citizens of the reject Nation we have a confession okay we majorly hello real reject this is Lisa Wilcox here AKA Alice Johnson from at night renel Street just saying hey I so enjoy Terra and Roxy’s comments watching ner and Elm Street Tara actually we did a pro flowers

commercial A Mother’s Day commercial together that’s how we met and I was playing the young grandma and she was the young mom you are the greatest Mom anyone could wish for Happy Mother’s Day happy Mother’s Day so enjoy the YouTube super fun and I will be watching and

Alice by the way is all about her reveal her mirror is covered with photographs of her family and her mother slowly she peels them off and she finds herself and she finds her strength and it was always in Alice but she didn’t want to look in the mirror

to see it and then she shows a mirror to Freddy let them out and he explodes e will see itself and it’s all right bye we majorly fled we couldn’t have messed up worse we were left alone to our own devices we tried to watch A Nightmare on

Elm Street 5 the dream child well we thought we were absolutely watching it yes we tried to watch it we put it on

we did watch it in our minds but it turns out what we actually watched was the reboot of a Nightmare on Elm Street 2010 it

was very confusing to us for the entire reaction we did not know what the flying F was happening we didn’t we turned to each other multiple times and we’re like why this we don’t understand why does it seem like it’s just you guys we didn’t stop it though

we did not we watched all of the reboot thinking it was nightmare in Elm Street 5 so that reaction is going to be available for you guys in a little bit it’s going to be the best reaction ever it will be a an entire joke the entire time

I cannot lie some members of the team have watched it and they sent us pictures of themselves crying they were laughing so hard it is supposed to be the reaction of the century uh and we are willing to show it because despite looking like absolute morons it’s funny

we’re here for you baby today we are actually watching A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 the dream child we are going to double triple quad check because it was my mistake I clicked the I thought I clicked five y’all I really did I went home after you took

you took the hit you were like okay bus run me over Tera was like I did this and I was like yes she did then I went home and I was like I sat through a 2hour movie and didn’t say one word I think I’m equally at fault

with you so you know we ride together we die together ride or die baby for our Sisters For Life yep so she Jax thanks so much for standing by us thank you for appreciating us for our truest fullest self which sometimes mean we make mistakes but we’re honest

with you about it and hope you love us anyway oh God I just thought maybe in the intro that it would like work and now this is just this is just prolonging the intro and they’re going to hate everything we are 12 minutes late don’t forget to like

comment subscribe ring the bell ring the bell also thank you so much to preer for helping edit us down in a huge thank you to them for trying to deal with the mess that is this the thing that we thought we did that we didn’t do that whatever

we what okay okay okay okay if you want to help us out and you want to show uh Greg that you still love us then become a patron be like you know what these girls really need the support right now I’m going to be super sexy I’m going

to go to patreon I’m going to join I’m going to sync up with my own own copy over there I’m also going to see Greg and John cover stuff exclusively am I using this right give us your juice give us the juice give us the juice yeah baby

you know we want that juice we want it before we screw up any further should we just watch the movies we should definitely just watch it all right here we go A Nightmare on Elm Street 5 the dream child this already feels more like like a 1989 I

don’t know why we weren’t like this looks like a new movie and didn’t even guys just that’s how you know we haven’t seen any of these films yeah that’s how you know we’re not lying we are not lying Rober hello Robert England we love you oh that was

cool that’s awesome I love that that was cool cool font we got to find that font scream scream Queen’s horse oh she ready for Merch merch the dream child all right that seem like chalk right yeah somebody banging wait yeah it looks like sexy time or if we’re

on Tik Tok sexy time oh really your girl wi Cox there she is I can’t believe you filmed a movie with her what a legend she guys she was not in the movie with me I blanked she’s she was in a pro flowers commercial with me I got

two people confused forgive me dum dum my memory but she’s awesome that means you work a lot yeah I still am trying to piece together oh was that felt like he was grabbing some something like hair I don’t know it’s not really how you go in for for

a yeah he’s too pinched it’s I really need to know what’s going on here this is like some is this a bait and switch I don’t know this is some like sexy juice that might turn into not sexy at all maybe it’s some just tossing and turning in

their sleep yeah could be that some sexy tossing and turning oh Li okay kissing kissing kissing I recognize sweating they’ve already done some juice a few times then kissing I’ve seen before never felt it myself but I’ve seen it a time or only seen it on the screen

never never done it in person agreed you know as actors this was very hard to shoot they were like just keep thrusting right cuz with the camera they’re like it’s a closeup you don’t know what they’re getting so they’re like just keep keep making it work okay he’s

keeping that hand there lingering he doesn’t want you to leave I like when there were two different shower knobs hot cold hot and cold some of them get real confusing now is with the turn left and right I’m like it’s modernized too much okay all right Lisa AKA

Alice this is an artistic n agreed I love artistic n oh that’s gross I don’t want any of it no I don’t want it what is it she why she laying down maybe she sleeping right now why are you putting your hand in there trying to unclog no

no no it’s so hot ah just get out walk step out get it get out there through the walls get out Tara I got news for you this is a dream baby okay yeah this wouldn’t happen some might call it a nightmare oh she’s going to drown in

that shower and it was muddy whoa strange looking yeah but okay I’ll take it but we’ll take it we’re we’re with you still feel like your hair should be wetter agreed I think she had a body double the body double looked like she had really blonde blonde hair

but I guess she she does have blonde hair feel like even in my nightmares if I saw something like this I wouldn’t walk towards it right I would just stay there like shivering and be like I’ll just wait wait for death to come to me night man cometh

