A Woman Trapped in a Bunker With Two Strange Men and Must Obey Their Wishes

10 Cloverfield Lane begins by showing a woman named Michelle who is a fashion designer, rushing to tidy up her suitcase. Without realizing it, she left a key and her diamond ring on the table. After that she heads to a city in her car. During the trip, Michelle looks nervous, as if there is a very big problem she’s facing right now. When Michelle was filling up gas, suddenly, a suspicious car stopped behind her car. But she still thinks positive and continues her journey. Soon after, a man named Ben who is her ex-fianc , called her. Michelle

activated the loudspeaker on her phone to listen to his words. At that moment, Ben’s voice was begging her to come home and come back to him. Unfortunately, she didn’t want to say a word because they both had a fight before that. Michelle, who was tired of hearing the promises that Ben always said, finally decided to hang up her phone and turn on the radio. It turned out that the radio was broadcasting that there was a power surge that would cause a power outage in the city. Not long after, Ben tried to call her again, but

at the same time, something hit Michelle’s car, so she couldn’t pick up the phone. The accident caused her car to roll into a ravine.

When she woke up, Michelle was already in a strange room, like a closed secret room. She saw that her leg was injured and tied with chains to the wall, so she was confused about what had happened. She tried to untie the chains but couldn’t. She couldn’t help but cry out of fear, thinking someone had kidnapped her. In her confusion, Michelle saw that there was an IV line that could be used to

pull her bag and take her cellphone. Unfortunately, after she managed to reach her cellphone, it turned out that there was no signal in the room. Not long after the sound of footsteps, Michelle was even more scared and covered her body with a blanket while waiting for the person to come. Turns out that person was Howard, a tall man with a gun at his waist. He then brought a plate of food for her. Seeing this, Michelle asked him not to kill her. But he ignored her and just took an IV stick and gave her a pair

of walking sticks. He just wanted to help her survive, gave her a key to the handcuffs, and left. After Howard left, Michelle hurried to untie her handcuffs and put her clothes on. Unbeknownst to her, it turned out that Howard had locked the door, so she couldn’t get out of there. She immediately pointed her wand to open the air vent, then set fire to her shirt to create smoke for the fire sensors to sound and Howard to return to it. Michelle prepared to attack him from behind the door when she heard Howard’s footsteps. Unfortunately, Howard’s strength

was greater than her, so he injected a sedative into her arm and knocked her unconscious. Not long after, Michelle woke up. She saw a plate of food, and Howard was seen waiting for her in the room. He admired her courage and said that all this he did to help her because there was no safe place for her to live. Howard told her he had helped Michelle when her car fell into a ravine. He said a nuclear attack was happening out there, so it would be safer if they were in the bunker. Michelle said that she

needed treatment at the hospital, but Howard seemed to restrain her from leaving by saying that the air out there was still contaminated with nukes and that many people might have died. After that, a man’s voice was heard looking for Howard. Hearing the voice, Michelle assumed it wasn’t just the two of them in the bunker, so he left and locked the room again. Michelle, who felt confused, chose to sleep. A few hours later, Michelle woke up and saw the door to the room was open. She rushed out of there. Walking down the hall, she saw neatly

arranged shelves for storing lots of food supplies. There she met a man named Emmett whose arm was injured. Michelle invites Howard to leave, but he is sure that the air out there has been contaminated with nuclear. It wasn’t long before Howard arrived. He said Emmett had knocked out their food supply stock for the next week. After that, Howard allowed them to walk around the bunker and look around the room. They saw the room full of books, DVDs and other entertainment objects. Howard then explained that he made a rule not to touch each other in his

bunker. He also told Michelle about his room and said there was only one bathroom in this bunker, and it was in his room. Michelle was told to take a shower while Howard would wait for her in front of his bedroom door because he couldn’t trust her yet. After that, Howard cooked food for them while telling them about a woman named Meghan who was no longer with them in the bunker. Shortly after that, the voltage dropped. Howard explained that it happened because a car had passed over their bunker. Afterward, Howard took Michelle into a room with

a ventilated window to see the outside world, where She saw a pig carcass. He explained that the pig might have died because the outside air had been contaminated with nuclear. Michelle looked around and found Howard’s car parked. She then remembered and felt sure that the car was the car that had hit her that night. Her suspicion of Howard is growing. After that, Michelle went to Emmett and asked him to tell him about Howard. Emmett said Howard had worked on satellites for the military before he decided to become a farmer and build this bunker. Michelle argues

