A Rodrygo brace and Militão’s return at the Bernabéu! | Real Madrid 2-0 Athletic Club

Madridistas, we’re back here at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium for another LaLiga match against Athletic Club de Bilbao. So if you want to see everything that’s going to happen in this very special match, don’t miss this video. As you can see, today we have a very special Y-3 uniform,

designed by Yohji Yamamoto in purple with some floral prints, which I personally like. In addition, some of our players will be wearing these Adidas Predator with a limited collection design, but first of all, what we’re going to do is go with the fans. First fans arriving here at

the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Where are you from? We’re from Sweden. From France. From Mexico. From Mexico to watch Real Madrid, is this your first time at the Bernabéu? Yes. What do you think? Very nice. You are wearing our home jersey, but you are wearing the special jersey we

are going to be using tonight It’s nice, right? Yeah, it’s really nice. I like it. Some special player that you want to watch tonight? This guy! They got It! I’m also seeing that all three of you are wearing the new Y3 t-shirt. Today my son, Jorge, convinced us

all to buy the same T-shirt. What’s up Madridistas? Special guest here at the Bernabéu, Stormzy, first time here? My first time, my first time

here, man. Are you enjoying it? I’m loving it man, listen, from the moment we walked in we’ve been getting treated like royalty so yeah,

we love it. What do you think about the stadium? It’s insane man. Look at it! It’s crazy, right? It’s insane, yeah. What about the game, are you enjoying it as well? Yeah, yeah, yeah. We\ve come for one person man. Who? Ok. Yeah! Big Jude man. One of the

best news we could have today is not only the three points, but that Eder Militão has returned to play at the Bernabéu. How do you feel? Very happy. I am very happy for the support of everyone, the fans and the group. I am very happy. I saw that

before leaving you hugged the coach. What did he say to you? He just told me good luck. I think he also knows that it’s a special moment. I dedicate it to him and to everyone. I’ve also seen that in the dressing room you’ve been surrounded by all of

your teammates and that you also had a very heartfelt hug with the physiotherapists team, right? Because they are the ones who have been with me the longest. I have been with the team, but I’ve spent more time with them. Their affection with me has been fundamental. I dedicate

this to them, who are an exceptional team of physios. And finally, do you have any message for the Madridistas between now And the end of the season? That Mili is back and, Hala Madrid!

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