okay what’s going on here this this supposed to be like an old school jail oh they have like it looks like a psychiatric like they have like some of them have like straight jackets on dizzy yeah I I’m getting a little sickly too as well with those shots

oh she’s a nun now or a nurse Amanda Krueger Amanda that’s Freddy’s mom remember she was a nun oh yeah let’s go no remember we know she got locked in with all of the inmates that’s right we’re watching that happen oh no I forgot about that oh no

uh now we I don’t want to see it no one wants to see I don’t want to see it oh people in the comments tried to give you an anatomy lesson cuz you thought that the all this all right thanks guys I didn’t pay attention what ew no

oh that was a cool transitioning Rainbow Oh does she have like a shower fear now after a nightmare who’s graduating and as adults we must now prepare for a new life is it her so let’s blow this pop stand funny glasses funny boy girl what I see a

smile on your face I had kind of a long night these things are wild what do you think you look like a nut D to break her bow was Lisa Wilcox in four hard time pieing she was the redhead the redheaded right but remember we made that mistake

about that wasn’t three red that’s not what a Covergirl puts in her body mom get out of here why don’t we go to Alice no my dad’s got to say about drinking in the house well we got to do something yeah I mean they just graduated they should

eat lollipops and drink I got swimming practice until 6:30 that means they’re going to give me the key so I can lock up after I’m done his hair iconic yeah damn I got to work tonight to work after graduation I wonder if she still works at the diner

hey Beautiful Jesus don’t do that I figured it out just so you know okay you got the tickets they’re coach seats but uh This Plane stops in Paris okay it’s going to be a great yeah I know she doesn’t want to do it no she’s scared what happened

last night I didn’t see my dad at the ceremony he’ll show up really what’s really wrong is that not enough to be wrong I had one of those dreams last night I just felt like I wasn’t in control for the first time since all that if you don’t

dream him up he can’t hurt you or us you’re right there you go tough tough moments yeah you’re right that was yeah from him it was a little like too happy I don’t know I’m so proud of you gee thanks Dad you do look beautiful oh okay I

was afraid you weren’t coming I watched from behind the stands I didn’t want to embarrass you drunk showed up that kind of thing that’s in the past unless you stopped going to your meeting Deal’s a deal all right good Exposition yeah yeah yeah totally but we needed it

so we needed it cuz he was we didn’t like him the last movie and now I’m like all right man keep doing your steps sir unless you stop showing up to your meetings yeah okay I know where we’re at soba so two was Patricia arette replaced by Tuesday

night in three then Lisa Cox in four Lisa Cox in five what we watched 2010 I’m fully with it now tell me when your shift ends okay okay goodbye sir don’t worry I’ll have her home by August haha but you sure you don’t want to ride to work

no it’s just across the park have fun tonight okay why do she have to work I know right I’m like you just graduated you still have to work like that one day to take off yeah you and I are a bit of Workaholics and I don’t know that

I’d do that not after graduation I’d be like I’m tired trying to go partyred she already asleep maybe she’s tired too yeah oh yeah here we go really cool shot yeah agreed I love when something’s in frame frame like through the playground looks great it so weird that

that kind of looked like green screen for a second with her body moving huh yeah I think that’s the purpose this kind of all looks like off yeah that’s some long hair girl I know I’m like she Pro I need her hair vitamins I just cut like 4

Ines off my hair really your hair’s still so long than girl she got she got long hair not the nun thing again whoa that’s definitely that looks cool but it’s definitely green it’s like a drawing of a drawing that’s that’s the it’s a cool like painting but that’s

cool cuz it’s nightmare yeah totally so we’re with it the one thing I really don’t want is for that uh them to show us the N actual yeah no I think I think as close as we got to that was hopefully the beginning me too moments like this

that I feel like are hardest on an actor like and she’s killing this agreed she she’s walk in the hall and looks scared and just looks scared and be normal yeah normal what’s this what’s this totally she’s very subtle yeah that’s a creepy looking stroller it almost looks

like a face this is a cool location that’s a cool shot too through the stroller what does she say what oh that kind of got me there’s nothing to be afraid of just do exactly what I say this is after every I mean I know it’s a nightmare

but this is after everything happened I I it would have had to be right because oh now we’re watching please don’t let him do this and now it’s like yeah yeah she’s now seeing she didn’t want to have the kid they made her is this the same actress

that played the nun that we saw no she was old an old woman right I think so I think that this isn’t she looks similar sister this is one of God’s creatures yeah I think that’s her right or no she had the thing on so oh yeah I

thought it was somebody older what did you just drop the freaking oh God run Freddy run oh that baby looked terrifying that was gnarly oh what my God if you saw a baby and you knew that baby grows up to be a serial killer do you kill the

baby yeah I think so I think you just say we got to end it now buddy that was disgusting looking I that was gross wow that that’s crazy how the sweater like how he’s like growing into it this is very cool looking how did they shoot this I

do not know that foot that foot it’s awesome a this is great this is some hor juice we’re getting oh oh that foot you got to get up girl cuz he’s full grown now yeah but it’s still a nightmare yeah how did he come back oh the glove’s

just there and waiting all right I don’t want it he came back cuz she dreamed him back I’d be so pissed at myself yeah Rober England let’s go Rober England let’s go Robert it’s a boy he’s so creepy he’s already back girl you can’t come back yeah tell

him see if that works but I found the key your birth was a curse on the whole of humanity you brought me back to give you life but now I must take yours we’ll see ionic line we’ll see I must be released from my Earthly prison how look

for me in the tower in the tower okay in the tower we’ll see that’s some Hunchback another Dame right there oh she’s at work is she going to wake up at work Alice what happened I was in the dream I thought you were dead you’re 4 hours late

