A Bug's Life had me CRACKING up!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ First time watching reaction review commentary

being a lady button automatically makes me a girl is that it oh my God got me that got me too hey everyone and welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is Mary and today I’m watching a movie that I have avoided for a very long time in my life generally if you know me you know that I don’t like movies about rats and ferrets and bugs and ants and Cockroach it’s just any bug just anything that just in my real life would weird me out I tend to just not watch animations

on them but I’m breaking that in my adult life I’m trying new things so here I am trying bugs life this one is quite popular people love this film I know that I know it came after Toy Story which I have watched Toy Story I watched that as an adult as well I watched it when I was working at a cable company a few years back and I was like you know what this is the perfect opportunity to finally watch Toy Story but anyways we’re not talking about Toy Story right now we’re talking about bugs

life I don’t know much about this film obviously all I know is that it’s about bugs but before we jump into this reaction video though

I want to remind you guys about the uncut version that guy’s gonna be over on patreon that link is going to be in the description bar and in the pinned comments down below where you can also find me on Instagram Twitter twitch Discord and I got two channels now a gaming channel and a vlog Channel which you are more than welcome to check out as well if you so please so

with all of that said I think we’re ready to get into this movie so let’s get to it oh dude I’m not even kidding I used to have a massive ant problem in one of the places I used to live so this is bringing me back this is bringing me back to that time I’m glad these ants are outside and not inside somebody’s home I’m trying to fly dude that Queen looks like she’s been through menopause like for at least 15 years how is she the mother of this little baby what is going on dude

why are they doing that why are they doing that and you hurt the princess collect food for ourselves because we spent all summer harvesting for the offering speed up production another invention hey I love the Innovations oh wow go I’m sorry I was I was really just trying to help oh poor flick I feel bad for him I like this telescope idea these guys don’t like change hey trust the younger generation to appreciate change though pretty classic uh you’re gonna hurt another oil feed the tree you’ve got to work with me here all right okay

I feel like you can do much now but that’s just because well you’re not a tree yourself some time you’re still a seed but it’s a rock she’s not she’s not getting it she’s not she’s too little she’s too little flick come on she’s baby who’s here the humans I’m excited to see this ant hill oh wow okay look at this not bad they have a whole system in place looks great okay that’s everyone dude I actually didn’t know that ants could even fly so my bad oh oh no oh flick you done up now

oh dude I wonder how long they spent collecting all of that oh God and it’s all in the water you can’t even get it back oh yeah bro just I would just run away excommunicate that time oh there’s no offering oh girl oh the Grasshoppers they’re a threat oh no oh oh what’s gonna happen are they gonna eat the ants instead oh no oh my God yes they would they would eat the ABS I’m pretty sure they would eat the ants oh what the hell’s with this guy’s eye oh it’s got those evils scary looking

villain eyes and those unimpressed eyes so where is it where’s my food oh it gives me the chills literally what the food was in a leaf sitting excuse me are you sure it’s not up there the sun grows the food the ants pick the food the grasshoppers eat the food the birds eat the Grasshoppers hey like the one that nearly ate you be quiet be quiet okay you’re making Hopper look bad oh they’re Brothers word out of you while we’re on this island do you understand me but how can I answer you said I couldn’t

say another word that remember Mom remember Mom this just punches a random grass grasshopper since it’s almost the rainy season we need this time to gather food for ourselves you don’t keep your end of the bargain then I can’t guarantee your safety and there are insects out there that will take advantage of you it seems like you’re the one taking advantage of them Hopper oh what’s the matter you scared of grasshoppers that’s a rogue grasshopper you don’t like Thumper leave her alone thank you flick for standing up go ahead and take her it’s just a

baby you no then get back in line jeez I never knew grasshoppers could be this mean that you are forgetting your place double the order of double try can they maybe can they maybe move is that an option can they all just leave and find a new home look at him go find helpers now positively scheming in the background this is like Moana I guess moana’s like this you can’t miss anything oh I see that’s kind of cruel deliberation we have decided to grant you your request really really oh thank you princess thank you so

much he’s going to prove them all wrong we help repair some of the damage before I go don’t you think it’s not enough sir look at him all ready for the trip he really is like the black sheep of his clan don’t worry three the colony is in good hands they have no faith in him W he’s like oh they’re cheering for me bless his heart oh if Angelina Jolie was a spider that would be how she looked like come here oh God is that a fly nothing interesting to say um I guess they couldn’t

get a real B for this act oh my God oh it’s pretty though she’s cute makes me a girl is that it oh my God got me that got me too judging by your breath you must have been buzzing around to dumb people you’re making the maggots cry oh my God the maggots the baby flies I can’t oh wow beautiful it is up to me to rescue the performance gypsy don’t you understand we are up let’s go these flies be rude yeah that never happens in real life can you imagine 24 hours okay I like

