A QUIET PLACE: DAY ONE TRAILER REACTION!! A Quiet Place 3 Trailer Breakdown

this week we’re partnered up with Harry is helping us look good guys keep it down I know we’re late to this trailer but in all fairness this crap was supposed to come out on Sunday we’re gonna watch the trailer for a quiet place St Uno it’s the Mexico version because you always got to do one of them spin-offs quiet place day Mexico anyway uh that’s my joke for today just getting warmed up people leave a like on this video I’m glad they released this cuz they knew they can’t compete with Deadpool 3 Let’s Go Memory

Lane God remember that first trailer I was like this guy from The Office seems so serious right kill so loud damn quiet place loud as day oh this is straight up Cloverfield Vibes now yeah totally ah damn whoa please please oh that thing was about to crush wo oh oh it’s Joseph Quinn okay yeah that is damn oh Jamon YY oh his wife o actually that wouldn’t make sense I right he’s in the the last uh whoa whoa he’s encountered stranger things before I did that was clever that was clever man I do got some

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set for just $3 at harry’s.com reject you’re not only getting a great deal but you’re also supporting this channel that’s harry’s.com reex for your three trial set stay sharp and embrace the extraordinary with Harry till next time reject Nation till next time wow that trailer was the antithesis to what we know as what a quiet place to be you know it makes sense though it’s day one and in day one I like it seen in like a you know Mass City because the the other two movies they take place in more of a small town

flare and to have it be a big city of course no one’s going to know likeone just shut up yeah what’s happening it’s just going enter of chaos and pandemonium and it’s going to take a while for people to figure out oh we just going to keep it down all of our stuff is so noisy and we are noisy people so I I think it’s a very effective trailer it really reminds me of things like especially Cloverfield um and then you know I get like War of the World you know big alien invasion is what

it feels like and while I thought the trailer was very effective I’m excited for leita yongo I think she’s a very talented actress and uh this director don’t know who it is but I I think there I think it’s it was cool to like oh let’s really change it up here and see what differences we can bring with making an effective Invasion sci-fi thriller Joseph Quinn this is his typ casting now this genre you know crawly alien creatures invading the world except this time he’s going to play in every man instead of a lovable freak

yeah and Jamon hansu uh having the connective threat cuz he is in the last one right I believe second yeah yeah it’s the second one uh it’s on that island they find having that connector threat I think is is a is a good call my one concern because while this is a great 90 seconds my one concern is that it it does feel like the complete antithesis to the vibe and atmosphere that is often the thing that rock and rolls with the Quiet Place movies that makes it an effective experience when you’re in that theater

and you know that rare time room was like oh I guess I got to not like not eat my popcorn loud unless you’re Aaron Alexander true story uh but Alexander most people you know you want to be quiet we’re here it’s like all right debox let’s go you IMAX here so that’s like the one thing like I I just feel like it might not feel like a quiet place well and it is a Trope certainly of of uh any horror movie that happens to take place outside of a big city at a certain point if

we’re making more of these we got to go to the big city uh so I can Al also Imagine a whole bunch of homages to different things happening due to that um but you know it’s cool in the context and and switching it up to see you know like a the bridge collapsing and and just seeing what these what kind of Havoc these creatures can reach in places where buildings go that high up um and so yeah like you know this is just a glimpse and mostly I’m just excited for like the cast and I

think like Cloverfield is a perfect set of Vibes to pull in for something like this because you know they they both have both Cloverfield and a quiet place in their own way have a Twilight zoney quality along with all the other you know sci-fi Mayhem that they’re pulling in obviously Twilight Zone not being like action oriented necessarily but uh yeah and centering around Lupita nango like I don’t know much about the story they have here but it looks like she’s just like living on the street as this is happening or something and uh I don’t

know it seems like a very she’s Emily Blunt’s biological sister oh of course I should have recognized her I can’t tell here in this in this shot if she’s just covered in debris but she kind of looks like she’s just been living out on the street and I feel like that’s kind of an interesting perspective or or character to follow uh because it looks like you have her in her position and then him like you know some kind of you know corporate yeah some kind of suicide as some kind of corporate dude oh so corporate

guy helping homeless person oh 1centers vers in the bottom of the financial pole but really it’ll be her who saves his ass and then Jon hunts who will save them both because we know he makes it to the next two movies I have a feeling this cat gonna die I’m a little afraid for the cat it be like and now yeah and then that’s yeah you can’t keep the cat quiet it’s messed up but overall yeah this looks like a really cool movie yeah look cool I feel like all you have to nail is is

yeah just like the immediacy and the intensity and and some good sound mixing some good sound design yeah and half the battle is done I’m just saying guys if it wasn’t called a quiet place you would you think it would just be another like yeah it looks like a solid look like an alien movie yeah yeah totally totally totally if you remove us from the rural you know Backwoods and stuff like that yeah yeah say like you know come on guys come on TRS are cool but you know no sure this will be a very

fun be fine and that is the funny thing of like doing doing day one for this scenario is like what makes quiet place kind of unique is that yeah you are living under the circumstances brought forth by this Invasion and so yeah seeing the first day of the invasion is just sort of like yeah it’s an invasion well I guess my with such a big military operation in place to protect a large populated area you know the the the deaf girl she was able to dial up the radio Notch and then you think that uh

they they might just stumble upon that we have a lot of like AAL weapons and stuff like that so yeah you know I mean I guess we always lead with artillery but like you know I’m sure we have very many like you know Soundwave machines or or stuff that we’ve seen on experimental military Tech shows or whatever yeah anyway uh I thought it was solid what did you guys think leave your thoughts down below uh be sure to leave a like subscribe and uh we will catch you guys very very soon

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