4 hours that’s a long ass time wish I had a prescription for whatever it is you’re on what she’s on the Freddy juice it’s not a very understanding sensitive person not at all you can tell she’s clearly effed up yeah they open up the pool to just part

to let the seniors party in it there’s no way that’s a liability that would be so yeah but that be awesome babe this is the 80s that’s right maybe they did that that would have been fun she looked like Camila Cabo yeah obviously it’s 80s so it’s not

right aren’t you sick of your mom trying to run your life yeah don’t let him sure no problem you know he’s right sometimes I feel like I’m living with melis seres who meleri is this ancient guy I read about oh my God casually said that yeah melis seris

is like Freddy could have gone all night without looking at that you know I think it’s very strange how you drop all your Comics loaded with blood and guts it’s just a little blood guy I know what it is you big dumb jock here’s a scene of what

to come I love him he’s in like an iconic film movie right now he’s playing his own lane yeah he’s his own Vibe Coming of Age Dan it was Krueger Jesus Dan I’m scared all right stay right there I’m on my way don’t put a shirt on please

for the love of the people we want to count the ABS we want to count the ABS how many are there one two come on buddy you dang it Freddy’s coming for you yeah there he goes the fastest man on legs I love this guy he feels like

he should have been a mega star how is he not in like Wayne’s World or something his like Vibe right you what I’m saying like he’s like a I agree beautiful evening here in what voice is that Ferris berer go oh I’m call about my wayward exson Daniel

who’s been acting like an ungrateful unmanageable we ever since he was seduced by that bimbo Alice if I were you lady I’d kill the ungrateful Pigg oh no oh whoa that was wild looking cool P the really cool shot scene I agreed ioving this how did they do

that but this is completely changing the rules on Freddy right like what what was happening he was a ghost back D oh why you burning yourself bro ah why the yellow Goose I don’t what a dear so weird what oh rough oh snap where is Key take that

motorcycle take that yeah we take that crotch rockets and shot we know it yeah baby let’s do this right in there this some this is some Tommy Cruz action right here love it love it yes music okay music no motorcycle let’s do it it’s Cruis it up don’t

forget your helmet baby it’s a pretty head we don’t want to screw it up I know oh this is not good that was a cool shot you think he’s going to die in a this wreck in this wreck he has I mean he’s got to there’s no way

you’re going 100 miles hour on that crotch trcka you hit one thing you’re dead no helmet whoa that looked rad when was Top Gun that’s Need for Speed right yeah I think it was like 80 something before a little before this I think oh the whole bike he

turns into the whole bike whoa what dny better not dream and dve wow th that those practical effects looked awesome are we supposed to think he just hit that truck oh my God I think we’re supposed to assume he’s dead oh yeah forget about it you’re you’re a

goner sir oh right outside of her oh boy okay remember this one’s called The Dream ch right out ofwhere freaking what why is that guy wearing red and the frdy know I think it was supposed to be a red herring I don’t know oh babies you don’t want

to pass out next to fire okay Dan’s been in an accident it was no accident it was Krueger no no dream dance dead what is this room it seems a little dark for a hospital room daddy it wasn’t an accident ker kill dance these sorts of outbursts aren’t

entirely uncommon many women have them at the beginning especially if they’ve suffered a traumatic shot always he’s going to say she’s pregnant know the beginning of what you’re going to be fine what do you mean she’s pregnant right what’s wrong with me nothing you’re just a little pregnant

just a just a smidge got to be honest with you it’s not very Poss POS for her to just be a little right maybe just a smidge pregnant just for routine observation to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible you going to be fine honey everything’s going to

be okay I can’t believe they told the dad that first she she’s 21 you can’t tell her dad that she was pregnant before you told her well she’s I think she’s 18 right she just graduated high school oh is that that I think it was high school could

have been oh yeah they said now that we’re adults now well she’s 18 still then no it’s still that still makes sense she’s an adult and that’s when they’re going yeah can’t tell the dad that that’s wrong hi hello is he the dream child what’s your name Jacob

oh he’s spooky I know him he works well my name is I’m sorry your boyfriend got killed how did you know that I could tell you were sad I just wanted to see if you’re all right so what’ you do Jacob wait don’t go this isn’t really how

Hospital floors work but yeah okay we’ll let it go see you later oh no she’s the next to to die she’s got to be but what’s she mourning about she looks sad all the dolls be crazy dude yeah oh because do you he died sorry I’ve totally blanked

y’all that he died welcome to my brain CES under those beautiful eyes oh her mom’s so annoying so many parents in this universe suck she’s the worst like let your daughter just be a daughter oh that’s not it’s ominous he has kind of um sad eyes well he

must have wandered in from the children’s Ward you don’t have a children’s Ward yeah well he was wearing a hospital rope I don’t know what to tell you these outfits are killer yeah agreed his earrings Amanda Krueger was part of a religious order that ran that asylum in

the 1940s she was by lunatics and had the baby there that baby grew up to be Freddy Krueger who murdered 20 or 30 kids right here on Elm Street he got caught the parents of the murdered kids got together and killed him I’m thinking about the reboot which

is not this not this kills people in their dreams they’re nightmares he uses my dreams to bring him his victims so are you the dream child I think she might be Dan’s parents were really pushing him hard he was bitching about it last night at the party he

was under a lot of pressure we all are yeah pushy parents can drive you nuts poor girl listen to me this isn’t some kind of joke he gets in through my dreams so somehow bottom line Alice if anybody’s trying to hurt you Supernatural or not you’re going to