Rosie the most these two posts spitting a weapon safety in less than 15 seconds it’s a lot of pressure it’s not a lot of time okay oh my God Stakes just got higher all right I’m out of here oh oh oh oh oh wow no no he said no not go oh oh God is he gonna he’s gonna die no no oh my God he’s gonna die oh my God oh my God oh my god dude I that was very lucky oh my God okay no way no way no way no way he should be

dead oh got the water bit late a little bit late there yeah burn him again I can’t with these flies they’re so rude all right wow look at him in his little cap he looks like such a nerd you fired by a flea how humiliated please I’m triggered hey These Guys these guys are perfect for flick they need purpose are here boyfriends more like enemies oh oh that’s a different Bloody Mary it’s actual blood I should have known you see I’m looking for tough Warrior bugs stand back Warrior bugs gullible they’re obviously acting oh oh

no what a simple life eh that looks very impressive with flick just walking in oh and they’re gonna think yeah I freaking knew this miscommunication will you help us where are they we’ll take the job really oh yep okay wow they’re out of there look at that successful mission sort of got a bunch of thespians it is a little bit too good to be true flick you’re right about that perfect surprise they don’t understand you do you know what he said no I don’t know do you know oh my Lord that was never coming back

yeah we’ll see we’ll see look at this triumphant music Flick’s here flick has returned he’s back and he’s accompanied by Savage insects what what did they think he was gonna die actually found one what do you think was gonna happen to Blake our troop beer guarantees a performance like no other oh my gosh Shopper friends get here we are gonna never oh wow wow wow they do not understand each other at all knocked them dead from entertainment maybe if you can even entertain those grasshoppers they don’t seem to have much of a sense of humor

oh they’re wasting time they should be looking for food I’m so worried for them oh we do want to be dying because our teachers said it would be more dramatic we are the Warriors oh now they’re understanding faces oh my God all of this time wasted they should have been Gathering food because These Guys these circus performers are not ready thank you your highness yeah it wouldn’t be good no there’s no circus around here so yep this is bad don’t worry I’ve called for secret meeting to plan for circus uh circumventing the oncoming horde so

they can trapeze trap them with ease shouldn’t I come too no sorry this is very very private very private planning stuff but if you could just do me a little favor before you leave um if you could just squish me oh it would be great because uh when they find out I’m as good as dead uh oh princess Addus here uh-oh they’re in the middle of a top secret meeting right now and they really should not be disturbed now right guys oh they’re gone could you excuse me please this is soy sauce oh Dot dot

the Spy I couldn’t tell no Dottie what are you doing uh-oh that’s why oh dot what were you thinking what were you thinking dot oh no oh save them save them save them oh look at that heroic act yeah he’s gonna look like a hero now oh God ouch oh the telescope see his invention is coming into good use yes hey I usually love birds I usually love them a lot the early bird gets the worm this makes them all look really good in front of the ants I love this guy’s accent his voice he

reminds me of that Austrian guy from The Simpsons peacocking but make it butterflying up up guys oh my God whoa whoa oh oh ouch oh my friends wow and that’s what they’re chasing you know it might not be a circus but you will get a lot of appreciation from these ants if you work with them that’s for damn sure they’re grateful to you our honorary dead mother they’re so cute how can you say no to them you don’t think I’ve offended the Warriors do you you no oh good that’s a change of tune here I

thought you’d hired a bunch of clowns you did don’t tell him I said that kind of right on the money there it’s like it’s imposter syndrome sis hey they’re very they relate to each other in that way say that again I said even Harper’s afraid of birds he might have a new invention up his sleeve they’re all about it way you pretended to be stuck in that huge crap all part of the clan yes I was pretending you were saying oh say going to build a bird a bird that we can operate from the inside