that Howard hit her car to kidnap her, but Emmett doesn’t believe it. He said that before he got into the bunker, Howard told him about his theory of the apocalypse. So he decided to take cover in the bunker to survive. But Michelle still insisted that she heard the sound of a car passing over the bunker. Before they knew it, Howard was already at the door, telling them to eat quickly. While at the dinner table, Michelle felt uneasy and wondered if Howard had overheard their entire conversation. Emmett then opened a casual conversation to lighten the mood,

and it was seen that Michelle could smile, while Howard looked like he was frustrated. Howard was annoyed to see the joy between them, but he held back his anger and said he liked the quiet dining atmosphere. Seeing this, Michelle provoked Howard’s anger by constantly joking with Emmett and even teasing him. Howard looked jealous and angry when Michelle touched Emmett’s hand. He slammed the table and cornered her against the wall insulting her. Emmet looked like he wanted to separate them but was also afraid of Howard. Finally, they sat back down in their respective places. It turned

out that when Howard and Michelle had a fight earlier, she managed to take some keys from Howard’s pocket and put them under the table. After that, there was the sound of a car passing over the bunker, so they all turned their heads up. When Howard was caught off guard, Michelle grabbed a glass bottle to hit him in the head, and then she ran towards the locked exit. Michelle’s hands trembled as she held the key to direct it to the doorway. Howard immediately chased after her but failed because Michelle had already managed to open the door

and lock them from the outside. When she was about to open the glass door, she saw a car passing by. Full of hope, Michelle shouted as she opened the door. Suddenly, there is a woman who is full of wounds asking Michelle to open the door and let her in. But Howard shouted, saying don’t let the woman in. In her confusion, Michelle decided not to open the door and thought that Howard’s words had been true. The woman looked like a madman and banged her face against the glass door. Michelle backed away from the door because she

was terrified. Long story short, Michelle returned to her room. Howard told her that it was true that he hit her car, but it was all just an accident. It happened because he was in a hurry to head for the bunker after hearing news on the radio that an attack was coming. After that, Howard offered Meghan’s old clothes so Michelle could change into her clothes after the shower. Howard later said that the woman was his neighbour who found out he owned the bunker. He then asked Michelle to heal his wounds from the bottle attack, telling her

that Meghan was his daughter who had been brought by her mother to Chicago. At night, Emmett tells Michelle how he competed in the track competition that earned him acceptance into the Louisiana’s University of Technology. Michelle also told how her sister protected her when their father was angry. Emmett said that whatever happened to their lives in the past, the most important thing now is that they can still survive. Over the next few days, the three of them adjust to life in the bunker. Suddenly the bunker vibrated. They heard the sound of helicopters flying overhead, and then

the lights flashed. Howard said even if the plane belonged to the military, it was likely that the enemy would instantly kill everyone up there. Soon, the alarm system went off because their air vent system was broken. Michelle was assigned to climb into the vent to repair the air filter system. She kept trying to walk the place in the narrow ventilation room until she reached the mechanic’s room. She restarted the engine system as Howard had instructed, and it worked. Then she saw a staircase leading to the glass exit with a scratch on it that said help.

While at the bottom of the stairs, Michelle finds an earring that looks familiar and is covered in blood. Then she took the earrings to show Emmett and showed her a picture of Meghan because they were the same as hers. But Emmett knew the woman as Britani, his sister, who had been declared missing while going to school two years ago. Michelle told about the help scratches on the glass in the mechanic’s room. Suddenly, a photo fell from Howard’s book insert, which turned out to be a photo of Howard and Meghan. Seeing the photo, Emmett then plans

to arrest Howard so that he confesses to his crime. Unbeknownst to them, Howard came and told Michelle to take a shower. In the bathroom, Michelle stares at a curtain and comes up with a plan. She showed Emmett a picture of a dress pattern that had appeared in a magazine, and then she convinced him to follow her plan. After that, Emmett took a pair of scissors in the kitchen he had hidden in his body to attack Howard when he was off guard. Emmett went to Howard and argued that Michelle had contaminated the bathroom after she fixed

the air filter system. As a precaution, Howard threw the curtain in the bathroom in the trash. But secretly, Michelle takes the cloth to make a PPE suit, so one of them can go out to get help. Meanwhile, Emmett is useful to distract Howard by inviting him to play monopoly. But he was suspicious and looked for Michelle in her room. Luckily Michelle managed to hide everything she was doing, so Howard just saw her whereabouts and left. After that, the three of them carried a barrel in the kitchen to be transferred to Howard’s room containing a chemical

liquid. Apparently, Howard knew of Emmett’s plan and gave the scissors as evidence. He explained that the acidic liquid can dissolve most biological materials, including humans. Then he threatened that if they were caught doing something that made him angry, he would not hesitate to put them in the liquid. Emmett said that the plan was only he devised himself without Michelle’s help. He wants Michelle to respect herself the way she respects Howard. He apologized, and Howard accepted, but Howard shot him straight away. Seeing this, Michelle felt very scared and screamed hysterically. Howard hugged her and said that