have to go through us first I was cute I like her friends yeah he’s drawing like a metaphorical representation of Krueger but it’s this mythical guy that he talked about yeah poor Alice man if dad walks in drinking I’m going to kill him you disappointed in me no

no I’m not I love him yeah I sort of hope it’s a boy be nice to hear a boy playing around in the house again since she got pregnant that’s the dream child bro yeah in her belly that’s how the dreams are coming back I think oh right

that’s how they put that but yeah I knew once she was pregnant I was like that’s got to be the dream child why you but it’s the Dream well cuz you said that earlier well now I’m really saying it I told her about you she’s very interesting Greta

you’re being offered the opportunity of a lifetime I think you should show a little gratitude her mom is the worst do you think Freddy impress ated her yeah because I think when he goes when the boyfriend went let’s make babies one of my friends died yesterday I read

about him he was just a friend of Greta’s not someone special I feel bad for this girl oh yeah dig in Honey thank you I’m not hungry oh she just fell asleep yeah aren’t you eating you’re the one who’s always slapping my hand about my weight mother why

don’t I just eat the whole godamn tray go throw up and come back for seconds i ooh the every time is what really working for me nothing but the best regret E I don’t want that no no no oh my god did you see that one mouthful de

I’m going throw up what you eat that must have taken a long time to apply those Prosthetics agree that looks amazing good job y’all cuz you make me want to barf oh God that was gross what’s going on there whoa that looks cool wonder if that was um

that looked like it was time lapse oh God a that was like stop motion or something yes that’s what I was trying to find the words for God die Greta that would be so confusing to watch yeah it’s about when the baby’s awake or asleep oh yeah I

think you might that’s a good one dreaming and then she has to live through that I want to talk to you guys about Greta oh I’m terribly sorry but Greta’s dead today yeah I tried to warn all of you about Krueger she must have fallen asleep while she

was at the table this is getting a little sick guys her outfit Kruger has to use my dreams but he got to Dan and Greta while I was awake baby’s dreams why don’t you two stick reality why don’t you shut up we two of us have died in

the past two days does that to strike you as particularly normal Mark I’m not finished oh all right Mark I love Greta and if maybe someone or something killed her I’d like to hear about it yes Mark all right right baddy King I know I’m not dealing with

this very well but it’s not your fault I’m sorry good man Mark good man tough dialog he’s crushing it though you stick around for a while I wish I could but but I don’t want to I got a shift tonight I’ll stay with you for a while if

you want her voice sounds like um Jackson Janet yes maybe he sleeps there though yeah Mark uh it’s a house Mark no oh she’s drawing herself in cool yeah to like what to stay outside no I think she just wants to go help him but like could you

have given yourself a gun I know some sort of weapon take that bike grab a weapon grab that bike I like how we haven’t cut cuz I need some it’s cool lighting up there still having cut I like this not just anybody help you know I need someone

help oh wa oh all right green screen it we got to get out of here oh no uh-oh is he like that I don’t know is he going to die oh whoa you see blood he passes out Jacob you don’t look very well been having bad dreams Jacob’s

her future child is this where you live Jacob the eyes maybe we should go look for your mom she doesn’t want me around you’re his mom I’ll bet she’s very worried about you I would be no you’re not you don’t even care about being a mom how come

you don’t think about me knew it how come you don’t like me who said I don’t like you my friend with the funny hand we’re going to get out of here no I have to go now he’s calling me Jer wait oh my God yes that was a

good one thank you we built tension going up the stairs really really did add it to the compilation oh baby he’s trying to hurt Jacob who who’s Jacob my baby if you worried about your baby call Yon and have the doctor check him out I’m going to go

see what else I can find out about Krueger it’s hard in this movie to know where they are cuz it’s not just dreaming so like right what I can’t figure out is how he’s getting in when I’m awake y baby do unborn Baby’s Dream yeah there you called

it called whole movie I guess that was her Jacob’s her kid you did good Dr Moore do unborn babies dream as the fetus develops it can spend up to 70% of its day in a dream state ah well the heart seems strong let’s hear it there’s your baby

get her file is a nightmare again yeah she’s asleep right oh not asleep the baby’s asleep I guess okay going to the baby to the fetus super cool premise just so hard to understand when and where we are in different moments cuz we don’t know when the baby’s

asleep so she’s just going about her day so right now is the baby dreaming and this is why we’re I thinking I think so right oh that’s no that’s a spooky looking thing right there e we were what is that weird Freddy juice for my boy don’t touch

him where did she yell don’t touch him don’t touch him I think a little large for so early on but as normal as I’ve ever seen he’s taking their souls their spirits and making the baby like him why are they large why is the baby large because of

the spirits I think so cuz he’s putting all the dead body Spirits in there he’s going to recommend she’s put into an institution or something Krueger killed them and now he was feeding them to Jacob do you know what you sound like completely insane but I’m not my

mother had me tested Krueger is reality so as your baby you got something more to think about than just yourself what do you think I’m doing cool outfits all around look at that PE sign belt God damn it Ivon you don’t just run away from this guy he

finds you in your dreams he found a lot of other people before he found us evidence rece look through this stuff will you she’s not crazy oh girl you’re going to regret this feel you on though cuz like you’d just be like what are you talking about yeah

but people are dead still like when they’re like here’s all these receipts I’d take a look Krueger’s using Jacob’s dream we got to stop him well there is one way he’s going to say have an abortion have you thought about not having the baby I mean no baby

no baby’s dreams right I can’t do that I saw him inside of me growing he’s part of me and Dan I want to keep him okay then we’ll find another way oh cutie no pressure good friend love him I’ve seen her Manda Krug could you come down a