which would then be hosted above the Antioch that’s cool everyone’s involvement to make wow a reality I know this is great to build this bird I love this these ants were totally against every invention flick would come up with they didn’t want any change and look at them all together now this is a great film about Community I’m loving it so far oh that’s that’s very cool oh wow they’re so smart dude ants are so smart annoying but freaking smart what the hell are they are they stringing up a little bit of a romance oh

my gosh thank you how are you gonna cry right you’re gonna cry see if I care go ahead and cry good please don’t cry please oh ladybug just embrace it just embrace it they’re not even stressed about the leaves falling anymore one day sweetheart one day oh they’re falling in love laughs well at least oh she I think yes I saw that look at that bird everything just works they know that word they understand you’re fired they’re so happy the mood has completely shifted here I don’t want them to be so confident just in case

things mess up though like they should have a backup plan blueberry is this mess we’re beating the boys up oh raisins do grow on you oh Francis everybody quiets down I sneak you up the back way and then you’re out of here forever no don’t wanna go oh well if Tim stays he’s gonna need me here he’s not fully trained I mean how straight I uh I kind of promised the blueberries I’d teach them can ask them Francis oh no time’s come nice what the heck what what the old boss off your flea die oh

just revealed that their circus performers be quiet someone kill this flea you’re not Warriors are you kidding these guys are the lousiest circus bugs you’ve ever seen oh no what a jerk it was concocted by clowns hey hey hey we really thought Flick’s idea was gonna work was don’t say was tell me this isn’t true oh no this is so bad yes Queen no still go with the plan so I suggest you all leave but the bird the bird will work Trust no no I I lied flick yeah yeah you did you did The Colony

the Queen the royal family I’ve got goosebumpies I want you to leave flick damn time don’t come back oh no way you mean that no way at uh no that’s family dude of Christ oh yeah you flea well at least flick has new friends that really sucks though I think they should still go ahead with the plan like what the hell else are they gonna do and you know they’re coming back they had enough food they’re coming back because flick stood up to them so again it’s Flick’s fault like it’s just so bad it’s so

bad on flick they’re working like absolute dogs right now the entire mood has shifted it’s not enough what do we do I don’t know when the leaders have no answers that’s when you know is screwed uh-oh uh oh this is mad chilling dude I’m getting stressed I’m messing with my stress toy flame all summer kind of it’s really fun you’re staying with me hostage Leverage oh my gosh the new generation will use the bird I reckon they’re gonna do something oh this is cute love this Clubhouse so secretive wait a minute oh didn’t you hear

Hopper after the ants pick all the food he’s gonna squish the queen to remind him no no way they have to fight now I reckon she’s gonna go find flick tell him what she’s heard and then they’re gonna come back and use the bird fingers crossed look at the size of her you stupid grasshopper so Misty oh oh no I hope I hope like she just Springs right back up and her wings just miraculously work come on I’m waiting yes oh it actually happened that way yes now go find lick this flea actually reminds me

of a character um the rat character from Bananas in Pajamas rat in a hat had turned his shop into a brand new hotel oh good morning gentlemen welcome to Hotel rat oh just use the bird the Plaid the colony is right I just make things worse bird is a guaranteed failure no just like me the microphone the telescope living or being a failure and user are not a failure listen to The Wise Old Man you have rekindled the long dormant Embers of purpose in our lives yeah it wasn’t for you Francis would have never gotten

in touch with his feminine side sure he was denying it oh that’s such a sweetheart it long story you went there where oh that’s so funny why are they bound to PT anyways don’t they just say hey we’re doing a thing we’ll be back as a surprise for your arrival that’s nice squish them what I don’t why don’t we squish you instead foreign they’re very confusing and distracting though hey this is perfect perfect distraction come on I’m asking you with my brain no no suffer down let her go maybe you’ll saw her in half yeah

so he’s letting his guard down nice come on oh with the vocals as well now they look scared this is a bad look for the Grasshoppers being scared of a bird it’s working see it’s working oh my God help me oh my God this is so good run grasshoppers just get them even the flay thinks it’s real no oh my God oh my Lord oh you idiot you fool bro a PT is such a witch God if I already didn’t hate please oh God this is so bad oh no okay this is oh no his