Emmett would hurt her. He then took Michelle to her room, after which he would throw Emmett’s body out. Michelle mourns for Emmett while looking at the contents of his wallet. Then Howard walked into her room, gave her a bowl of ice cream, and left. Michelle again opened Emmett’s wallet, which contained his identity and a bus ticket that Emmett was supposed to use to go to his campus. After that, Michelle is determined to keep her mission going by continuing to make PPE suits and hiding a makeshift mask in the vent before Howard enters to tell her

to eat. Shortly afterwards, Howard came to tell Michelle to eat, but suddenly the screw in the vent fell off. He checked and found that the vent was loose. In addition, he saw the PPE suit that Michelle had hidden under the bed. Seeing this, Howard was emotional and dragged Michelle from the bed to see all the things she was hiding there. Michelle immediately ran and locked the door, but Howard managed to escape. She goes to Howard’s room to find a chemical cooler. Howard stops her, but she kicks the barrel of liquid at him instead. Suddenly Howard

fell and was hit by the liquid, while Michelle jumped on top of him and ran away. Apparently, the acid caused an electrical short and set a fire in the living room, so the fire alarm went off. Michelle immediately collects her PPE kit in her room, but Howard comes behind her half-melted. She then ran to the food rack and knocked it down to block him. Unfortunately, the huge flames prevented her from getting out. After that, Michelle went to the ventilation to the mechanical room to leave the door that was there. Howard, who knew this, stabbed a

knife into the vent and managed to pull her leg. Luckily she could still escape from him and arrived at the mechanic’s room. Upon arrival, Michelle put on her PPE clothes and used duct tape to cover any holes in the seams. After that, she went upstairs using the stairs and used the chemical to open the lock. Soon, the lock was opened, and she hurried out of the bunker. Arriving at the top, Michelle looked for signs of life, but she had not found any. After that, she got into Howard’s car, but suddenly she saw the sound of

a flock of birds passing above her. She thought the birds should have died if the air out there had been contaminated. She then took off her mask, and sure enough, nothing happened. Even the air there was not toxic. Suddenly, Michelle heard a rumbling sound from far away. She rushed up to the top of the car and saw an airplane. She felt something moving from the warehouse’s direction because she thought it was Howard, so she hid behind the car. After she hid there while watching the bunker, it turned out that the bunker actually exploded. After that,

Michelle saw the plane was turning towards her because of a huge explosion from the bunker. After the plane approached, she realized that it was an alien craft. Michelle immediately got into the car and looked for the key. Eventually, she went to Howard’s neighbour’s parked car, but her arrival made the car alarm go off. Therefore, she decided to go to the warehouse and hide. Arriving there, Michelle saw the body of a woman who was Howard’s neighbour. Afterwards, she peed through the door to check what was happening outside. Turns out she saw an alien creature from behind

the car. She then rushed to find the car keys on the woman’s body to turn off the alarm and turn the alien’s attention towards the car. While Michelle escaped through the back door and ran to the nearest house, unfortunately, the alien heard the sound of her footsteps and chased after her. Michelle and the alien stopped after hearing a rumbling sound behind the house. It turned out that from behind, a giant alien plane appeared that sprayed poison gas. Michelle immediately looked for her mask and frantically put all her PPE equipment back on. As the car is

pulled by the aliens into the air, Michelle makes a Molotov bomb which she throws into the alien’s mouth. Instantly the alien exploded, and the car returned to the ground. After that, Michelle flees in the woman’s car, and she crashes into a sign that says 10 Cloverfield Lane. On the way, she heard someone on the radio asking her to go to Baton Rouge so she could be with the survivors. Meanwhile, she also heard the survivors asking for help in Houston on the radio to anyone who heard it. While at a crossroads, Michelle is confused about whether

to choose to save herself or save the survivors. In the end, she chose to go to Houston. The moral that can be learned from this movie is that sometimes confusing things happen in our lives. But be careful to make that choice so as not to harm ourselves.

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