minute a man’s krugs Mr Jordan and I wanted to see how you’re feeling the doctor thing we wondered what you intend to do with your baby what I what oh is this Dan’s parents I planed to keep him we were concerned that all this might be a little

bit too much for you we want to help we want to adopt it and to raise it as though it were our own I appreciate what you’re offering but no he’s my responsibility and ours it’s our grandchild Alice we’re worried that in your present condition that you’re that

you don’t have the ability to take care of a child the doctor called them Ador we got a call from Dr Moore you said that Alice was hysterical you’re not taking my baby well the courts might not agree with you but I do you think he could just

walk into my house and threaten my daughter tell him dad he’s not a thing he’s part of me called in it and I’m not giving him to you or anyone else it’s also like way too soon y’all y’all are like the courts might decide I’m like bro you

you guys are coming on way too strong that’s a crazy conversation yeah like get out of my house you could have waited a long time he said she committed she killed her soul is going to going to be in torment where’d you hear that right here I thought

it was going to just say the Bible it did say Christian mythology so in the dream she was trying to stop him she started to tell me how and then the door slammed the tower he must have done it we have to find where she died to release

her soul the tower yep I want you to stay awake and watch me okay yeah no problem we know this goes he’s going to fall asleep they all fall asleep they always do they never have those caffeine pills they’re and ready is he going to but what if

he also falls asleep but he comes back as one of his comic book guys because he asraw him that’s not how it works but I just you’re going wild I would love to see it hey you miss practice oh she’s dead bummer is po still open I think

if you hurry ah Freddy’s going to get her in the water Yep they’re really maximizing the set piece they were like okay we got a pool we’re going to use it 50 times yeah agreed wait this is jacuzzi yeah now we went into the hot tub to the

tower we Goa going to pass out always pass out you know how this goes going to get tired can’t stay awake I like this music choice here interesting yeah cuz it’s got the Christianity aspect to it too totally ah yeah hate it oh my God is she going

to dive right into his blades or something cuz she’s a high diver I don’t know she makes it to the top here oh no he’s going to dive is he going to be up there waiting oh no oh oh that’s Str that’s giving me stranger things Vibes right

there with the music and the all black screen oh no she went too far she hits her head oh there’s no water oh no no no it’s kind of giving me saw Vibes right here this set oh oh gross disgusting where you going yeah but he doesn’t want

to kill her cuz she’s got the baby I know exactly what you’re up to I thought I was up to uh whoa nice Alice that’s foreplay for him what’s stop what she scared of what she scared scared of what was it we got to see what happened nobody

he’s just locking scared to come in because of Amanda oh you’re not crazy we have to find Amanda she’s the key the girl you’re not crazy Freddy right there that means he fell asleep or something I think maybe he changed the drawing I don’t know man can’t really

tell like before we just threw ourselves in so can you just right oh now oh oh that’s a kind of a cool transition there it is super cool I don’t get I don’t get it but cool it’s like Freddy made that comic and then yeah yeah it’s a

good theory one two oh black and white okay Freddy coming for you oh and he’s only in color all right let’s do this love the music because this part of the comic book hadn’t been made yet right just sketched it out love it love this idea of it

he’s got your skateboard bro whoa that’s a cool shot that’s a lot falling there did he just get something in the head head that’s some jelly Mark oo that’s creepy as hell help me please is she delicious or am I crazy no gross yes oh my God it

happened time to die you Scarface limp what was the first part time to die you Scarface limp is that what he said I yes look at you imaginative King time to die you scarf facel he looks like uh Carrie Els right now yeah a bastard mediac he looks

taller and bigger yeah ready told you comic books was bad for you this movie is creative as hell wow wow that was a really Creative Kill fact that he bled out in his colors awesome he didn’t make it what does he look like oh God it’s only the

that means her baby will bu up maybe both of you BW bug that was my first car baby what’s going on where’s Mark Krueger got him hey hey come on I need you to be strong now le she believes you now yeah how do we stop him through

Amanda the tower what are we going to do I want you to go to the Asylum the one I told you about where all of this started and find her I like this framing a lot how do you keep the baby awake I’d be like hello yeah right

or where like like headphones with metal music on your belly it’s like I’m sure for development they have to sleep but like and hurry you had a convertible Bug not a convertible unfortunately it was a bright orange 1963 bug bu are the coolest thing ever my grandma’s it

was great I love bugs yeah I kind of want one they’re awesome I I like the old school ones the one that like I would want a 63 again if it was like vintage and redone that’ beol too expensive I know can’t do it picture looks not as

ominous in this one I like how the moving clouds yeah it’s so tough because I’m with the guy like at this point you’d be like you just like maybe this baby isn’t the right baby for you but her boyfriend’s dead this is the only thing she has it

you know can’t happen again it’s like there’s no way she she wants to give that up at the same time you think nature versus nurture right that maybe she can nurture him back but that’s not going to happen come on out krer the game’s over she just has

to get him into Amanda’s area well Amanda said she had to do this right okay good girl I’m glad you got a weapon proud of you you’re doing it right love these music choices she puts that through will Alice be able to grab it why well cuz she’s

in the same environment right but at a different I could be all wrong I don’t know if you’re wrong I might be right I I I don’t I don’t know what but Freddy can’t kill her because he needs her baby otherwise he can’t access anybody oh no this

is the tower he’s going to freak out is he having PTSD go hit him Alice put him in that chair whoa cool good job Alice oh you’re getting a taste of your own medicine now nice which one of them is his dad right good night oh that was

a little weird I wish that would have been practical and AG as well what what do you think it was mommy meet my friend it’s my new look oh boy weird really weird come downstairs oh this is a weird framing like I’m trying to interesting I think they’re

