gameplay 
versus uh you know something where a theme is  
it’s basically the afterthought yeah yeah so it’s 
right in the well no i remembering that it’s light  
fair i think is very important if you remember 
that it’s a light fair game then you know the  
theme of you know ancient civilization are also 
it’s going to be light fair but it’s going to  
add to the flavor of what you’re doing yes and it 
is everything is very abstracted as well you you  
build your army you move your military strength 
one or two spaces or three spaces down a track  
you know like it’s very abstracted in that 
sense we should mention too it is all card  
driven yes it is yeah and things like production 
and so forth again like you have a card on your  
you know in your little city area or whatever 
and it produces a brick and that’s you know but  
there’s you know there’s no like when i think of 
a game like brass you know and brass is so that’s  
when where the the theme really is is where you’re 
building literally a network of manufacturing and  
and you’ve you know building coal and iron and 
cotton mills and you know that kind of thing and  
and the mechanics are really deeply integrated 
with the theme right um this one is not quite  
as deep as that but it’s oh no i imagine not 
yeah yeah so final thoughts what do you think  
overall well you know like i said earlier it’s a 
game that i wanted to get to the table immediately  
following the previous game so that’s that’s 
always a sign of a really a well put together  
enjoyable game yeah it’s light fair but i think 
that actually might mean it gets to the table  
more often because uh you know it’ll be it’ll 
be um appealing to a broader swath of of gamers  
yes and and for me i i really like it i think it’s 
a great game uh it doesn’t necessarily call to me  
in the same way where i’m like i have to play this 
you know game like 10 times in a row or or the  
next night or anything like that but it’s it’s 
fine you know it’s it’s enjoyable i think it’s  
a good either warm up or cool down uh game for 
uh for people who like heavier fare but that’s  
also my preference is the heavier fare right yeah 
yeah i guess if i had one criticism it would be  
uh the score keeping at the end and the the 
you know you’d have to go through all the  
different uh you know and it it is common 
when you have the the score sheet there but  
with like a cascadia for example or those kind of 
games where you have to go through and you do have  
to kind of tally up everything in the end so yeah 
and it’s a bit of a point salad as well in that  
point solid game being where there’s lots of 
ways to get points um and there is that’s true  
that’s true yeah um but overall though i i think 
it’s a it’s a solid game and if you like seven  
wonders i think you’ll you’ll like this one too 
it it definitely carries the uh the feeling of  
playing seven wonders over into the new two-player 
format um so for that for that i think it succeeds  
at exactly what it was trying to do yeah and if 
you played seven wonders and have some uh ideas  
opinions and thoughts on it please uh comment 
below and let us know we’d love to hear them  
yeah and thanks again for watching um this is 
nato this is cax and this is legendary tactics you

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