idea was this ah honestly just get behind me girls it’ll be okay oh God flick finally yeah stand up there’s a hundred of you guys to one of the Grasshoppers stand up for yourselves you’re lower than dirt you’re an ant let this be a lesson to all you ants oh no he’s gonna do a live squishing or something he’s still got some fight in him look at him damn he’s on his two legs and year after year they somehow managed to pick food for themselves and you oh God so who is the weaker species how

does impress though yes Speak Your Truth King soon to be king a stronger than you say we are and you know it it does oh no yes Adam well Atta girl I hate to interrupt but oh they’re ready to fight yo and pick the food the ants keep the food exactly grasshoppers leave oh my god oh he left his old skin gonna get trampled over and die oh exactly nice hell yeah oh rain the next biggest enemy sheesh check out the graphics for the rainbow it’s definitely improved over time for sure oh no taking flick

not the most talented ant please please Harper I’ll get more Grasshoppers and be back next season oh there’s a real bird well what’s this another one of your little bird tricks uh are there a bunch of little girls in this one too oh my God yes yes eat him please please just yes oh that’s satisfying oh yes yes I want to see this every moment of it I want to see but it’s it’s a Kids film so probably not look at this new life shade boy oh my God oh my God damn oh sorry kids

I wish you could come along too oh Francis I could be a voice actor for one of these bugs yes sir of course so right away sir I just wanted to thank you for giving me a chance wow oh my gosh look at that a reformed grasshopper my place is here good answer oh little hand grab there this gift from us bugs what is it for you oh I love it it’s beautiful rock it must be a circus thing oh it’s an app thing oh my God no little kiss from the princess Queen new princess

all right now it’s getting fussy we’re out of here good riddance flea everybody else I’ll miss but that flea man wow it’s magical you’re fired I think they know how to say I want to see this oh what the oh my God no way no way no way oh wow I’ll be there soon oh wow they’re using his invention again except this time it’s shooting into the sky so it makes more sense the best thing about giving movies that I didn’t give a chance to back in the day is being pleasantly surprised and delighted and

this definitely did that for me I laughed so hard there was so much family and community and I love a good movie with community in it and the message here was so strong flick was the black sheep of his clan he was constantly dismissed laughed at and he was still so positive up until the very end but throughout he was quite positive he was quite optimistic and he always believed in himself and he shared that message with DOT two and that’s why dot connected with him on such a deep level as well and yes he

did lose Faith a little bit dot had to remind him at the end there and thank God she did because that plan I think it would have been completely successful if it wasn’t for that goddamn flea had a flea problem earlier this year and let me me tell you when I saw that flea and he was just being a complete Menace I took that personally I hated that flea probably more no I don’t want to say probably more I definitely hated Hopper the most and then I find out that Hopper is voiced by Kevin Spacey

and it makes things 10 times worse I freaking hate Kevin Spacey but he does a good villain’s voice I’m not gonna deny that he as I said the message was really strong these ants worked totally against change even to the point where there were a hundred ants to one grasshopper and they didn’t connect those dots until they saw that change is inevitable and change is here and it is time for these ants to stand up for their home for their people for their food for their dignity for their rights everything it was just beautiful to

see that progress within this community and of course we have the Love Story which wasn’t in your face obviously it’s a Disney Pixar movie but I was very happy for flick and for Atta as well that was very sweet and in the end the circus gang stuck around too which I was really hoping for because they found a home within this ant colony as well I loved all of the characters I seriously cannot tell you one thing that I didn’t like about this film I’ll probably re-watch this film probably several times I just enjoyed it

so much there was comedy there was action there was family there was Community the pacing was really good perfect length for a film like this as well the graphics and the art yeah you could tell some of it was a little bit outdated but for most of it it was just perfectly fine I love this film let me know what you thought of it in the comment section below do give this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it really helps my channel out uncut version is over on patreon link for that is in the

description bar and in the pin comments below where you can also find me on Instagram Twitter Discord twitch Tick Tock Facebook and I’ve also got two new channels now my gaming channel and my Vlog Channel as well if you want to check that out you can thank you so much for watching take care of yourselves guys and I’ll see you in the next one bye everyone

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