doing that on purpose yeah totally I mean it’s a great it’s a good move so that we get so that we never fully know where we where we are yeah it’s like he’s going up and down it’s all right son now come with me Jacob not your father

what here is yeah Freddy put him in there wow this is very cool um it’s a good little actor yeah agreed cool set a stained glass looks like it like it’s like looks like the leftover church but not all right Krueger this time it’s Rec whoa what she’s

like expelling him from her body oh my God wao that’s very cool looking that looks awesome come on now we can really get to know each other is Jacob going to help oh okay she’s got Amanda okay all right Amanda Krueger what do you got baby let’s do

this what are we about to see a skeleton she’s dead or is it Freddy like is it going to be like a weird reveal no wa not it’s got to be Amanda but is she dead or like oh she like released her yeah I guess take that necklace

so yeah protect you you’re not lying oh she can go okay she was trapped Jacob only you can help her now hey Lea let’s go I want to learn stuff from you she’s no fun anymore oh my God so he’s pretending I don’t know now Jacob Unleash the

Power he has given you oh snap and kill him squs out CER oh my god oh what those are all the souls ho holy crap that looks amazing it does look amazing but all right that’s him and his mask those are all her homies whoa oh this is

interesting Jos yeah okay so she killed her baby to save her baby both just put them back inside I think it’s just back in there and now Amanda has Freddy and she has a normal baby take your baby and leave oh dang yep that’s cool shot sup Jacob

is he still keeping you up at night oh it’s okay he has the rest of his life to catch up on his sleep oh going to frame them in there all right he watching huh all right all right music choices let’s get it get it 80s 80s 80s

80s yeah we here’s what we just did Tara we just actually watched The Nightmare on Elm Street 5 we did it we did it yay uh okay I’m a little conflicted on this one talk to me about your thoughts man okay um oh before you do that for

the people at home don’t forget if you are listening to us on Apple podcast Spotify wherever you are five star leave a comment if you’re watching this on YouTube leave a comment we love reading what you guys have to say Tara and I make a really concerted effort

to make sure that we’re responding to you guys in there you guys are the only reason we’re able to do this so please keep it up let us know what you think does this stack up to the rest of them does it not stack up to the rest

of them is this better is this worse where are we going in this franchise just let us know your thoughts but also ter I want to hear yours well I think my favorite thing about it was that like the ending some of these special effects were great I

think I feel like I say that about a lot of the movies that I’m not like wow this was amazing like one is always going to have like my heart still um but I did really like like Lisa did a really good job of being subtle and realistic

so did all of the other actors actually now they think about it they all did a a a great job with it um the dream child scenario I liked I guess once we figured it out and my my favorite thing was the special effects like at the end

when the the things come out of his body and those are the souls awesome um and yeah there was another special things that I think I my my brain is a little it’s going around right now I’m trying to think of the other practical effects that I really

really liked but there was a lot in there that was I think it was either a miniature or somewhat CGI like when he was falling down into when um Dan was falling into and she was like grab my hand um they added some some uh CGI I think

but the C there was another camera shot that was from down below you could see it was plastic red behind it with blowing some wind in it and I was like why did they just use the Practical the whole time it didn’t look bad um I liked it

I love Robert England in this I mean he he can’t really do much wrong um I guess I’m more let tell me your thoughts and then I’ll kind of go off there because right now I’m like I don’t know exactly where I sit specifically with this with this

movie yet here are my thoughts and I’m going to ask them in form of a question yeah what happened in this movie great question no I really mean that because I think the reason I think I’m struggling with this is that okay I did predict some things which

meant that like I I kind of understood it but the premise being when the baby inside her so she falls in she’s in love with Dan Dan impregnates her that’s how the key that um that Freddy finds to get back into this world is through uh the baby

and so then she when the baby sleeps she can be awake but still walking through the world in in the dream in the dream baby’s dream in the baby’s dream and we haven’t seen that yet because in other ones even if somebody else is asleep so like the

baby is somebody else you can’t just be walking around awake unless you’re summoned in right right so this was like changing the rules up a little bit because she’s always summoned cuz the baby’s with her but other people were also being summoned in weird ways like her home

girl in the Jacuzzi or her homeboy with the drawings totally we had so much going on where it’s like wait so are you telling me now if you draw something like Alice Drew something she’s in there then she’s in there he draws something or he finds something and

then he goes in there too so I just feel like there was so much going on there was so many changes happening that it was hard for me to keep track of where are we and we know the one rule of nightmare is don’t fall asleep right this

movie said doesn’t matter if you fall asleep baby fell asleep so that kind of changes up the whole game plan here that being said I like the actors a lot of the practicals are amazing I think the fact the premise of the baby falling asleep is interesting like

you said hell yes to Robert and Glend especially because we watched the uh nightmare in Elm Street and didn’t watch this one so we know what it’s like without U England yeah so I think all of that was cool but plot wise this was the one that was

the most like played fast and loose with the world that they created I felt yeah I do agree it’s funny that I that I did call it out I was like what if he draws himself into the thing because we’ seen Alice draw herself then I’m like oh

is that just so that you see a representation of exactly where you want to go in your dreams and it makes you go there um I guess cool um I and that did look sick it did it did did look great it just I do agree with you

that we we hadn’t gotten a taste of that yet of drawing Us in there and the reality of like what we could actually find just behind the scenes you think it’s bad that we’re Frozen there let’s see I think we’re I think it’ll come back um me making

sure that we don’t mess up yet again on another video by doing some kind of crazy only Teran Roxy can do is okay good uh I was scared I got scared and then I got off track listen I’m just a girl who loves horror movies cool shirt right

yeah for sure I’m just a girl who loves rock and roll hell yeah um and horror movies and this actually had really cool music in it too it had great music I loved when it went into like the coral music when they’re in the church I love the

lighting when Alice runs back in and it’s all orange lighting behind and stairs behind her there’s a lot of cool stuff in this in this film like the whole pool scene where the girl goes to die but then she falls into the world and then she’s in the

water like than God we didn’t just see her I agree like yeah it was cool when we saw her going down into cement we’re like we thought we were going to see her hit her head but she goes into a puddle ends up back up in that different

area in the water which was awesome also Alice at the top uh drowning almost drowning in the shower like there’s a lot of cool scenes in this but I do agree there is a lot to take on to go like is she sleeping or is it just the

kid and she is awake the whole time because then why would he have watch her she go to sleep too cuz then when she sleeps that’s when she gets into that it has to be both because she falls asleep and then he does in that drawing I like

that Freddy made his own comic so that and that was such a cool choice to make it black and white because it wasn’t done yet it looked sick it looked awesome and when Dan it’s such a creative way that I I don’t even think that they were trying

to save budget because the the Practical effects in this are awesome but the way that they chose to kill Dan that he they goes to kill him and then he turns into the comic the piece of paper and he’s just shredding him apart and when we see the

paper fall he’s bleeding out the colors that he wears I’m like that’s so creative I loved watching that I just thought wow that’s so cool I agree with you there was a lot of things that I thought looked so cool I just didn’t know how much sense they

fully made but that’s okay because the whole thing’s a nightmare and a dream but I have to say and people might be mad at me for this I don’t know this might be my least favorite one in the franchise so far yeah I feel like it might just

be because we weren’t there wasn’t really a moment where we felt totally on the edge of our seats like we have with the last ones I’m going to look up trivia about it maybe that will help us enjoy it a little more understand some things more look up

some trivia um only because we kind of knew where it was headed and that we knew we had to eventually find Amanda we’re going to get there um and then we knew that the second Alice falls asleep and Dan is there they’re both going to fall asleep right

and end up in this world trying to fight Freddy um what we didn’t know is how they are going to make creative kills happen which I think the was the strongest point in this movie how they did that that by far and way was the strongest point just

strong a plus for creativity you guys really surprised me and those souls coming out of him at the end I mean I don’t know how they did that but that looked very practical mixed with some special effects but um oh God and the girl who’s like eating the

food in her face blows up that was wild that was going to Sal or or whatever know who’s the name of um the girl the in willan with the purple the blueberry is the other one right uh whatever you know I’m not going to know her name but

I know who you’re talking about that was awesome very cool practical effect um and the doll stuff the doll coming back with her there was a lot of themes in this movie that they made them follow around like the girl the diver the theme with her was the

water the theme with the girl was the dolls the doll always came back she died at the very end as like the doll dies with the Jelly in it like there was themes with each person so I think the kills were the most creative part of this movie

do did this get a theatrical release like I’m just trying to fully understand okay so let’s see this one let’s get to some trivia on this it’s even hard to find on IMDb because on IMDb it’s not called them on Elm Street 5 um it’s called all of

the other ones are Nightmare on Elm Street two three four is called The Nightmare on Elm Street the dream child except thank God on Netflix they put a five there thank you Netflix yeah because we needed to know we needed that absolutely did so all right according to

director Stephen Hopkins they got lots of tarantulas hand painted them green and red and on the floor of the stage placed a little wall up in the in the shape of an arm that had trainers come in and around the Tarantulas the plan was to Simply drop the

wall and film the resulting scattering of the spiders however after they got the shot they were left with a studio full of around 200 angry tarantulas Hopkins figures uh we probably carried on shooting on another set I’m sure I don’t think anyone ever found them again as far

as the Director knows spiders roamed freely throughout the studio and escaped into the Free World or maybe just someone else’s job to ensure the Tarantulas were all accounted for oh my God but wait wait we didn’t get that shot because they choose to do the wall fell and

it was graphic and then we cut to the Tarantulas and they’re saying they actually got a shot of 250 actual real tarantulas running around where the heck is that we did get a ton of the individual ones we I know that I know that baby but 250 I

want to see that that’s amazing that’s a great story before I do any more of the trivia I want to see who was part of this creative team okay so this director was Stephen Hopkins um and he did Predator 2 um he did he has quite a bit

of work under his belts let’s see what he did before this he directed a lot of California which is a show that I love love that show yeah but in the he did Predator to in 90 this was 89 so right after this he did Predator to before

this he did dangerous game with which is a movie that I don’t know who’s in it um people I don’t know do you want me to tell you anyway Marcus Graham Stephen Greaves okay I don’t know it miles Buchanan don’t know it yeah okay um then he did

a m a couple music videos so this was his first big movie big film okay all right then he directed a few episodes of Tales from the Crypt uh he directed The The Ghost and the Darkness so okay that’s interesting he directed Lost in Space um okay then

let’s see who else was part of this creative team because curious they credited Wes Craven obviously um then Story by Leslie bam let’s see what else that she did she was Dante’s Peak she wrote that’s a great movie Darkest Hour um let’s see what she had done before

this so cuz this is the kind of that I would would go and look up myself right before this she in earlier in ‘ 89 did house three the horror show don’t know and then she did this okay so seems like first big time director first big time

writer together which kind of starts making this make a little more sense where I think what they thought of mostly was what would be cool yeah what would look sick what would be really cool what would be different and this did look cool this had sick moments and

it was very different uh okay Stephen King and comic book writer Frank Miller were offer the job of writing and directing this movie wow Alex prus was also offered as his first uh directed project he turned it down because he didn’t want to direct sequels and felt it

was more fun to make original material okay all right uh new line Cinema gave Stephen Hopkins just four weeks to shoot this film even less than the eight weeks or so that Ry Harland got for a Nightmare on Elm Street for the dream master and a further four

weeks of for editing W four weeks to shoot four weeks W that’s why they had to make some Cuts but even with those cuts and what you did good job this meant that they had that he had to shoot on one stage while the crew dressed the other

so they could shoot almost continually in the meanwhile he also had to oversee special effects work he said that he managed because he was 28 at the time and required little sleep wow his efforts paid off because when 20th Century Fox heard of this they were so impressed

that he was given the task of directing Predator too good well good on him because those like I said those practical effects are the ones that got us and the fact that you you made that in four weeks that’s insane and there’s some yes some that I was

complaining about where I’m like why they didn’t all use the whatever but they had to add in the fact that you also did not have time to fix a lot of stuff in post four weeks for editing an entire feature film that includes effects give me a break

you did a good job yeah that I completely agree like that makes perfect sense on why some of the things were not okay okay so this says unlike the previous films with the exception of the first one this film main title does not display five just Nightmare on

album Street the dream child which I talked about uh this is just a fun little thing for you rock and roll people because I was like oh I wish I could pause there to see who we’re looking at Eric singer former drummer for Alice Cooper Black Sabbath Badlands

and then current Kiss drummer as one of the band members on the television show oh that’s Co yeah when he was like you guys all yeah awesome yeah that was very cool the Final Nightmare on Elm Street film until Freddy versus Jason to feature the jump rope kids

singing Freddy’s rhyme this is the final one the Final Nightmare on Street film until Freddy versus Jason oh okay got it got it got it so I think we there’s a couple without it then okay cool which is interesting let’s see the film opened at number three at

the box office but it disappeared thereafter and it was the lowest grossing film of the franchise at the time Robert England stated that the film was a success and it did manage to make 22 million on an 8 million budget however the box office was less than half

of what a nightmare in Elm Street 4 dream master had pulled in on a $6.5 million budget which led to the decision to end the franchise with the next film Freddy’s Dead the Final Nightmare in 1991 wow wow okay this is interesting Lisa’s Lisa wilcox’s name appears in

the opening credits but not in the ending credits interesting I didn’t notice that yeah I didn’t notice that either she did come up first in there yep um okay if you were a Nightmare on Elm Street fan looking at the poster in 1988 and 1989 you were probably

curious what the heck dream child meant yes and what was going on with the fetus in the crystal ball in Freddy’s glove while the people making the film thought the same thing too that poster came out before they actually had a clear idea what the movie was going

to be my God Beyond its premise and title no who does that who puts out a poster who does that honestly okay after hearing all of this stuff I feel like they absolutely nailed this for the fact that they had four weeks to shoot four weeks to edit

one filming continuously one stage then the next first time major writer first time major director like everything that we just poster already was out title was chosen premise wasn’t discovered I mean come on like they really and this movie made money and it was interesting they really really

gave it their all here for what it was you know absolutely the fact that he did that all on his own normally you would have like three to four ads where like they’re you trust them enough to run the other set and oversee special effects even though you’re

the main director you’re going to say a okay on a bunch of stuff but like Bravo but like that’s that’s a really big that’s a big big thing to edit that and I guarantee you back on in ‘ 89 they didn’t have the the capability to have a

live editor like when you have to turn around a movie really fast like you guys know the movies that are released by different companies I’m not going to say any names they get movies out really fast they have a live editor that literally there’s no issue in in

calling out Lifetime and Hallmark and and places like that because it’s unbelievable what they do it’s incredible what they do it’s like and they’re moving moving yeah moving you take a card out of the camera it’s full you give it to a live editor who’s in a room

on set and currently editing and syncing footage at the same time and trying to edit scenes to send it to the actual editor is going to put together the movie back in ‘ 89 I guarantee you they did not have that so like Bravo for getting it done

in four like that’s insane to me I mean they were probably still going over daes but yeah I think you’re right I think it just probably looked very different then and the fact that they had eight weeks total for production and editing and the previous movie had eight

weeks for for to film I mean this is just they and Shout Out huge we just gave credit to the behind the scenes teams but massive massive shout out to the actors because what that means is that they did everything in one or two takes that means that

they did not have time to say can I try it this way like there’s no way on this in a 4we shoot that they had time to be like let me do and I thought they were so cool and so natural there’s a couple scenes where I felt

like dialogue bumped a little bit but there not nothing that was like what the hell they really played through here it’s impressive what they did with what this was um still probably just rating the final package probably my least favorite of the franchise so far but I completely

understand why I have a lot of respect for this movie too yeah I understand why it didn’t do as well in the box office why maybe at the top people were excited and then after they were maybe a little disappointed maybe just because the plot wasn’t as clear

but I do still think that The Kills are the so creative in here and the way that they came about doing all of that in the short amount of time it should get a lot more praise than it does I’m with you uh okay final thoughts can’t wait

for the next one can’t wait for the I mean we’re we’re on board baby give us some Freddy Freddy all day can’t express this enough guys um when you watch us do a Nightmare on Elm Street the reboot 2010 just just know we really thought be nice be

cool spread hugs living laughter you guys know I tell you that you be nice yeah but we we literally we thought it was we just went into we’re like is this five this is weird be excited cuz it’s worth it it’s going to be worth it and very

funny so just stick with us cuz we got to make it to that one baby anyway later Rejects

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